Jeremy Corbyn [4]


Only last week, that wretched sack of shit, Corbyn, announced that he thought it was time to negotiate with ISIS. Yeah right, because negotiating with islamic psychopaths always works well. Corbyn is an idiot. This is someone who thinks we should follow the example of Costa Rica and disband our armed forces.

Obviously, that would work well, because all those Irish republicans and muslim mentalists would not in any way seek to take advantage of our sudden inability to defend ourselves. Countries like Russia would also not seek to take advantage of us not having so much as a catapult with which to fight enemies.

Then of course there he was his dipshit announcement that he was unhappy with the thought of British police using lethal force against ISIS terrorists during an attack in the UK. He’s also announced his opposition to bombing the shit out of ISIS in Syria. This is, apparently, at odds with the general public. According to a survey by one of the major polling firms, a majority of the British public are now in favour not only of dropping large amounts very heavy ordnance on the medieval motherfuckers, but also of sending troops. Well, I’ve already been there and done that, so it’s some other fucker’s turn.

Corbyn, putting it politely, is a knob. Moreover, he’s a dangerous knob. Most people think he doesn’t stand a cat in hell’s chance of becoming PM, but I beg to differ. It’s UNLIKELY that hell get into No 10, but it’s not impossible. And if he does, say goodbye to the United Kingdom.

Nominated by : Quick Draw McGraw

Jeremy Corbyn [3]


This cunt Corbyn is the Jeremy Beadle of politics.

You know what I mean: just one 5 second glimpse of the cunt and you want to whip him to death with an electric cable. Same applies to that scouse cunt who hasn’t worked for years, claiming that he’s got a phobia about leaving his home. Death by artillery fire would soon sort the lazy cunt out.

Nominated by: CuntFuckScousers

Jeremy Corbyn [2]


I think it is possible the Bishop Corbyn might have elements of cuntishness, due to the fact that every night he gets into a Tardis and time travels back to 1980.

He feels safer there… he can assume that all the social experiments that are yet to be imposed upon us by the Marxist dictatorship… will work out fine… But when he gets back in his Tardis and ends up here and now, he realizes that Marxist idealism and halo-polishing dictators are nowt but scoundrals…

He’s been too-ing and fro-ing for a while now, and in the end he took advice from Peter Hitchens… which scared the bejuzzes out of him.. so he changed his first name to Bishop… Thus, it is with all the confusion and pomp of the Church of England’s outrage, that I nominate Bishop Corbyn to assume the mantle of the c word.

I thank you…

Nominated by: Robin Brunskill

Jeremy Corbyn


Jeremy Corbyn is a massive cunt whose cunting is way overdue.

This scruffy looking left wing tosser is pretty much the reincarnation of Michael Foot except he isn`t even as amusing. He refers to Hamas and Hezbollah as “friends” but when asked about this dismisses it as tabloid journalism. Well OK if another politician described Nick Griffin as a friend in a non-literal sense would he just dismiss it or organize a protest and denounce them?

He also invited IRA representatives to parliament and described Ed Milliband as being not left wing enough and blamed that on Labour`s massive defeat.Interesting so the country votes for a white wing party because the left isn`t left enough. If that were true people on mass would have voted for the greens or Socialist Labour party or TUSC but no they primarily voted for the Tories.

Mr Corbyn also said that we need to make life easier for migrants and in a discussion about the bastard leeches jumping on Ferries said these people offer a lot to our country. So what is that the inability to speak the language and thus be unfit for work. Great contribution right there (cough). He is I suppose more able to stick to his principles than other members of his delightful party by divorcing his wife for sending his son to a private school despite the fact that the state school there was a shithole. Admirable in a sense perhaps but any cunt who puts his own beliefs over the welfare of his family is a grade A cunt and is almost certain to do the same to the Country.

At least though if this cunt is elected the Labour party may well be the next winning Deadpool entry for this site .

Nominated by: Shaun of the Dead 69

MP for the Democratic Peoples Republic of North Islington.

“Working for you”? Don’t make me laugh!
Bought and paid for by Len McCluskey – an even bigger cunt than Corben.

Fucking says it all, doesn’t it?

Nominated by: Dioclese