Josie Long

Josie Long is an archetypal cunt symptomatic of everything shite in today`s society.I confess I only knew the bitches name and that she was a comedian but all female comedians of a certain age group all fucking morph into one amalgomous glob of utter shite to me!Anyway I saw on my Facebook timeline a video of her with purple hair looking like she hasn`t slept or washed in days entitled “Are white people doing enough to stop white terrorism”.I honestly did not even need to watch the video as it was so predictable that I could tell she was going to slag off the right defends Muslims gloss over Muslim terrorist attacks invoke Hitler blame “toxic masculinity” and speak in a slow sarcastic mockney voice… and guess what I was absolutely fucking spot on.Apparently Mssss Long is more worried about far right terrorism than Islamic terrorism which is logically insane as hundreds have lost their lives to Islamist terror attacks this year but the so called “far right” is only responsible for one death in this country this year and the victim was Muslim so how you deduce your conclusions must be through the prism of sticking a pair of scissors into your ear hole so far that it digs into your brain! She also said that we tend to equate white terror attacks to lone wolfs…well the guy behind the Finsbry Mosque and Tommy Mair had no known current connections to a wider network of extremists.So what the fuck else do you label them as in that case? Muslim terrorists on the other hand have nearly been part of a wider network.This isn`t a right wing conspiracy :It is fact.She said she felt angry about Finsbury Mosque but sad after the Manchester bombings.Just like Comrade Corbyn (Who she is a massive fan of shockingly) she only shows her disgust and emotion at terror attacks one the person is brown. Long is also going on about how she is newly single.Is it any wonder you were dumped though love?You look like a typical feminist gender studies tumblr retard who smells of b.o and cheap weed and that hasn`t used a comb since she was 6 years old.What pisses me off about her ilk and by that I mean Oxford-educated self-proclaimed comediennes who look like bull dykes/gender studies professors and momentum activists is this: They are so predictable it is spooky.Upon googling this cunt I found an article she did with the evening standard that started “Josie Long explains why she’s making a show about optimism after …” and without even opening it I guessed the next word was Brexit and yes it was.These people are so dense due to society dumbing down and not encouraging independent thought meaning that misfits try and join a counterculture by becoming part of the cultural mainstream of the last 40 years and they don`t even possess the analytical skill of self-awareness and reflection to realize the hilariously retarded contradiction that is their very existence!

I am not going to slag her off as a comedienne because I don`t recall seeing any of her material although I am sure I briefly have at some point watched a segment of her on Live at the Apollo then turned it over after losing the will to live.But typing in Josie Long is a cunt into google lead to a stream of reviews featuring the words Josie Long and Cunt so I think it is safe to say she is probably as funny as pancreatic cancer a slipped disk and alzheimers combined.

In short Josie Long is a cunt who needs to drink a wet glass of cement!

Nominated by Shaun

John McDonnell [3]

Has that marxist evil fucker John McDonnell been cunted on this site yet ? we all know he’s a sort of Hienrich Himmler to Cuntbyn and just as evil and dangerous, he openly supports the IRA and his peaceful mates in Hamas., until a while ago he used stealth and cunningness to achieve his aims.
But now he is inciting riots to overthrow the Government.
This piece of runny shit MUST be stopped.

Nominated by Fenton Fistula

Diane Abbott [6]

I was watching the marr show earlier and although not a big fan I thoroughly enjoyed his skewering of Diane flabbot, for years her and corbyn have voted against a whole raft of anti-terrorist legislation, blocking it every which way but today not only did marr call her out, he hung her out!! , it was beautiful to watch flabbot squirming around, all the 30 years of fuckin bull shit dredged up and served for the viewers delight, at one point he tried to hand her a list of all the terror organisations she had tried to help by voting against action, she refused to take the list so instead he read them out, I laughed so hard I spat my tea out!!, she tried to argue some were dissident, not terrorist groups, TBH by this point it didn’t really matter as she was finished , my wife’s a Labour Party member and she had her head in her hands!!
Absolute gold… Abbotts the gift that just keeps giving…,.

Nominated by Quislings

Jeremy Corbyn [7]

I’ve read and heard a lot of people have been saying, “Corbyn is a man of principles.” I disagree.

He voted to NOT join the E.E.C. in the 70s; he voted AGAINST Maastricht; however when it came to the big one last year, the dozy bell-end towed the (Tory) party line, consequently both going against his “principles” as well as choosing the wrong side.

Furthermore, where were his “principles” during that whole train debacle? What an embarrassingly monumental turd he looked, despite the fact it was engineered by Richard “Atlantic-sized cunt” Branson.

All politicians are vile, foul, power-seeking liars. I like Mark Twain’s quote about giving the power to the person who wants it the least. Nonetheless, this time I’ll vote to whoever delivers Brexit the fucking quickest.

Nominated by captain Magnanimous

Budget analysis bullshit


I am weary of reading shite like ‘3 million families hardest hit by tax credit cuts’ and ’13 million families loose at least £250….’ blah blah bollocks.

But thats not really true is it? Its merely an obfuscation of the truth, and one of the main reasons why this country runs such a massive fiscal deficit.

What is really happening is 3 million families have been living a lifestyle they can’t afford on the back every other working taxpayer. 3 million families are above their station, having kids that they can’t afford because someone else picks up the tab.

‘But its investing our countries future’ is the social and liberal cry. I would like to call bullshit on that one. We already have lots of shop assistants, nail technicians, Banksman/labourers, and serial breeders, we don’t need anymore. We have to get jonny foreigner into do some of the jobs because we, the english, feel we are too precious to do them ourselves, or if we forced a section of society to do this work it might be ‘degrading’ to them.

Statistically speaking, a down’s syndrome couple is more likely to have a perfectly normal child than this level of investment in families is likely to bring substantial returns in the way of tax takings by the individuals getting good school grades (thats another cunting in itself) and well paying jobs.

The state sponsored breeding programme has failed, and now needs to be curtailed. Cutting tax credits and family subsidies is clearly a step in the right direction. Having kids is a lifestyle choice, I don’t see any logical reason to continue funding it with taxpayers cash, for little or no return. The cost of educating this rabble, as well as trying to keep it alive long enough via the NHS to get some tax and NI out of them is a diminishing return.

Its a dose of reality that 13 million people have done a Greece with all their lives, and now there is no more road to kick the can down.

Nominated by: The Captain

WTF! Can’t these cunts who insist on slagging off budgets do basic maths?

On the Beeb this morning fronted by ubercunt leftie Charlie Stait, some wanker said that increasing the minimum wage from £8 to £9 an hour would add 39% to his business running costs and would force him out of business.

Assuming that his only cost was wages (which it can’t be), then the £1 increase is 12.5% so how the fuck does he arrive at 39%?!?

Just proves what the Tories have been saying: the standards of maths in this country is unacceptably low. It seems to me especially amongst the lazy lefty bastards and the great unwashed. No wonder the immigrants get all the jobs!

Nominated by: Dioclese