Use the Comment section below to write up your cunting nomination.

The site admins will periodically review the nominations and will either:

✔️ schedule it to be published immediately or at a later date, OR
❌ bin it for any number of reasons

Either way, your nomination will disappear from this page.
That’s how you’ll know it’s been reviewed, so don’t ask.

If you want your cunting nomination published, follow the fucking rules:

[1] Whenever possible include a link to a recognised news source or risk 🗑️.
[2] Unsubstantiated allegations against living people or institutions results in 🗑️.
[3] Too short (less than 5 lines) or too long (more than 50 lines) qualifies it for 🗑️.
[4] Pay attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation, spacing. Unreadable equals 🗑️.
[5] Do not add comments to nominations unless specifically requested by an admin.

Which leads us to a most important rule:
Respond appropriately to an admin comment within 2 days or guess what happens.
That’s right. It goes in the 🗑️.


2 thoughts on “Nominations


    A “no shit Sherlock” cunting for this ex old failure of an MP, who has predicted the £300 billion PLUS the government have spent fighting the Kung Flu will cost us heavily for many years to come:

    What did the silly cunt expect?. Her ex friends on the green benches have been demanding millions for this, millions for that, increasing Foreign Aid, extra money for schools etc and rubber boat freeloaders. Surely she and they realised that governments have no money of their own, and all we get “given” we have to pay for eventually. If they are too fucking thick to know this, they need to get out of Parliament and get a real job in the real world.

  2. Steven Harmon, moron of the Hillsong MegaMong

    A Karmic Kunting please for this guy, who spent an inordinate amount of time opposing vaccines and taking the piss out of the seriousness of getting Covid-19, even as far as saying “Got 99 problems but a vax ain’t one”. Well it did become a problem because he ended up getting it and then snuffing it as a result, still refusing any sensible medical assistance until the last minute because “his religious faith would protect him”. By then it was already too late. This bloke deserves a posthumous Darwin award for his contribution to natural stupidity.

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