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11 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. IPSA very much deserve a nomination. After displaying their cuntery by giving MP’s yet another massive pay rise for doing even less than usual, IPSA are now telling MP’s that it’s ok for them to claim for Remembrance Day poppy wreaths on expenses. Well, I’m hear to tell MP’s that it no, it so fucking NOT OK!

    Poppy’s and poppy wreaths are worn and laid at memorials as a sign of remembrance and thanks for all those who gave their lives in service of the UK. If you’re a highly paid, elected official who feels it’s entirely appropriate to have the taxpayer fund your act of virtue signalling (which is what it is with these cunts. If they actually cared about the armed forces, we’d be better paid, housed, fed and have all the equipment we need), then you do not deserve to be in office.

    The wearing of a poppy is entirely voluntary. Nobody is forced to wear one. And along with the wreaths and wooden crosses, they don’t cost much. Especially if you’re an MP. It also doesn’t take much to show a little respect to the people we owe our freedom too (not that we’ve had much lately). To be fair, a lot of MP’s are criticising IPSA over this, and Labour bosses are telling MP’s that it would be a very bad idea to listen to IPSA. But in my opinion, IPSA needs serious, top down reform, because they are out of control, and I doubt they’re as independent as they like to say they are.

  2. Diversity Built Britain

    Just when you thought the Tories couldn’t get any more left wing, out they come with the release of a new 50p coin with the moniker, ‘Diversity Built Britain’ plastered on it.

    The press release has a grinning Rishi Sunak holding the coin.

    Now I for one agree that non whites have done things to help Britain. On balance?…meh. Probably been a bad idea. Bit some have helped, for sure.

    But built the fucking place? Fuck off!

    Britain was over 99% honkey as recently as 1948. It was still over 94% in 1997, when Blair then fucked the country in the arse.

    The honky man built Britain. And if you keep on telling them otherwise they might start wanting to deport ‘diversity’.

    Get the fuck out!!

    Oh, and Britain built loads of fucking other countries too. So fuck off!!!

  3. Diane Abbott
    A finger lickin’ cunting for one of IsAC’s favourite children, good ol’ Diane ‘Flabbott the Hutt’ Abbott.
    Flabbott’s been quiet for a while, but she’s back to her old race-baiting habits again. Addressing a ‘Stand Up to Racism’ plenary (no, I don’t know what that actually is either), our belovéd Corbynista gobbed off about The Donald being (yawn) ‘a racist, the most racist president I can remember’. And (of course) ‘Boris Johnson is a racist’. Oh, and apparently, there’s also been ‘a rise in racism among state institutions’.
    As we know, our Di isn’t the greatest when it comes to actually producing some sort of figures or analysis to back up her claims; two plus two generally equals three in her world. Never mind though, in the current climate it’s much easier for she and her ilk simply to hurl the usual lazy, loony left insults about; ‘you’re a racist’, ‘you’re a fascist’, ‘you’re a xenophobe’.
    The name-calling’s all wearing a bit thin now though Flabbott. People are seeing it for the hollow, de-valued, mud-slinging tactic that it is; an attempt to intimidate them into silence for fear of being branded a bigot.
    Still, we’re not above a bit of name-calling on here either, so I’ll take the opportunity to throw in my twopenn’orth as well. Flabbott’s an extremely limited individual who manages to embarrass herself by spouting shallow drivel every time she opens her mouth. She rambles vaguely and often incoherently, giving the impression of someone who doesn’t have the capacity to assemble an argument or deliver it. She’s as dim-looking and ridiculous as she’s ugly, and that adds up to a shitstorm of cuntitude that’s impossible to take seriously. She’s a joke, and a bad one at that. She and those constituents of Hackney North and Stoke Newington who persist in voting for her deserve each other.

  4. Political Apathy is a cunt.

    So some other poor cunt has been murdered by savages in France, this goes along with the hundreds who were run over by trucks or blown away while watching a pop concert at the Battered Clam.

    So what do the authorities there plan to do apart from light a few tealights and sing a couple of Edith Piaf songs? nothing….nowt.

    They are thinking about making “some” Islamic groups unlawful and have arrested a few people for posting shite on Twitter.

    Just like this country, France is sleepwalking into a political and decision making paralysis for the sake of worshipping on the alter of diversity. Any cunt who murders for the sake of a make up sky fairy should be hung on the cross until the crows peck out their eyeballs. I mean all religions, not just the one of peace.

    It’s the same in the UK. Boris and Co are blind to the real suffering his dictatorship is causing BECAUSE he and his clan have never had to live on nothing, survive on very little or be on their uppers…the worst some of them have is to run out of vintage port or lapsang souchong.

    The sooner people rise up against these cunts in charge the better but don’t hold your breath because most are more worried about the latest fucking Apple phone or that tacky new sofa coming next week.

    The whole human race can just fuck the fuck off as far as I’m concerned.

  5. The John Lennon 80th ‘Birthday celebrations’. What a load of cunt.

    All manner of look at me mongs have been wishing the late Beatle a happy 80th birthday over the past few days. Only thing is, he ceased to be when he was 40. When he was murdered in 1980. Lennon would have been 80 years of age had he lived, but he didn’t. How the fuck can someone have an 80th birthday when they died 40 years ago?!

    Commemorate 80 years since his birth, or say ‘He would have been 80 this year’. But actually wishing a dead man a happy 80th birthday that he never got to see? My dad would have been 80 two years ago. And although I gave him a thought on the day of his birthday (May 26th) I didn’t say ‘Happy 80th birthday, dad’. One would have to be fucking stupid to do that. But there are a lot of stupid people out there. Of course, it’s de rigueur for imbecilic twats on social media to wish dead people a happy birthday. But the way cunts have gone on about Lennon, anyone would think he was 80 years old and that he was still alive. Even that cunt McCartney has got in on the act. Wishing on Twitter (where else?) his old sparring partner a happy birthday. Macca wrote ‘Happy 80th, John’. What is the fucking point?! It’s not as if the bloke is here to read it, is it? Why doesn’t the dozy thumbs aloft cunt also invite messrs Harrison, Epstein, Martin and Sutcliffe to the party too and have done with it?

    Surely It would surely be more appropriate to commemorate the man on December 8th 2020, the 40th anniversary of his assassination? Mind you, that wouldn’t be done with must taste or dignity either. That would also be hijacked by attention seeking social media cunts and old rock ‘n’roll relics who can’t tell the difference between people who are dead or alive.

    • Surely It would surely be more appropriate to commemorate the man on December 8th 2020, the 40th anniversary of his assassination? Mind you, that wouldn’t be done with much taste or dignity either. That would also be hijacked by attention seeking social media cunts and old rock ‘n’roll relics who can’t tell the difference between people who are dead or alive.

  6. The ArchGodbotherer of Cunterbury and his fellow Archbishcunts and Bishcunts shitting in the House of Cunts.

    What the fuck? How dare these unelected, self obsessed, k*ddie f*ddlers lecture the Government and by inference, We the people, about Brexit and morality.

    These cunts must have an opinion and stance on everything. They are usually dressing well to the left and with a hint of woke BLM of course.

    Just fuck off the lot of you. Stick to subjects you know about like Bible classes, preparing sermons, Sunday Schools and talking a load of bollocks.

  7. Cunts wearing masks.

    Yep those ‘like being ordered what to do cunts’ are surrendering cunts and have the potential to switch sides in a war. Crossing the road is risky and so is not wearing a mask some say…I say uncertainty and risk makes us feel truly alive and life is to be lived. So c’mon cunters live a little amd absorb some of my spirit of adventure and take some risks and don’t wear a mask.
    If Covid 19 gets me at least the fans won’t remember me being aaaht and abaaaaaht with a damn mask on my face, no they’ll remember me as a cunt who would not be told what to do.
    I’ve been to a few events etc lately and all these social distancing, mask wearing etc measures they are asking customers etc are a farce.
    Live a little cunters…who wants to die as a careful cunt.
    PS If you die of Covid 19 after my advice…I knew naffink abaaaaaht it.

    Go fuck yourselves.

  8. Great Expectations

    I’ve just watched a programme ‘Five Guys A Week’ where 5 men were vying for a woman’s affections over a week.
    All five contenders agreed they were middle class. Except one. He said he was working class. There was a blanket shunning of him after that. How out of place he was. Pathetically at one point looking round for someone to talk to and there was no-one. Reminding me of Joe in Great Expectations trying to fit in with Pip’s new friends. Dickens captures the clash of classes brilliantly. Anyway he stuck it for a night but the very next morning he made his apologies to the woman and scarpered.
    When he was gone no-one directly referred to his class but you could tell they knew that was the reason he had left.
    There’s a great debate about ‘inclusion’ regarding race and gender in our society. But the real discrimination or distinction is and always has been class isn’t it? We all know growing up in England that we are in some way hermetically sealed in our own class. And more importantly can be identified by some mysterious sixth sense the English have. That’s why I have never really believed in ‘social mobility’ or ‘becoming middle class’.
    How accurate that TW3 sketch with John Cleese, Ronnie Barker, Corbett is. Ronnie C repeating ‘I know my place’. But the truth of the class system is every one ‘knows their place’
    Getting back to great expectations. I suppose to be compatible you have to have the same expectations. That word was used a great deal in the programme. I thought at one point Charlotte (the woman) was going to exclaim like Pip ‘I have great expectations!’. She quizzed the men all week about their expectations. And her parents as well when they came to look them over- ‘what are your expectations?’ wiill you be able to fulfill her expectations?’
    I would like to say here Charlotte was cold like Estella but she wasn’t really. She was nice enough.
    There was little humour in any of them. Certainly no fun like you would get with a group of working class people.
    Maybe it was just boring bunch. But I seem to have met them somewhere before. Yes there was the doctor’s sons from over the way I felt uncomfortable with growing up. Not snobbery or anything just I couldnt get anything out of them. Different interests I suppose. But the truth they weren’t really interested in anything other than schoolwork, getting on. My ex-brother in law comes to mind. He went to a private school. But once again there was nothing in him. We talked sports. I cannot think of his political views. He wasn’t passionate about anything.
    I don’t know but I like rough and ready working’ class people. They famously don’t have ‘Great Expectations’. And maybe that’s a good thing.
    The message of Great Expectations of course- don’t pretend who you are not. But I think a lot of the middle class ARE pretending. It’s the class that pretends. In that sense the upper class and working class are freer.
    Middle class people are too preoccupied with their expectations. It’s too comfortable. It is better to expect the unexpected.
    What is the word I am looking for regarding them? Tepid or lukewarm or something.. Or they’re not human enough.
    Just my experience.
    I must read Great Expectations again.

  9. Vaccine Wars – the modern day Space Race, or how I learned to stop worrying and simply do not care anymore.

    It now appears there are 2 or 3 main camps with regards to Covid-19 vaccines.

    In the Red corner (see what I did there) we have Vlad and the Russian vaccine – conveniently named SPUTNIK V. That’s supposed to be effective or so they say.

    And yet, the Ruskies have been awfully tight-lipped of late with any news of whether they actually have a working vaccine and have not provided any further details of trials etc. In spite of Vlad proclaiming his daughter had been vaccinated.

    In the Red, White & Blue corner, we have The Donald, boisterous and rambunctious as ever and seems to think he’s been given Captain America’s Super Soldier Serum….again, or so he says.
    No doubt that with the upcoming election, he’ll soon be pissing up the side of lamp-posts or “Fire Hydrants!”
    (I’m not a fan of Trump, but I don’t think he’s the anti-christ like most of the left wind lynch mob. Tony Blair still holding on to that title.)

    This whole thing has now become a marketing campaign. It was always destined to be a political football.
    We’re already starting to see sides being picked.
    Parts of Brazil are believed to have agreed to use the Russian vaccine.

    My theory is that it will come down to money and allegiances – after all most things do, don’t they?

    Certain countries will go for one vaccine over the other, so as not to upset their allies, irrespective of which is best. That is to say if one vaccine is indeed actually better than another.

    The poorer countries will go for whichever is cheapest and may end up worse for it.

    Creeping up on the outside is Blighty and it would be nice if we as a nation just calmly stepped, in while the two aforementioned superpowers were trying to pee higher than one another, and craftily stole victory away from them.

    The Russians recently attempted a disinformation campaign against the British vaccine.
    (Its the Grauniad, but don’t let that put you off.)

    Alas, even if we were able to do so, we won’t be allowed to win.

  10. The indoctrination of today’s youth.

    Good evening, I am a frequent reader and after today’s antics a first time poster.

    As per the title, the indoctrination of my kids at school is a CUNT. My lovely daughter, five year’s old today pipe up in the car whilst driving to a toolshop ” Dad, why are white people nasty to black people and make them slaves ” .. Long pause, my and mrs look at each other silently saying ” WHAT “. It get’s worse. She now ‘ likes ‘ stormzy and thinks he is a role model. I just could not believe what my year one child has been learning and listening to. He is a racist, and not some cunt I want my kids to idolise.

    The leftie luvvies are just going all out pushing their agenda’s on everybody. Politicising five year olds opinions already without them knowing it.

    What a CUNT..

    Maybe tomorrow transgender-ism will be on the black board .. sorry white board!

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