Use the comments section below to write a nomination for your cunt.

We won’t write your cunt up for you. If you can’t be fucking bothered, neither can we . So don’t be a cunt by submitting a one liner!

The admins will review this page periodically and will either:
1. Post your nomination immediately
2. Schedule it for posting later
3. Decide it’s not appropriate!

After reviewing the nomination, it will be deleted so when it disappears from this page then you know it’s been actioned. Nominations posted elsewhere will be ignored.

[1] Posting in all lower case triggers the spam filter and automatically consigns your comments to oblivion.
[2] Don’t be a lazy cunt and use an eMoji as a name ‘cos it just gets binned and you’re wasting your time and ours.
[3] Write a nomination not War and Peace. We have to read it to check the content and we have better things to do! “Brevity is the soul of wit
[4] DON’T COMMENT ON NOMINATIONS. Wait until they’re posted. Comments will be deleted.
[5] Please write it up as it will appear to save us time correcting spelling, punctuation, paragraph spacing etc. Frankly some of you lazy illiterate fuckers are trying our patience and asking to be binned

PLEASE NOTE that unsubstantiated allegations against living people or institutions will not be considered. Where possible please enclose a link to a reputable news source.


3 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. Megan Markle is already making excuses as to why she can’t come to Phils funeral.
    I’m sure the gold digging cunt is scared good old Phil may have had a plan for the silly bitch that involved a cut and shut Merc and some untraceable paperazzi…


    A more in sorrow than in anger cunting for the lazy section of the public who are demanding a “bank holiday” for the funeral of HRH Prince Philip.:

    These calls were made before the funeral was scheduled for Saturday, but that hasn’t deterred the sods from demanding a week day in lieu so they can “grieve”.

    I am sure those shouting loudest are those cunts who wanted to “Remain” in the EU (now they wish to “rejoin”) like that slimy opportunistic Femi bastard who has blamed the Ulster riots conducted by 12 year old boys on “Brexit” (of course).

    In the main, most of the past year has been akin to a bank holiday for many of the GBP – why the fuck do they need yet another day (alo considering there will be two of the useless things in May).

    Lazy bleeders.

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