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9 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. Tyson Fury.

    Now I will admit to normally being a big fan of the Gypsy King.

    He’s brought some much needed colour and charisma to boxing over the last decade.

    His style, skill, speed, chin and never say die attitude have been the perfect antidote to the likes of Wladimir ‘Dr Toffee Hammer’ Klitschko or Anthony ‘Poor man’s Frank Bruno’ Joshua that’s for sure.

    The purpose of this cunting is the choice of opponent for his next title defence.

    Dereck Chisora – a very game but limited fighter.
    A man that Fury has twice previously dispatched.
    The last time being 8 years ago in a bout so one sided that Chisora was practically boxed to a standstill before his corner stepped in and prevented further punishment.

    There are a number of opponents who Fury could and should be fighting, long before Dereck fucking Chisora.
    The other title holder Oleksandr Usyk for one – in order to unify the belts.
    Anthony Joshua another. Despite being a glass jawed fraudster – it would help settle any dispute between the two.
    Joe Joyce (a formidable opponent in the division)
    Andy Ruiz Jr (destroyer of AJ)
    A fourth fight with Deontay Wilder even.

    A fight against an up and coming fighter such as classy young American prospect Jared Anderson or Croatia’s Filip Hrgovic for example would have raised the pulse rate significantly more than than a third fight against Chisora.

    Now anybody that knows boxing will also know that the big fights that fans really want to see are more often than not, nigh on impossible to make these days for a multitude of reasons.
    Mainly cuntish promoters and vested interest groups.

    However, Dereck Chisora for a third time? Come on Tyson – you’re surely better than this.

    And they’re expecting people to pay for this on BT Box Office. Seriously.

    No chance.

  2. A good solid cunting please for the Royal Mail again.

    This militant bunch of bastards aren’t striking for themselves you know – but for us (as I was informed by the local picket line today, when trying to collect a parcel). The only noticeable difference today was being fucked outside the depot, rather than in it.

    Yesterday the postman on our business estate came with all his parcel cards pre written – didn’t even attempt to deliver and put through cards, meaning no bugger can get anything until Friday and he fucked off home early.

    Gone are the days when Postman Pat waded through 30ft of snow to deliver a letter – he’s probably out on some picket line somewhere, having run out of women to nob in Greendale.

    Let’s hope they all end up redundant and have to go to the Jobcentre – only to find that is on strike too.

  3. This is a real piss boiler, any which way to call Racist.

    It involves Lady Susan Hussey, who is not a cunt, former lady in waiting to the late Queen.

    The attached link from the good old BBC reports that at a function hosted by Camilla about violence against women Lady H had a conversation with Ngozi Fulani where she clumsily (assuming the conversation was reported accurately) tried to establish Fulani’s heritage.
    Posh royals do tend to speak in a way which isn’t ‘normal’ but from what I read it was far from racist, but don’t let that get in the way of sticking it to the royals (wait for MeAgain to wade in)

    Who is Ngozi, well I am fairly sure I cunted her some time ago when her organisation Sistah space had their ‘office’ fitted out courtesy of Hackney council and then kicked off because they said it wasn’t suitable.

    Lady H has done the honourable thing and resigned from her duties in the royal family to save further embarrassment but I firmly believe she wasn’t being racist.

    Looking at the way the Nigzol was dressed anyone would assume she had flown in from some African shithole.

    • I second this cunting….the race card used again on an elderly person, who anyone impartial could see was actually meaning to ask where this fucking womans relatives came from originally……she may well have actually said exactly that, but this racist blick bint took it out of context. Even if she was asked ‘where do you come from?’ and replied ‘from the UK’ …..’no, where do you really come from?’ Most rational people would respond by asking…do you mean my parentage, grand parents maybe?’

      Yes, I suspect would be Lady Husseys reply.

      All perfectly innocent….you would have thought.
      But no, it has to be twisted to suit this blicks hateful agenda to the whiteys.

      I also take issue with the Royal household, not defending Lady Hussey by explaining the mis-understanding and standing by her.

      Naturally, IF lady Hussey was genuinely asking where this bint was from, and not her ‘roots’ then that’s possibly a different matter, but I suspect not.

      • I third this nomination.

        Royal news: Buckingham Palace staff accused of asking guest ‘where’re you really from?’ | Royal | News |
        Palace accused of institutional racism over remarks made to black charity boss (

        It is amazing in this story about the Royal aide, how “upset” and “devastated” black woman are encouraged and entitled to be. They seem to be like all Twitter users, permanently offended, outraged and upset about everything. I think the silly cow should have been told to get over herself. If they don’t want to be taken notice of, they should stop dressing like Carmen Miranda, which they do round here on the buses. It might make London seem more exotic, but they should go the whole hog and not be allowed on unless they are carrying a pitcher of water on their heads to complete the national dress. Enoch Powell said in 1970 that “soon the black man will hold the whip hand” he was right except that it is usually the wiminnz.

        It is even more outrageous that Buckingham Palace should kowtow to such tetchy and histrionic women. Off with her head, but with a mouth like hers she probbably gives good head. That’s what her boyfirned loved about her.

      • This first this a first- class, beautifully gift-wrapped Christmas present for Harry and Meghan. Absolutely cock-a-hoop they will be at the news.
        See we were right all along.

        My first reaction was to think that Lady Hussey is a woman from a totally different generation as regards attitude to race.

        But then it comes to mind that the late Queen wouldnt have made such a clumsy mistake.

        And mistake it was. Whether we on here like it or not.

        Here is the exchange-
        ‘SH: “No, but where do you really come from, where do your people come from?”

        Ms Fulani: “‘My people’, lady, what is this?”

        SH: “Oh I can see I am going to have a challenge getting you to say where you’re from. When did you first come here?”

        Ms Fulani: “Lady! I am a British national, my parents came here in the 50’s when…”

        SH: “Oh, I knew we’d get there in the end, you’re Caribbean!”

        Ms Fulani: “No lady, I am of African heritage, Caribbean descent and British nationality.”

        SH: “Oh so you’re from….”

        Crass from Susan Hussey. yes. Clumsy most definitely. Racist? Mildly, in an unintentional kind of way.

        But it will be spun as just bare-faced evil-mindedness.

        And Wlliam and Kate in America embarrased to fuck.

        For Harry and Meghan all their Christmases have come at once.

  4. A cunting for another spoken affectation, this time the Californian affliction known as vocal fry.

    I’m sure a writer such as Vladimir Nabokov would describe it far better than i can but all i can really say about it is ‘Kardashian- speak’, where the voice drops into a jaded, barely-concious rattle of attitude, belying a laziness !nd lack of engagement on the part of the speaker.

    It goes hand-in-hand the high rising terminal and starting sentences with ‘so’.
    Pure cunt-speak.

  5. An Emrgency Cunting for Ngozi Fulani.

    This is the woman who has got Lady Hussey fired from her job at Buckingham Palace, although why anyone would want to be be working at 83 is a bit of a mystery.
    She turns up at a Buck House reception wearing what appears to be some sort of African national dress. Born and bred in the U.K. why then is she or anyone else surprised when someone asks her where she is from and then questions the response when she said she was British? I suspect she went to the reception carrying a high value race card up her sleeve. She then reported a private e conversation to the press.
    Born and bred in the U.K. doesn’t make you British, just as Spike Milligan and Cliff Richard wouldn’t claim to be Indian. The Duke Of Wellington had an argument, he had. Been born in Ireland and was regularly accused of being Irish. “Just because a man happens to be born in a stable , does that make him an ass or a cow?”
    This woman has had a very ride in the press and media, particularly The BBC, but I think she is a cunt.

  6. A general cunting for super sensitive people jumping on absolutely anything they can class as Waaaaysism, its hard to not sound waaaysist but it honestly isnt meant to be.
    This fucking charity worker Fulani [isnt that a Nigerian tribe] who was traumatised by being asked where she was actually from by one of the royal hangers on.
    Rehehehearly this shit is getting out of hand for fuck sake , these cunt are now really getting on my nervs with this imaginary chip on their shoulders that they constantly carry, in the desperate hope that the can bang the waysism drum as soon as anyone says something like where are you from and when you have a name like Fulani and your dredds are done up in a headdress you obviosly dont hail from fucking Romford even if you do live there, i live in South Wales but am Scottish by birth, can you imaging kicking up a song and dance in Nigeria if someone called me English, me niether, i wouldnt deem to make that much of a cunt of myself.
    Give it up, we are really tired of hearing that old chestnut [yawn] fuck em if anything they are recreating waysism in this country by acting the victim whenever possible…..sick of it

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