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2 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. Linked In

    About 20+ years ago when I thought I was a dynamic entrepreneur I subscribed in the hope business would come my way. It didn´t. It just brought hustlers and conmen telling me how great they were, trying to sell things to me which I didn´t want. So I gave up and unsubscribed.

    Well I thought I had until recently because I obviously still exist in Link In´s cyberspace and am now being bombarded daily with crap telling me how to reinvent my career and explore new “exciting” opportunities. As I couldn´t give a damn about my “career” anymore and am happy to sink into obscurity it´s just another irritation. However, I have noticed that several people I worked with back in those days are still active and it´s pathetic to see how they are still trying to sell themselves although they must be nearing the end of their shelf lives.

    One woman has become the marketing director of a multinational. Good for her but at what a cost. She writes North Korean-style “inspiring” items almost every day, is forever congratulating colleagues on their “achievements” and even uses incidents from her personal life to flag the company message. She has even stooped so low as to regale us with details about her son´s first job and how proud she is of him, complete with photographs. God knows what the boy feels like.

    Every one of her comments has her employer´s logo along with its corporate motto. I wonder how she will feel about this slavish public obsequiousness when she is fired and replaced by a younger cheaper sycophant.

    The social media has turned people into slaves.

  2. Priti Patel

    After the horrendous murder of the Tory MP, Sir David Amess, Priti Patel is now considering banning online anonymity.

    First of all, the piece of shit that murdered Sir David was not making online threats as far as I’m aware. He was just a scumbag jihadi. A ban on online anonymity would not have stopped this attack. She knows full well that terrorists, if they ever do converse with like minded pieces of shit,do not do so in public spaces such as a fucking Facebook page. It’s all done through multi layered encryption and code words are used to disguise what’s going on. A conversation about a birthday cake on telegram might be something quite more sinister.

    But she’s fully aware of this, of course.

    She seems to be acting like a lot of far left wingers are now. Bad man say hurty words. Ban bad man. Bad man must lose job. And family. Put him jail. Ruin his life.

    I can tell you simply why online anonymity must stay. And it’s not just about women who are victims of domestic violence, or about people living under oppressive regimes (China etc) which seem to be the biggest reasons for not banning online anonymity. The picture is much bigger than those important reasons.

    For example, you could easily be goaded into giving a response as to your political opinions online. It is not illegal (yet!) to say you are pro Brexit or for strict immigration controls. Or that you don’t agree with transexuals being allowed to compete in women’s sports or allowed into girls’ changing rooms etc. However, say this online and you could lose your job. I know for a fact that in a previous role, I would not have been promoted had my boss known that I voted Brexit. He considered UKIP voters (which I was at that time) ‘Nazi scum’. In fact, I’m pretty sure he’d have magnified any tiny mistakes (or made some up after giving bad instructions) and found a way to get rid of me (constructive dismissal). I left that job because I couldn’t take listening to his far left bollocks all day (think Ash Sakar – those kind of rants all day). He was a vindictive cunt so I knew giving a different viewpoint would’ve been the beginning of the end.

    If there is no forum for people with conservative (yes, that’s you Patel, or at least it should be!) or patriotic views to let off steam, then it will create a false society where majority views are suppressed even more than they already are.

    If she’s using this murder as an excuse to silence people (which it will, jobs could be lost etc) then she can fuck right off. If people can’t handle different views on social media or the internet in general, then the answer is simple.

    Get the fuck off the internet you soft cunts!

    Don’t let this daft tart try this on.

    ‘Conservative’ my fucking arse!

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