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6 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. Royal Mail or Consignia

    These Monumental Cunts are on Strike again and if they didn’t tell me I Wouldn’t have
    known or gave a shit
    The Internet has sorted these Clowns out as you can Pay all Bills online
    Who the Fuck do they think They are Holding over a Barrel with Strike Action

    I Dare not Send a Christmas Card with Money in as It wont Arrive Well the Card might get there for Easter

    Tier 1 Cunts

  2. Mermaids transgender charity – these cunts are offering chest binders to 14 year old girls, without the parents’ knowledge and offering legal advice via law firm Latham & Watkins to kids on how to live under a different gender.

    According to the link, so far these cunts have received about £20,000 of taxpayers money and £500,000 from the National Lottery. That’s yet another reason not to waste £2 on a ticket.
    If schools, NHS and the police had any balls, they’d tell them what to go and do.

  3. The Labour Party

    Over the last couple of years the economy has been teetering on recession, not least due to the pandemic crisis, which lasted over 2 years and cost the government/Taxpayer something like £400bn of quantitative easing.- a massive and unexpected debt that the government could have not bothered with and let the economy tank. Had they done this then Labour would have criticised them for not showing any compassion/support for small businesses and people generally.

    As it is the government did resort to hacking down a few money trees in order to prop up the economy, help businesses and the nation as a whole. But Labour came out and attacked such “reckless spending”.

    Rightly or wrongly, the government were damned if they did and damned if they didn’t for that unexpected and prolonged global crisis.

    And now the nation faces another crisis, or rather two in fact. The cost of living, and energy.

    In the old days of true Conservatism, the Tory party would not intervene in the free markets, usually following the economic theories of Milton Friedman. But these days and especially now we have seen the Conservatives wade in and bail out energy by putting a cap on any further price rises government by turbulent market forces.

    It has also seen fit to offer considerable financial support for people facing a cost-of-living crisis as well as making tax cuts to basic tax payers, redacting the latest rise in NIC and removing the 45% top rate tax band. The thinking behind this is that if people have more money in their pockets they will spend/invest more and thus prop up the economy as well as boosting tax returns to pay for those very same tax cuts.

    A year ago I can recall quite vividly calls from the Labour Front Bench that the government needed to cut taxes, cut NICs and offer more support for the poor and those on very low incomes in the face of those two crisis I spoke about earlier.

    The former PM, Boris Twatface, wasn’t very forthcoming in offering much support in terms of fiscal policy; but under Truss we have seen the direct opposite – slashing taxation and boosting financial support for all.

    Despite this Labour is still slagging them off, not least for the removal of the 45% tax band. Hardly a murmur of support for the cuts in basic tax rates and NIC and intervening in the markets. Instead Labour moan about the tax cut for the rich.

    Perhaps Labour needs to look at itself, especially in terms of expense claims. Angela Raynor, for example, claimed almost £200,000 between February 2001 and January 2022. Or how about Chris Elmore £265,000, Khalid Mahmood £254,000 to name but a few.

    Doesn’t seem to matter what the Tories do – even to the point of intervening in the markets – it will never be enough for those Labour cunts. And even though they have a massive lead in the polls it will be interesting to see what they do should they come to power. Will they, for example, reintroduce to top tax band, will they increase the basic tax band? Will they cut their own expense claims? Will they continue intervening in the markets?

    It’s oh so very easy to criticise when you’re in opposition. But quite another when you’re in power and faced with trying to appease everyone and having the money to do it.!/all

  4. ‘It’s not woman’s football, it’s just football’

    Except it isn’t because it seems the ladies need a change to the traditional club colours they represent.

    West Brom ladies will now play in Navy shorts rather that the club white (Navy shorts not Navy Knickers 😂)
    It appears that periods are an issue with white shorts, do they go commando on the pitch 😉, perhaps they should take a look a the lard arse skater who doesn’t have an issue with her period.

  5. Ed Sheeran.
    No smoke without fire?
    Once again, our Ed is facing accusations of plagiarism, having already successfully defended one action.

    This time he’s accused of plagiarising a Marvin Gaye song, Let’s Get It On, in his “hit” Thinking Out Loud.
    I don’t know, as I’ve not heard either of the two songs in question, but it strikes me that once is sour grapes, after all there are only so many ways to put music and words together, but twice?
    Starting to smell fishy?

  6. Sussex Police.

    ”Sussex Police scrapped warrant cards that identified male officers with the letters A or C and female officers with B or D in November last year. The move prompted complaints that it would make it harder to find a female officer to carry out duties only a woman could do – such as searching a female suspect.

    The force was also subject to ridicule in 2017 after a sergeant warned high street stores that “feminine care” signs on women’s sanitary products breached gender equality rules.”

    Feminine Care breaks tranny rules?

    But wait, there’s more:-

    ”But the row over the conviction of Sally Ann Dixon, a transgender woman who was a man when they carryied out a series of child sex attacks, threatens to engulf the force.”

    Yes, Sussex Police warned people not to make hateful comments against a convicted tranny pee do file.
    Hurty feelings of tranny preverts overrides public outrage and disgust according to this bunch of fucking morons. Brighton must be proud of them.

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