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3 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. Love Stories
    I´ve posted several noms about my 91-year-old mother-in-law, who loves nothing more than talking about the good old days, and one nom about a nephew who is allegedly a “philosopher”. Both of them were at dinner tonight and the “philosopher” asked my mother-in-law how she had met her husband, i.e. his grandfather. Her eyes lit up as she launched into the story I´ve heard a million times. As if this was not torture enough, someone then asked the “philosopher” how he had met his wife, a skinny not unattractive tattoed former vegan. As he likes nothing better than a captive audience and is a flake who believes in astrology rather than genuine academic knowledge, he rambled on for an hour about that magic night. It sounded to me like one of the many drunken nights I´ve had where I met a girl and scored. In his case, she got pregnant. Despite his attempts to describe how this was the real thing, he is as boring as his grandmother and having to listen to him embellishing what was just a randy encounter irritated me, especially as Mrs. Polly sat there entranced, telling me to stop making sarcastic comments. As the Everley Brothers said, Love is (definitely) blind.

  2. Selective race shaming

    Cunts in the media who are quick to point out the race of victim and perpetrator, but only if the victim is black and the perpetrator is white.

    Biggest example has been the George Floyd bollocks, but I have spotted other examples.

    Like this example from Sky (full article below with them whining about a few fans booing the ‘take a knee for the poor dark keys’ shite).

    “Players started taking a knee when the Premier League resumed from its 100-day shutdown in June 2020 as part of calls to eradicate racial injustice in society following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

    Floyd, a 46-year-old Black man, died while being restrained by white police officer Derek Chauvin during his arrest in May 2020.”

    Well, even the prosecution in the case said race was not a factor in Floyd’s death. Chauvin’s wife was Asian, he had black mates and the state found no racist shite on his social media/computer. But let’s keep saying it was the reason Floyd died, eh, you fucking cunts.

    Do the media mention race when it’s the other way around? Hmm, for some reason they forget to do it. There are plenty of examples of this – too many to mention. The recent murder of the white female cop killer by a dark key. No mention of race for some reason?

    From now, I will publicly mention the race of killer/rapist and victim when a dark key is the perp if the case is ever brought up in my presence (“Oh, that’s the case where another unarmed white man was killed by a black man, isn’t it?”)

    Fuck off.

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