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16 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. Curating Bollocks

    A lot of it abaht these Fortean Times. So what is it abaht my friends this Curating lark? A definition might help. What is a Curator? One who selects, organises and presents Bollocks. What is Bollocks? That that becomes worthy of ridicule by virtue of being Curated. Falls spectacularly into the realm of the overpaid “non-job” (Arts Division).

    With this sort of Guardianesque malarky it is best to let it speak for itself. Pick out for yourself from the following word confetti those words or phrases best suited to further your non-career.
    From Screen South:

“Celebrating Curating for Change and the launch of Curating Visibility

    Screen South’s Curating for Change programme, delivered via the pioneering Accentuate project, came to a celebrated end with a fantastic evening at Imperial War Museum London on May 2nd.

    Over the past three years, Curating for Change has supported eight Fellows and eight Trainees identifying as D/deaf, disabled, or neurodivergent in placements across twenty partner museums. The success of the programme lent itself to the launch of a brand-new & groundbreaking project: Curating Visibility.

    This disabled-led initiative places D/deaf, disabled, and neurodivergent people at the heart of researching and interpreting museum collections and explores new digital methods to challenge ableist perceptions and engage new audiences.

Fashioning Bodies in the Ancient World
    10 November 2023 – 13 May 2024
    @ Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

    In this display, Kyle Lewis Jordan – a disabled Egyptologist who specialises in the study of disability in antiquity – looks at objects from the Ashmolean’s Antiquities collections, exploring what they can tell us about disability in the ancient past.”

Come to think of it Kyle the disabled Egyptologist might be on to something. Old King Tut was a pretty weird looking geezer. The Holy Grail of the Gender Diverse, both male and female in the same body. How’s that for Non Binary or the product of too much buggery and incest to you and me.

    If you want to go the whole hog (no porcine shaggery or ableist perception intended) have a punt at this, your gateway to a career as a Curatorial Fellow or an Assistant Curatorial Fellow:

    Appended to follow – header photo


    Me neither.

    So, to put you all in the picture (pun intended) …
    “… Renowned Aboriginal artist Vincent Namatjira is famous for a caricature style which challenges power structures and he says his `Australia in Colour` series is no different. We are all equal in Australia. No matter what heritage you are, or where you come from. We are all Australian. I paint the world as I see it.”

    Unfortunately, Ms Rinehart, Australia’s richest woman, doesn`t share his vision and is demanding that her portrait be taken down. Personally, I think it`s rather flattering likeness.

    But you must know me by now, dear cunters – I`m NOT cunting Mr Namatjira.

    Oh, no.

    I`m cunting the pretentious cunts that allow a jolly black Abo feller, who got a paintbox and a few brushes for Xmas, to hang his daubs in a public space.

    If I was his primary school teacher I`d give him a silver star for effort.🥈

    If I was his career’s adviser, I`d guide him gently into the world of petty thievery and small-time burglary as would surely befit his indigenous destiny.

    Still, I suppose it pays for the drugs.


  3. Samantha Hudson.

    This transgender influencer ( what else?) has been working with Pepsico to promote Doritos.

    However, some rather vile posts and tweets made by this blonde stunner some years ago have resurfaced and have been circulating on social media.

    Not surprisingly, Pepsico have “severed their relationship”
    with Samantha, and are back peddling furiously in some reports that any relationship existed.

    I’ll attached another link, just for any of you who are curious to know what all the fuss is about.

  4. I recently clocked this story about a swiss businessman who is suing British Airways for 5 million after slipping on liquor and ending up with brain damage.

    Fair enough you might say, but the more you delve into it, you end up with more holes than the aforementioned country’s cheese.

    Andreas Wuchner was catching a flight when he decided to go for, in his words a proper coffee, so why the hell he went to Starbucks is beyond me.

    So now he is the last to board and is holding 2 bags and 4 coffees..
    Slips on some liquid and hits the floor..

    First up he has already been awarded £130,000 by a London Court.

    Next his brain damage, consists on headaches and concentration issues, don’t we all.

    Then he said he was walking, but insists he flew 2 metres in the air backwards.
    Now that’s impressive at walking speed..

    He owns a office supply company but has had to fold the business, which makes no sense unless he runs it on his own..

    In closing it looks to me he is taking no responsibility and looking for a big payday.

    Personally I hope he ends up with nothing, just for buying Latte macchiato’s from Starbucks.

  5. Now how would one sum up this particular cunting? Erm let’s call it, “Blacks are the unfair victims of violence at the hands of the white man”. I’m sure admin can find a more succinct cunting title – if they let this one through, which, given my supporting evidence, is possibly open to question.

    However, we are constantly told that blacks are the victims of violence as a direct consequence of their racial identity, the implication being the white man is responsible.

    Well this video provides some food for thought. Is there such a thing as “black violence”, unmolested by the white man’s hand? I think there’s a strong case for it.

    Viewer content warning – not for enjoying with auntie Ethel over Earl Grey and Petits Fours

      • Hmmm. It seems to work when I click on it – possibly a firewall issue? Anyway, it’s a couple of shiny chaps having a machete fight in case admin want an alternative link to illustrate it – or just want to bin the whole nom if it’s too much bother.

  6. An uncunting for once of the judiciary.

    This evil Moslem asylum seeker killer cunt murdered a random man in the street. To protest about Israel’s actions in Gaza.
    This was on Oct 15th. Before Israel really reacted.
    The judge called the cunt out as a fucking terrorist. For once no mental elf bullshit was quoted.
    At last some common sense about these evil bastards.

  7. A cunting for ‘Status Anxiety.’

    Sounds like some sort of new mental health issue for Gen Z and BBC to fret about, but it’s been around for a while and you see it manifested in all sorts of people behaving like cunts. It’s a deep-seated insecurity about your social status which you sometimes project onto thers. It manifests in a number of ways;

    ‘Do you know who I am?’, or ‘do you know who my husband is?’ is the classic one.

    Then there’s people from across the esocio-economic spectrum who give grief to the shop girl or lad at the drive-thru window. and loudly tell their kids ‘this is what happens when you don’t do well at school’, forgetting that half of the kids in supermarkets and fast food places are part time and likely to be studying when they aren’t working..

    The women saying these things haven’t worked since they dropped the sprogs and lived off hubby’s income for years as a ‘full-time mum’ (full time apart from the coffee mornings and lunch with other gin enthusiasts), or the bloke saying it is usually in an unglamourous profession himself, perhaps is his a gopher in a buildrrs yard or glorified delivery boy.

    There’s the people who blow tens of thosands on three week trips to Lanzarote and a new discovery to ferry the kids to school, then 3 months late go crying to the grandmother for a ‘loan’ because they’re reduced to living on – shock horror – sausages, mince and beans!

    Then you have the cunts who have to be seen going to every local event, be it the Festival of Speed, Glorious Goodwoid, or the Shoreham airshow (duck!) or any local music festival/ outdoor gig. They can’t just enjoy it, and make sure there are countless photos of them at events all over Fuckbook and ‘ the ‘gram’, usually looking like a cunt.

    You all get the ‘eternal student’, who may not have worked at all for years and claimed loans and benefits, but they have a MA in International Relations three years earlier which they’re looking to supplement with ither courses in unrelated fields and that makes them better than somebody earning >£60,000 in a trade: they didn’t go to university.

    it doesn’t matter that these peopke are in their thirties and can’t afford to run a car ; therir mummy will run them to the train station.

    Finally, It’s the aforementioned cunts in minor traffic altercations who think you should know who they are, or who their husband is.

    For me, they open themselves up to further humiliation.

    ‘Some sort of cunt, i imagine’.

  8. Nostalgia?
    Now I’m all for it..
    You might not be..

    OK I’m out with a long time friend for a drink.
    The drinks are flowing, and conversation turns to early evening tv as a child..
    And what pops up..

    The water margin?
    A show that involved Chinese people on horses riding up and down with flags..

    But in the day of 3 tv channels it was marvellous..
    I had know idea what was happening?

    Though I did prefer monkey..

    So release your nostalgia for all to share..

    • Nostalgia?
      Now I’m all for it..
      You might not be..

      OK I’m out with a long time friend for a drink.
      The drinks are flowing, and conversation turns to early evening tv as a child..
      And what pops up..

      The water margin?
      A show that involved Japanese people on horses riding up and down with flags..

      But in the day of 3 tv channels it was marvellous..
      I had know idea what was happening?

      Though I did prefer monkey..

      So release your nostalgia for all to share..

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