BBC shit

By popular demand, we’ve set up this page to allow you to vent your spleen over the antics of our world class public broadcasting provider, the Biased Bullshit Corporation.

Frankly these cunts seem to have been pissing off cunters so frequently that the site is becoming somewhat clogged up – so in future use this space. And if you’re a real glutton for Beeb cunting passim, you find them by clicking here.

We also recommend The Eye’s Biased BBC site if you really can’t get enough of their bullshit.

So here it is. Fill yer boots.

288 thoughts on “BBC shit

  1. The Pedo-C is a corporation run by cunts for cunts!. Lineker as it’s virtue signalling cunt and someone who epitomises these utter snowflake cunts

  2. It’s simple don’t watch don’t listen don’t pay the licence be honest the last show I enjoyed on the Beeb was Bod when I was six and the licence was a lot cheaper then not that I paid it I left that to the parents switch the twaddle off 🤯

  3. In the past few hours I have witnessed the first prize for the portrait of Britain. Namely a
    couple of black and disabled types trying to fix a portable speaker (I kid you not)
    So two diversity ticks in one hit.
    Just goes to show how inclusive we have all become of everyone’s various cultures. Perhaps BLM did achieve some genuine goal.
    Did it fuck! Have just caught the tail end of some documentary about the theft of expensive watches and how rather tanned chaps involved in this consider this to be ok as Mr Dark has bills to pay. This of course means it’s necessary to carry a gun on account of others with a similar mindset may be aiming to steal the stolen watches. So what happened to we only want to fit in and be recognised by you honky folk. We do recognise you. You’re the same lawless cunts as before!
    All courtesy of the BBC no less.

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