BBC shit

By popular demand, we’ve set up this page to allow you to vent your spleen over the antics of our world class public broadcasting provider, the Biased Bullshit Corporation.

Frankly these cunts seem to have been pissing off cunters so frequently that the site is becoming somewhat clogged up – so in future use this space. And if you’re a real glutton for Beeb cunting passim, you find them by clicking here.

We also recommend The Eye’s Biased BBC site if you really can’t get enough of their bullshit.

So here it is. Fill yer boots.

238 thoughts on “BBC shit

  1. Only repeats of Catherine Tate show, and there’s NO way Al-Beeb would make that today. Am surprised they risk the wrath of the woke cockwombles by repeating it.
    I might watch Shetland tonight, ni e scenery, and Tosh is rather alluring. I think she might even be straight.

  2. I’ve heard it all now. The BBC News website has a feature today on Alex Hales having to deny that his dog has a racist name- Kevin.
    It would appear that in some quarters Kevin is a nickname for POC so it naturally follows that anyone calling their pet Kevin is one step away from being a KKK member. Well, that is the line that the BBC appears to be taking.

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