Article 8 of the ECHR

Article 8 ECHR is a cunt, isn’t it.

Rodent: Hello, I’m Timothy Rodent your Human Rights lawyer.

Petru: I Petru from Romania. Was selling the drugs to schoolchildren.

Jamal: Man called Jamal. Man in prison for da rapin’ of teenagers, cha.

Rodent: Right. Now, let’s find a reason to prevent deportation. Will you be religiously persecuted if you are returned?
(They shake heads)

Rodent: Okay, will you be enslaved if deported?

Jamal: Nobody enslaves me. Praise be to Allah.

Petru: Cousin in Bucharest own slaves. Chained to radiator for fucking and make money.

Rodent: Hmm. Are you a Homosexual and will you be persecuted if…

Jamal: Man no batty boy!

Petru: For me, not regular.

Rodent: Okaay.. Let’s see,  have you got any family here?

Petru: Me have brother in Leeds and sister in Brighton.

Rodent: Are they professional people?

Petru: Verrry professional. Everyday working. He drug-dealer and she burgle houses.

Jamal: I done knocked up a girl in a back alley in Birminham. Her got baby but man never seen it.

Rodent: Great! Article 8! Have her visit with the sprog, take some pictures, smile, you know, to fool the judge…

Petru: What mean Article 8?

Rodent: The right to remain for established family. Easy. Both of you.

Jamal: Dat’s it? Yous only bin here five minutes.

Petru: Yes. Does we get discount?

Rodent: Ohh, you don’t pay a bean. The taxpayers pay everything. The daft cunts. Ha ha ha. What a laugh.


Nominated by: Captain Magnanimous

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Human Rights Law

Vabbing – Splash it all over!

(We hope you enjoy your breakfast while reading this! – Love, The Admin Team)

I’d like to nominate “ vabbing”.

Yes folks, the act of smearing your face with clunge juice in order to attract a man.

I can honestly say, that I’m no fan of wimminz wearing perfume, I prefer them just to smell natural and clean, and one could argue that the fragrance of the clopper is natural too.

But here’s the rub 😉. What if you’re about to go out, done your hair and nails etc, and just before you head out, remember you haven’t vabbed, so decide to give yourself a quick smear from the fruits of the beaver on your way out, not realising you’ve just started your monthly.

What next? Fruity gentlemen sticking their fingers up their jacksie and putting on a little foundation.

Is there any need for this? Why not just wear a pair of soiled panties round your neck, or discreetly spike a chaps pint pot with clunge gunge, or even better, just go out and chat blokes up.

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Nominated by: Cuntington Smythe

Also noticing the whiff is Dickie Dribbler:

Just when you thought you’d heard it all.

Daily Fail Link.

Are you a woman and looking for a little bit of hot, passionate lurrve action? Then try vabbing. Just stick your fingers in your organ of matrimonial necessity (cruder terminology is available on request) then smear the resulting secretions on your pulse points, behind the ears or, if you’re really gagging for it, why not rub it all over.

If the lunatics on TikToc are to be believed the pheromones in your juices will help you pull. What you’ll pull is open to debate. Perhaps penguins, herons, otters, seals, the Spanish trawler fleet, who knows but, unless he suffers from Anosmia (smell blindness), it’s not likely to be a man.

Who thinks of this cr@p.

Speaking as a single man I wonder if kn0b cheese has the same pulling power on women? I’m not volunteering to try it to find out lest one of the ladies with an Adams apple like a basketball gets the wrong idea.

Anyone willing to risk it?

STI Is Racist (Guess Who’s Fault!)

An article I’ve just read is claiming that black people are more likely to get an STD (they’re calling them ‘STIs’ now, but fuck it).

Now, this is probably true. We all know the behaviour more likely to lead to an STD, right? Riding bareback with loads of one night stands, or worse, brasses.

How old was I when I learned this at school? About 12 or 13, way before I got any. I’m pretty sure black kids are taught the same. A grift, I mean ‘charity’ has now been set up to help black people ‘get educated’ about the clap. Perhaps their schools are spending too much time on white privilege lessons, to tell their kids not to fuck anything that moves without protection?

Perhaps it’s a lack of ‘impulse control’ (ahem) that causes such issues?

Who knows? One thing I do know is that it’s not my fault Leroy’s nob has gone green and is falling off, after going through a different slapper every night with no Johnny on.

Oh, wait. I’m a white person, and as the article insinuates, it must all be my fault.

Fuck off you dirty gets!

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Nominated by: Cuntybollocks

The Krays

Two reasons for this cunting. I hope you haven’t just eaten before you hear one of them if you hadn’t heard it already.

First reason is the obvious one. The hero worship bestowed on these two criminals.

“Aw they luv’d their mum though!’

So fucking what? They nailed cunts to the floor and pulled out teeth with rusty pliers. That’s if they were in a good mood.

They were thieving, violent fucking cunts.

The other reason, I wasn’t aware of and only heard about in the last week. Some of you, I’m sure, will have heard it too, but if not, brace yourself.

We know that at least one of them, probably both of them, were gays.

No biggie.

However, the revelation by their official biographer is that they were bumming each other.

I wonder what Barbara ‘they was luverly fellas, kind to their mum’ Windsor would’ve made of all this?

The dirty gets.

Daily Star News link

Nominated by: Cuntybollocks

Nancy Pelosi (7)

Nancy Patricia Pelosi ‘kicks off Asia Tour.’
Just seen this stuff earlier today. It was also stated that she is now second in command to Sleepy Joe.(I think this means second in command/line after the VP, who is 1st in line to succeed Dopey Joe – Day Admin)

I have to laugh at this point though, because she is four years older. Certainly not one to trust, but at that age is showing no real signs of dementia as yet. Has been around since the days of the Kennedy’s.

My question is “Why don’t assassins ever shoot troublesome women?”

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France24 News Link

Nominated by: Lord Scunthorpe

(More info regarding Presidential succession here: Day Admin – Presidential Succession News Link )

W.C. Boggs isn’t happy with Skeletor either…


A real 4th of July cunting please for this stupid, staring dim-witted cunt who has, by her self aggrandisement and attention seeking, bought us ever closer to the third world war:

BBC News Link

Even Biden had the wots to see het trip to Taiwan was a bad idea, but nonetheless the vacuous old bitch knew better. She reminds me of an elderly Rachel Reeves or Harriet Harman – a daft woman who thinks she is important, making a total fuckwit of herself.

We have enough to worry about with Russia and Ukraine, the last thing we need to do is bring the Ruskies and the Chinks closer together, but that is exactly what this arsehole has done.