Labour’s Flagging Problem

Dear old Sir Kweer has made a rod for his own back. At a time when he is measuring the curtains for No 10, his BAME and wimminz members and MP are far from happy.

It seems they fear the Union flag will alienate their foreign voters:

AOL News

It couldn’t happen to a nicer wanker.

They don’t like the typeface either.

Also they don’t like too much red and blue – they want greens. I suggest a nice line in pansy pink. It would suit their favourite voters.

Instead of the flag how about a pair of AnalEase’s piss soaked knickers hanging on the flagpole instead, or a Lammy turd on a cocktail stick?. That would need a sheet of A3 at least, so that is probably out.

Knowing Kweer, he will kow-tow to the BAMEs soon enough, and pander to the poofters.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

And then there’s this from Ron Knee

Labour’s ‘Union Jack’ Shock

‘Good afternoon. This is IsAC’s political correspondent Ron Knee reporting. IsAC supporters will be well aware over the row that has erupted after the refusal by many Labour supporters to distribute campaigning material, as it contains images of the hated Union Jack, an infamous “far right” symbol. I’m joined today by Mr Stan Whippet, Secretary of the Grimsby Labour Social Club, to sound out the wider view. Good afternoon Mr Whippet’.

‘Ow do lad. Call me Stan. We dawn’t stand on ceremony round ‘ere’.

‘Well thank you Stan. Now what do make of all this?’

‘Ah’ll tell thee lad. It’s a fookin’ disgrace is what it is. Ah fought in two world wars t’ defend that flag, that sacred symbol o’ liberty, only for some wankers down ‘ampstead way to come aht sayin’ it’s tainted. Ah bin a party member since ah were danglin’ on me muther’s tit, but ah ain’t ‘avin’ this’.

‘I see. Is this view widely held by your club membership?’

‘To the last man and boy, lad. Any cunt insults that flag insults uz. Course the lasses dawn’t get ah say, theh just come in t’ mek t’ tea an’ sandwiches feh t’ committeh, an’ do a bit tidyin’ an’ such’.

‘So would you like to send a message to Keir Starmer in London?’

‘Appen lad, an’ to that snotty cow what ‘ad a go at ah bloke for flyin’ t’ flag o’ St George, an’ all t’ rest o’ t’ soy latté woke Labour brigade. Yeh tek t’ white workin’ class fer granted, an’ despise us in t’ bargain. Now you demean t’ flag bah refusin’ tah associate wi’ it. Think we’re thick and uncouth oop ‘ere, that we’d vote fer ah fookin’ ferret if you put ah flat cap an’ ah rosette on’t. Well contempt guz two ways. Yer can all shove ah thumb up yer arse, we’re all votin’ Reform’.

‘Well thank you Stan. This is Ron Knee, for IsAC, returning you to the studio’.

Daily Mail

Aided and abetted with this from Geordie Twatt

Would Admin please attach this to Ron’s nomination? It’s a photo of someone deeply offended by the Union flag. Thanks.


The North American Man Boy Love Association (NAMBLA)

I had to do a double take when I saw this. This is a group set up by former gay rights activist, and fortunately also formerly alive, David Thorstad, to “abolish age-of-consent laws criminalizing adult sexual involvement with minors and campaigns for the release of men who have been jailed for sexual contacts with minors that did not involve what it considers coercion.”

Thorstad described the “victimisation” suffered by ped-er-asts in North America as the equivalent of the persecution endured by Jews in Nasty Germany.

This cunt, and his cunt organisation, emerged following the Stonewall riots of 1969; ostensibly, at the time, to progress gay rights in North America.

It doesn’t seem a coincidence to me that the pressure group Stonewall has evolved out of this Satanic pit of moral turpitude, and that we now have to put up with them ensuring that the government legislates for the rights of trannies and the anodynely named “Minor Attracted Persons” to trump all other citizens’ rights.

This is the real face of the alphabet movement and the groups that advance their interests – protecting in law the evil abuse of children.

Over to my fellow cunters…


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Prince Andrew (8) – Manbaby and Cunt

Now, I have to say that I think the source is a bit dodgy, but if there is even a grain of truth in this, wtf?

In what Universe would it be better to be labelled as a paedophile, as opposed to a cancer sufferer?

Is it just that, seeing the sympathy being shown to the King and the Princess of Wales, he thought “I’ll have some of that”, or is it just a made up story?

Whatever, this has done him no favours, just dragged the old bones out of the cupboard for another rattle, and at best, emphasises what a whinging cringe fest he is.

I’m sure there’s an empty oubliette in the Tower.

The Onion

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Melanin Rich

Jesus wept (was he Melanin Rich?) the latest woke euphemism for the Black/White situation being aired by wokos on Al Jazeera (yes I watch Al Jazz from time to town to get a laugh out of its totally biased ant-Israeli and UK reporting) is to judge racial standing by Melanin content. IE Black people (including the Qataris who own Al Jazz) are no longer Black, they are “Melanin Rich” and the Woes of the World are no longer down to Whitey any more, they are down to those Low in Melanin.

For the elucidation of thick Melanin Low cunts out there, Melanin is a pigment found in the skin, a chemical that provides shades of brown to black and is instrumental in skin colour and the tanning process. Immediately The Laws of Unintended Consequences start to operate. The Whitey Karen on a sun bed who overstays her time can thus legitimately attend Black Only events until her skin peels.

Want to apply for Black Only Arts and Business Grants and theatre tickets or fancy appearing as a talking head on telly? Slap on the old Hawaiian Tropic and boost your Melanin cunters. Funnily enough this old punter grew up thinking it was a type of plastic popular in the ‘50s and ‘60s for making dinner ware, table tops and mugs. (Oh Melamine) All goes to show. There must be life in the dog yet because our trendy life-style gurus are in there monetizing the product:

Shanti Gifts

I suppose we shall also start hearing about Melanin Transitioning to be inclusive about our Chinese and Asiatic friends. This leads on to Melanin Theory, a racial doctrine that asserts that Whitey is inherently dumber than darker people due to lack of Melanin. The theory also claims that inter-racial couplings occur because the Whitey half is looking to get smarter off-spring with more Melanin.

Google Books

And this is a bit of fun from The Mail about a BBC journalist who gets in a Melanin froth:

All these Hot Ticket theories but there is nothing new about them. Just a product of the usual academic recycling. Back in the ‘70s it emerged from the swamp as Pigment Envy:

Washington Post

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New York City – It’s a Knockout!

(The alleged attacker since arrested and charged – Day Admin)

Well they say you get what you vote for and for young women in the Big Crapple that means getting sucker punched in broad daylight in random street attacks. I’m more than happy to generalize and say these are probably liberal women who vote Democrat and have elected a mayor and state governor who have overseen a rise in violent homeless attacks, assaults, muggings and gun crime aided by the insane no bail law and exacerbated by calls to defund the police.

Do they deserve to get punched for no other reason than being a bit of a naïve wet fart lib? No, of course not but this type of behaviour was prevented by the lower level stuff like littering, vandalism and fare evasion being ruthlessly punished in mayor Giuliani’s broken windows theory back in the 90’s and transformed New York into one of the countries safest big cities.

At the moment its more like broken noses than broken windows but citizens will get their chance in Nov 2025 when Mayor Eric Adams is up for re-election but I predict more of the same Queers for Palestine type of hive mind.

You Tube

New York Times

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