Keith Byrne and Sophie Singer

are cunts.
This lovely pair left their elderly boxer, Bentley, home alone without food, while they went on a family holiday.

Concerned neighbours alerted the authorities, and pushed food through the letter box.

Bentley was rescued and taken to a vet, but sadly couldn’t be saved. During the necropsy, the contents of his stomach included food wrappers and a felt tipped pen, ffs.

This charming pair were given suspended sentences. I know where I’d like to suspend them, and from what.

Meathooks and the Forth Road Bridge.


Nominated by Jeezum Priest.

Johannah King-Slutzky

*Deadline 1st May 2024, NYC’s Columbia University*

As the legendary philosopher Austen Warhol once said, ‘it is a truth universally acknowledged that any cunt can be famous for fifteen minutes’. Step forward one Johannah King-Slutzky, who recently gloried in her fifteen minutes in the spotlight.

Okay I hear you saying; ‘Johannah Kunt-Slutty who, and what’s her claim to fame?’

Well, cunters will be aware that a bunch of scruffy pro-Hamas types recently ‘liberated’ Columbia University’s Hamilton Hall from reactionary forces, and began an occupation for Palestine. Step forward Johannah ‘Keffiyeh Karen’ King-Slutzky, a PhD student who is studying poetry ‘through a Marxist lens’. As you do.

Anyway, after this occupation began, gobshite King-Slutsky had the unmitigated cheek to demand a commitment from the university that this motley crew of campus guerrillas would receive food and drink as they struggled for the cause. Here she is, pontificating self-importantly before the cameras;

YouTube Link.

If you listen very carefully, you’ll just be able to make out the sound of the protesters chanting in the background; ‘from the river to the sea! Now bring us some rooibos tea! From the sea to the river! KFC must now deliver!’ **

Lenin and Mao would be weeping tears of admiration if they were still around to see this. Whatever your views on the situation in the Middle East, you can only admire those who are prepared to make any sacrifice for their cause, just as long as it doesn’t actually put them to any inconvenience.
(Go on, read this link, I dare ya – NA)

** okay, I made that bit up

Nominated by : Ron Knee

Gillian Burke

Gillian Burke, and she sure is..

This springwatch presenter finds its jarring to call African animals by their english names.
She much prefers the swahili names..

Daily Fail Link.

Problem being miss burke, you work for the British broadcasting corporation, and the language spoken in Britain is English.

Born in Kenya but brought up in Vienna, this pseudo african can always fuck off back to Africa and work for the umbongo broadcasting company..

Where she can talk swahili to her hearts content.

Until then gillian you are a complete kuma.
(I looked this up in case Barry was being clever. He was! – NA)

Nominated by : Barry zuckercunt

CYCLISTS (21)…….especially the Lycra clad , pointy headed club riders

I saw this article below and was compelled to issue a cunting for the Lycra clad berk who it appears has gotten away with a manslaughter charge , by the looks of it.

To quote the article ‘a speeding cyclist (read cunt) involved in a fatal collision with a pensioner could not be prosecuted because speed limits do not apply to bicycles. ‘

Detective Seargeant Ropafadzo Bungo… (what a fuckin moniker that is… D.S Bungo ) goes onto make some very valid points , I don’t want to repeat the article verbatim, suffice to say it’s about time the Law around cyclists was completely overhauled, please read the attached article which explains far better than I can .
P.S. Ropafadzo Bungo , what a fucking moniker😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂


Nominated by Paul.

The Coffee Shop Workplace

I go in at 9.30 for a coffee and a breakfast. Its only a small venue of 9 tables with 4 seats at each. Each table is occupied by one person, a laptop, files, papers and documents. The essential phone is open, and there is the empty mug of coffee that was purchased some hours ago.

I return to the Coffee shop much later. The same people at the same tables.

I have given up!

I have visited Starbucks, and even Greggs in Huntingdon. Still the laptop people are spread out just like their spreadsheets.

I wonder? How can a business sustain such capacity on the cost of 12 coffees a day ?

BRW, same on the fucking train !!

Nominated by : Trebecular

With a second serving from : Chuff Chugger

If I may add a more positive anti-cunting story to this very valid nom (above)
By coincidence on the same day as this nom was posted, this heart warming story appeared on my local rags website……and I think this guy deserves a mention:

Kent Online Link.

You may well be ginger sir, but you aren’t a cunt. Good man.