Owen Jones.(24)


Just want to say this website is hilarious.
brilliant SEO too.

The slimy prick is the biggest champagne socialist around, constantly race baiting and tearing down English culture wherever he can. He screams “Cancel culture doesn’t exist” whenever he can whilst calling for people to be fired more often the Allen fucking Sugar.
He is openly racist against his own, he is a blatant misandrist, and will call anyone who disagrees with him a fascist or far-right.

His response to the queens death was to complain constantly about people and institutions paying their respects.

The guy is a cunt worthy of a place here.

Nominated by Hugh G. Johnson.
He sure is and has featured many times, thank you for your comment about the site DA.


Rishi Sunak (13)

Monsewer Richy Tricky Sunak gets the old Frog Monkey

And now Richy Tricky Sunak has achieved a rapprochement with Macron over the UK immigrant crisis. Entente Cordiale rebooted? Brave New World? Mes non mes amis. Usual UK capitulation coupled with extortionate payments to buy friendship. Madame La Belle France is always a high rent mistress. You need to grow a pair Richy Tricky and practice the Gallic Shrug:

Sky news

Nominated by Sir Limply Stoke, seconded by Geordie Twatt.

I’d like to second Sir Limply’s nomination.
I write this on the day that the snail munchers have just stuffed England 57-10 at Twickers. Appropriate really, as France’s Rothschild banker has just stuffed our weedy Goldman Sachs banker by much the same scoreline. Half a fucking billion to not stop the daily Channel invasion? Are they sérieux?
Not so much the Gallic shrug as the Gallic middle finger.
Macron must be laughing his Coq off.

Tucker Carlson

I love it when being a cunt comes back to bite you on the arse.
The prince of propaganda has been caught out for lying to his loyal slackjawed viewers, a crime that would turn normal people off, but he riffs his drivel to the MAGA mongs, and they have such a tenuous relationship with facts that even though he is guilty by his own hand, they will still blame the deep state, Soros, or whoever Trump tells them.
During the Defamation trial brought about by Dominion software, the company that supplied the voting machines used in the last election, versus Fox News, texts and messages from presenters have been brought into the public eye.
On screen, Carlson slanders Trumps enemies with barely concealed glee, while giving the Mango Mussolini credence in his lies and bullshit, however, off screen Carlson says he hates the cunt, the only thing he can do is destroy stuff, he’s a joke, etc etc.
This is a view shared by other Fox News presenters, who also parrot Trump conspiracy theories without question.

So, what does Carlson do? He’s been gifted privileged access to the thousands of hours of CCTV footage from the January 6th insurrection by the odious speaker of the house, Kevin McArthur, no doubt one of the many paybacks owed for his farcical appointment. No other news organisation or regulatory body has access to said footage, so Carlson has free rein to edit it to his hearts content.
Which of course he does, releasing a compilation of snippets of people milling about, not rioting, or doing anything like insurrection. This he says is proof that it’s a lie, and all those folks are innocent. A bit like showing Peter Sutcliffe driving around before he killed a prostitute, and saying ‘he’s not killing prostitutes there!’
He also mentioned the shooting of Ashli Babbit, saying obviously there’s no CCTV of that incident, so who knows what happened there. There is however video of that incident, that had been seen around the world, but Tucker can’t stop lying.

Oh, and that stupid face he pulls like someone has cut a fart under his nose? Cunt.


Nominated by Gutstick Japseye, the almost departed.

Jess Glynne – Singer or Summat!

Jess Glynne is a cunt.

Radio stations seem to love this whaling bint. They torture people with that ‘I’ll Be There’ song. When will these cunts realise that ludicrous badly done cadenzas and stupid noises is not singing? She is absolutely horrible.

With ridiculous yodeling, she sounds like a female Jimmy Savile. And that ‘I’ll be there for you-hoo-hoo-ooh’ bit makes glass crack and animals run for cover. Seriously, I defy anyone to listen to it without getting a headache or their piss boiling.

This tart is also responsible for that unintelligible screeching in those horrible Jet2 adverts.

YouTube Link

Nominated by: Norrman

Women (2)

There really can be no pleasing them.

At all. Ever!

The bar they set is so high, it may as well be hovering in another dimension.

And all of them awaiting the six-foot superstar billionaire each and every one of them believes they alone are worthy of – every fat hag, illiterate slag, and monday morning medusa.

Find ’em, fuck ’em, and forget ’em, lads – and don’t even bother with the first two.

Wiki Page

Nominated by: Mild-Mannered Reporter, Cunt Kent