Creative Performance Protest

Having yet some connection with the theatre dodge after a lifetime presenting productions in celebration orf the female form (me last production “Yes it’s nude, Yes it’s rude”), Yours Truly is on occasion emailed or FB’d invitations to support the profession.

Thus in these trying times – theatres closed across the country, refused a performance license by the fucking council for me discreet supper club, boraccic thesps trying to touch me for a sub – nobody can afford a hand cart to go to hell in. Last resort prostitute me butler’s old arse orn the street but no cunt will come near – social fucking distancing!

So lots orf time to give back to the profession (not that it’s ever given me anything the cunts) so joined the group Creative Performance Protest as invited in order to give the resting cunts the benefit orf me experiences.

Noted in passing most orf the posts were orf the woke right on workers solidarity schtick. No fool like an old fool so assumed the unemployed luvvies (most orf the cunts have never been employed) would appreciate a light hearted piss take orf the chinko cunts who have put us all orn queer street.

Posted the below and within seconds was echo chambered as a waycist and banned by admin. May I humbly request that cunters who have FaceBook please join Creative Performance Protest if so minded and give it the benefit.

Lock Down Special Menu for the Indigent Thesp

Bats Bollocks Wuhan Style or Fried Monkey Chuff Peking Style
(Served with Non Sustainable Bottom Trawled Sea Slug Sauce)

Pangolin Penis Special Soup or Fresh Uyghur Body Parts Pottage
(note all Uyghur ingredients sourced from our own farms)

Galapagos Islands Chinese Big Fleet Weird and Wonderful Rare Species Fish Platter

Rat Fuck Ice Cream

500ml Tiger Bones Lager

Food Safety Declaration: Cuisine may contain trace quantities of nuts and strange meats and fluids.

Ts & Cs. To win free one way flight and Covid test in Hong Kong Scan Barcode with your Haiwei 5G device and enter personal data as prompted. Note our partner network will harvest data automatically. All such intellectual property thus harvested may be sold or transferred to approved entities World Wide. For your security in any event it remains the sole property of PROC (THE PROPRIETOR) and Haiwei (THE MANAGEMENT), the Chinese Peoples Army (CUSTOMER RELATIONS) and Xi Jinping (THE DICTATOR). We do not recognize Equity Contracts or English Law.

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

Lucy Meacock

Nominated because she’s a cunt with an annoying voice, tone, surname and face… not ideal given her vocation. No wonder she never made it to the national news.

Nominated by: Johnson Johnson Sr.

(I’ve never heard of her, but she’s been reading an autocue for 30 years with Granada Reports – admin)

Classy Arsenal Football Club






Not my favourite team I will admit but what cunts they are.

Just won the cup. Into Europe next season. Both worth millions in revenue.

So to celebrate they announce the redundancy off 55 workers from administration to ground staff some of whom earn £25K a YEAR.

Meanwhile, swivel-eyed Herman the German Ozil sits on his butt doing nowt and collecting £350K a WEEK.

Never have the fantasy finances of premiership football been so exposed.

This is but the tip of an iceberg which points to something rather rotten at the heart of our society.

Nurses get no pay rise whilst GP’s (most of whom sat behind their desks during covid) and dentists (who weren’t even OPEN) do.

The Boris Bro JoJo becomes a peer for deserting the tories in the fight for Brexit. And stabbing his brother in the back.

The pay gap between CEOs and staff lower down the line is growing ever bigger.

The 2% digital sales tax just imposed by the govt is being passed on by Amazon to their sellers and ultimately the customers. Bezos’ profits won’t be touched.

Doesn’t all this make you feel a bit sick? It does me.

The fairness we seek is not that of the BLM Marxist fraudsters but of that between ALL the people.

Not everyone can be paid the same we know that. But surely there has to be a fairer distribution of the immense wealth that is generated?

If we don’t realise this now then when will we ever do so?

How about Rashford & Co. speaking up for the anomalies in their own profession?

Nominated by: Lord Helpuss 

“Finding Freedom” – A Cunt’s Story

A hardback and paperback cunting please for the most annoying book published in recent times – it even makes Anthony Blair’s “Journey” seem like a page-turner.

I refer of course to the Mr & Mrs. Hewitt opus “Finding Freedom” where with the aid of some little journalistic nancy boy they rehearse all their “hurt”, all their “anger”, all their “frustrations” of how badly they were treated by The Queen and all her family. I suppose Megan is just upset that Andrew didn’t want to give her one. How Harry is upset that his legitimate older brother was more “important” than him (which happens in many families anyway), but it doesn’t end there – they have become very touchy – suing newspapers for taking pictures of Archie. complaining about lack of privacy. They complain about everything, as becomes a prissy little up-her-own-arse soap actress (and that’s just Harry).

Harry the air travel fan who lectures everyone on “climate change”, including the companies that facilitate his urge to fly. It is too depressing to cntinue. Clearly they think they are “victims”. It is over every newspaper and website:

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

The Covid Exams Fiasco and Whining, Entitled Students/Parents/Teachers

A ‘would you like fries with that?’-level cunting for students and their cunt parents and even bigger cunt teachers who are blaming the nasty tories and exam board that they didnt get the grades their woke instructors predicted, with some 36% lower than predicted (despte more A and A* this year) and more than few being off by two grades.

Weirdly this external moderation system Labour are now pointing fingers at was agreed with by the big teaching unions as far back as April. This was to take into account work done in earlier terms and help weigh the grades ro a standard, set of criteria, rather than just give students wildly optimistic grades as done in bedwetting socialist Scotland where teachers were worried about the effect such standards might have on less privileged pupils.
Expect each pupil in Scotland to get a small trophy, a rosette, a pouch of Capri-Sun and a Cadbury’s Creme Egg for turning up.

If the pupils in England and Wales arent happy they can take an exam in the Autumn and see which grade is higher then use that as their grade when applying to study Fashion and Media with Gender at East Anglia or Bangor.

Degree free with your tepid pint of Fosters at the union bar. Just dont skip Freshers Week.


Nominated by Cuntamus Prime