Richard Hall – Conspiracy Twat

Richard has some unusual opinions.

Of which one is that the Manchester arena bombing was a gov’mint hoax,
And no one was really hurt or killed. The children were actors in cahoots with the Shadowy elites.

This is quite offensive to grieving families,
But it’s a free country.

What’s not allowed is for Richard to stalk the victims hoping to prove them liars.
Especially since most are in wheelchairs or/and suffering deep emotional issues,
Which is understandable if you’ve been blown up at a pop concert by a terrorist.

Now the victims are suing Richard.
I hope he understands the harm his crackpot bullshit has caused.

BBC News

Nominated by: Miserable northern cunt

The Anarcho-Tyranny that calls itself London

One the on hand you get ordinary people being priced out of travelling into London by ULEZ and congestion charges and various fines and costs, and hounded by the Met and transport police for expressing themselves -perfectly legally, one might add – yet mentalists can stab and maim with little the police and MPs are willing to do about it. Asylum isn’t the problem says my own MP, Gillian Keegan as well as other tory MPs all of whom are now confirmed Blairites.

They missed out one word: Asylum isn’t the ‘only’ problem, as we have enough home-grown fruitloops and young insecure and worthless cunts strutting about in major cities, feeling they should have respect and deserving none, taking to criminal acts because the police are a joke, and too busy policing ordinary taxpaying people who dare pray, sing or play pianos in public..
-the tyranny.

It seems London’s reputation in the international business community may now be under threat, given the sheer amount of muggings happening in the capital, including the more well-to-areas like Mayfair.
-the anarchy

Indian businessmen are warning each other that getting mugged on the streets of London is more likely than in Delhi. How long before it effects the networks amongst other key trading nationalities?

Will the principles of diversity at any cost trump Global trade, the bread and butter of London’s wealth? It’s a bit embarrassing for British trade delegation to go to India and be told your capital is a crime-ridden dump.

When the working man, the middle class professional and the international business elite get fucked off with living, working in and visiting your city, you should worry.

London is threatening to become like Los Angeles and San Francisco; an Anarcho-Tyranny facing an exodus of talent and investment because its feral elements -all part of living in a big city, I guess – are completely out of control.

Hindustan Times

Standard News

Nominated by: Cuntamus Prime

Katie Price (20)

It’s been a while since the fragrant Katie has featured, so here you go.

No, she hasn’t crashed a car, or killed another dog. Phew!

Don’t read the article, I’ll summerise it, but do look at the photos, those fucking eyebrows!

Basically, Katie has been seen stepping out with JJ Slater ( who?)
Former partner of Ella Morgan ( who?), both previously participants in MAFS, ( married at first sight, I had to Google it)

Apparently Ella ( who’s transgender, of course), is a bit cross that her ex is palling up with KP, who Ella considered a friend.

Big fucking wow from me, but my days, the close up of KPs face, you’ll never call Donny the Tango man again.

What a…. Insert your prefered word(s) here.

Daily Mail

Nominated by: Jeezum Priest

Establishment Republicans, RINOs, the Uniparty and CPAC. (Part 2)


Recently I nominated the Establishment Republicans, the RINOs and the Uniparty for cunthood. But I want to cunt them again and this time add CPAC.

For those of you unfamiliar with the American system, (very broadly) political candidates and their fundraising activities are regulated by the FEC (Federal Election Committee). PACs are groups of like minded individuals who bundle their financial resources together for the purpose of donating to political candidates. They are tax exempt and as such are able to raise and donate significant amounts of money to the candidate most aligned to their political philosophy.

CPAC stands for Conservative Political Action Committee and is the leading, indeed even premier PAC associated with the Republican Party. Candidates covet a CPAC endorsement because not only does it mean significant monetary donations but it also carries substantial clout with the Party and its political operatives.

At the CPAC conventions “conservatives” get together, discuss policy and also put forth positions. They also make endorsements. So many candidates speak there and make their pitch in hopes of winning that much coveted endorsement.

CPAC also has noted “conservative” guest speakers. Some are (so-called) intellectuals. Some are authors, business leaders or other people associated with the conservative movement.

This year CPAC has invited a foreign Speaker. Someone from the UK. None other than your own former PM Liz Truss.

Yes, they have decided that it’s a good idea to have a total, utter and abject failure put forth her “conservative” ideas on the eve of the American election.


I really don’t have anything else to say except at this rate, embracing a disgraced foreign leader and openly opposing Donald Trump means the Democrats won’t have to steal this election.

The Establishment Republicans, the RINOs and the Uniparty…in conjunction with CPAC will hand to them.

Nominated by General Cuntster.

The Green Alliance


Oh dear, the wheels are coming off the electric car. Only the deluded wokeists are buying them now. I wonder why.

Well here’s Green Alliance with the answer. No, I’ve never heard of them either, but apparently it’s a ‘think tank’ demonstrating a remarkable inability to think. Falling EV sales are all the fault of Mr Bean for some article he wrote for the Grauniad, according to the great minds at Green Alliance.

So nothing to do with the price, rate of depreciation, cost of insurance, limited driving range, lack of charging infrastructure, charging time, domestic charging being impossible in nearly half of UK homes, battery fires that can’t be extinguished and the environmental catastrophe resulting from cobalt mining by child slaves in Congo.

Never mind. Green Alliance chose the right forum to air their views – the House of Lords, where one assumes those present were all either comatose or dead.

Daily Express

Nominated by Geordie Twatt.