Muslim Council of Great Britain (2)

An ‘It’s all about them’ cunting for the Muslim Council of Britain.

Although they have managed to condemn the murder of MP David Amess, their main concern is hate crime. Yes, never mind their record of murder and atrocity worldwide, the murder of an MP going about his business, threats to teachers, raping of girls and all the rest, nobody must hurt their feelings.
Hate crime. And that will be any opinion expressed about their evil faith and practices. Even taking the piss out of their letter box women is Islamophobia.

”Britain’s leading Muslim organisation is to issue new guidance to help British Somalis and other individuals and mosques deal with any incidents of hatred emerging in the aftermath of Sir David Amess’s death.”

We know that the majority of the cunts will be indifferent to this atrocity and that a sizeable number will support it. But no criticism will be tolerated or the rainbow police car will be round your gaff.

Diversity is our strength.

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Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Common Slags

(Go on. You know you want to slip “her” a good length! – Day Admin)

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Too many “Ladies” think that they can act how they like and expect no retribution. I’m not saying that men should hit women…I’m saying that if a woman “throws a punch” she can hardly expect a free pass just because she’s female.

I’ve also noticed that women seem to get an easier ride in Court if they are ever charged with the likes of assault….it’s also amazing how many of them are conveniently pregnant by the time they’re brought to Court.

PS…I certainly don’t include women who are the victims of domestic abuse etc. in this Nom….I mean the ugly fat slags who provoke a fight and then scream ” You can’t hit me, I’m a woman”

Nominated by: Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler

UK Shortage of Bouncers

Fellow Cunters, for your Cuntsideration:

UK Shortage of nightclub bouncers.

An, “Er’e John, dem trainers is casual-you is not coming’ in!” cunting please, for the shortage of doormen (and wimminz) in the post-Brexit apocalypse.

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No doubt the fault, in no particular order of:

-Institutional racism, in the smacking the shit out of 8 stone drunks sector

-Brexit-meaning a shortage of assorted Olaf’s, Ivans or Dimitri’s to sell drugs and finger underage girls

-Transgenderism-poor, victimised wimminz, who formally played prop for the local mens rugby team, reduced to a tearful wreck, due to hurt words on Twatter, thus rendering them unable to crack skulls and “escort yoo Gentlemen, from da’ premises”.

More none news, industry victimhood.

Nominated by: Cuntfinder General

LinkedIn (2)

About 20+ years ago when I thought I was a dynamic entrepreneur I subscribed in the hope business would come my way. It didn´t. It just brought hustlers and conmen telling me how great they were, trying to sell things to me which I didn´t want. So I gave up and unsubscribed.

Well I thought I had until recently because I obviously still exist in Link In´s cyberspace and am now being bombarded daily with crap telling me how to reinvent my career and explore new “exciting” opportunities.

As I couldn´t give a damn about my “career” anymore and am happy to sink into obscurity it´s just another irritation. However, I have noticed that several people I worked with back in those days are still active and it´s pathetic to see how they are still trying to sell themselves although they must be nearing the end of their shelf lives.

One woman has become the marketing director of a multinational. Good for her but at what a cost. She writes North Korean-style “inspiring” items almost every day, is forever congratulating colleagues on their “achievements” and even uses incidents from her personal life to flag the company message. She has even stooped so low as to regale us with details about her son´s first job and how proud she is of him, complete with photographs. God knows what the boy feels like.

Every one of her comments has her employer´s logo along with its corporate motto. I wonder how she will feel about this slavish public obsequiousness when she is fired and replaced by a younger cheaper sycophant.

The social media has turned people into slaves.

Nominated by: Mr Polly

Neighbours [4]

“Neighbours…..everybody needs good neighbours”

So sang Tony Hatch back in the days when Kylie was more likely to be wearing a pair of dungarees than a pair of gold hotpants
(Tony Hatch wrote the music & Jackie Trent wrote the lyrics, but neither of them sang it. The original was crooned by Barry Crocker. Just sayin’. Carry on – NA)

…….sorry got lost in thought for a moment there.
(Hopefully the pic helped you re-focus – NA)

Ahem. Anyway, Tony was right – everybody needs good neighbours.
Now to be fair to them. They could be much worse than they are. I’ve seen these neighbours from hell programmes on the idiot lantern and there are some total, belligerent, psychotic bastards out there.

My main gripe is that they are loud. They play music that I can only describe as “Now that’s what I call Garage/Urban/is you disrespectin’ me fam 2021” and then other times it’s some shite like Adele wailing.

Other times they have blazing rows. I’ve actually heard him call her a c**t, which shocked me believe it or not. But she can dish it out as much as he can. She had me chuckling like Mutley on one occasion and I had to go to another room in case they heard me.

Thing is they don’t seem to think anyone can hear them.

I hear them having a barney and then I hear them making up again afterwards – specifically moaning and a bed creaking. 😬

I’m not a prude but it’s so cringeworthy that I either have to go out or put loud music on to drown them out.

In the words of Holly Humberstone The walls are way too thin!

Nominated by: Harold