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England’s Wank Voting System

England’s wank voting system, Reform got more votes in total than the Lib dead yet the Lib dead get 71 fucking seat’s whilst Reform has 4. This system is really shite. Utter fuckwittery of the highest order. Well old Keir has 5 years to prove himself and his party or it’s arse kicking and the same old bollock rumble on and on and on.
On watching the news it seems some MPs have held their seats not the correct thing to do under poo labour and their lgbdfrtybcsehk diddler policies. Fuck them all

Nominated by : Black biscuit

Seconded and linked to by Sam Beau:

Stats here … BBC News.

And not to be out voted, here’s Ron Knee with more:

Britain’s ‘First Past the Post’ Electoral System.

*Deadline 5th July 2024*

FPTP is a cunt.

It’s unrepresentative of the popular will in the country, and means that millions of people, in effect, waste their vote simply by voting for the candidate of their choice when the election is decided on a constituency-by-constituency basis.

Oh we’ve all heard the tired old arguments from the two main parties for donkey’s, about how proportional representation leads to instability in government. But consider these few basic statistics from the 2024 general election;

Labour; 33.9% of the vote, over 400 seats
Reform UK; 14.3% of the vote, 4 seats
LimpDicks; 12.3% of the vote, over 70 seats

Once again, the system has handed a huge majority to one of the two main parties on a minority of the popular vote. Here we have the LimpDicks polling less of the popular vote, and winning over 60 seats more than Reform UK. How can a system which produces such a distortion ever be consider fair or democratic?

Under a proportional representation system, it’s estimated the Reform UK would have over 90 seats in the Commons today. I voted for Reform UK with my head as well as my heart, knowing that my vote would count for fuck all. What actually was the point in even bothering to vote?

Well it’s time for my vote to mean something, a sentiment which I’m sure is shared by millions of others feeling disenfranchised this morning. Fuck Labour and the Tories and anyone else defending the indefensible that is FPTP.

Manchester Evening News.

*NB update*

Reform now has a fifth MP

With a final dodgy postal vote coming in from Rt. Hon. Dioclese:

In the aftermath of the General Election we are blessed to have produced the most disproportionate result in UK electoral history.

We now have a Labour government with two thirds of the seats elected on a third of the vote. This means that two thirds of the people who actually voted did not vote Labour and 4 out of 5 people eligible to vote did not vote Labour. In what way is this landslide therefore representative of the will of the people in a free democracy?

The LibDems got 71 seats and yet got half a million less votes than Reform who got 5 seats. In what way is this fair?

And worryingly 5 muslim independents were elected on a pro Gaza anti Israel platform. Apart from the fact that Hamas is a proscribed terrorist organization who started the Gaza conflict with acts of indiscriminate murder, they garnered less than 200,000 votes between them and got the same number of seats as Reform and one more than the Greens.

One thing is clear : the first past the post system is grossly unfair. Of course while the two main parties have a system that guarantees that we live in a two party state nothing will change.

And an electoral system that is inherently unfit for purpose will continue to guarantee that the electorate will never get the result they actually want…

BBC News.

Religion (5)

Hajj – or whatever religious equivalent is applicable.

With amusing regularity, this seems to happen every time a few million cretinous zealots simultaneously try to reach some shit-hole to do whatever the fuck it is they think they need to do when a tract of their religious fairy story instructs them that`s what they should do, on a regular basis.

Here`s a recent example …

BBC News

It seems to me your `God` is trying to tell you something.

You mental cunts.

And long may it continue!

Nominated by: Sam Beau

Jay Slater conspiracy cunts, sorry I meant theorists

Does anyone remember Nicola Bulley. Went missing, found drowned days later, in the river that runs through were she lived.

Well, social media went crazy. All kinds of theories were shared, and eagerly spread by online Sherlocks, the cunts.

They invaded the area, filming their pathetic selves digging in clearings in local woods, walking up to residents houses, peering through windows and even trying door handles, to gain entry!

Jay Slaters disappearance is getting the same treatment. According to the story, he’s a drug mule who stole products for his personal gain/use, and is now being held for ransom until his family pays the gang back!

I don’t know if it’s true, anymore than I knew that Nicolas’partner had murdered her, but I didn’t go cracking on about it on social media!

His poor family. There’s nowt “social” about so call social media.

The link I’ve attached, from FaceFart, is one of the least offensive ones I’ve seen, some utter twat pretending to search for clues, but my God, the others!


Nominated by Jeezum Priest

Supporting evidence from Fuglyucker:

Jay Slater apparently is/was a massive cunt, this piece of possibly decaying dog shit turns out to be another worthless cunt that the world is better off without ala George Floyd.

Now I know he has a distraught family and I feel for them, but honestly had they done a better job, this worthless violent cunt may still be alive or at least wouldn’t have conveniently disappeared, in fact I’m sure he will turn up like an unflushable turn soon enough one way or other.

The best bit is how none of this cunt’s previous exploits are not mentioned, especially when it damages public interest and the ubiquitous go fund me campaign….

Daily Record (Link provided by Duke of Cuntshire)

Plus an ‘evening all, what’s all this then?’ from Middle England:

I don’t know how many of you cunters have been following this story but here are a few pointers:

Jay (life of the party) goes out to Ibiza.

Somehow goes missing on a walk.

MSM get hold of this “human interest” story and paint a picture of a saint. Subtly missing out the bit where Slater was instrumental in an attack (with a machete no less) on teenager Tom Hilton.

After missing for several days some hapless cunt sets up a go fund me page which somehow collects a large sum of donations ffs why?

This cunt is a no good drug pusher who probably got involved in a bad deal.

Deserves no less than Terry’s oven.

Daily Mirror.

Rich people not being jailed when they should

is a cunt.

Exhibit A: Paula Vennells
Lied under oath in previous hearings and possibly during the current Post Office hearings. Should be done for contempt of court at the very least.

Exhibit B: Keith Moon
One of the lesser known stories occurred on Jan. 4, 1970, when Neil Boland, who was Keith Moon’s driver and bodyguard, was accidentally run over by Moon’s Bentley. The people present in the car were: Keith Moon, his girlfriend and ‘Legs’ Larry Smith from The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. Some accounts say that the girlfriend was driving the car at the time, but neither were sent to prison for failing to stop, lying under oath or driving under the influence. Cunts.

Exhibit C: Lance Percival
On 14 December 1970, he was involved in a fatal three-car crash in his Jaguar XJ on a notorious stretch of the A20, south of Farningham, Kent, known as Death Hill. Percival was in hospital for a month, he almost lost the sight of one eye and required 123 stitches. Following his recovery, he was charged with causing death by dangerous driving. In court he testified remembering the car drifting left and right, but his memory of the accident was vague. He was acquitted after evidence showed that a tyre on his car had probably deflated before the crash.

Most people would get 3 years for dangous driving. My dad said in the 80s, “You never see him on TV any more”. No wonder.

Exhibit D: Peter Murrell and Nicola Sturgeon
“An ongoing investigation” for 3 fecking years!! They allegedly embezzled £660k. What are they waiting for? Put the bracelets on them.

I rest my case.



best classic bands

Nominated by Anton Pillar.

They Think It’s All Over…It Is Now

We didn’t do a dedicated Euros thread this time around.

Now that it’s all over and England have failed yet again, it seemed only right to let the cunters have a good old moan and rant about boring football, how ‘we woz robbed’ and how it’s not “coming home” after all.

Plus that awful England band, banal commentary, woke box ticking inclusive punditry, they’re crap-they’re brilliant-they’re crap again flip flopping…

So dry your tears an’ fill yer boots.

Love & hugs – The Admin Team.