Remote/Online Meetings

I’m looking to get back into the IT game and all jobs are remote with 1 day a week in the office. Luckily my last gig was dealing with a bunch of people located all over the country so plenty of practice for the ‘new normal’ of online meetings and remote working.

The thought of having to conduct Zoom meetings with a bunch of people you can either barely understand doesn’t exactly fill me with joy. On top of that your online meeting is usually punctuated with video stream freezing, cunts with no sound or no video or just dropping out. Then there’s cunts who turn up late and you have ‘catch them up’ the late, lazy cunts. Every meeting starts with ‘Hello everyone. Can you hear me?’

And apparently as a manager its no use trying have a conversation with a group of people to arrive at consensus because it doesn’t liberate the quiet ones. Now you have to design a ‘narrative arc’ beforehand like a NY Times Best Seller and facilitate better than the Commons Speaker with techniques like Lean Coffee and 1-2-4-All to get all the cunts to speak in turn without dominating the conversation.

Fuck this. Wish I could win the lottery. Maybe I should just become a Madame? Perhaps I could innovate the historic industry by having an e-commerce store where you can add your escort to basket, check out securely with Paypal and see all reviews on Trust Pilot.

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The corrupt insanity of leaders of governments and international sporting bodies.

I’ll keep this brief. Corruption is the worst thing a person in charge of someone can be charged with. It ruins completely that organisation s legitimacy.

FIFA was seen to be corrupt ages ago. Sep Blatter etc. News Link

Taliban what can you say corrupt a lot. De facto taliban leaders living in Qatar.

FIFA World Cup 2022 to be held in Qatar
Maybe the Taliban leadership could organise the event??

Maybe we could/should tell Qatar FIFA and the Taliban to fuck off and boycott the World Cup because of all the suffering all 3 have caused.

Dream on our Corrupt cunts in charge will do nothing of the sort fucking hypocrites

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The Stephen Lawrence drama and a sense of perspective

On TV now. About something that happened in 1993. Starring Alan Partridge (Steve Coogan) no less.

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The lad was murdered by scum. The Met were fucking useless and dont seem any better now.

Damilola Taylor was murdered in 2000 but there doesnt seem to be the same fuss. Unfortunate black lad murdered by scum. But wait. They were black scum so it doesnt seem to count.

Since 1993 there have been many more murders in London. The perpetrators were black in a much higher proportion than the demographic. As were the victims.
Today these murders are a daily occurrence. Still more by blacks than whites.

However, I don’t see dramas made about them, with or without Alan Partridge. So where is the perspective? Where is the fucking sense of balance? When is some fucker going to write a drama that portrays these savages as they actually are? A drama that shows what a shithole these cunts have made of the metropolis? How they sneer at education and family life?

Some perspective.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Cuntdown (Ch 4)

A ‘top of the class’ cunting, for the producers/executives at Channel 4, who it appears couldn’t come up with some new blood, or even some half talented presenter from yesteryear, or indeed someone half alive with a pulse, to replace Old Man Hewer.

Instead they have crowbarred Anne Robinson’s coffin open, and brought the old crumbly skeleton back to the studio to creak and groan her way through countdown.

Is the ‘TV’ world that devoid of life ? or is the CoUNTdown chair so unappealing, that they could get no-one else to take the job.

It was only appealing before to see Riley in her tight dresses, and she’s now permanently knocked up. CH4 you suck sh1t & Robinson can just F*ck right off…

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ACE (Cricket charidee)

ACE (Cricket charidee)

A new charity, helped with an initial donation of over half a million pounds from Sport England (which means it’s paid by taxpayers and the National Lottery), has been set up to get more black people into professional cricket.

Apparently, it’s racist that there are so few professional black cricketers in England nowadays. The Chair of the charity, the insufferable Emily Rainsford Brent, is quick to point out the positive influence of the Black Lives Matter movement if you read the link. This one is after a Damehood by constantly playing the chippy race card. You can see it a mile off. Nothing will ever be enough, of course.

I’m a little torn on this, as I’m glad to see an initiative that may stop some black youths from joining gangs, but on balance, I’m annoyed with it.

Why? Well, i think the lack of black kids taking up cricket is mostly because until very recently, cricket wasn’t shown on terrestrial TV like it was before Sky existed. A lack of exposure comes into this. Black kids like football and black music nowadays. They’re just not into cricket.

A big factor though, is that cricket is an expensive sport to take up. The gear is expensive and you need a car/driver if you’re a kid, to lug the gear with you. Therefore, working class kids (of all colours) can be excluded from the sport.

Why not have the charity aimed at helping all working class kids get a chance of playing/coaching cricket?

Oh of course, allowing poor white kids an opportunity would be racist, wouldn’t it?

Let’s take a scenario:

John and Bob sit next to each other at school. They live next door to each other on a council estate. Both are from poor families. They are best mates. Bob is black, John is white. They watch the cricket World Cup Final on Channel 4 together (a one-off for terrestrial TV) and want to try cricket, but can’t afford the gear and can’t get to the venues anyway (no family car).

Bob can get the gear, professional coaching, the chance to play in a team and a lift to practice/matches, all for free because he is black. John meanwhile, can go fuck himself, because he’s white.

This is equality, is it?

I do not appreciate my tax money going towards a racist charity like this, which is seemingly staffed by blacks only too.

Fuck this bullshit.

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