Gender Reveal Stunts

Hot on the heels of the nom about the (ridiculous adult behaviour) memorial balloon-release … some equally superfluous same-vein juvenile carry-on … the in-pregnancy ‘Gender Reveal’ via ever more ludicrous ‘look at ME’ antics.

In this world of email, texting, cuntapps aplenty and saturation phone ownership, … somehow a simple short sentence typed or spoken; 100% conveying a (used to be) basic fact (‘.. having a boy’ , or ‘having a girl’) just isn’t enough any more. It originated as gender-reveal ‘parties’ which would include a cake containing either blue or pink filling, cut mid’party’ to much fanfare by the easily-impressed assemblage.

Still uneccessary, really, but relatively harmless I suppose. You’ve lost my interest the moment you’ve decided to bring another human into the cunts mess that is this current world, but I digress.

Sticking ‘gender reveal party disasters’ into yer search engine will show just what kind of lengths people will go to in the pursuit of attention over fuck-all worth making any such big deal out of since the cake method became not showy enough. Aircraft banners, skywriting, fire-fighting planes hired to drop near 2 tons of dyed water, sports cars blasting past with coloured exhaust. Hot air balloons. Fireworks. Gunplay(the daddy gets to shoot his rented 50-cal anti-armour(!) rifle at a target which explodes to show pink or blue yaaaaay 🙄). Even glitter-filled pipe bombs(I shit you not!) ..

And some of the outcomes of this behaviour? A 23,000 acre fire incl. a dead firefighter. A 45,000 acre fire, monetary cost $8 Million. Plane crash(es) with fatalities. Car explosion. A vintage cannon(!) explosion….

All for what?

Self aggrandizing. Over something that rats are able to do(reproduce). What hope is there for the offspring born to such shallow narcissists?

NY Post.

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Joel Alvarez

Joel Alvarez, putting the trash into trashy.

Miami Swim Week is apparently a prestigious fashion event, where top designers, of whom Joel is one, have models strutting the runway in the latest swimwear designs.

Daily Fail.

Joel went a bit avant-garde and had his models strut their stuff wearing, well, “body tape”. The basic black starts at a very reasonable $9.99 a roll.

Excuse me for a few minutes..Right, I’m back!

Anyway, what really leads me to cunt this, is that people were upset about the lack of “body-diverse” and plus-sized models.


Like I want to see a photo of some fucking land whale, all cellulite and rippling back fat, sauntering down the runway in neon pink?
Or some “brave” amputee, rolling towards me wearing a silver metallic bikini

If that makes me a bad person, I don’t give a fuck!

As promised. Attached below, the companion piece.

The Sun. Enjoy! (You won’t, trust me – NA)

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Balloon Releases

This ‘new’ (to me) practice I’ve been seeing more and more which serves no earthly purpose, aside from somehow ‘bringing comfort’, or something, to the relatives of persons recently deceased.

About a year back it was an online-tabloid photo of this pointless mass-pollution rhat caught my eye.. over a thousand balloons in a – shall we say – lower-class city housing estate, after a criminal scumbag had been killed by a different criminal scumbag. Today it’s the story in the link. Similar area, different city. Terrible death, and all that, .. but how in the name of fuck is wanton widespread littering going to make an ounce of difference?

I know different ‘cultures’ do many different (pointless) gestures around a death such as paper lanterns down the river in some parts of the Orient for example .. (and I have buried tennis-ball loving pets with a tennis ball when they’ve died, thru sentimentality, admittedly) .. but balloon releases? .. is it a poor (financially/mentally)man’s version of a (also pointless/narcissistic)dove release or something? ..

The same news outlets that carry stories such as the one in the link, otherwise pontificate endlessly about pollution and associated, .. but this shit gets a free pass. This moment of … whatever … recorded on myriad phones, .. then off everyone goes on their merry way while waterways, woods, roadsides, .. anywhere and up to many miles distant .. will end up with the unbiodegradable detritus. That foil shit of the helium balloon, or the rubber of the other type. The latter being especially perfect for wildlife to choke on. Or livestock. Or pets.

Is that, then, this (link) ‘animal lovers’ choice legacy?, .. or just that of the organiser, one of say little imagination of it’s own playing monkey-see monkey-do on/for social meeja? christ! .. this one is specifying colours, (the deceased’s favourites, presumably).. but says any colour will do if the requested ones can’t be sourced. Oh! – I suppose these must be the types of people that think the deceased is watching from the beyond.

Encitement to pollute is what I’m seeing.

And never a negative word about it, .. because of the circumstances. If I drove to a spot and unloaded/scattered 1,000 deflated balloons in a big pile by the roadside, say ..but on CCTV … there’d be legal consequences. A fine or court.

Don’t get me wrong, .. I don’t pretend to care about saving this planet, – it’s already too late and it’s overrun with cunts, – but as with most if not all of my noms to date, there’s a filthy double standard at the root of it.

This woman below had a brutal death. And doesn’t seem to have been a bad sort. I’m not knocking her here.

Fucking-well balloons, though?

Irish Mirror Link.

At least there’s no mention of a gofundme.

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Specifically, those aliens who used to abduct people and interfere with their genitals, amongst other things.

The Collector Link.

There was a spate of these in a period around the `50s to the `70s – a Golden Age, if you will, of people (usually in some way not quite right) being `taken` by aliens and `experimented` on – usually involving their privates.

These days? — Nothing. Fuck-all. Not a sausage.

Where have you all gone? We could do with a jolly good laugh during these bleak times.

So come on aliens!! Get your act together, float into your saucers, glide back down to Earth and touch a few fuckwits inappropriately, like you used to.


Nominated by : Sam Beau

Plus this distress signal from Cuntamus Prime:

Admin, may I clarify. The chaps Sam refers to are the Zeta Reticulans, commonly known as ‘Greys’

They give me the screaming willies. (Hope they lube up first – NA)

Vaughn Gething [5]

Vaughn Gething is a cunt.

He readily took money from an organisation under criminal investigation whilst presenting himself as an ‘ethical’ candidate, and now he’s been found out he doesn’t gave the good grace to resign – despite losing a confidence vote on the matter. Apparently this is because two of his colleagues being absent ‘affected the vote’, but given they have both had fallouts with him there is no guarantee they would’ve voted in his favour. I’m not a sheep shagger, but I absolutely cannot stand uppity little nogs who try to dodge, dive, dodge, deflect and dodge when challenged to take accountability for their wrongdoings. The odious cunt should fuck off back from whence he came [edit].

BBC News.

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