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Grieving the Loss of a Pet

Grieving actually is a cunt.

Help Guide.

This is about coping with the loss of a pet. Believe me, if you’ve ever lost a pet, it really hurts.

But saying goodbye to your pet is a whole different ball game, when its saying goodbye to your partner.

My point here, is it hurts, and it’s an absolute cunt, it’s not a fucking competition. There aren’t degrees, and anyone who says “it’s just a dog” needs twatting.

Nominated by : Jeezum Priest

Joe Biden [21]

Following the announcement on Sunday that Biden will not seek re-election, we moved up this nomination to let you weigh in while the iron is hot – Admin Team.

Old Snake Eyes on Steroids?

The rather weird look of an off the rails Joe Biden, the pensioner on steroids and double sanitary pads as witnessed at the recent State of the Union Speech and the debate with Trump, has stirred up memories. An old mate of mine now deceased was desperate to go to his daughter’s wedding and do the “giving away” routine. He had the cognitive abilities of a squashed slug – flat out, not knowing where he was most of the time and oozing out of every orifice. You did not want to be downwind of the old cunt but sentiment does creep in.

Had a word with his quack, a delightfully unsentimental and mercenary cunt who, for a consideration of two grand, happily arranged for him a private blood transfusion (in an NHS hospital) and some then under the counter Adderall, the amphetamine of choice for Russian Dictators and flaked out pop stars. Had him crazying around like an overwound clockwork bunny. Did the job but the old cunt ended up shivering, covered in sweat and smelling like a Glastonbury chemical khazi. The quack did offer a cheaper option, a prophylactic ie terminal shot of morphine but that old bastard cunt of sentiment will intervene. Besides which the family were anxious to pay for it. Since you ask he died “naturally” from cancer of the shite tube three months later.

The word out is that Biden is on a similar regime with Adderall (lethal stuff) well in the frame. Old Snake Eyes has been in The Pool for years but now becomes a racing cert on that gear. What The Lord Giveth He Taketh Away and Old Joe is walking a hopped-up tight rope and sure to slip off on his own shite some time soon.

Washington Times.


Nominated by : Sir Limply Stoke

Seconded by Norman:

In 1974, after his final and rather farcical presidential election win, Juan Peron said to the Argentine press, ‘I didn’t win because I was so good. I won because the others
were so bad.’

And Uncle Joe is certainly now in tha latter category. He is the most inept, comedic and bungling US President of recent times. From his already now infamous ‘Zelensky as Putin’ remarks to his ‘Bullseye’ comment about Bg Don’s recent brush with a pimple ravaged inadequate four eyed cunt with a gun.

The very idea that this incompetent and pathetic old fool is in charge of what is still the most powerful nation in the world is ls as scary as it is laughable. Biden reminds me of Dick van Dyke as the very elderly manager of the bank in Mary Poppins.

I reckon Trump will be shoe-in for a second term as Presidem now. Thanks to Biden’s own ineptitude and stupidity. He even makes Barack Obama look good, and that’s not easy….


As if you needed more, here’s more from Sir Limply Stoke:

No Cuntry for Old Men.

Just like a stubborn grandad who insists on driving with cataracts, glaucoma and a brain like a squashed slug and will only think about giving up his licence once his death toll has gone above twenty, Biden goes on driving. Will not stand for President after extreme pressure but will remain at the wheel as POTUS until a new candidate is found. I lay odds that the the old snake eyes is doing a spot of dementia cunning (and have I experienced so much of that with aged relatives over time) and positioning himself to be the only choice and incumbent in waiting when the Democrats cannot agree on a new candidate.

BBC inherently hate the looming prospect of Trump and are reporting Biden as the lost Messiah, “Greatest President” ever, fifty years of exemplary service, legacy looming large, advanced America’s standing in the world like no other, finest leader of the Free World ect ect. His eventual and grudging endorsement of Kamala Harris, his largely unknown Veep, as replacement is hailed as a master stroke. First female black POTUS you see. Word is that she is the last Person that most Democratic voters want.

Much relief at the White House until they realised he is staying on until November. The old cunt will insist on flushing his sanitary pads down the khazi and blocking the plumbing. They keep Dyna-Rod on speed dial. As I write “love of America and dedication of service” continuous to spew out on Sky and “Democrats coalesse around Harris..” takes over then they gulp and think again “Joe has every right to run…”
Whichever way it pans out they will miss the smell of pensioner shite wafting around the White House (not).

“Reproductive rights for Union workers” let’s all unite around Kamala’s only known stirring slogan. You see their difficulty.

So the hagiography continues and reaches ever new heights. All that is saving us is that Putin is as chemically enhanced as Biden. Get lost you cunts along with “The best President of the best Nation in the World”. Link.

The Link.

Christina Unkel

Daily Mirror.

ITV has never had the best football coverage but this tournament it’s gone too far. Not only are there lots of box ticking racists as pundits (looking at you Aluko), ITV have decided to employ this Yank coloured woman to explain the referees decisions during the commentary.

Do viewers in this country really need to be explained the rules by some box ticking exercise of a yank? Not only does she possess one of the most irritating accents and voices I have ever heard. She just routinely backs up the referees decisions even when it’s pretty clear they have got it wrong.

I miss the days of David Coleman and Brian Moore.

Nominated by : Laughing Gravy

Microsoft Windows Blue Screen of Death

Bugger me the latest Windows “outages” currently paralysing the world – and quite literally if you are having NHS surgery – take me back to the ’70s when Microsoft OSs were notoriously unreliable and falling over their own poorly tested and poorly written code. (The PC wasn’t invented until 1982 with the first version of Windows not released until 1985, but carry on – NA) There were rolling testing releases to the community which somehow never created a reliable OS. One change/update would set off a whole series of further faults ect ect and trigger the notorious BS of Death, the fault screen advising to switch off (losing all your work) and restart in Safe Mode. Then you can start wanking to this:

Microsoft Link.

So here we go again, synthetic apologies but no lessons learned. Well I learned my lesson years ago and use Linux/Ubuntu (free) and Mac (because certain of my programmes only work in Mac) and when only strictly necessary my own hacked copy of Windows XP (has been around so long most of the bugs have been ironed out). I never use Cloud services so have avoided the current buggeration. Ironic that MS have always been pilloried as the deep throat Bond villains of the World and here we are with the greatest master stroke of World Domination ever perpetrated.

Apparently down to their Security Partner Cloudstrike (sounds like a SMERSH cover name) who wrote and dumped new code on the World without basic fitness for purpose checks. Latest optimistic assessment “Recovery likely to take weeks rather than days”. Very sincerest apologies from Cloudstrike Ceo George Kurtz (classic Bond villain name). Compo conflicts already underway with M’ Learned Friends calculating their massive fees (but definitely not using Windows).

Now we are back to the Stone Age having to learn how to use cash and book holidays ect by filling in forms. Worst aspect of it all is the total swamping of other news and endless tech type personality free talking heads trying to explain what they have yet to understand. This is vindication of the Total Cock-Up theory of history. Anyone wanting to comment on this post will likely have to post it.

Nominated by : Sir Limply Stoke

Jess Phillips [10]

Jess Phillips has been trying to demonise men for years, her attitude when there was a request for a men’s day in Parliament was disgusting knowing that suicide in men is real problem.
Having said that there is no excuse for the treatment her volunteers got during the campaign, her stance on Gaza (resigning from the front bench to vote for a ceasefire) was never going to satisfy the ‘Muslim voters’ and she now knows what REAL misogyny looks like.

Anyone who had doubts that Islam is the biggest threat to our country just needs to look at Jess Phillips constituency.

At least she she is still on the Gravy train, still a victim and still ugly, that fat arse slamming down on the green benches for another 5 years

BBC News.

Nominated by : Sick of it