Lawyers (3) Upset by Hurty Allegations

Yes, the cunts keeping criminals and jihadis safe and warm in the UK.

Priti has upset the fuckers.

”Earlier this week Priti Patel claimed the suspect, Emad Al Swealmeen, who lodged an appeal when his asylum claim was rejected after arriving in the UK, had been able to exploit Britain’s “dysfunctional” immigration system by staying in the country.
Lawyers raised concerns about her “blaming the legal services industry” for the suspected hospital bomber still being in the UK.”

Well who do we blame? Fucking vultures with no loyalty or scruples who earn their living off these poor ‘asylum seekers’. The half baked church which doesnt question why it’s services are full of assorted Arabs, Iranians and Somalis, as advised by their lawyers. The church is just fucking gullible. The system is abused by the legal cunts, aided and abetted by woke fucking halfwits who trust the motives of these poor immigrants rather than wondering why everyfucking where they come from is a violent shithole.

So for once, Priti Patel has it right. The lawyers are the scum of the earth and directly responsible for acts of terror, violence, drug dealing and murder carried out by their charges.

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Junk Mail

Fellow cunters will know that I’m not adverse to slipping a fresh dog turd through some cunts letterbox, but I’m being inundated by mail I hate.
Via email, text and even on my media wall ( how the fuck??)

They are:-
PPI, claim the Vat back and
Diesel cars, bought or leased.
Never had PPI, as I’m not stupid.
Don’t drive.

I really don’t know how to fuck them off permanently, I wish I could.
Also, because I’m unbelievably crap at this, I can’t attach links, both from, which is not unreadable due to pop up ads.
I’ll keep trying.

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Insulate Britain (2)

Insulate Britain activists are cunts, some of these wankers have been jailed which is the least they deserve, i have just listened to some silly bitch spouting of on the news about how unfair it all is.
Now these cunts are going to go on hunger strike outside the courts to free their brothers in arms.
If i lived closer i would wander past every night with a steaming hot bag of chips with loads of vinegar, just so these worthless cunts can smell them.
They are probably Vegans anyway, so fuck em, let them starve.
Zero fucks given from me, good luck tits i hope it goes on for months….cunts

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The Great Walkers Crisp Shortage and Starving Children

With all that is happening in the world you could be forgiven for missing this. Forget the recent COP26 eco-jizz fest or the migrant crisis on the Belarus/Poland border, no, the real pressing issue is a national shortage of Walkers crisps – an IT fuck up and not Brexit for a change. And for little Ava, specifically oven baked sea-salt flavour as this is all she eats along with toastie waffles and baby fruit puree.

Naturally she suffers from the latest trendy pseudo eating disorders, ‘avoidant or restrictive food intake disorder’ probably diagnosed via Mumsnet. The parents in this shit show are of course indulging her, scouring stores across Leicestershire trying to track down elusive packets rather than telling her what all our parents told us, “eat what you are given and be grateful for it”. You give in to this sort of shit and you are storing up problems for years to come on little arseholes who never hear the word “no” and know what buttons to push from piss weak parents to get their own way.

Anyway I hope they do find some before they have to do the unthinkable, grow a spine and make her eat some real food. Maybe Bob Geldof could do a Live Aid style appeal for sea-salt crisps? At least the Ethiopian weren’t fussy cunts.

Or maybe St Gary has a spare box or two in his garage that his refugee didn’t eat.

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Claudia Webbe (6)

Well, someone has to cunt this cunt.

Apparently, she is going to appeal her conviction, as she is innocent, yes right, Claudia, the Secret Service framed you with cleverly doctored recordings of phone calls.

Excuse me if I display ignorance of our judicial system, but isn’t an appeal held in an appeals court, with a judge, not a magistrate? The appeal has to have evidence not previously given in the original trial, surely? If she was innocent, why did she not demand a court trial and produce this evidence?

Finally, is this thick cunt, who thinks Beroos is a country and dialling 121 instead of 141 will withhold her number, aware that a judge can and will set aside the original sentence in favour of a more severe one?

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And here’s another, this time from Cuntybollocks

Our institutionally racist justice system

Token diversity hire MP, Claudia Webbe, was today given a suspended sentence after the prolonged campaign of harassment of a love rival. Threats included throwing acid at the rival and sending nude photos of her to her own children. Behaviour not becoming of a Member of Parliament. There was no doubt as to her guilt, the victim had the intelligence to record her unwanted phone calls.

But despite this overwhelming evidence and abusing her position of power (would you feel more threatened by the bloke in the chippy or an MP phoning you with threats?), there will be no jail time for Webbe.

Webbe whipped out the race card before sentencing, and I believe the judge shat himself and didn’t give her what she deserved. Prison time. Webbe, of course, has shown no remorse and is going to appeal. She will not be standing down, and will cling to the gravy train for as long as possible, of course. Absolutely no fucking shame whatsoever. She says she is innocent, despite being recorded. These were ‘courtesy calls’ you see. And the judge and courts are racist, she claims. On top of this, the judge noted that Webbe kept referring to herself as the victim during the trail.

Well, when these and other race baiters create an entire existence around victimhood, this is the obvious result. She could be videoed eating live white babies, and still claim to be the victim, I have no doubt about that.

Compare and contrast with the somewhat timely conviction yesterday of Jonathan Best, for making a 17 second racist video rant, aimed at the black footballers who missed penalties for England in the Euro final. He posted it on Facebook (doh!) It came out he’d had several shots of spirits and about 12 pints of beer when he made it (and posted it). He was fucking clearly hammered in the video. He regretted it and deleted it when he finally sobered up after his sister called him and told him to take it down.

He gets 10 weeks in prison.

Yes, 10 weeks in prison (and life ruined, no doubt) for a one off, and admittedly stupid, but drunken post on social media.

No prison for a black MP, after showing no remorse after a prolonged campaign of harassment, involving extreme threats of genuine, potentially life changing and disfiguring violence.

One has to ask, ‘is it cos he is white, innit?’

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