Fiona Harvey, Baby Reindeer & Netflix

Baby Reindeer is a drama; it starts saying ‘This is a true story’, which it probably shouldn’t have. Anyway, it looked like a drama to me and when I watched it; because I’m not retarded so I knew it wasn’t a documentary.

There’s a major character in the show called Martha; she is a bat-shit crazy mental, who stalks the fuck out of the protagonist. The show streamed on Netflix; is probably still on there. Anyway, the show depicted the character Martha as a serial stalker, her previous behaviour having reached the papers and in the show she gets sent to prison for stalking the protagonist.

The show was a massive hit. Shit heads up and down the country started trying to figure out who the character Martha is in real life. Rumours have it that some sleuths found the real Martha and started hurling abuse at her, probably on X or something. Apparently the show contained footage of Martha’s Tweets, not that I saw, and this helped the sleuths, I mean shit heads, identify the real person behind the character. Still with me? I hope so!

After the show’s immediate success, this woman turns up on MSM. Her name is Fiona Harvey and she outed herself on MSM as the real person behind the character Martha, but claims she was never convicted and never stalked anyone. She went on the interview circuit and is famous for being interviewed by Piers Morgan.

Harvey is now suing Netflix for $50m, for defamation. She’s engaged some law firm in New York New York.

My summary of Ms Harvey’s position is ‘that mental, fuck-bitch-stalker in the show is me but I never did any of that, give me money.’

And if that is her position, then I hope she loses her case and has to pay Netflix’s court costs, though I fear Netflix will bung her a big wedge out of court to shut her up. That of course is my opinion and I haven’t a clue about defamation.


Then there’s this link from Daily Fail from someone claiming ‘Martha’ or whoever we’re allowed to name is actually a bat-shit crazy mental. Hopefully we’ll be allowed to talk about this situation. I warn you fellow cunters not to say anything nasty about Ms Harvey; she has a law degree, allegedly, and probably isn’t afraid to come after you. You might get off with just 40,000 emails in a 6 month period and some 100 texts a day for good measure, but it could get nasty!

Daily Fail

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Teachers or foster parents?

I know I’ve cunted people who, despite sending their children to school, don’t toilet train and send them in nappies, expecting teachers to toilet train their children.


But this really did result in a sharp intake of breath.
Some of the children who attend Lantern Academy struggle with basic communication. They cannot say “I’m thirsty. I need the toilet”
Their parents speak English at home, the children have no learning disabilities, and yet they are going to school unable to communicate.

Some parents today don’t know how to play with their children, so the school runs a weekly class, for parents, to teach them.

Eight out of 27 four year old children were in nappies. One mother said her son “was late in reaching his milestones, so… the school really helped”

Well, madam, if fat Barry constantly refered to your little precious as ‘Piss Pants’, I’m fairly sure you wouldn’t be so fucking complacent.
Hey Miss, Piss Pants just shit himself!

Bring back the school bully!

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Dirty children and parents.

Everything is the fault of the government. To some of the more insane audience members of Wireless 4’s “Any Questions” (just listen to their reaction to an obsessed EU supporting SNP MP on Any Questions tx 7 &8th June), it is all due to Brexit. But is it the fault of even hapless Rishi or Brexit that parents are too fucking lazy to teach their children to use the lavatory?. Well, here is a BBC take on it:

One silly cow of a mother gushes that her child was “not interested” in using his chamber pot till he got to school then – would you believe it? – the school “helped” him, so that saved the lazy bleeder of a mother the bother of teaching him – she has more than enough to do staggering down the newsagent every morning to buy her scratch cards and crisps, then sinking into the sofa watching daytime TV.

You have children of six shitting themselves at school, because, well because modern parents are so ignorant, lazy and stupid (as dirty) yet, just ten years after the shitting six year old has progressed to washing behind his ears, Kweer thinks they will be ready to vote.


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The Google search engine


I think there is some kind of gremlin in the above.

I just typed in “Ugly Fat cunt wins Miss Alabama”, and it came back with “It looks like there aren’t many great matches for your search”, and no links offered.

Meanwhile…. *this* happened a few days ago.

the sun

Hmmmm…. 😄

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Step forward Mr James Michael Johnson, lawyer and politician, Speaker of the United States’ House of Representatives. A deeply evangelical Christian, he is known for his opposition to legal abortion and gay rights and not always endearing himself to members of his own party. Fellow Republican John Delgado has called him ‘a despicable bigot of the highest order’ and Megan McCain described him as ‘a raging homophobe’.

Like most politicians he changes his mind as often as it suits him. He once wrote ‘Donald Trump lacks the moral center we desperately need again in the White House. I am afraid he would break more things than he fixes. He is a hothead by nature and that is a dangerous trait in a Commander In Chief. I just don’t think he has the demeanor to be president’.

Amazingly he is now supporting Trump’s 2024 campaign and has even criticized Trump’s conviction in the hush money trial, stating that the Supreme Court ‘should step in and set this straight’. Would it surprise anyone if the corrupt bastards did? When the House expelled Republican congressman and serial liar George Santos, Johnson voted against the expulsion and afterwards called it ‘a regrettable day’.

He has been quoted as saying that if people want to understand anything he does then they should read the bible, which makes him not only a nut case but a hypocrite as well. Back in October Joe Biden asked congress for $61 billion in aid for Ukraine, a move backed by most Americans. Johnson’s job is to move legislation through the house but, worried that Moscow Marjorie was threatening to file a resolution to remove him as speaker, he resisted and delayed. He finally allowed a vote to take place in April, only after travelling to Mar-A-Lago to beg permission from his lord and master.,

As a ‘man of God’, what would he consider to be more important – releasing defence systems to be sent to save lives in Ukraine or ensuring that he remains sat at the front in congress holding the gavel? How many civilian lives were lost during those six months as the Russians shelled Ukrainian cities? Did he spend those six months wrestling with his conscience as he imagined the explosions, the fires, the falling masonry and the maimed victims choking on dust? No doubt his bible provided him with comfort during this difficult time.


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