Channel 4’s SAS: Who Dares Wins

Who Dares Wins

Never seen it but it needs cunting for virulent Islamophobia.

Fuck me, some link.

Anyway a muslim woman entered and was discriminated against.
The food wasnt Halal
She was called a Gym Bunny, apparently a racist term (??)
She didnt have muslim toilet facilities. I thought that was the left hand but perhaps a bidet was required.
She had to keep wet clothes on because, as a Muslim she couldnt strip them off in front of others.

We look up to the SAS and their ilk and all the time their training regime has been racist and Islamophobic. The scales have dropped from my eyes.
The cunts.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

..and on the subject of C4, here’s this from Smugcunt

If your an over the hill comedian or a wanker with a tach or a bird with odd mishapen tits, how do you make money?

Easy get a program on Channel4 so you can have a Chateau, or a glamping load of bollocks paid for by mugs.

Channel 4 is corrupt!

It always has been!

It was created to remove vast amounts of money from tax payers into the pockets of a closed shop of producers with one view. Their programs are shit quality because the money goes one way.The Groucho club is a bent bunch of cunts controlling whats acceptable. (I think I’ll throw in the odd “allegedly” here – DA)

Never buy anything on this shit channel. Cunts.


Fruit Flavoured Beer

The backstory is that I bought some booze on a whim. Sounded alright, the blurb on the side made it sound a bit like Corona with lime in it.

A light beer with a slight citrus tang (sorry if I sound like the real ale twat from Viz).

A change is as good as a rest and all that.

The reality is it tastes like Grapefruit with a strange lager/grapefruit after-taste.

Drank one can.
The rest went down the drain.

£6 for the liberty of trying one and pouring the rest away.

If I want a tropical fruit drink, I’ll buy a can of Lilt.

Lesson learned.

Why did this become a thing?
Beer which is bitter to varying degrees, mixed with citrus fruit.

Corona with a slice of lime does work though.

I’ll stick with my favourites in future.

Nominated by: Harold


These flat-pack selling bastards with one of the worst customer experiences in the world (on par with Wong Kei in London’s Soho) are now on the sustainability bandwagon. What’s wrong with wanting to be a bit greener? Well nothing in my mind, unless of course you are an international brand flogging particle board wrapped in plastic veneer by the megaton and pretending you have green credentials!

I came across this article on the Ikea website and find the title of it outrageously alarming “Save money and the planet without leaving your home”. Its the ‘without leaving your home’ bit that I find alarming. What is that? Is it a leftover from the pandemic? Or is it yet another cynical marketing ploy to the new generation who want to stay in? The ‘without leaving your home’ is never explained in the article. Intrigued, I read on.

Their article then continues, this time trying to flog a portable induction hob, that wait for it, makes it possible for you to ‘cook up a storm without leaving the sofa.’ Please see this for yourself on their website via the link below. It is completely ludicrous. I’m not totally uncultured, I’ve been at a gathering to enjoy German Raclette, meat and cheese cooked at the table, and in Korea they have indoor BBQs at restaurant tables; all social and involves going out, unlike this sinister Ikea angle of ‘not leaving the sofa’.

Sadly this Ikea marketing ploy resonates all too well with the recent KFC delivery ads, you don’t have to move, you don’t even have to go to the kitchen and now you can cook on your coffee table without leaving the sofa and save the planet at the same time apparently. Wtaf?! Is this what makes people tick nowadays? Not leaving the sofa or the house to do anything?

Purveyors of rubbish meatballs and dodgy particle board. Maybe that’s what Ikea means in Swedish.

Nominated by: Cuntologist 

Jose Mourinho (3)

Jose Mourinho is still a cunt.

The Boring One has now washed up in Italy after Tottingham gave him the boot.

Moaning Maureen is now going to be the manager of Roma. Well, on their own heads be it. Apart from that first spell at Chelsea (which was down to the Ivan Oligarch and his cash), he has just moaned, upset clubs and nothing is ever his fault.

It’ll be a matter of time before he ‘walks away’ from Roma after some petty disagreement or other, as sure as shit is shat. I won’t even start about what I think of this cunt’s time at Old Trafford.

Jose was found out at his second spell at Chelsea and also badly sussed out during his time at Man United and Spurs. He was successful at Chelsea the first time because of Abramovich’s money, and also because he was basically a cunt managing a team of cunts like Terry, Drogba, Mikel, Ballack and so on.

Outside that bubble he is neither likeable or a decent man manager. He will now go from club to club for the rest of his managerial career, as his difficult and pain in the arse personality sours each assocaition one by one.

A bit like a more exotic Harry Redknapp or Sam Allardyce.

Nominated by: Norman

The BBC [42]

The BBC because they are actually airing a programme aimed at kids teaching them that this country always had black people. How long before my prediction the BBC will screen programmes teaching kids that the black folk were here first comes true.

How insidious can propaganda be, deny people their true history and rewrite it to suit your agenda.

If you’re a white Brit reading this pause for a moment and reflect on the fact you’re a member of the last generation that will know this wasn’t always a multicultural shithole. Certainly part of the last generation of true Brits.

Goodbye Britannia.

Nominated by: Sixdog Vomit