Sajid Javid (4)

This foreign arsehole seems to think we should pay for NHS treatment, to help tackle growing waiting times.

Listen you slap-headed Paki cunt, unlike the rest of the people in your Paki tribe, I’ve already paid for the NHS, and I’m still paying for it.

A much better way to ease any burden on the NHS would be to stop treating non-contributing foreigners, such as Pakistanis for example.

So pack your bags, gather the rest of your Paki tribe together, and fuck off.

Guardian News Link

Nominated by: Duke of Cuntshire

Omid Scobie (2)

After due consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that a cunting for Omid Scobie (aka Scooby Doo Scabies) is truly warranted.

Some of you may not be familiar with this tosser, so allow me to elucidate. Mr Scabies first came to general public attention when he co-authored ‘Finding Freedom’, the so-called story of the carry-on behind Megexit. Since then, he’s been sniping regularly at the Royal Family in the media at the behest of his paymasters, the Dork and Dorkess of Monteshiteshow.

Now naturally those in the ‘Sussex Squad’ will claim that both sides brief against the other, and there is no doubt truth in this. However there’s something particularly snidy and unpleasant, not to say creepy, about how the wax-faced Scooby Doo goes about the business. In his case, persistent brown-nosing of the Snarkles at the expense of the Royal Family is definitely not a good look.

Still, I suppose that acting as a mouthpiece for the Court of Monteshiteshow is a way of earning a living in his case, and no doubt he has to find some way of funding his penchant for cosmetic surgery.

Little bitch.

Nominated by: Ron Knee

And seconded by from General Cunster

If I may be allowed to support this most excellent and long overdue nomination of the Markle’s pet bitch, Omid Scobie Doo.

Here’s some support from the Libtard rag, Haper’s Bizarre…Uh…I mean Harpers Bazaar…which features a particularly revolting example of little Omid’s fetish with Prince Sparey and the Hollywood Harlot:

Harpersbazaar Link

Cunters should be advised that the supporting video promo of the Dysfunctional Duo sometimes changes to an equally disgusting promo for “The Crown.”

Nonetheless, members would be well advised to have their vomit/barf bags at the ready if they choose to view.

And further support from Komodo

Another link, which really excoriates Scobie.

thesteepletimes Link

“Nikolay Kalinin” appears to be a pro-Navalny Russian; can’t find anything by him later than 2021 – hope he’s ok.


Blame Shifting

Why are members of the public not deemed responsible for their own actions now?

When, apparently they SHOULD be allowed to storm a venue without tickets causing death, injury and damage, and the fault of all this death, injury and destruction is NOT those that perpetrate it, but the venue for not supplying enough staff!

The world is very quickly going mad. When I was young you had very nice ladies on the door of cinemas, entertainment venue and the like politely checking for tickets and letting people in. No need for heavy handed security en mass at all…..but now?

BBC News Link

Nominated by: Chuff Chugger

Michael Mcintyre [5]

Michael Mcintyre is a cunt. I saw him on tv the other day, and was appalled at his generic vanilla stand up show. Nothing of any originality or pushing the boundaries.

The fucking wokes in the audience were fucking laughing on queue at his pathetic attempts. What particularly pisses me off is the way he always bangs on about his children and that people who don’t have children have “no idea what it’s like”. Countless stand up pieces from him on the same fucking subjects. What a self obsessed ugly cunt on every level.

The fucking wokes who follow him to feel safe in their pathetic worlds need some lessons in real life and real comedy.

Nominated by : Cuntstable

Daniella Leis

Daniella Leis from Ontario is attempting to sue a food and beverage company that served her alcohol, aiming to make them liable for the costs of damage which resulted when she drove into a house whilst pissed – allegedly.

This waste of breathable air is claiming that the bar in question should pay the estimated $9.87M – $14.7M in damages, all because she was too stupid to realise that intoxication and driving do not mix.

Yahoo News Link

The company should counter-sue her parents for creating this pathetic specimen in the first place.

Nominated by: mystic maven