The Alleged Plague of The Brown People

(The media have joined the dots, but refuse to tell the world – Day Admin)

Admin may I humbly suggest that this nom is achingly current putting the Sweden Gang Wars Murder Hotspot thingy in context..

In a universe far far from here a mutant breed of banished socialists met in the smoke stained back room of an Islington pub. Over a half litre of Directors Bitter the more squiggly eyed of them proposed a motion. A motion to End All Wars of a racist nature by eliminating all races and reducing our Once Great Nation to a one stop shop of Brown People.

Mix ‘em all up then prejudice, hatred and genocide – it all comes out in the wash innit. Then we can all move forward in a cohort of LGBTH+- ethnically neutral love and look back and forever blame Whitey for all ills.

So overnight there they are among us gaining strategic positions of power as the Mayor of London, the Welsh First Minister and First Minister of Scotland and as token presenters and back room leaders of the BBC. BeGod and BeJazus they even have one in Northern Ireland.

Belfast Live

The principle problem is that to a LGBTH+- person they are all, in my humble opinion, fucking useless at their jobs. Knife crime, well all crime really, is sky high in London, public services are being propped up by guess who in the so called devolved and bankrupt nation of Wales. Scotland is fucked and floating on drugs so even less likely to give us the pleasure of choosing Independence while they have their sullen jocko mitts stuffed up, guess where, the Bank of GB.

Now we focus our LCAR Viewscreens (as used in Star Trek) on Sweden which has the highest number of gun deaths in Europe. Come again (pun intended) the land of good old free love fuck me fillies with genuine blond hair, blond minge and blue eyes? The land of Wotan and Woke where all races and hatreds are welcome and paid for by the State?

Ah…a bit embarrassing this but hidden under the radar – well deliberately suppressed really – the Brown People have been knotting and gendering and rather than casting aside their difference as predicted by the Squiggly Eyed Wokos, they have been knifing, shooting and bombing all and sundry.

Racial Conflict has morphed into Gang Conflict all paid for the Drugs Trade. Woops, let us take an Abba Moment here, pull on our naff spangly tights and satin jackets and remember when it was so cool to deregulate drugs and see beyond race and appreciate the person?

Serve ‘em right you say? Well so do I.

Sky News

Nominated by: Sir Limply Stoke

The Far Right (3)


We hear a lot about ‘the far right’ in Britain these days. Are you worried that your thinking might be deemed politically incorrect? Do you fear that you are, or are at risk of becoming, ‘far right’? Take our easy 10 point test now and find out if your fears are justified, simply answering ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the following questions;

* did you support Brexit?
* do you take pride in displays of the Union Jack?
* is multiculturalism a failed experiment that the British people never asked for?
* should the needs and rights of British people take precedence over migrants?
* does the state of Israel have the right to exist and defend itself?
* do you agree that freedom of expression is an inalienable right in the UK?
* is a man necessarily an adult human male, and a woman an adult human female?
* is ‘the climate crisis’ greatly exaggerated in your view?
* do you consider woke ideology and practices to be deranged?
* should Reform UK form the next government?

So how did you do? If you answered ‘yes’;
0 to 1 times. Congratulations! You are a bona fide member of the loony left; subscribe to ‘The Morning Star’ and an Owen Jones’ podcast today.
2-5 times. No need for immediate concern, but practice watchful waiting.
6-8 times. Your situation is becoming fraught. Seek urgent advice from the police about ‘checking your thinking’, and obtain counselling as soon as possible.
9-10 times. You are dyed in the wool ‘far right’. Avoid dinner parties and wine samplings in Islington and Hampstead at all costs, and don’t carry a copy of ‘The Daily Mail’ in public.

Nominated by Ron Knee.

Irresponsible Cunts (3)

A nomination for the cunts who put themselves and the guys who have to rescue them in danger.

These are the cunts who do things and go places without any research or preparation, they go to remote places in flip flops without even checking the weather and then have to be rescued by people, helicopters, tracker dogs etc., sadly for free and then when they are returned to safety not dead, the first thing they say is I’m going to do it again next week.

What selfish cunts they are, there is nothing wrong with an adrenaline fix if that’s your poison, but at least prepare so you can do it right and not force others to risk their lives having to come a save your dumb, selfish, retarded arse….

Wales On Line

Nominated by: Fuglyucker

LaLa Land – RAF Scampton

We have a great deal of upset and outrage up here over plans to base a few 1000, young male Africans and Muslims ar RAF Scampton. It has been fought over for a year now. The Government wants to spend millions defiling the Dambuster’s base with the dregs of the earth, you know the poor fuckers who have fled war torn Calais. At about £4k each per dinghy space..

It looks like the cunts will be shipped here. But wait:-

”Former RAF base to house asylum seekers is contaminated, government letters say”

And then:-

“Those accommodated at the site are likely to be aware that it was formerly used as a military barracks. For some asylum seekers this association may trigger memories of past mental traumas in their home countries which is why the site is unlikely to be deemed suitable for those who are vulnerable or have serious mental health needs,

Yes, the poor fuckers may have Mental Elf if they leave their hotels. Not sure what living in a hedge in France did but our government’s concern is that Scampton was ‘used as a military barracks’

So we may not get the fuckers after all.

Not because of the concerns of the villagers.
Nor the loss of the proposed investment in the site.
Nor the opposition of everycunt in Lincolnshire.
Not because it is a site of great heritage.

But because we are worried about the Mental Elf.


Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

And supported by: CuntyMcCuntface

I’d like to second CC’s nom having read the Home Office letter and picked out this little gem.

‘’The Home Office has proposed that a rule will be applied to exclude any person from being routed to the Site who has claimed to be a child since entry at Western Jet Foil, Dover regardless of whether they have subsequently been age assessed as significantly over 18.’’

No explanation as to why but I can’t help but wonder why?

Oh and btw the site is being run by SERCO………. that’s worthy of a nom all of its own.

The BBC (117) and Selective Reporting

It’s been a few days, … the BBC.

Lenifying beyond any decency, by lies of omission

I didn’t go LOOKING for this … in fact ; what I went looking for was yesterday’s 300-cunt mini riot in Milton Keynes. (Or minor scuffle as the BBC might have called it, if they had bothered to cover it, that is.)

What I found in the same results, was the following pair, side by side.

(1) A man has been jailed for ramming a motorcyclist off a Buckinghamshire bridge in what police described as an act of “extreme” road rage.


(2) Motorcyclist falls from Milton Keynes bridge after collision.

These two descriptions are of the very same incident. Reported by the Guardian in the top example, the BBC in the bottom one.

If you read the full description of the ‘incident’, from link the first, it reads more like attempted vehicular homicide.

The second one reads relatively more like a bit of a misunderstanding.

And the more thorough (factwise) telling of events precedes the one that leaves the more pertinent facts out, by a week, .. so it was undeniably purposely so. Strangely it’s the BBC one with the vid clip. But that’s no mitigation.

And NEITHER report carrying a photo of the driver, a Mr John Smith. I’m kidding… it’s a Mr. Nikesh Mistry, .. and he seemingly IS a ‘mistry’ (sic) ‘cos ain’t NO pic to be found in relation to name and crime combined.

Have a gander. It’s fucking blatant.

The Guardian

BBC News

Nominated by: CuntemAll