Rupa Huq

Rupa Huq is a cunt.

I am a dark key nominating a dark key for having a go at another dark key.. This is very weird so I’ll keep it brief..

Rupa Huq (Konnie’s ugly sister) did this. (And she is a fucking munter.)

Kwasi Karteng – Eton and Cambridge.

Rupa Huq – Notting Hill and Ealing High School.(Private) and Cambridge.

Dark key cunt – University College School (Private) and Imperial College.

I’m struggling to understand what she said, and on a wider note, which one of us three has White privilege.

She is a monstrous cunt.

My pronouns are thee/thy.

Nominated by: Dark key cunt

And seconded by Lord of the Rings:

Rupa Huq is a racist cunt

story : Sly News Link.

In a bizarre u-turn from the usual anti-jewish sentiment, the Labour MP has decided, as ‘a person of colour’, to attack another ‘person of colour’
She called Kwasi Kwarteng “superficially’ black”

If she wanted to criticise his ‘budget’ and tax policies, fair game – after all, only a selfish rich cunt would think giving a tax cut to everyone earning over £150,000 a year was a bright idea during a bloody recession.
Her ‘black on black’ attack is not only vile, but facile and idiotic.
Firstly, if you want to reduce every argument to skin colour, he is ‘blacker’ than she is. I don’t think anyone recognises her stupid rancid remarks as anything other than a claws out attack.

If you don’t like somone’s opinion or beliefs, argue against it in a coherent way.
Judge people by their character and their deeds. Their race, skin colour, religion or sexuality has nothing to do with them as a person.

The problem with labours elite, is they can’t just keep calm and make reasoned measured arguments to put their view across. It always ends up with slagging somone off. How these twats ever get selected to stand is part of the problem.
Bizarely, Huq has a more priveleged background and education if anthing.
Mr Kwarteng earned his scholarship to university through hard work and application.

Left wing labour once again demonstrating why they can’t be trusted. They’ve suspended her but are desperately trying to play this down. If a white tory had made a similar comment about Lammy, you’d never hear the end of it. Hipocracy once again. Labour are killing this country by not offering a proper opposition & alternative to the Tory ‘let’s feather our own nest’ government.

Relying on the Nanny State (3)

“The Government Should Do More To Help”…..

Too many people seem to think that the Govt. ( actually the taxpayer) should ride to the rescue when hard times hit. I think it really got started with the ridiculous and hysterical way that “Covid support” money was dished out to so many. It seems to have given people the idea that “Nanny will look after it” and at the moment “Nanny” is doing just that…unfortunately eventually The Piper will be to pay and it’s going to be a harsh awakening for so many who have become Golden Tit dependant…not that the present (or past) round of politicians will give a shit…they’ll all be financially protected,no doubt…….

Government Fact Sheet Link

As a bit of an aside….I’d love to be able to read the comments on here about “magic money-trees” and “bankrupting the Country” if Corbyn and “the lefties” had been dishing out the cash the way the Tories have lately…fuck me,the site would have probably lost half it’s membership due to ” death by boiling piss venting through every orifice”

Nominated by: Foxchaser-Fiddler

And in a similar vain there’s this from Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Truss and the Tory suicide note.

They seem to have produced a budget for London and the Home Counties.
The more you earn, the better off you are.
45% higher earning rate abolished.
First time buyers get £450 stamp duty relief – I wonder to what part of the country that will apply?
National insurance increase cut back.
Banker’s bonuses back to the greed for all.

I can only assume the cunts have had enough and want Kweer to take over. This budget is the end of the northern blue wall, the end of any chance in Wales or Scotland.
They have found Steptoe’s magic money tree and redistributed it firmly south.

MSE News Link

Cadbury’s Badbury’s (2)

It’s with a heavy heart I write this.
I feel like a traitor.

My whole life I’ve loved Cadbury’s chocolate.
No better treat!

The finest chocolate in the world 🇬🇧
…. Get fucked.

Cadburys was like heaven on your tongue,
Like virgins piss.

Then Kraft bought it out☹️
Fuckin yanks!!
They fuck up everything.
It’s rubbish now.
I’d rather lick my own arse.

As a boy I’d have a bar of fruit and nut in my haversack, hiking up a Pennine trail, behind my dad, dog at my side,
And when we sat tired on the rocks surveying the beauty of the British countryside we’d share a bar of fruit & nut for ‘energy’🙂

Can’t do that now,
Be better off with a bag of crisps ( 70% air 30% crisps.)
So thanks for that Kraft you bunch of cunts.

I’ll get my own back.
Just see if I don’t.

You Tube Link

Nominated by: Miserable northern cunt

David Attenborough (7)

Yes, this old prat moaning about climate change at every available opportunity.
His constant whining is ruining what used to be the BBCs only worthwhile output. Nature documentaries.

This time it’s Frozen Planet II. Every fucking episode he just can’t help himself. He even blames climate change for an increase in killer whale attacks on bowhead whales.

Free the Words Link

I reckon the old cunt wanks himself off over a picture of Greta Thunberg every night. Just shut the fuck up about global warming and present the program. And while we’re at it, let’s have the RSS Sir David Attenborough name changed back to Boaty McBoatface like it should be.

Nominated by: Duke of Cuntshire

Gary Neville (4)

Gary Neville is a cunt, isn’t he.

The Champagne socialist prick, thick-as-a-turd after a horsemeat burger, Beckham ringpiece-rimmer, and whiny, Manc commentator fuckwit has attended a Labour Party conference.

Previously, the little shit-biscuit had stated, “Ah ain got no intenshun of goin’ in’o politics, liiike” yet here he was acting as if he wasn’t a multi-millionaire marxist.

“Eee, lissen oop liiike, ah ain no fookin’ leftie woke fingie” he garbled.

“Starmer becumin’ President, riight, can’t come quick enuff.”

“Also, riight, we should ‘ave more diversi’y in football. Ahh fink. Eh.”

This monglish simple-simon has had many achievements outside of being Ferguson’s foot-rest, including a three-month stint as manager in Spain, not being the ugliest Neville brother, and showing support for (alleged) serial-assaulter and woman-puncher Ryan Giggs on soshul meeja.

“Ah fink du tax coots for du wealfy are immoral, liike. Oo du fook wants ’em, anywaaay? Well, me obviously. Fook the poor.”

BBC News Link

Nominated by: Captain Magnanimous