Desperate Celebs Go Dating

Hi, I would like to nominate Channel E4 Slebs Go Cunting.

The compound word needy-cunfest is much underrated and under-used.

Needy-cunfest, add it to word and use it liberally.

I think during these already extraordinarily cunty times Channel 4 and its wankstain infested bastard cunt-child-channel E4 inflicting a bunch of Z-list Sleb Cunts trying to re-launch their careers or soak up some fees to allow them to live their attention-seeking vacuous lives, and fill the budget for sub-dermal fillers, botox and all that other shit, these grotty fucking turds use to give the impression of having character (the alternative to developing character) is an affront to the British public given all the fucking heinous bollocks we have had to deal will over the last two years.

Just watching these fucking parasites pop up in trailers, makes me wonder where the fuck are we headed as a nation? For Fucks Fucking sake, after the shit we’ve been through, is the best we can come up with?

They are all a bunch of cunts, and while I wish them no physical harm I would quite like for them to take a vow of silence and undertake a retreat … as far away as fucking possible … forever. The cunts. That is all.

PS: I have included a link, but only because it’s requested. Don’t click on it, you are likely to have an aneurism if you have even a shred of common sense.

PPS: Missed you guys … I’ve been busy.

Ch4 News Link

Nominated by: GGRF


Gina Miller (15) Goes Ape

Just in case this raddled looking old tart had disappeared from your memories, or you thought she was dead, join hands and contact the living while I re-cunt the egotistical old cunt.

A couple of years ago she started the True and Fair party, but Boris rather stole her thunder, but low and behold, yesterday, now Boris has fallen from the Rolls Royce of politics into the three wheel Robin Reliant of shame, all the spiteful old Remainers – Gaylord Adonis, Alcoholic Alistair (Campbell) the absurd bloated old shit-stain A.C. Grayling and ME-ME-ME Gina has all jumped on their shagged out old bandwagon on SM and she has announced, as is for the first time her flea-ridden old party, as breathlessly announced by The (Not-So) “Independent”:

Independent News Link

Boris has behaved very foolishly, not least in not resigning. If the Conservatives lose the next election it is a £1000 to an Elvis Presley 78 that Starmer will use it as an excuse to rejoin the EU, and stinking piss stained old bags like Miller and the afore-mentioned characters, and the LibDems, who would probably be needed to push Labour across the winning line – they would demand rejoining the EU as their price for propping Starmer and the shits up and you can just see the greasy looking turd rubbing his hands with glee at the prospect, “We had to do it” would be the old bastards excuse.

Nominated by W.C. Boggs

Additional link supplied by Sick of It

Express News Link


Cycle Lanes (2) – Waste of Public Money

Cyclists are and will always be cunts, also government schemes for these wankers are proving to be a waste of time.

While Boris and his chain of fools are altering the highway code giving these lycra clad fuck monkeys right of way in the daftest situations, to the point where we will see lots of badly injured cyclists, hit and runs and crash for cash claims.

Anyway, even by putting in cycle lanes, widening pavements and losing road lanes to make the space, these dozey twats ignore that and still ride in the road, except now they are in the middle of the lane doing their best to hold up the traffic and yet when they come to a red light they then go strait through without a care in the world.

This is going to end in tears I suspect,they are still the softest thing on the road and are going to find that with the state of modern driving they really are putting themselves in harms way.

I’m going to watch ensuing carnage with interest, if there is a saving grace I think the culling of cyclists is going to be new sport for motorists.

Daily Mail News Link

Rolex Advertising

Rolex is the ultimate elitist look at me toy. However, Rolex tries to give the impression that the buyers of its expensive watches are not vulgar arrivistes who want to draw attention to themselves but creative, caring types who are shaping our world.

Read this puff from an advert in the latest “Person of the Year” edition of Time magazine: “Celebrating those who shape our world. The explorers, the trailblazers, the innovators, the ones who forge new paths. Who aren´t afraid to innovate and evolve. They know their work must not merely respond to the world around them but help build a better a better one. These are the people who inspire future generations to have a lasting impact. And through this, shape our world.

This gush is accompanied by photos of Rolexers who are presumably world shapers. Apart from Martin Scorsese, James Cameron and Roger Federer I haven´t heard of any of them – Sylvia Earle, Sonya Yoncheva, Jonas Kaufmann, Gustavo Dudamel, Miranda Wang, Gregoire Courtine, Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim, Andrew Bastawrous and Yuja Wang. Have you?

BTW if you are thinking of buying a Rolex then be aware you will be spied on. I recommend this insightful video.

YouTube Video

Nominated by: Mr Polly

The MSM, the Maxwells and Grooming Gangs

The MSM, Ghislaine Maxwell and Grooming

Just watching the news and you can’t get away from the Epstein/Maxwell saga, it’s been covered for the past few weeks every day and today after the guilty verdict 10 or 15 minute slots about the historical grooming by Maxwell.

Compare this to virtual nothing about the continuing saga of historical abuse mainly in the north west by grooming gangs, they don’t even bother reporting the guilty verdicts when they come through and the fact that in every case they are Asian, mainly Pakistani men.

Another 16 arrested in Bradford this week, following on from 19 a couple of months ago, nowt on MSM.

It appears that MSM are more concerned with a few American girls rubbing Epstein’s willy than the industrial scale abuse of British girls being raped by P*ki cunts.

News Link

Nominated by: Sick of it

and supported by Cuntfinder General

Even the IOPC admitted that the Yorkshire forces were complicit in covering up the scale of the grooming gangs:

News Link

When I use the term “Holocaust against innocence”, in relation to the Asian gangs raping underage, white, working class girls, it is not an exaggeration.
It is THE biggest fucking scandal of the past 40 years!

And a third cunting, this time from Lord of the Rings

Ghislaine Maxwell, her brother Ian, and the namby pamby media

Sky News Link

According to Ian Maxwell, his ‘liitle sister’ has been railroaded, used as a scapegoat, has not received a fair trial. She is innocent of any wrongdoing and was ‘friends’ with Epstein but completely unaware of any ‘shenanigans’

Sky and BBC ‘news’ have also been giving a platform to her friends and supporters, who have been giving endless tales of her unhappy childhood and how difficult life has been to ‘poor Ghislaine’ – Boo fucking hoo !

I’m half surprised Andrew (the Royal formerly known as Prince) hasn’t been giving her his support, by telling the media what a good chum she is, and how she was always on best behaviour when attending his shooting weekends.
Strange isn’t it, how his sense of decency didn’t require him to visit her in prison, in person, to honourably tell her that he can no longer be her friend.

Maybe the Palace staff have shackled Andrew in his room, to prevent him making any more public blunders….. ooh, shackles ! he’ll enjoy that…