I think we will all (hopefully) agree that Putin is a cunt, so this page has been set up to allow you to vent your feelings about the current invasion and occupation of Ukraine

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  1. Four regions of Ukraine now being formally annexed into Russian territory, Vlad has shifted the Russian border, what will happen next.

    Winter is going be long and hard for Eastern Ukraine.

    • I’ve just seen him on tv explaining the situation to a hand-picked audience at the Kremlin. No-one was nodding in agreement, they were sitting there stony-faced, looking embarrassed at the lies he was feeding them and feeling obliged to clap occasionally.

      He’s made himself look a complete cunt. He spent months building up his forces on the border while denying they were going to invade, moved into the eastern regions which were already partly occupied and sent a forty-mile convoy towards Kyiv with their parade uniforms packed. He thought the Ukrainians were going to shit themselves and let his army just walk in. They were sent packing.

      Now all he has left is the hope that he’ll be able to keep the four regions in the east after his fake referendum and claim victory to save face. Fewer people believe his lies even in Russia let alone in other countries, men of fighting age there are desperate to avoid conscription, their economy is going downhill steadily and he’s getting his arse kicked on the battlefield. He will become more isolated as high-ranking Russians accept that something needs to be done about their deteriorating situation.

  2. The Pope-

    Asked, “How do you see the geopolitical situation we are experiencing?”, he replied, “There is a war going on and I think it is a mistake to think that this is a cowboy movie where there are good guys and bad guys.”

    “The victim of this conflict is Ukraine,” he continued. “A head of state, in December last year, came to tell me that he was very concerned because NATO had gone barking at the gates of Russia … He expressed fear that this would provoke a war, and this broke out two months later. So, one cannot be simplistic in reasoning about the causes of the conflict. I see imperialisms in conflict.”

    ‘I see imperialisms in conflict.”
    So do I.

  3. On the subject of religious cunts….
    Patriarch Kirill has covid. Who’s this cunt again? He’s the leader of the orthodox Russian church, and a number one Putin fan.
    This cunt has said that if you go to fight in Ukraine and end up dying, all your sins will be forgiven. This has resonated so much with the males of fighting age (12-60) that they can’t get out of the country fast enough. That many of those now fleeing conscription were happy to go around flashing the Zs until it looked like they were going to have to walk the walk.
    If only those cunts had a tenth of the backbone that Iranian women are showing as the protest against their evil government, perhaps Russia wouldn’t be the world pariah that it has become.

    As for the pope cunt, his church and its followers have proven time and again that it is perfectly compatible with totalitarianism.
    Imperialism? Isn’t that when you invade a country and take it over?
    Of course Russia would never do something like that. Or stage a referendum where voters are confronted at gunpoint to vote.

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