I think we will all (hopefully) agree that Putin is a cunt, so this page has been set up to allow you to vent your feelings about the current invasion and occupation of Ukraine

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  1. ‘Gaza death toll rises to 26 including 6 children’.
    As I’ve said before they are always killing kids.
    Well done lads.

    • Funny how Amnesty never accuse the Palestinians of war crimes when they deliberately fire their rockets from densely populated civilian areas knowing well that Israel will always retaliate, and clueless westerners will blame the Jews.
      And send the Palestinians lots of aid money.

      • Of course they do. Dead children give the cause sympathy and more importantly cash.
        Dead terrorists get neither.

      • In my head-

        The ’15 minute warning’ bullshit. Really.

        You watch as the death count inevitably rises (for the upteenth time) inevitably with these cunts a high proprtion of children will be killed.

        It’s always just airpower. Its a cowardly carry on.

        Because they are not ‘confronting’ their enemy head on.

        Yeah they’re gonna ‘sort the problem out’.
        Once and for all.

        For tgd upteenyh millonth time.

        Chesterton something like ‘their brilliance and their blindness.’. This is the blindness on show.

      • Im quite happy for the jews to wipe out all of palestine Miles.

        A healthy dose of genocide might be a warning to other taxi driving, child bride marrying,
        Spicy types?

        What they whining about?
        Beleive in paradise dont they?

        Well, sooner there the quicker theyll settle in.

    • 15 SECOND warning. Israel is a tiny place which is why every home needs a strong room as a shelter. Been there seen it.
      Funny how the fucking BBC always report uncritically evry piece of pali-Propaganda especially if a child gets killed.
      Funny how when Israeli kids Jes, Arabs, Christians get murdered, bombed, stabbed……CRICKETS.
      Israel should’ve flattened all of the Hamas PLO leaders palaces yonks ago….

      • Fuck all of the middle east governments. They are all psychos. May the wrath of God wipe them all out soon.

      • ‘Funny how when Israeli kids ‘

        Do Israeli kids get killed? Very rarely your hear of one. (Equally tragic Iwill say as a Palestinian kid being killed). I suppose they do but certainly not in the number Palestinian children are killed.

        Wasnt there an old ‘trope’ or smear against the Jews that they were child killers.

        In the middle ages I mean. They would kidnap a Christian child and sacrifice him or her.

        I don’t know but fuck me the figures of children killed in Gaza are…telling.

  2. Pink Floyd legend, Roger Waters hits out and Zelenskyy and make the libtards lose their shit…

    Hahaha! The lefties loved Roger when he shat on Trump, but they can’t handle him when he speaks the truth about the wee gimp in Ukraine who is rolling on a bed of American tax payer billions and prolonging this awful war. It’s over, just surrender and negotiate the best outcome, Mr Z. And bin that T-shirt, get back to wearing a suit.

    Meanwhile, Biden just said he is, “not worried about” China-Taiwan tensions. What a fucking psychotic shambles.

  3. Oh there’s a cease-fire.
    Only 6 children killed.
    Poor show this time.
    That’s not going to satify their blood-lust.

    • Old Golda –

      “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”

      Unpack that for a moment. If you wage war against us we will go after you AND your children.

      • ’26 August 2014, 2,251 Palestinians were killed; 1,462 of them are believed to be civilians, including 551 children and 299 women.’

        Fuck me I thought you were supposed to ‘spare’ women snd children in a time of war.

        Well don’t lads.

        No wonder the Orthodox (the real authentic practicing Jews ) are appalled at what has been going on all these years.

    • Why not put your hatred of the joos into a nom instead of derailing this thread.
      Being a Pootin pal, I’m sure you have some bile for Ukraine instead.

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