I think we will all (hopefully) agree that Putin is a cunt, so this page has been set up to allow you to vent your feelings about the current invasion and occupation of Ukraine

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  1. Kherson has been looted of its art and museum contents. This isn’t the unruly looting by bored troops, they get fridges and washing machines, this is organised systematic looting of specific items by a criminal state.
    Who are the nazis again?

  2. You forgot to put the video up of the killing of the Russian soldiers that has surrendered. GJ.

    I have been thinking about those ‘bio labs’. Are the germs or viruses plentiful in Ukraine? Why would America have ‘bio labs’: there? I can imagine some entrepreneurs setting up I don’t know a ‘fish finger’ factory. I mean we live in a capitalist world. But ‘bio-labs’.

      • There is actually a phone number that Russian soldiers that want to surrender can use to set up a rendezvous with Ukrainian forces and safely surrender.
        It’s what happens if they get recaptured by the Russians is when it gets really bad for them. Like that deserter that had his head clingfilmed to a breeze block and had his head caved in with a sledgehammer by his former comrades.
        He was a member of the Wagner group, and recently conscripted from a prison where he was serving life for murder. They were happy to share the video so others can see what’s in store if they try and surrender.

      • As for bio labs, they are not for the development of any weapons, a fact widely accepted. Bio labs are everywhere, there are over 600 in the UK alone.

  3. With regard to the aforementioned bio labs in Ukraine, I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the potential for threat.

    Before Vlad Satan’s illegal invasion, Ukraine was one of the most corrupt countries in Europe and indeed even the world. During the hey days of Ukrainian corruption Don Bidini was Vice President and his crime family was intimately involved in said corruption.

    We also have that pygmy witch doctor cunt Anthony Fauci overseeing US investments in gain of function research in bio labs around the world including the infamous Wuhan lad that spawned Covid.

    And with all these labs around the world…including the alleged 600 in the UK…doing benevolent scientific research one would think we would have something to show for it. Perhaps a cure for cancer…diabetes…alzheimers…the common cold…or even just a better aspirin.

    I’m not saying some of these labs aren’t engaged in research that might someday benefit the human race. But given the recent history of Ukrainian corruption…Biden Crime Family grifting…Fauci…and the Wuhan release of Covid…I think it behooves us to be doubtful if not outright cynical and keep a watchful eye…or even two watchful eyes on those labs.

    With regard to widely accepted facts…before Columbus sailed to the New World it was a widely accepted fact that the world was flat.

    • That would be just prior to the Great Replacement by Europeans of the indigenous native population of America, yes?
      Either way, it still is accepted that the world is flat.
      By Gordon, at least.

      • Myth after myth MJB, starting with the Colmbus flat earth nonsense. They knew the earth wasn’t flat way before that, but hey ho.

      • @Gutstick

        Sorry to bust your bubble but it’s fact after fact. But to be fair I challenge you to a response. Which of my facts do you dispute?

        Putin’s invasion is illegal?
        Ukraine was rife with corruption?
        The Biden family was involved in Ukrainian corruption?
        Dr. Fauci funded gain of function research in foreign labs?
        Covid came from Wuhan?

        Tell us which of these is not factual. And of course in your own tradition of requiring proof…please do so.

        And by the way…I didn’t start with Columbus and the flat earth I ended with it.

      • I started with Columbus because it was chronological.
        Putins illegal invasion OK, Corruption in Ukraine, yes, but what extent that reached is debatable, but enough to deny them entry to NATO
        If you have any proper information on the Biden crime family, their involvement with Ukraine that was illegal I’d be interested to hear it.
        As for Fauchi the bogeyman and his involvement with biolabs in Ukraine? same.
        China releasing covid on purpose? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • Thank God for Vlad!
        Illegal war or not, his heart was in the right place.
        For his attempt to save Ukraine from the horrors of democracy and territorial integrity, its citizens will be forever grateful!
        And we right thinking people in the West do humbly salute you.

      • @Gutstick

        Distorting what I actually said does not make you right. To the contrary, it shows your desperation to discredit me rather than debate the merits.

        I never said the Chinese released Covid intentionally. (I never mentioned the Chinese.) I simply said “…the Wuhan release of Covid.” It was in fact released. Whether or not that was by accident, incompetence or malice remains to be proven.

        To debate the extent of corruption in Ukraine is a bit like debating the extent of a pregnancy. It either is the case or it isn’t. And Ukraine was corrupt. (By the way…I never mentioned NATO of Ukrainian admission.)

        Also I never said Fauci was involved in Ukrainian bio labs. What I said was; “…Fauci overseeing US investments in bio labs around the world including the infamous Wuhan lab…”

        Finally, I said given all these things we would behoove us to keep an eye on things.

        So stick to the facts and don’t twist what I said.

        More on the Biden crime family later.

        With regard to chronology…Ukrainian corruption came before Putin’s invasion.

      • You’re right, corruption in Ukraine did indeed predate Putins invasion, the 2014 invasion, as this effort is just a continuation of that initial attack. Just ask Trump pal Paul Manafort who was heavily involved with Putin puppet president Yanukovych.

      • @Gutstick

        Given your pathological hatred of Donald Trump I shouldn’t be surprised you brought him into the debate. But despite your best efforts to rupar the matter let’s set the record straight.

        Paul Manafort is a long time Republican operative who served Presidents Ford, Reagan and Bush Jr. He also advised Senator Bob Dole. He was a fixture in the Republican Party and is hardly a Trump crony.

        He co-founded a DC lobbying firm and represented such cunts as Ferdinand Marcos, Jonas Savimbi, Mobutu Sese Seko and yes, Viktor Yanukovych.

        Many of the charges leveled against him came from the now discredited Steele Dossier and are no longer taken seriously by anyone except the most ardent Trump haters.

        He has been convicted of fraud and tax evasion but the actual matter of his guilt or innocence is a hotly debated topic in the US due to the Russian Collusion Hoax and alleged Prosecutorial misconduct and judicial overreach.

        Since that farce he has been convicted on multiple state charges. But with regard to any Russian / Ukraine allegations all that can be said is that his involvement led to Russian “opportunities” to gain intelligence or to exert influence. Not that they did…only that they had opportunities.

        The Democrats relentless witch hunt against him led many to believe the charges were bogus and designed to force him to incriminate Trump. Something he never did.

        In the end Donald Trump issued Paul Manafort an Executive pardon.

        Once again your allegation…without the proof you so often demand of others…is not correct.

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