I think we will all (hopefully) agree that Putin is a cunt, so this page has been set up to allow you to vent your feelings about the current invasion and occupation of Ukraine

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  1. Possibly relevant – yet another Russian apparatchik dies of Putin?

    The tabloids describe this poor cunt as “the chief engineer” of the ship in which his corpse wound up. Some suggest that there is a connection with two “high-profile” Russians who also were terminated in India last week, under the usual suspicious circumstances. Was he a high-profile Russian? Someone of the same name is the chief engineer of the power company , a subsidiary of Gazprom called Mosenergosbyt, which supplies half of Moscow’s electricity. That would be a high-profile Russian. It rather depends what exactly he was the chief engineer (and deputy CEO) of.

    Watching this space

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    As things were getting a bit heated in the Ukraine thread and as the holidays were approaching I took some time off to cool down and celebrate the season.

    Since I’ve returned I’ve found much to catch up on and made a few posts with no problems. But as I endeavor to answer Fiddler’s inquiry I hit a snag. The enigma of the disappearing post.

    I will admit my post was long. It took a bit of effort as I attempted to document my sources and it is more than a little frustrating to see it vanish. (Or rather not see it?)

    I’m going to take a break now but I will attempt to answer Fiddler later in a series of smaller posts with the hope they will not vanish and show up in order.

    If my original post should show up please feel free to post (or bin at your discretion).

    No blame or finger pointing, just an FYI.


    Cuntster, General (Returned)

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  4. Intro

    The notion that Volodymyr Zelensky has banned all of Ukraine’s political parties has been questioned here and people have asked what news sources are reporting or have reported this.

    Multiple news sources reported this before Russia’s invasion. However, since the illegal invasion many of these same news sources have changed the tenor of their reporting. They now characterize the former comedian turned current con man and pissant, petty tyrant Volo ,as the “Defender of Democracy.” The very incarnation of Winston Churchill.

    This false notion has been propagated by the same Main Stream Media that took the career criminal and drug addict George Floyd and canonized him as Saint George of Minneapolis.

    This series of posts will expose that notion and list some, but by no means not all of the media sources who correctly characterize Volo as the thug he is.

    For those of you not interested in reading a long winded and wordy treatise those diverse sources quoted here will include (but are not limited to) National Public Radio (NPR), Aljeezra, Wikipedia, FOX News’ Tucker Carlson, The American Conservative and Generic News sources such as Yahoo.

    • Part 1

      First to the notion that there are 350 or more political parties in Ukraine. I’d never heard this number before it was put forth here.

      According to Wikipedia, by law it takes 10,000 signatures to become a recognized and legal Political Party in Ukraine and get on the ballot. There were some geographical requirements associated with this but because of the war those may now be meaningless.

      They go on to state; “Many parties in Ukraine have small memberships and are unknown to the general public.”

      Andreas Umland is a scholar at the Swedish Institute of International affairs who specializes in Ukrainian politics. He says that the Ukrainian system is one of coalitions who form and disperse easily, He goes on to say; “Parties appear. New parties arrive. New parties transform. And often the fate of the party is very much tied to the fate of the leader.”

      Given the flexible and changing nature of these parties…and giventhat Volo has jailed many opposition leaders…and given that the 350 plus number is pre-invasion and more than three years old I don’t think it’s very credible.

      As a matter of fact, in the last election (2020) there were 52 parties on the National ballot.

      • Fine,I’ll go along with your 52 parties….so you can now presumably provide the link proving that Zelensky has “banned” ALL 52 parties ?

    • Part 2

      You often hear those in the MSM and those “in the know” say that there were only 11 political parties banned in Ukraine. This is not true.

      In October of 2022, many news outlets like Yahoo reported on the banning of a “12th” political party in Ukraine.

      Alternative news source The Voltaire Network ran a story that said; “The Ukrainian Court of Cassation has finally banned all 12 opposition parties.”

      According to them the reason for banning this “12th” and last party was that they violated the Minsk Agreement” of 2015 that ended the war in the Donbas.

      So with regard to the number 11 that is always quoted by the MSM and those in the know…it is simply wrong.

      As for the remaining 40 of the 52 we’ll talk about that in the next post.

      • The Voltaire Network as proof,eh?……

        “The Voltaire Network is a Lebanon-based alternative media outlet with connections in South America and the Middle East that and expounds conspiracy theories, notably relating to the 9/11 terrorist attacks”
        . Wikipedia


      • ….and even the quote from The Voltaire network that you provide as “proof” doesn’t correspond with your original claim.

        #Armed Resistance
        #The Gift that keeps on giving

    • Part 3

      National Public Radio is a taxpayer funded “free” network broadcasting in America. It is generally considered to be extremely liberal.

      In July of 2022 they ran a story by correspondent Emily Feng saying that the consolidation of Ukrainian media and the banning of Ukrainian political parties was a continuation of Volo’s pre-invasion policies.

      In this story they quoted various sources and said; “Zelensky has consolidated Ukraine’s TV outlets and dissolved disolved rival political parties.”

      “It says it needs to do this to maintain a united front in fighting Russia.”

      But they go in to point out (as stated earlier) that is a continuation of pre-invasion policies. “Zelensky is clearing out political ribals before the 2024 General election” because “before the war he was a deeply unpopular President.”

      • Did they say, as you claim, that Zelensky has “BANNED ALL political parties”?

    • Part 4

      Al Jeezra agrees; “It has to do with Zelensky’s attempts to consolidate power that began long before the Russian invasion.”

      They go on to say; “Indeed, the decision to suspend the parties follows a pattern. Since last year, the government has imposed sanctions on opposition media and some opposition leaders on a regular basis, without providing any convincing evidence of wrongdoing to the public.”

      • Fucks Sake…this nugget even uses the word “suspended”…not “banned”

        Dear me.

    • Part 5

      The consolidation of media and banning of political parties have concerned many and have led to charges of abuse. The American Conservation has taken the lead in speaking put against them.

      While no fan of Mad Vlad the Invader and his illegal war thy point out that many of those banned are duly and properly elected Ukrainian citizens who are of Russian descent. They go on to say the threats and abuses extend to the citizenry who are also of Russian descent.

      They allege that these Ukrainians are subject to arrest, torture and even murder along with confiscation and forfeiture of assets and properties without due process.

      They quote an Associated Press source following these abuses as saying; “The rule of law in Ukraine is notoriously shaky. It was bad in peace time and I doubt the war is helping.”

      • What has any of this got to do with the requested link to “BANNED ALL” ?

    • Part 6

      In fact the abuses are so out of control that FOX News’s Tuck Carlson said this:

      “Over the past two years, Zelensky has banned opposition political parties. He’s shut down critical media by force. He’s arrested his political opponents. He has sent soldiers into churches. Zelensky;s secret police have raided monasteries across Ukraine, even a convent full of nuns, and arrested dozens of priests for no justifiable reason whatsoever, and in clear violation of the Ukrainian constitution, which no longer matters.”

    • Summation

      In conclusion Georgy Washingtonovich Zelensjy is simply the latest Establishment / MSM / Celebrebtard cause celebre.

      While the war is no doubt real, he has found time to travel to Washington and speak before Congress. He appeared by video to open the New York ‘Stock Exchange and spoke at the DealBook Summit and the Grammys.

      His Fashionista wife is able to grace the covers of of the world’s most tragically hip magazines and jet sets around the world spending 10’s of thousands of dollars on clothes.

      And while his allies portray him as fighting a life and death struggle against Satan Himself and channeling his inner Winston Churchill, he actually silences his opponents and consolidates his tenuous and unpopular hold on power .

      Western nations give BILLIONS of dollars (and pounds) to this grifter to secure the borders of Ukraine but profess helplessness when it comes to stopping wetbacks in the US or dinghy riders in the UK.

      So Zelensjy accumulates more accolades and grows more powerful and more wealthy every day. And why not? Mad Vlad’s illegal and incompetent invasion has given him the perfect excuse. As any good Progressive knows:

      Never let a good crises go to waste.


      • Well thank you for such an astonishingly “long-winded and wordy treatise” but in your excitement,you seem to have overlooked my ONE and ONLY request….a link to a reputable news site that validates your claim that Zelensky has ” BANNED ALL political parties regardless”.

        I didn’t ask for your views or anyone else’s views on the rights or wrongs of whatever actions have been taken…I didn’t ask for reports of his wife’s spending habits… I didn’t ask for reports of billions of Dollars of aid…….I didn’t ask about Zelensky’s appearance at the New York Stock Exchange….I didn’t ask about raided monasteries…..I didn’t ask about sanctions on opposition media…etc.,etc…etc.

        Why General,if I didn’t know you better,I’d say that your veritable tide of windbaggery was nothing more than a smokescreen to obscure the fact that you can’t provide the link that says Zelensky has”bannned all political parties regardless”….hardly surprising,because,as both you and I know ,such a link doesn’t exist because it isn’t true.

        Most contributors….after announcing earlier in their post that people shouldn’t make up facts or twist them to suit their narrative would,when caught out doing just that, have had the sense to hold their hands up, admit that they’d got a bit carried away and make a joke of it…I was confident that your hubris wouldn’t allow you to do that and I was proved right.

        You once said to me that you wished that you’d used “short” words when arguing with me…presumably you believed that I couldn’t understand “long” words…well,guess what? I can understand the meaning of the words “SUSPENDED” and “ALL”…can you?… or did you “make up facts” or “twist (facts) to suit your narrative”?……It was only be one of them can’t it?…hmmm?

        As a General who “revers” the truth,I expect you want to thank me for giving you this chance to correct your “lie/twisting/ misunderstanding of words but don’t worry…all I ask is another of your delightful apologies ( I missed screen-shooting the last one but I’m quivering with anticip…ation waiting for this one and won’t make the same mistake)

      • PS…. You also seem to misunderstand the word ” truthbomb”..what you have provided could be better described as “a wet fart in a thunderstorm”

      • PPS….re. amount of political parties.

        As I myself pointed out,my figure was a couple of years old and perhaps the number has indeed changed…whichever way it is,there are certainly more than the 11 that have been suspended so your use of “ALL” is obviously wrong…indeed,if it was “ALL” political parties,wouldn’t Zelensky have had to suspend his own party for “ALL” to be accurate?

      • @dick Fox fucker pretend rich tosser

        Although I’m not against what the General is saying, I’malso quite disappointed with the lack of links to citations.

      • It would appear Lord Haw Haw is alive and living in the USA…
        Or perhaps Russia…?
        Sorry, no link.

      • @MJB….How very dare you ? The General recently announced that he moves in pro-Trump circles who are distinguished from the left in their “reverence for the truth” !!

      • Summation…

        You have confused yourself with the real General Custer and suffered the same fate.

    • “The notion that Volodymyr Zelensky has banned all of Ukraine’s political parties has been questioned here and people have asked what news sources are reporting or have reported this.

      Multiple news sources reported this before Russia’s invasion”….

      How could they report something that never happened ?….perhaps you can provide a link to these earlier reports ?

      • Did he ban his own political party ?….for “ALL” to be accurate,he’d have to,wouldn’t he?….a bold move indeed.

      • …if he had already banned them before Russia’s invasion,why did he need ban them again after the invasion?

      • Another gem from Ol’ Truthbomber before he goes running to Admin crying that I’m trolling him…..

        General Cuntster
        on December 1, 2022 at 8:16 pm said:
        @ Gutstick

        Calling on you to provide evidence is not bullying. (You do it all the time.) Claiming that it is, is just your pathetic attempt to divert attention from your meritless claims.


        If there’s plenty of evidence against Trump please provide some…from a credible source.

      • ….although I’m probably already too late and his wailing to Admin has already started….hmm.??

        (Keep it friendly, people. Pretty please! – Day Admin)

  5. 18 parties have been suspended including one that has 39 mps also all television channels have been merged and are now under state control.

  6. All on wikipedia if you can be bothered. The other allegations about Priests and nuns etc..information is sketchy to say the least though that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened.

  7. As far as I can make out of the 300 plus political parties in Ukraine ,

    11 have been suspended.
    Due to being pro Russian.

    Understandable when invaded by Russia .

    Can’t find anything else,
    But if honest I couldn’t be that arsed.

    • General @

      Hello General,
      This isn’t a dig just well meant advice.

      Take it or don’t .
      Upto you.

      But I’d suggest whenever posting on current events that you include a supporting link to back up what you’ve posted.

      Vernon Fox used to do the same thing then looked foolish when it was proven false.

      It’s easily done and puts the onus on the writer of a article rather than you.

      Obviously I don’t do this.
      I’m Cunter of the year.💰👑🏆🥇

      My word is taken as gospel.
      I can write any old shite and get away with it.

      Cover your arse, add links!

      • I had a look Dick,
        And zelensky has just banned a few that are pro-russian.

        Even before the war Ukraine had problems with ethnic Russians in Ukraine wanting to be part of Russia.

        Seems to me just common sense to ban or imprison them?

        Us and the yanks did the same thing to Japs, Germans, and far right groups during WW2.

        Just common sense.

      • Fuck me, Mis, are you Cunter Of The Year? You kept that quiet😆

        Very sage advice, though, that Vernon Fox should have heeded.

  8. Off-topic, but not completely off-topic…

    Here’s a great HBO documentary just released on the 2020 USA Presidential Election, January 6 protests/riots/people dressed like cunts/clusterfuck, omni-shambolic spaz-fest. It’s slightly satirical, made a by journalist, Andrew Callaghan, who basically lets the idiots do the talking on camera.

    This Place Rules
    82 minutes

    Enjoy! Down with the fake anarchists! 😀

    • Been a fuckin month?!!

      Wouldn’t mind but I asked him to pick me a mars bar and 20 Benson and hedges…

  9. Much has been written and much fuss has been made regarding a post I made about the banning of political parties in Ukraine. Some of those criticisms are valid. I will address those criticisms in my next series of posts.

    For example, despite citing my sources, naming the authors and providing quotations, some have criticized me for not posting links. Accordingly, I will be posting links whenever I can.

    As many of you know, I am more than a bit technologically challenged. I’ve had trouble posting links before. Also, some links may not be otherwise available. When that happens I will post an alternative way to find the information I am using. Such as providing the search words I’m using for Google and then some simple directions as to where and on what search engine page that link can be found.

    I hope that will work and I hope that will satisfy those of you with legitimate concerns.

    Some of the criticism I’ve received has been silly, hateful and frivolous. Such as the assertion that if Zelensky banned all political parties that ban would include his own ruling party.

    Obviously, no leader holding power would ban his own ruling party. That assertion is just plain stupid and not worth further comment. Other comments like that will be ignored.

    • “Some of the criticism I’ve received has been silly, hateful and frivolous. Such as the assertion that if Zelensky banned all political parties that ban would include his own ruling party.”….

      But it’s accurate.isn’t it ?… a man who “revers” the truth surely you can understand the importance of accuracy ?

    • How many of your “sources” are conspiracy theory websites ?…….the Voltaire Network,indeed.

  10. @ The Admin Team.

    Please check the bin or spam or misc or whatever. My comments have disappeared again. Thank you.

    I will try again.

    • Much has been written and much fuss has been made about the post I made regarding the banning of political parties in Ukraine.

      Some of those criticisms are valid. I will attempt to address those criticisms in my next series of posts.

      • @ The Admin Team

        I tried breaking the post up into smaller bits. The first part was posted but the second part disappeared.

        I shall edit and try again.

        (Hopefully your posts have now been restored- Day Admin)

    • One of those criticisms is the lack of any links supporting what I said. Accordingly, I will be posting links whenever and wherever possible.

      If those links don’t work or are otherwise taken down or blocked, I will post simple instructions on how one can find them on Google. I hope that will satisfy those of you who were concerned,

      • I just want ONE link and ONE link only from you…… one to a REPUTABLE site that validates your claim that Zelensky has “BANNED ALL” opposition parties.

        Not one to a sit that says he has suspended some opposition parties for the duration of the war but one to ” BANNED ALL”

        Do you understand that?….Have I made it clear enough ?

    • Some of those criticisms have been silly, hateful and frivolous. I will not be responding to those.

      I don’t care if anyone doesn’t like it.

      • No,you are just incapable of accepting that you wrong and continue to try and wriggle out of the corner into which you have dug yourself.

        Zelensky has not,as you originally posted,” BANNED ALL political parties regardless”….those were your words…accept that they are inaccurate and apologise.

    • One of the criticisms I’ve received is that I am not responding in a timely manner.

      There is no central data base and gathering the information takes time. As does writing it, editing it and posting it.

      If the speed of my response doesn’t suit you…that’s just too damn bad.

      I post at my own pace, in my own time and on my own schedule.

      So as time permits…let us begin to begin.

      • I don’t care how long it takes you…I enjoy seeing you squirm.

    • Thank you DA! That post was restored.

      It seems I might be able to avoid this by breaking up my posts into smaller bites.

      Many thanks and regards to the team,

      Cuntster, General (Grateful)

      • Just post the ONE link I ask for.. the “BANNED ALL” political parties and you won’t have any bother,will you?

  11. In this post I will address the issue or whether Ukrainian parties have been suspended or banned.

    While I did say that all Ukrainian parties have been banned, this post will not address that issue. Since sources differ on numbers…11…12…52…240…359…that issue will be addressed later. This post will also not address the issue of party political affiliation…i.e. pro Russian or otherwise. This post will only address the ban versus suspension issue.

    We will start with a story from Yahoo News service.

    They not only name the parties but they say clearly it is a ban and not a suspension.

    • To support the issue of banning we will next look at a category wikipedia page entitled “Banned Political parties Ukraine.”

      However, before you click the link be advised; the link will take you to that page. But to get the list of banned parties you must go to the second bullet point called “Search for banned political parties in Ukraine” and click it.

      It will take you to a page linking to about 20 organizations…not all of those are political parties. (I think 9 or 10 of them are) The individual pages will tell on what date these parties were legally banned in Ukraine.

      • ….but it’s not ALL political parties as you originally said,is it ?

    • The issue of banning has been addressed. Two separate and independent sources with links have been provided. I hope this settles the matter.

      I will expect anyone who disputes the issue to provide their sources and links. All others will be ignored.

      I will address more issues as time permits.

    • ““From now on, the activities of 12 pro-Russian political forces are completely banned in Ukraine,” the SBU said in a message.

      “activities” are banned for the duration of martial law….the Parties themselves haven’t been banned.

      Can’t you understand the distinction ?

    • It occurred to me after posting the links, that some of you probably can’t be arsed to go through all the information and some of you will not be convinced this proves my point and may want to dispute it.

      So in the interest of time and expediency (as well as being thorough complete) I went through the wikipedia pages and compiled a list of those parties that have been legally banned and the dates of their respective banning.

      List to follow.

      • Here is an incomplete list with dates:

        1. Communist Party of Ukraine. Originally banned the ban was reaffirmed and made legal in 2022 after the invasion.

        2. Derzhava. Legally banned June 14, 2022.

        3. Bashi. Legally banned June 14, 2022.

        4. Progressive socialist Party of Ukraine. Legally banned September 27, 2022

        5. Socialist Party of Ukraine. Legally banned June 16, 2022.

        End of first five.

      • 6. Opposition Bloc. Legally banned June 8, 2022. Disbanded sometime after July 25, 2022.

        7. Socialist (Ukraine). Terminated under Martial Law March 19, 2022. Legally banned September 23, 2022.

        8. Union of Left Forces. Legally banned June 17, 2022.

        9. Volodymyr Soldo Bloc. Legally banned June 14, 2022

        10. Party of Shariy. Legally banned September 6, 2022.

        End of second 5.

      • This isn’t “ALL” the political parties,though is it?…even you claim that there are 52…..our list is woefully short of even your own figure.

    • @Fiddler

      I said very clearly that in this series of posts I was addressing the issue of ban versus suspension and not the all / some issue or the political affiliation of parties. And that’s what I did.

      You can take it or leave it on that basis.

      Next, you are wrong about suspension. If you follow the wikipeda link and click the names of the parties, you will find that in every case the actual party has been banned.

      Usually, in accordance with Ukrainian law and after an appeal to the Ukrainian Court of Cassation, but in one case under martial law.

      • Fine…for the sake of argument I’ll go along with your “Banned” list… provide the list that says that every other political party has been “banned”

  12. General….You’re either too stupid or too arrogant to admit that your statement was wrong….Accept it and apologise.

  13. In order to move this on, I will ACCEPT that some Parties have been banned…although as far as I can see,it is their activities that have been banned for the duration of martial law and the Parties have actually been suspended. However,as I say, perhaps I’m wrong and 12 Parties have been “banned”

    Now you accept that your initial statement that Zelensky has “BANNED ALL” political parties in Ukraine was WRONG.

    Your sheer refusal to accept that you could possibly be wrong says rather a lot about you,doesn’t it

    • GC is clearly channelling his mentor Donald Trump, another cunt unable to conceive of the notion that he could ever be wrong about anything ever.

  14. I genuinely don’t know what I am most bemused by. GC spreading his ludicrous claims in the first place or the ransacking of his own dignity for refusing to admit his lack of evidence when called on it.

    Since GC loves a good link, I can leave a few from the horses mouth that may put to bed all this shite about the reasons Russia invaded Ukraine having anything to do with Zelenskyy, the gays or the whatever his latest excuse is;

    In summary, Putin and his gang are a bunch of cunts

    • @ Mickey Blue Eyes:

      First off I must remind you that I clearly stated that in this series of posts, I would deal with the issue of banning versus suspension only. Other issues will be dealt with in the course of time.

      I did that and I proved that these parties have in fact been banned. Therefore, it is not a ludicrous claim but a proven and demonstrable fact.

      Next, the issues that you raised and the links that you posted are not germane to any argument I have made. If you are implying that they are then that is a deliberate mischarterization.

      I did not post any “shite” about Zelensky’s actions justifying the invasion I have repeatedly referred to as illegal. And I certainly never made any comment about gays.

      You have deliberately tried to obscure the issue and mislead the readers. If you’re going to comment please keep those comments factual and relevant. And please provide links that are related to the issues I am addressing.

      • Oooh err, that’s me told.

        Those links weren’t just for you but for everyone’s edification, if they really want to know what the war is about (assuming the massive annexations weren’t a give away).

        If it makes you feel any better, you are by no means the worst exponent of Russian disinformation on this thread, just probably the funniest.

      • @ Mickey Blue Eyes:

        Posting links for everyone’s edification is your right as a poster. But posting non germane links in response to a specific point is a deliberate attempt to deceive and obfuscate.

        As for me posting links that prove Zelensky banned…not suspended…opposition political parties…that does not mean I am a proponent of spreading Russian disinformation. Rather it means I am an exponent of spreading factual information.

      • ” But posting non germane links in response to a specific point is a deliberate attempt to deceive and obfuscate.”….

        Dear God….Have you no idea just how ridiculous you are making yourself look ?

      • “But posting non germane links in response to a specific point is a deliberate attempt to deceive and obfuscate.”

        But my post was an original, not a response to anything. I did mention that you love a good link, was I wrong?

      • @ Mickey Blue Eyes:

        While not posted in the reply box your post referenced me and what you falsely claim about me “..spreading ludicrous claims: and refusing to “…admit his lack of evidence. A clear response to things you falsely allege I’ve said or not done.

        Also, if your claim was that this was an independent post simply providing edification and not “…a response to anything” you would not have referenced me and called me “…the worst exponent of Russian disinformation..”. Once again a clear response to me and your opinion of what I’ve said.

        No…despite your denial…the record shows this was clearly a response and simply for the edification of other readers.

      • CG – if you are going to quote me then please don’t try to ‘obfuscate, deceive and mislead’.

        I wrote that you are “by no means the worst exponent of Russian disinformation on this thread” not that you were “the worst…etc. etc.”

        Quite a different claim I think you’ll find. I stand by my opinion that you are still the funniest.

        As for your own ‘ludicrous claim’, I think we all know what I was referring to; the one you’ve feverishly been trying to walk back on the last 50 odd posts. A word to the wise, you won’t be able to deal with it “in the course of time” as there wasn’t any truth to it.

      • @Mickey Blue Eyes:

        You did in fact say (and this is a shortened paraphrase) that I was not the worst but rather the funniest.

        On that point I stand corrected.

  15. @General Cuntster

    General….you remind of the dearly departed Vernon Fox, he too convinced himself that what he believed to be true was FACT but even he had the sense not to rather pompously announce that people shouldn’t “twist facts to suit their narrative” before going on to do just that.

    Despite you obviously wading through dozens of links disagreeing with your assertion that Zelensky has “BANNED ALL political parties regardless”,you have failed to provide even one that validates your claim.You can set as many red-herrings as you like,spew streams of totally irrelevant information,claim that you can’t do links ( despite previously providing them and telling GJ to provide them),qualify your position etc…but it doesn’t alter the fact that you are WRONG…can you not accept that ?

    If you genuinely still believe that Zelensky “BANNED ALL political parties”, I’d suggest that you spend less time moving in your ” I revere the truth” Trumpian circles and instead consult a Shrink…you are delusional.

      • We went past “advantage” point a long time ago….I’m just picking over the bones now.


      • @DCI:

        I quoted your post directly and used the exact words you used in your post. You did not attribute those words to anyone or say you were quoting someone else.

        So whether you want to own them or not is irrelevant, You posted them. They are indeed your words.

    • ‘claim that you can’t do links ( despite previously providing them and telling GJ to provide them),qualify your position etc…’

      Can’t do ‘Links’? Look at the ‘Nominations’ page. Either someone’s hacked the General’s account or he can do ‘Links’…

      • @DCI

        I never claimed I “…can’t do links.” That is a lie and a deliberate mischaracterization on your part.

        My exact words were:

        “…I am more than a bit technologically challenged. I’ve had trouble posting links before.”

        You pointed to a link I posted on the nominations as proof of your lie. In point of fact…if that post is still up…or if the Admins post it in the original form…anyone can see what I was talking about.

        I typed that link and typed it incorrectly. I had to retype it to make it work.

        Please don’t make things up and please stick to the facts if you have something to say.

      • ‘You pointed to a link I posted on the nominations as proof of your lie.’

        I merely pointed out, in good faith, that you can ‘Do Links’. If you could kindly point out the ‘Lie’ in that post, I’d be obliged.

        ‘Please don’t make things up and please stick to the facts if you have something to say.’

        You posted a ‘Link’ in the ‘Nominations’ page. Looks like a ‘Fact’ to me, not made up at all.

      • @ The Admin Team:

        My response to DCI Genie disappeared. Could you please review and if found re-post.

        I will wait a while before I attempt to respond again.

        Thank you.

      • @DCI

        The lie you told was when you said “…you claim that you can’t do links.” I never said that and I never made that claim…not in this series of posts and not in the exchanges with Gutstick that you mentioned.

        In order to discredit me…you repeated that lie and then pointed to a link I posted on the nominations page that showed I could post links.

        It is clear to anyone reading this thread that I can in fact post links as I posted 2 links to support what I said.

        You wanted people to believe I said I couldn’t post links so you made up a lie. Then you pointed to a link in hopes of showing that I lied about not being able to post links.

        It was not a good faith effort.

        I never said I couldn’t post links. You made that up.

      • ‘The lie you told was when you said “…you claim that you can’t do links.” I never said that and I never made that claim…not in this series of posts and not in the exchanges with Gutstick that you mentioned.’

        General, I quoted Dick Fiddler’s post, not Gutstick’s, in good faith, so, how you can accuse me of lying or making things up, is beyond me.

        I await your apology, or, failing that, I’ve got a shovel you can borrow if you want to keep digging.

      • Here’s you full post,General….

        “As many of you know, I am more than a bit technologically challenged. I’ve had trouble posting links before. Also, some links may not be otherwise available. When that happens I will post an alternative way to find the information I am using. Such as providing the search words I’m using for Google and then some simple directions as to where and on what search engine page that link can be found.”

        ….so you can’t post links,surely ?

        You really aren’t as clever as you like to think,are you ?

      • PS….and this continual “test post” and claiming that your posts are forever conveniently disappearing to try and cover your tracks is really rather sad and pathetic.

      • @ DCI

        You said and I quote:

        “…’claim that you can’t do links. ( despite previously providing them and telling GJ to provide them)…

        GJ is clearly a reference to Gutstick Japseye.

        Also, justifying your statement by sauong you were repeating a lie told by someone else does not absolve you from blame or make the lie true.

        There will be no apology.

      • ‘You said and I quote:

        “…’claim that you can’t do links. ( despite previously providing them and telling GJ to provide them)…’

        You quote my quote from someone else, regardless. They’re not my words. You do understand what a ‘Quote’ is, do you not?

        Keep digging.

      • @Fiddler:

        Your rhetorical question is not valid. Nowhere in the post you quoted did I say I can’t post links.

      • Oh that is just dire,General….read your post again…you suggest several reasons why you can’t post links.’re way out of your depth here.

      • @Fiddler:

        Please pay attention to what is actually happening in this thread. Two posts I’ve made have disappeared. One at the very start of this thread and one response to DCI.

        DA restored the post at the very start of this series of postings and made a comment about doing so.

        Nothing has been said by the Admin team regarding the reply to DCI.

        However, I did make another attempt to reply to DCI and that attempt was successful.

        Despite your assertion the facts show that (some of) my posts are disappearing and (at least) one has been restored.

        The second may or may not be restored. That’s up to the Admin Team. Regardless, of their decision I did re-post.

      • Seriously, your complete refusal to accept what is as plain as the nose on your face is delusional.

      • @ GC
        Now that you’ve cleared that up, any chance of a respectable link that says Zelensky has banned all political parties in Ukraine, not just the pro-Russian ones?

      • General…we’ve had nothing but “test post” and “the dog ate my homework” style excuses since the very start of this discussion.

      • @ Minge

        I appreciate the intelligent and relevant question you asked.

        I will be addressing that issue in the future.

        However, my next series of posts will most likely deal with who is being banned and why. I made the assertion that Zelensky is using the bannings for political power so that will most likely be the next subject I address.

      • Why not just address the ONE and ONLY request that I have made….that Zelensky “BANNED ALL political parties regardless” ?


      • “However, my next series of posts will most likely deal with who is being banned and why. I made the assertion that Zelensky is using the bannings for political power so that will most likely be the next subject I address.”

      • ….also General Cuntster…..

        ““But posting non germane links in response to a specific point is a deliberate attempt to deceive and obfuscate”

      • @ Fiddler

        Once again you are using verbal gymnastics to mischaracterize what I said.

        I am posting links. I will continue to post links, If for whatever I am unable to do so or if the links I post don’t work I will post an alternative method so readers can find the link I am referring to.

        Also let me remind you. That as i said in an earlier post, I am answering the criticisms I’ve received in my own manner and in my own time…not yours.

        If that doesn’t satisfy you that’s too bad.

      • General

        I genuinely don’t know what more to say to get through to you….you will NOT,be it in my time, your time or any time, be able to prove that Zelensky BANNED ALL political parties because IT DID NOT HAPPEN.

        Get that into your delusional head,

    • General…I’ve given this some thought and would like to say this….

      Your continued refusal to accept that you might be wrong is,to me,genuinely bizarre. There are dozens of links proving you wrong and not one validating your claim. Can you not see that all your endless refusals to accept that you were mistaken in your claim that “Zelensky banned all political parties” does is discredit each and every claim you may post in the future ? Why would anyone take you seriously when you are apparently totally divorced from reality ?

      Honestly…I think you need help…nobody in their right mind would continue to humiliate themselves in such an extraordinary fashion.

      • Your dogged persistence in this matter is admirable, Dick.

        I have long ceased to take him seriously. Appears he’s been taking lessons from the Meghan and Harry playbook, expecting to get away with posting any old uncorroborated claims no matter how ridiculous with impunity.

      • I’m just waiting for what comes next,RTC….perhaps a claim from him that Donald Trump is Nigerian National Tiddlywinks Champion followed by a stream of irrelevant information about Nigeria as proof if challenged ?

        I genuinely wonder about his mental state.

      • PS…I am “dogged” comes from my years of ( legal) fox-hunting,of course…..Reynard going to earth never stopped me in my lust for blood and guts….up he came,no matter how long it took.


      • I envisage Dick Fiddler and his hounds pursuing cunters who fail to provide links to spurious claims like an inebriated Roger Cook.

      • ‘Fiddler The Bounty Hunter’. No stone is left unturned to expose a mendacious bullshitter.

        The High Sheriff of Is A Cunt. Like Buford T Justice, after The Bandit in high-speed pursuit.

  16. Fuck me! I pop in to see what I’ve been missing (😂😂) and see this thread is still alive and kicking!
    Team Fiddler all the way.
    Anyone who uses a Tucker Carlton opinion piece as evidence deserves to be laughed off the face of the earth.

    • Evening,GJ.

      You’ve missed a treat….the General has been squirming and wriggling like a salted slug for weeks.

      • Evening Dick.
        It looks like an interesting debate. I can’t understand why people don’t own their fuck ups. I’ve made the odd mistake, who doesn’t? I will always fess up and say I was wrong, in my opinion only a fool would do otherwise.
        Even though I’ve occasionally been accused of ‘eating all the pies’ I know its not true, as I can tell the difference between a few, a lot, and all. It was only a few.😁

    • PS….The Voltaire Network that he quoted was my personal favourite.

  17. Mr Fiddler The ‘Masked Singer’ is on. So exciting for me and Mrs P.

    They are about to reveal who ‘Cat’ and ‘Mouse’ are.

    Oh they’ve started ‘TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF! TAKE IT OFF!

    I suggest all of us Cunters do the same for General Cunster- ‘POST THAT LINK! POST THAT LINK! POST THAT LINK!’

  18. I said I would address the issue of ban versus suspension. I did that. I provided links to back up my claim and prove my point.

    Nobody wants to debate that issue and the conversation has now devolved into I said you said. There’s also a lot of insults being thrown at me and a whole lot of rupar being thrown around. It’s just taking up time and wasting space.

    I proved my point and now I’m going to move on. I will be addressing the other issues in the future as time permits.

    If anyone doesn’t like the way I’m doing this. Too bad. I’ll address the issues and make my points as I see fit.

    • You’ve proved nothing,man….apart from the fact that you a mentally-fragile fantasist.


  19. General Cuntster @

    Evening General.
    While I take the Mickey and tease you,
    I genuinely feel bit bad for you.

    If you have a link that verifies that All Parties were banned,
    Then post the fuckin thing.

    Or point me in the right direction and I’ll post it on your behalf?

    No tricks, tell me where to look.

    OR…. Just say, yep, my mistake.
    Not all parties were banned.
    I misread it .

    • Hey Mis

      Thanks for commenting. While I appreciate the sentiment there’s no need to feel bad for me.

      I made several remarks regarding the nature of Zelensky’s ban and as I have stated I am answering them…with links in my own time.

      I made an assertion that parties were in fact banned and not suspended. That was disputed so I answered it and provided links to support my answer.

      I also asserted that Zekensky was banning parties regardless of political affiliation. i.e. opposition parties. I will answer that next and provide links to support that.

      I will also address the question of all versus some parties being banned. At that time I will provide support or make a statement.

      I will do this in my own way and in my own time. And as I don’t answer to any one poster no amount prodding or demanding is going to change that.

      I must also say that the lies…the distortions…the made up quotes…the fabricated facts…the distorted context…or even the person attacks, the insults and the questions about my mental health won’t change that.

      Those who don’t like the way I’m addressing the matter can stop their feet and throw a fit like petulant children but it doesn’t matter.

      The truth is this matter is about Ukraine and Zelensky. The people screaming the loudest don;t care about Ukraine or Zelensky. They just don’t like me.

      So I will make my points and provide support and they can like it or lump it. And if I’m wrong about what I said…when the time comes I will take my lumps…from people who have a legitimate interest in the matter…not from those who just want to insult me.

      But I genuinely appreciate your remarks and your gesture.

      By the way…as food for thought…do you see anyone seriously disputing that this was indeed a dab and not a suspension? Perhaps with one exception no you don’t. Some wanted to dispute the issue before but now that I’ve proved it was a ban they want to ignore and change the subject and level insults at me.

      • TAKE COVER !!!!…..incoming bullshit-tipped truthbombs…..TAKE COVER !!!


      • Hey Mis,

        I’d like to make one other point. If you look at who is responding in this thread, with the exception of you, every one of them is someone I’ve exchanged harsh or heated words with in the past. Not one of them could be described as even remotely sympathetic to anything I have to say anywhere on this forum.

        So while I’m trying to address the issues of Zelensky and Ukraine they want to attack and insult me.

        I suspect the bulk of the IsaC faithful is bored, disgusted or repulsed by these exchanges and so are sticking to the main pages and the daily cuntings.

        I’m sure many of them just don’t want to get involved in what is devolving into a dysfunctional shit show.

        And quite frankly, I don’t blame them.

        Thanks again for your offer.

      • “So while I’m trying to address the issues of Zelensky and Ukraine they want to attack and insult me.”….

        No, you’re trying to “twist the narrative” away from your claim that Zelensky “BANNED ALL political parties regatdless”

        We’ve had a bit of a straw poll over here in Admin Mansions and have come to the conclusion we’re all fucking sick and tired of the baiting and personal insult shit that goes on in this thread. Debate, disagree, make your points. That’s all fine and dandy. Anything else and this entire thread will be removed. If the squabbling spills over into the main site nominations, then it’ll be banning time – NA.

      • I simply posted a quote from a fellow poster, in good faith, no antagonism meant, just trying to prove a point, and was called a ‘Liar’ for my troubles and the General tried to spin my post to suit his agenda. Water off a duck’s back, but, c’mon!

      • @Admin….I’ve had a think about what you say and as far as I’m concerned,you can get the “Ban” button pressed…I always knew that I’d end this way on here eventually…I am not prepared to let some fantasist post absolute rubbish and then refuse to accept that he has been caught out posting lies.

        I will continue until banned to ask that Billy Bullshitter posts his evidence and not escape by using the ” I’ll get to that in my own time” excuse when we know that he can’t because his claim is untrue.

        As I say,ban away if you must.

      • PS….If the next claim were to be that “President Zelensky touches little boys and fingers suckling babies” would Ol’ Truthbomber be allowed to get away with it by saying that he’ll “address that in his own time” if asked to prove his claim ?

  20. Seeing as this thread will more than likely disappear, I thought I’d make one last update.
    Britain sends Challenger tanks to Ukraine, even in the modest amount we are sending will spur other nations to send the very capable Leopard 2, which will be replaced by US M1 Abrams, as long as twats like Matt Gaetz and his loony lot don’t scupper it.
    Talking of appeaser cunts….
    Human stain Tommy Robinson led a small group of like minded trash in a demo against the U.K. sending aid to Ukraine. The mockney thug was complaining that people in the U.K. can’t afford to put their heating on, so why are we wasting money meddling in others affairs. If he was worried about money, why doesn’t he give back the donations made to him to further his race hate crusade, which he spent on gambling and property for himself. Then again he only appeals to the lowest common denominator, so fuck them.
    And finally Cyril?
    There is much debate by those who don’t keep up with the latest excuses for Russia’s illegal invasion, about just who are the Nazis, as both sides have accused each other.
    For me, it’s easy. The Nazis are always the ones doing the invading.

  21. I might as well pit my 2 cents in.

    But before I do I claim a right of personal privilege.

    Confronting the person fabricated a quote and used it against you and calling them a liar is not a personal attack. Rather it is a statement of fact supported by the record. It may be rude and socially unacceptable…but then so is calling someone a cunt.

    On to the matters at hand.

    • Some cunters view Volodymyr Zelensky as a heroic figure resisting a mad man. Others, acknowledge the validity of the resistance but view him as a corrupt con man.

      The situation is analogous to George Floyd. He was a career criminal who ran into an abusive asshole wearing a badge. And while his death was related to his current state of intoxication some claimed he was murdered. They viewed him as an innocent victim. Others saw him as a thug.

      The media chose to propagate the notion of the innocent black man murdered by a racist cop. Thus the myth of Saint George of Minneapolis was born.

      I maintain the media has created a similar myth…that of Saint Volodymyr of Kyiv.

      They have portrayed him as the savior of Democracy and the living incarnation of Winston Churchill. I believe he is a charlatan and a tyrant and I believed I could expose that myth.

    • That no longer matters. The issue now is not whether I can expose that myth and prove my case with a preponderance of the evidence. The issue has morphed into a demand to prove my case by posting one single link using my exact words from a previous post.

      This is an absurd demand. To illustrate the absurdity let me use a recent example.

      In a recent Tony Blair nomination I made the statement that, like Bill Clinton, Tony Blair was one of the truly great liars of all time.

      If someone asked me to prove that statement by posting a link to a reputable news source that used those exact words, I could search until the internet ran out and possibly never find such a link.

      If I did find such a link and post it, the source would be dismissed as not reputable.

      I could post links to sources using similar words. I could post links to sources making similar points. I could post links to multiple sources detailing the litany of lies that both men have told. All of this would satisfy a rational person.

      None of this would satisfy the critic who demands one source using my exact words. It is in fact a rhetorical trap that creates a no win situation.

      • That Tony Blair is a “CUNT” is an OPINION.

        You state that Zelensky “BANNED ALL political parties” as FACT and then reduced yourself to a laughing stock with your extraordinary refusal to admit that you were wrong.

      • That Bill Clinton was one of the “truly great liars of all time” is,again, your ( and your truth-revering Trumpian circles,no doubt) OPINION….just because you consider something to be true doesn’t make it FACT

        Can you not understand that ?

      • Zelensky “BANNING ALL political parties” was an EVENT that either happened or didn’t happen…if it happened there would be plenty of evidence proving that it happened.

        Trying to conflate a real event with your own deluded opinion is typical of your increasingly bizarre windbaggery.

    • By the way, when did it become an IsaC rule that you must respond to another cunters demands and on that cunters terms?

      Are not all cunters free to respond or not respond if they want…when they want…where they want…and in a time and manner of their own choosing?

      • You’re a fool and a liar….and if you don’t agree,well tough….I’ll prove it in my own time.

      • You had 3 weeks and God knows how many posts….was your intention to deliver your proof when Hell finally froze over?….You cant produce what doesn’t exist…never…ever.

      • As much as it pains me to do this, but perhaps he has a point.
        Why should he be the only one who is challenged for posting opinions, lies, and conspiracy theories as fact when so many others do, like stuff about Fauchi, Gates, Schwab etc?
        Opinions beat facts every time. Unfortunately.

      • I only “challenged” him because he had written that people shouldn’t lie or twist facts to suit the narrative before going on to do that.

        Nothing is stopping you or anyone else challenging what you consider “beyond the pale”


      • I only “challenged” him because he had written that people shouldn’t lie or twist facts to suit the narrative before going on to do that.

        Nothing is stopping you or anyone else challenging what you consider “beyond the pale”

        The fact that he compounded his mistake by launching into a quite extraordinary refusal to accept that he could possibly be wrong only added to my merriment.


      • Afternoon Dick.
        I am in complete agreement with you, having my own history of debate with our American friend.
        He asked me to provide links to support my opinions which I duly did, obviously without thanks.
        What tickles me is how polite his responses are to you compared to how abusive his replies were to mine, something that only bothered me because it only became a problem if I dared to reply in kind.
        If my comment came across as a dig it was not for you, but about the groundhog day type comments on the noms.

      • No, I knew it wasn’t a dig at me.

        I generally don’t bother with his Alex Jones style ravings because I have little interest in his “reverence for the truth” factbombs…they usually concern things that don’t particularly interest me…..a shallow attitude,admittedly,but that’s the way it is.

        Tbh…. Since the fox-hunting ban, I’m forced to get my jollies where I can.

      • Afternoon Gutstick.

        Remember this gem posted on December 22nd, almost a month ago?

        “Hey Gutstick,

        Fact: Zelensky closed down all broadcast and print media that he and his government didn’t control.

        Fact: Zelensjy outlawed all political parties except his own and imprisoned his political opposition.

        Fact: Zelensjy has closed down churches and threatened to imprison anyone caught worshiping in a manner he doesn’t approve of.

        Fact: Zelensky refuses to account for the BILLONS of dollars given to him by Biden.

        Characterizing these facts as irrelevant simply reinforces your mental and emotional separation from reality. As does involving Trump and his family in your hate filled paranoid fantasies. No matter how divorced from reality you are, the fact remains…your hero Volo is a crook. And no amount of your mental masturbation can change that.

        I do need to issue a correction though. Your last post is stupider than the one I called you out on.”


      • Afternoon RTC!
        Yes, that’s the type of stuff.
        It wasn’t his replies that bothered me, but that it was allowed against me but I wasn’t allowed to reply in kind
        I suppose that’s the price for being unpopular!😀

    • @ The Admin Team

      The next post in this series has disappeared twice. Could you please restore.

      Thank you

    • Edited 4th attempt:

      Previously, I tried to state my case. I was criticized for not providing links.

      This time I decided to deal with all the issues and provide links to support them.

    • Edited:

      When I posted my intent the critics didn’t like it. They demanded I abandon my efforts and immediately provide them with one link.
      As I began posting they began to disrupt my efforts with irrelevant points or frivolous questions.

      They also made up quotes and attributed them to me. They used all manner of personal attacks insults.

    • Edited:

      Once again this is analogous to the George Floyd situation. After his death protesters rampaged through the streets, wreaking havoc and shouting Black Lives Matter.

      These cunters rampaged through this thread wreaking havoc and demanding that I Post That Link.

      If I posted they would discredit the source. (Indeed that process has already begun.) If I didn’t post it they would claim. See! I told you so!

      By not allowing me to make my case and finish my attempt they put me in a no win situation.

      • Didn’t allow you to finish your “case”…you had weeks and posted endlessly…all I want if ONE bit of proof,you delusional maniac.

      • You put yourself in a “no win situation” by lying and then maniacally refusing to accept that you could have made a mistake.

    • So, following the advice of SunTzu…if a battle can’t be fought don’t fight it..I’m going to walk away. To use a ban pun…I’m banning myself from the Ukraine page.

      My critics, the IsaC Faithful and the Admin Team can make of this what they will.

      The critics can declare victory and celebrate their hard fought victory. They can congratulate each other and laud the virtues of dogged perseverance. They can bask in their glory secure in the knowledge that the righteousness of their cause fueled their mighty wrath and propelled them to ultimate victory. And those who wish to extol the virtues of Saint Volo can now do so without fear of contradiction or dissent.

    • I will continue to post on the main page, in the Dead Pool and on other pages unless the Admin Team decides to ban me.

      • …what a treat…your lies and squirming polluting other noms…..I can’t wait.

      • @ GC
        Any chance before you go that you could provide the evidence that Zelensky has banned all political parties in Ukraine, not just the pro-Russian ones, as promised in your reply to me dated January 14, 2023, at 8:14pm?
        A link from a respectable source would suffice.

    • Fuck me, General, are you being deliberately obtuse or are just plain thick? Let me say this (metaphorically) slowly: I quoted Dick Fiddler’s post, hence the quote was in quotation marks. I did not, I say again, I did NOT make the original post. That’s why it’s called a ‘Quote’. Look the word up. You called me a liar for making the post. I pointed this out. You mendaciously prevaricated. Again. I have nothing against you or your posts, regardless of your persecution complex, along with, if I may say, Munchausenesque qualities, but, you need to hold your hands up and admit when you’re wrong.

  22. Addendum:

    The reason there were so many posts and some of them may seem incomplete is that a few of them vanished. If found the Admin Team should feel free to restore or bin as they see fit.

  23. Last word to General Bullshitter….

    You can squirm as much as you like…there are dozens of links proving that Zelensky did not BAN ALL political parties….and not a single one that says he did.

    Accept it, you delusional Gasbag.

  24. Topic: Relations with Ukraine – NATO › cps › natohq › topics_37750
    28 Oct 2022 — In June 2017, the Ukrainian Parliament adopted legislation reinstating membership in NATO as a strategic foreign and security policy .

    How did the Ukranian parliament adopt legislation if ALL political parties have been banned ?

    Our are NATO wrong too ?

    • This thread has made me come back more often now because, as a formerly regularly poster, I have to say that this thread looks like a complete car crash (even by my standards).

      It makes me feel dirty and wrong because I feel like the kind of sick, voyeuristic fuck who slows down to rubber neck at an horrific multi-car pile up on the motorway.

      At this point I’ve completely forgotten about who I’m supporting in this “argument” and I just want to see some colosseum-style shit go down. Bollocks to decency, I think we are way past that point now.

  25. I bet the General can’t wait for this thread to be removed…it must be like suffering from diarrhea and yet being forced to continue wearing the same pair of knickers .

    • It will be shame when it does, as it was a way to find out what misinformation had permeated into the conscious of the alternative thinkers, and a way to at least address those claims, even if it was mostly without success.
      Also, it was largely ignored by the folk who just want to rant about foreigners and trans, so the content strayed above the Robinson level and was a lot less boring for it.

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