I think we will all (hopefully) agree that Putin is a cunt, so this page has been set up to allow you to vent your feelings about the current invasion and occupation of Ukraine

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  1. Kherson has been looted of its art and museum contents. This isn’t the unruly looting by bored troops, they get fridges and washing machines, this is organised systematic looting of specific items by a criminal state.
    Who are the nazis again?

  2. You forgot to put the video up of the killing of the Russian soldiers that has surrendered. GJ.

    I have been thinking about those ‘bio labs’. Are the germs or viruses plentiful in Ukraine? Why would America have ‘bio labs’: there? I can imagine some entrepreneurs setting up I don’t know a ‘fish finger’ factory. I mean we live in a capitalist world. But ‘bio-labs’.

      • There is actually a phone number that Russian soldiers that want to surrender can use to set up a rendezvous with Ukrainian forces and safely surrender.
        It’s what happens if they get recaptured by the Russians is when it gets really bad for them. Like that deserter that had his head clingfilmed to a breeze block and had his head caved in with a sledgehammer by his former comrades.
        He was a member of the Wagner group, and recently conscripted from a prison where he was serving life for murder. They were happy to share the video so others can see what’s in store if they try and surrender.

      • As for bio labs, they are not for the development of any weapons, a fact widely accepted. Bio labs are everywhere, there are over 600 in the UK alone.

  3. With regard to the aforementioned bio labs in Ukraine, I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the potential for threat.

    Before Vlad Satan’s illegal invasion, Ukraine was one of the most corrupt countries in Europe and indeed even the world. During the hey days of Ukrainian corruption Don Bidini was Vice President and his crime family was intimately involved in said corruption.

    We also have that pygmy witch doctor cunt Anthony Fauci overseeing US investments in gain of function research in bio labs around the world including the infamous Wuhan lad that spawned Covid.

    And with all these labs around the world…including the alleged 600 in the UK…doing benevolent scientific research one would think we would have something to show for it. Perhaps a cure for cancer…diabetes…alzheimers…the common cold…or even just a better aspirin.

    I’m not saying some of these labs aren’t engaged in research that might someday benefit the human race. But given the recent history of Ukrainian corruption…Biden Crime Family grifting…Fauci…and the Wuhan release of Covid…I think it behooves us to be doubtful if not outright cynical and keep a watchful eye…or even two watchful eyes on those labs.

    With regard to widely accepted facts…before Columbus sailed to the New World it was a widely accepted fact that the world was flat.

    • That would be just prior to the Great Replacement by Europeans of the indigenous native population of America, yes?
      Either way, it still is accepted that the world is flat.
      By Gordon, at least.

      • Myth after myth MJB, starting with the Colmbus flat earth nonsense. They knew the earth wasn’t flat way before that, but hey ho.

      • @Gutstick

        Sorry to bust your bubble but it’s fact after fact. But to be fair I challenge you to a response. Which of my facts do you dispute?

        Putin’s invasion is illegal?
        Ukraine was rife with corruption?
        The Biden family was involved in Ukrainian corruption?
        Dr. Fauci funded gain of function research in foreign labs?
        Covid came from Wuhan?

        Tell us which of these is not factual. And of course in your own tradition of requiring proof…please do so.

        And by the way…I didn’t start with Columbus and the flat earth I ended with it.

      • I started with Columbus because it was chronological.
        Putins illegal invasion OK, Corruption in Ukraine, yes, but what extent that reached is debatable, but enough to deny them entry to NATO
        If you have any proper information on the Biden crime family, their involvement with Ukraine that was illegal I’d be interested to hear it.
        As for Fauchi the bogeyman and his involvement with biolabs in Ukraine? same.
        China releasing covid on purpose? 不不不不

      • Thank God for Vlad!
        Illegal war or not, his heart was in the right place.
        For his attempt to save Ukraine from the horrors of democracy and territorial integrity, its citizens will be forever grateful!
        And we right thinking people in the West do humbly salute you.

      • @Gutstick

        Distorting what I actually said does not make you right. To the contrary, it shows your desperation to discredit me rather than debate the merits.

        I never said the Chinese released Covid intentionally. (I never mentioned the Chinese.) I simply said “…the Wuhan release of Covid.” It was in fact released. Whether or not that was by accident, incompetence or malice remains to be proven.

        To debate the extent of corruption in Ukraine is a bit like debating the extent of a pregnancy. It either is the case or it isn’t. And Ukraine was corrupt. (By the way…I never mentioned NATO of Ukrainian admission.)

        Also I never said Fauci was involved in Ukrainian bio labs. What I said was; “…Fauci overseeing US investments in bio labs around the world including the infamous Wuhan lab…”

        Finally, I said given all these things we would behoove us to keep an eye on things.

        So stick to the facts and don’t twist what I said.

        More on the Biden crime family later.

        With regard to chronology…Ukrainian corruption came before Putin’s invasion.

      • Youre right, corruption in Ukraine did indeed predate Putins invasion, the 2014 invasion, as this effort is just a continuation of that initial attack. Just ask Trump pal Paul Manafort who was heavily involved with Putin puppet president Yanukovych.

      • @Gutstick

        Given your pathological hatred of Donald Trump I shouldn’t be surprised you brought him into the debate. But despite your best efforts to rupar the matter let’s set the record straight.

        Paul Manafort is a long time Republican operative who served Presidents Ford, Reagan and Bush Jr. He also advised Senator Bob Dole. He was a fixture in the Republican Party and is hardly a Trump crony.

        He co-founded a DC lobbying firm and represented such cunts as Ferdinand Marcos, Jonas Savimbi, Mobutu Sese Seko and yes, Viktor Yanukovych.

        Many of the charges leveled against him came from the now discredited Steele Dossier and are no longer taken seriously by anyone except the most ardent Trump haters.

        He has been convicted of fraud and tax evasion but the actual matter of his guilt or innocence is a hotly debated topic in the US due to the Russian Collusion Hoax and alleged Prosecutorial misconduct and judicial overreach.

        Since that farce he has been convicted on multiple state charges. But with regard to any Russian / Ukraine allegations all that can be said is that his involvement led to Russian “opportunities” to gain intelligence or to exert influence. Not that they did…only that they had opportunities.

        The Democrats relentless witch hunt against him led many to believe the charges were bogus and designed to force him to incriminate Trump. Something he never did.

        In the end Donald Trump issued Paul Manafort an Executive pardon.

        Once again your allegation…without the proof you so often demand of others…is not correct.

    • Any real evidence and not some neocon conspiracy stuff?
      I mean you guys will lap up this stuff, but when there is actual evidence, you know, the stuff that can be used to prosecute someone with, on people like Putin or his mate Trump, is all bullshit.
      Not saying Biden is innocent, fuck me, hes a politician so hes bound to be dirty in some way, but where is the real dirt?

      • @ Gutstick

        Do you have any real evidence of Trump’s criminality? Not left wing looney stuff…but actual evidence that can be used to prosecute someone with. You guys lap up all this nonsense like the Steele Dossier and the bullshit Russian collusion charges but do you have any evidence that will stand up in a court of law?

        For the record…Donald Trump has not been convicted of any criminal wrong doing.

        Likewise for Trump and Putin being “mates.” Do you have photos of them together on the golf course…drinking in a pub…Christmas cards they might have exchanged or even just hanging out at each other’s homes…you know the kind of stuff you might do…if you had any mates.

      • Ah, youve crawled out from under your rock.
        Theres plenty of evidence against your Cheeto chief, hopefully it will get aired in court so his fat arse can go to supermax, where he can be someones prison wife, a phrase he used recently.
        Not that you would take any notice, Manafort went down and you dont believe the charges even when they do get convicted so theres little point in going over it for you.
        Manafort, and the other cronies that went to prison got Pardoned by Trump for not ratting him out.
        Drain the swamp? Only so he could wallow in it himself.
        Funny how you go to cry when Dick Fiddler calls you out, accusing him of bullying, yet youre quite happy to do just that to me.
        Not that I care what you say, youre just some internet random with child age trolling capabilities.

      • @ Gutstick

        Calling on you to provide evidence is not bullying. (You do it all the time.) Claiming that it is, is just your pathetic attempt to divert attention from your meritless claims.


        If there’s plenty of evidence against Trump please provide some…from a credible source.

      • OK. how about from Biden’s own mouth?

        Full NABU leak on Biden

        …scroll to around 7m:40s if you can’t be arsed to listen to it all; in fact the full release is about 6hrs long and covers chiefly the Burisma/bungs for Hunter Biden and “the big guy” affair. Said payments from Burisma (controlling interest held ny Kolomoisky) were stovepiped through Privatbank (owned by Kolomoisky) as revealed by Hunter Biden’s bank records in 2019.

      • ‘You’re shit stirring’

        That means General that he disagrees with you.

        We all agree dont we….

        (NOTE: No more shitstirring from anyone please. Agree to disagree to an opinion, but don’t let it slide into personal abuse. Enough is enough! – Day Admin)

      • Sorry for the late reply but I stepped out into the real world.

        I see Day Admin made an appearance. Always a pleasure to get his insights.

        @ Gutstick

        With regard to your “evidence” I’d like to point out that it really isn’t evidence of anything.

        The first article from Forbes states right up front that prosecutors “think” they have enough evidence to file charges against Trump.

        This is exactly the same language we heard during the Russian collusion hoax…the phony impeachments…and the bogus Jan. 6 committee hearings.

        It is noteworthy that they said they “think.” Because they didn’t say that they have enough evidence…or that the evidence is overwhelming…or even that they have evidence…but they “think” they have enough evidence to file charges against Trump. Perhaps a distinction without a difference to some but significant to the critical eye.

        That’s because anyone familiar with the American legal system knows that this means they got bupkis. In fact they have less than bupkis and that’s why they have appointed a special prosecutor to take over the case. They hope to stretch it out and keep it in the news for as long as they can.

        Furthermore, the article pointed out that no evidence has in fact been introduced in a court of law…to a judge or even to the public. I can’t go back and pick it apart because it is behind a paywall…but nonetheless, nothing in that article constitutes anything other than allegations.

        In closing the article says they may not file charges against Trump. If they had solid, substantial evidence of wrong doing…given the hatred the left has for Trump, they wouldn’t hesitate one minute to file. They’ve got dick and they know it.

        As for the article in the Guardian; Letita James is the Attorney General for New York State. In 2018 she ran for that office on a platform of indicting Donald Trump and barring him and his family from ever doing business in New York state.

        This marks one of the first times anyone has ever publicly stated that without evidence of wrongdoing they will openly search for evidence of wrongdoing in order to persecute the man she referred to as an illegitimate President…and campaigned on it.

        She continued this pledge when she ran again this year. The fact that she fulfilled a campaign pledge to file charges against Trump in an election year is strong proof that these ch…like most other charges filed by the ardent Trump haters are political in nature.

        Aside from the fact that this article also presents no actual evidence of wrongdoing…only allegations furthermore serves to undermine your assertion.

        So as usual where Trump is concerned the articles you cited are long on allegations but short…or in this case absent…on facts.

      • I tend to agree with GJ on this topic but everyone’s entitled to their opinion. I am reminded of the quote frequently attributed to the French philosopher Voltaire – “I may disapprove of what you say, but I won’t lose my rag like a big girl and challenge you to meet me behind the bike sheds.”

      • @Gutstick

        Finally with regard to your Paul Manafort obsession lets look at the facts from a “respected” source.

        Surely your own lovable Auntie Beeb wouldn’t lie to you when she says:

        “Manafort served three months as Trump’s campaign chairman until August 2016. when he was forced to resign over his previous work in Ukraine.”

        Not really a close crony and forced to resign over PREVIOUS work that had nothing to do with Trump.

        or that:

        “None of Manaforts charges relate to allegations of collusion with Russia.”

        Once again…nothing that had to do with Trump.

        Read the article for further details. Manafort was no doubt a cunt. But he really had very little to do with Trump and the bullshit charges leveled against him.

      • Perhaps I used the term crony because I took into account they had know each other for years, Manaforts shady firm back in the 80s, where he also met Roger Stone, another human stain that Trump would befriend. He would end up in jail too, but Trump wasted no time in getting that cunt out, leaving Manafort to keep quiet until he was eventually pardoned, although they got his slimy arse out of jail as he was a covid risk due to his age. Anyone else get that treatment? Did. They. Fuck.
        Manafort, who has his own apartment at one of Trumps Gaff, met a Russian lawyer, along with creepy Kushner, to see if they could get hold of Hillarys emails. Hardly honest behaviour. Or patriotic.
        Saying that, Trump said on camera,Hey Russia, could you find me Hillarys emails?
        I used to think the Dems were out to get Trump any way they could with all these charges and accusations. Turns out he really is that corrupt and morally detestable, and I find it strange that people seem to brush all these accusations aside as fantasy.

      • “…Turns out he (Trump) really is that corrupt and morally detestable, and I find it strange that people seem to brush all these accusations aside as fantasy.”

        Corrupt? Of course he is, (anyone involved in the New York high end property game has no alternative but to hold coiurt with the mob) and not for one minute would I attempt to deny it, I never have, quite the opposite in fact.
        Don’t know if you’ve ever bothered to watch ’em but I can’t recall how many times I’ve posted this…

        The man’s nothing but a despicable shabbos tool.

  4. You don’t know whether to believe the news especially the stuff aggregated by

    This made me chuckle:
    “Putin landed on his coccyx, fell down five steps, then rolled on to his side and slid down two more. The sharp impact caused him to ‘involuntarily defecate’ due to ‘cancer of the gastrointestinal tract’, according to the channel”
    He shat himself.

    On the other hand it seems they are running out of conventional missile casings and are using “nuclear capable” X-55 cruise missiles instead. Worrying.

  5. Drifting back to topic.
    A story came out on a telegram channel that is said to have links with Putins bodyguards, saying he fell down the stairs and shat himself.
    True or not, it made me smile.

      • You’re the witless boring one, mate. You and General Cuntster should get a room and 69 each other. What a gay-fest this thread has become. Told you to give it a break over Christmas, but you are a narcissistic masochist, aren’t you,
        Mr “Asian Urethra”?

        Get your Christmas lights up, Gutstick!

        Only joshing with ya, brother!
        Goodwill to all men at this time of year.

        Serbia 1 – 1 Switzerland

        COME ON!

        I’ll leave you be now, mate.

      • Gordon
        on November 16, 2022 at 9:24 pm said:

        “This thread should locked until January 9th in my humble opinion. Who needs a rage-a-thon shit-show over Christmas? The war will still be there in January. There a three threads per day to rant on, have a laugh. And theres the World Cup thread, thats where I will be posting on until the Final on Sunday 18th December, then I wont be on here until January 5th at the earliest. Give yourselves a rest from the insanity if this world, chaps, youll feel good.”


      • Ruff Tuff Full of Guff, an old man who hid under his bed covers for days because things got heated on this wee website!

        I told you lot to leave this thread be and just enjoy the football, enjoy Christmas. I’m just dropping into to chuckle at you all.

        Nothing is even happening in Ukraine, nothing new. The madness of life winds down in December. Take a break from your rage-a-holicism for a few weeks. All the manufactured fake-drama socio-political shite will still be here and then some in January.


        Take it away, Johnny…


      • Do as Gordon says, not as Gordon does.

        Can’t say we haven’t been warned, Cunters.

      • If you look up hypocrite in the dictionary you’ll probably see a picture of Gordon’s ISAC profile picture there.

      • Ah… poor little gimp Gordon, bless.
        Hes got PTSD.
        Someone posted on the Ukraine thread in blatant violation of his strict diktat!
        I hope you’re all hanging your heads in shame, LOL!

      • I know, Me Ass-Fluid-Drinker, isn’t it awful, just awful. So, so naughty and bad. No presents for me this year.
        I desperately wanted exacts replicas of Putin, Zelenskky, Biden and Trudeau effigies and use it for the dog attack practice in the police station. Darn!

        Let’s have a record to harmonize the brotherhood of ISAC…

        Rock on, Lem, rock on!

        Peace out!

      • Definitely not HJ, it’s great that shit is all on one easy to ignore thread, and I’m not the type of cunt to troll a topic just because I don’t like it .
        However, when you see the recent comments filled by a particular contributer, you can imagine what it’s like.

    • I hope its true. The ultimate humiliation – collapsed at the bottom of the stairs in a pile of his own faeces. Hes got of lightly compared to what his troops have been doing in Ukraine.

    • I hope its true. The ultimate humiliation – collapsed at the bottom of the stairs in a pile of his own faeces. Hes got of lightly compared to what his troops have been doing in Ukraine.

      • Double post – sorry.

        Just one more thought though – any chance that a picture of Putin sitting in his poo at the bottom of the stairs will make it into the 2023 Putin He- Man calendar?

        Probably not.

      • That guy, Kyle Dunnigan, is one of the few genuine geniuses of comedy to emerge in the past few years. He worked for that pile of shite, Saturday Night Live in New York, but they sacked him for being, “too offensive”. So now he does it from his wee hoose! LOL!

        It’s good to have a LAUGH, isn’t it?!
        Not being a super-serious politics-addict 24/7/365, isn’t it?

    • What a bunch of humourless babies you guys are, you really are.

      Cheer up, the yawning grave awaits.

      Ignore the news media until January 9th, I dare you. It will make you feel great.

      Get that fairy on your tree, Mr Urethra!

      • I’m a Kyle Dunnigan fan Gordon. Very funny. Especially when hes doing his Sly Stallone.

      • YO! YO! YO!

        We need more like Kyle. Cheer up the super-serious political rage-a-holics that swarm all over the internet now.
        None of those here, of course!


    So today is the anniversary of the touting of the Monroe Doctrine. That the USA would defend the Western hemisphere.
    Basically the Americas as I read it.

    Catholic doctrine is unchangeable.
    Seemingly political ‘doctrine’ are.

    But….anyway we’re a long way both literally and geographically from the Monroe Doctrine.

    I mean Ukraine is not in the Western Hemisphere is it? It’s in the Eastern Hemisphere.

    I wonder what James Monroe would be thinking if he was living today.

    • A major difference between the Monroe Doctrine and what Russia is doing in Ukraine is that one was in 1823 and the other is now.

      Another difference is that Monroe guaranteed the sovereignty of other Western Hemisphere states, he didnt invade them or interfere in any way with their sovereignty. This is completely the opposite of what Putin is doing in Ukraine. Putin is building an empire based on a flawed nationalist vision of Peter the Great.

      The Monroe Doctrine was about keeping Western powers, mainly Britain and France, out of the North American continent. It wasnt successful – the British were already ensconced on the massive territory of Canada and burnt down the White House, forcing Monroe to flee for his life.

      Russias security concerns, on the other hand, are about giving them a free hand to recon quest the former republics of both the USSR and Czarist Russia.

      Monroe was defensive. Russia is offensive.

  7. See Normies like Ruffstick they have got to believe in Nato and the West because they’ve nothing else to believe in.

    Funny I was always supportive of America. But after the Iraq debacles just got so sick of it.

    Dont interfere. Don’t intervene. That should be the new ‘Doctrine’ for the 21st Century.

    But it isnt.

    What am I trying to say? ‘By their fruits will you know them’ or something.

    What a boon this war has been for the Arms industry. Not only have they had their old stock bought but there are brand new orders for more of the very latest weaponry. All to be sent to Ukraine.

    If one conspiracy -minded one might conclude that the war was facilitated for the benefit of arms manufacturers.

    But I am not conspiracy minded like that.

    Its just how the thing works. There is a conflict somewhere Russia and America takes sides. And supply weapons. See it prolongs the conflict. As in Syria.

    And with these powerful new weapons whole countries can be destroyed. I mean it ‘spreads’ further–to areas where there was no conflict at all.

    Just the nature of the beast.

    There are no ‘aims’ in these wars anymore. The only purpose is to support our side whatever the consequences in life and treasure.

    Just keep pumping in the weapons.

    How far is Washingtom from Kyiv? About 5000 miles or something.

    The Monroe Doctrine was yes about stating that the US would defend itself again European states trying to make war with them. But in return that the US would not wage war against them on European soil. But the main thrust of the doctrine is they would keep out of European conflicts. America wouldnt take sides.

    That was honest of Monroe.

    But here we are 200 years later America fightng proxy wars not only in Eastern Europe but the middle east.

    It cannot be for the good.

      • Its the normie fixation that makes me laugh. Like hes some kind of free thinker, and were just closed minds parroting a fixed narrative.
        From that disjointed monologue, I think hes saying America should honour a 200 year old idea and stay out of world affairs.
        Forgetting that US assistance helped end the pointless wholesale slaughter that was WW1.
        Or, that it would have been impossible to win WW2 without America, a conflict that only the morally bankrupt would think wasnt worth fighting.
        Yes, Iraq, and Afghanistan were wrong. I thought that at the time, and still do. I also hope that those debacles are never repeated. But when there is no other option, we need the big stick.
        I cant remember who wrote it, or able to quote it verbatim, but Ill try my best.
        We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men commit violence in our name
        Perhaps he could use the same logic(?) with Russia, and their inability to mind their own business? From invading neighbours to fighting wars in Syria and Africa, and selling arms to any evil group or nation, surely they are doing exactly what offends him about America?

      • @GutstickJapseye
        We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men commit violence in our name – attributed to George Orwell, but most like a paraphrase of a comment he made in his excellent essay on Kipling – “A humanitarian is always a hypocrite, and Kiplings understanding of this is perhaps the central secret of his power to create telling phrases. It would be difficult to hit off the one-eyed pacifism of the English in fewer words than in the phrase, making mock of uniforms that guard you while you sleep.


      • “…That has to be a strong contender for the Dumbest Post of the Year award.”

        No MJB… this is!

        “…WW2….a conflict that only the morally bankrupt would think wasnt worth fighting.”

        Oh my fucking good God!

    • I’d rather be a “Normie” than an “Abnormie”.

      The other term that comes to mind is “Veterans Today” !

  8. I notice the 3 amigos or is it 4 didnt say anything about my point that this war being a boon to the arms trade.
    They are making a ‘killing’.

    • It has wofked out well for the manufacturers. They convenienly could get rid of their old stock. That fitted nicely with being sent to fight the Russians who have equally old wonky weaponry as .

      Only fair see.

      But brand spanking new weapons are on offer to Ukraine…but not yet…not just have to wait…till we’re ready to give you some…

      Isn’t that the standard way of doing in these proxy wars?

      I nearly typed poxy wars then

      • I fear you are being just a tiny bit facetious sending me best wishes at Hanukkah Harold.


        The truth is after my ‘Ziionism’ Nom I have got even more into the ‘real’ practising Jews since reading about their opposition to Israel.

        Very nice people indeed.

        Makes me feel a bit better about myself on this issue.

    • Certainly its a boon to the arms trade. But the war wasnt started by the arms industry and neither will its end be determined by the arms industry. It was started by Putin and it will end when either he, or Ukraine, is defeated and exhausted. Hopefully the former. In fact, Im reasonably confident it will be the former.

    • By arms trade, you obviously mean western arms manufacturers and not Russian arms manufacturers. Of course you dont, as you steadfastly absolve Russia of any blame, again and again.
      Like the person who would tell a rape victim its your fault for dressing provocatively
      Have a look at how many countries Russia supplies with weapons, not only are there many, but plenty who couldnt be trusted with a sharpened stick.
      On second thoughts, dont bother, youll only be wasting your time, as it will make little difference to your uninformed opinion.
      I would expect nothing more from someone whos answers to the questions of life, the universe and everything is god made it, god allows it, or its gods will.

      • Some people are absolutely mental, I don’t know where to even begin.

        Normies have to believe in NATO?!? What does that even mean, comrade?

        Can’t we just believe in international law? The one that categorically makes Russia’s actions illegal. Even if everything you want to believe about Russia and NATO is true, Miles* there is still no right in international law to resort to an armed invasion of Ukraine.

        It really is that simple.

        What is not so simple is how you thwart a nuclear power’s territorial ambitions without escalating, and that is the tightrope we walk in the West. You point out they are ridding themselves of old stock and fighting a ‘proxy’ war via Ukraine. You’re finally right on something, but only because not doing that would mean NATO actively participating with their best arms and utterly destroying Russia’s military to the extent a nuclear confrontation would be their only recourse.

        But you know all this. Not even you believe your half-hearted hints of something darker and conspiratotial behind it all. Who do you actually blame again? Illuminati, WEF or the Masons?

        * – it isn’t btw

    • Such perception, Miles!

      Yes, it’s a straightforward matter of supply and demand. You’d have to be an economic illiterate not to have twigged that before now.

      Evening mis amigos.

      • Its the same argument as big pharma RTC, they think nobody got ill before medicine was invented.
        Without HIMARs and S300s they would be throwing stones and clubbing each other with tree branches.
        Its gods will dont you know!

      • I remember one week in Iraq where there were bombs attacks almost every day one week. Hundreds killed each day.
        Blood letting of course by the different factions in Iraq.
        But the thought naturally comes to you that if America hadnt intervened…

        Wars are easier to start than to stop.

        No Gutstuck I have been reading about Russia too. In fact my criticism included The russian weapons industry as well.

        Cut to the point. Russia has said it is in for the ‘long haul’. A long protracted war.
        Ukraine said it is going to fight every inch.

        As I’ve said Putin is a Cunt. The only difference berween us is I believe NATO/America is somewhat ‘culpable’ in aggressively expanding into Russia’s natural sphere of influence.

        Instead of sending arns fuelling the situation America should have sent peace negotiators to broker a peace.

      • “Ukraine said it is going to fight every inch.”

        And so it should.
        How much of your country (assuming you are British) would you be willing to hand over to Putin?
        Judging by your previous posts about Russia the answer would be the lot.

      • @Miles

        Genuine question: since when have you said “Putin is a Cunt”? And not just in the generic sense.

      • Right, Ive said it many times, and been ignored many times, but its worth one more try.
        NATO and the US were not expanding into Russian sphere of interest. Ukraine applied to join NATO, but was turned down, partly because of possible corruption, but mainly because it was perceived that this would anger Russia. This is a fact, and a regrettable one, as if they had been allowed to join, there wouldnt have been the latest invasion.
        The west is not looking for enemies. Enemies cost money, friends the opposite. You can trade with friends, every one is happy and making money, stock markets are stable etc.
        Enemies cost you money, cant trade with them, have to spend money on defending everything, stock markets are volatile, food, fuel and other commodities run low, etc.
        Rich people see their fortunes dwindling because money is worth less, and civil unrest is a real threat to democracy.
        Nobody wants a war. Except Putin. Because of his offensive, countries bordering Russia have been scared into joining NATO, something they had no desire to do before Vlad the arse impaler invaded Ukraine.
        If Russia stops fighting, there will be no war. If Ukraine stops fighting, there will be no Ukraine. It really is that simple.

      • Russias sphere of influence . What does that mean? And how far does it extend? Who decides what Russias sphere of influence is? What if Putin decides that it extends all the way to the German border?

        If you grant Russia a sphere of influence it will carry on expanding it ad infinitum. The only sphere of influence any country is entitled to is the one that encompasses its borders.

        Russias problem is that it has never learnt how to coexist peacefully with other countries.

      • Putin seems to have gone from Second Coming to Cunt in a remarkedly short time!

      • “…How much of your country (assuming you are British) would you be willing to hand over to Putin?”

        Comforting to know that in such circumstance Ukraine would surely come racing to our aid with 30 divisions of troops, its comprehensive arsenal of high tech weaponry (well what’s left of it that wasn’t smeared the moment it crossed the Polish border or they haven’t sold into the black market) and its cutting edge electronic overwatch and surveillance technology… oh…wait a minute… no they fucking wouldn’t. This is a re-run of the idioyic “Polish guarantee” …

    • Where is the UN? Busy condemning Russia. Even the useless UN is almost unanimously united against Russia. A pariah nation.

  9. I have never visited that Veterans Today website.
    Just sayin’

    Just sick of it. After the last decades of catastophic ‘interventions’ still we go down the same road.

    There are too many vested interests in these interventions.

    There us something to be said for being Woke here. A radical new way of dealing with conflicts.

    Just been reading about Zelensky and ‘his allies’. What we need as the Pope says is ‘allies for peace’.

    I was listenjng to Jordan Peterson and he was saying this conflict is more of a civil war than anything else.

    • Yes international Law. (Dont snigger there) Or better still the ‘International Community’.
      Yes thats a very convenient phrase.

    • ‘The International Community that’s a very comfy phrase. We’re all in bed together, cosy- like.
      Except those who are not.

    • What do you think of Russian intervention in Syria? hundreds of thousands of innocent people have died. No smart bombs there, just flatten the towns and villages.
      Or in Africa, where the gloves are off big time.
      Fuck Jordan Petersen, king of the incels
      Fuck the Pope too, his moral compass never worked.

    • Whilst you’re not entirely wrong Miles that sentiment really isn’t something that can be applied here. The fundamental issue is that Ukraine has been invaded and if we don’t do anything there’s no guarantee Putin would stop there.

  10. Putin is a short arsed cunt with a chip on his shoulder. The world should nuke the arsehole right now. Shit or get of the pot Europe!

  11. Old contradictory bastard Putin is at it again. We have a retaliatory nuclear strike policy only色Threat of nuclear war is rising but were not mad,This war monger is itching for a nuclear war, its plainly obvious. And now there are indications hes going to change their constitution to a First Strike policy. Ive said it before, WW3 will be Russia, the other bastards China, North Korea v US, Nato. With that stupid fucking Thunderbirds President in charge in the US, the threat will only grow stronger.

    • Putin has said that the Russians with only use nukes if nukes are used against them.
      I know their word is worthless as they lie continually, but NATO could destroy Russias military capability with conventional weapons and there is absolutely no need to go nuclear.
      Fuck the fading cunt, his own side can’t wait to stab him in the back.

    • Hey Bob,

      The Thunderbirds analogy is absolutely fucking brilliant! I can’t get the visual out of my head.

      At any rate…the good news is Ji Jing Joe doesn’t run anything…most especially, his own fraudulent administration.

      The bad news is…the Obamunists actually, do run everything. That’s why they traded an arms dealer and convicted criminal known as “The Merchant of Death” for a degenerate, tatted up, crotch cannibal.

      • Of course he will. He kept all his election pledges the last time, like building that wall and getting Mexico to pay for it, bringing back all those manufacturing jobs from China, drained the swamp, etc. All while diligently paying his taxes.
        And, if he gets back in, he will end the war in Ukraine, by handing the keys to his pal Putin.
        And show those globalists what for, by doing deals, very good deals, around the world to build more of his tacky towers.

  12. Remember Bill Clinton at the time of the Monica Lewinsky affair who conceived in his own mind that oral sex was not really sex.

    Only intercourse made it sex.
    Kidding himself.

    Maybe Putin thinks this is not a war in Ukraine. Not a ‘real’ war.
    But if missiles hit Moscow then in his mind it becomes a ‘real’ war and ‘all military means’ can be used to defend the ‘homeland’.

    That’s how he conceives things maybe. Could be how he thinks.

  13. Fat Russian apologist Peter Hitchens does it again.

    Another article where he lays the blame on Ukraine on NATO expansionism. He tries to equate Russia or China basing medium range nuclear weapons on territory bordering western nations with what is happening in Ukraine.
    What fucking bollocks. The exercises that NATO holds in countries bordering Russia are never simulated attacks on Russia, but simulated defensive operations that rehearse a Russian invasion, and how it would be countered.
    These drills, have no offensive element to them, and their propaganda purposes would only ever be to show Russia that it would be military folly, as well as internationally criminal to invade its neighbours. Only a fool, or a propagandist would frame these exercises as invasion preparations, as they are completely different to those carried out by China, who war game invasion scenarios about taking Taiwan, or the Russian exercises on Ukraines border that preempted their actual invasion in February.
    Its NATO policy that should a member threaten another country for its own reasons, it does so alone, as that is not its remit. Do you remember NATO getting involved in the Falklands war?

    Russia does not see a western aligned Ukraine as a military threat. Why would it? None of the countries that Russia has invaded in the last thirty years as military threats.
    If Ukraine became accepted into the western sphere of influence, it is highly likely it would become a vibrant, prosperous nation, and this is seen as a threat to the authoritarian regime in Russia, as its people see that the grass really is greener on the other side.
    The evidence for this is in how Russia gives its (current, as they change regularly) reasons for its war with Ukraine, about degeneracy, Satan worship etc.
    Fuck off Hitchens, the only sentence I agree with your article is the final one, there needs to be peace in Ukraine, and soon.

  14. The Biden Puppetcy heaped more shame and degradation on the United States today as it rolled out the Red Carpet for Pissant Ukrainian Dictator and world class Con Man, Volodymyr Zelensky.

    Wearing his best dress Ukrainian sweatshirt, the scheming cunt delivered (what was characterized as) an emotional speech before a lame duck Congress and was hailed again as a champion of democracy.

    The type of democratic champion who seizes control of all media outlets, outlaws independent journalists and controls the flow of information.

    The type of democratic champion who outlaws opposition political parties and jails any voice of opposition.

    The type pf democratic champion who shuts down churches and threatens any “…Christian caught worshiping in unapproved ways.”

    The type of democratic champion who after receiving billions of dollars in aid demands billions more as an investment in his type of democracy…that of course will save us all from Satan Incarnate who threatens democracy even here in the United States.

    The type of democratic champion who will not account for any of that money but assures us it was well spent.

    And perhaps the saddest of all is that many members of the permanent Washington Uni-party including that old witch Nancy Pelosi and that cackling hen Flatback Harris oohed and awed and swooned and fought back tears and struggled with the vapors at the mere sight of this slimy fucking cunt.

    Utterly shameful.

    • I’m not bothered about Zelenski’s alleged petty corruption or alleged political misdemeanours. I don’t know whether or not the allegations against him are true or not, because it matters not. In the defence of Ukraine he’s played a blinder. And I would rather live in a country run or defended by Zelenski than one ruled over Putin and his murderous thugs.

      • I dont give a fuck that he didnt wear a suit, it reminds people that there is actually a war going on there. Churchill did the same, back in WW2.
        Cunts like Tucker Carlson can bleat on all they like, they worship a fat cunt who wears and expensive suit and still looks like a sack of shit tied up in the middle. Especially with that fucking ridiculous comb over and that stupid orange clown makeup the cunt wears, which wasnt featured in the laughable images that he sold to cabbages for a hundred bucks a pop as digital trading cards, which even Trumps greatest anal tagnut Steve Bannen thought was fucking stupid.
        Grifters gonna grift.
        As for Donald Trump Jr calling Zelensky a welfare queen?
        The only thing that piece of shit knows about welfare is to ask them for donations for his fucking dad.
        Its pure jealousy, as he, and his family, arent fit to sniff the dogshit from Zelenskys shoes.
        And he knows it.
        Fucking Skum.

      • @Gutstick

        That might be the stupidest, most irrelevant, hate filled post you’ve ever made. (And that’s saying something.)

        You’re like some mythical serpent with its head cut off thrashing and lashing out blindly in the vain hope of inflicting damage on some unseen enemy.

      • Thanks MJB.
        let’s not forget, the GOP hatred of Zelensky goes back to before the war, when he wasn’t corrupt enough to give Trump dirt on Biden, even when Trump threatened to cancel military aid.
        Also, if Zelensky had worn a suit, then he would have been accused of grandstanding while his country’s people suffer, and all he was interested in was fashion magazine coverage.
        Oh, they did anyway….

      • ‘lets not forget, the GOP hatred of Zelensky goes back to before the war, when he wasnt corrupt enough to give Trump dirt on Biden, even when Trump threatened to cancel military aid.’

        So he had ‘dirt’ to dish?

      • Its a strong possibility Miles, it is politics after all. And, it should be vigorously investigated too, there should be no one above the law.
        However, it shows that the GOP dont care about corruption as long as they benefit from it.
        And, they are willing to throw an entire country under Putins tanks because they didnt get their dirt.

      • Hey MMCM,

        As a rule I’m a fan of your posts. But I couldn’t disagree more on this one.

        As I generally respect your positions let me simply say that preferring Zelensky to Putin is a no brainer. But to me it’s like saying I’d prefer to live under Krushchev than Stalin…it’s a matter of degree.

      • Hey general, if you want to read an irrelevant hate filled post, try looking at the one you posted above mine.
        Or do you think your hate is justified and relevant?

      • Hey Gutstick,

        Fact: Zelensky closed down all broadcast and print media that he and his government didn’t control.

        Fact: Zelensjy outlawed all political parties except his own and imprisoned his political opposition.

        Fact: Zelensjy has closed down churches and threatened to imprison anyone caught worshiping in a manner he doesn’t approve of.

        Fact: Zelensky refuses to account for the BILLONS of dollars given to him by Biden.

        Characterizing these facts as irrelevant simply reinforces your mental and emotional separation from reality. As does involving Trump and his family in your hate filled paranoid fantasies. No matter how divorced from reality you are, the fact remains…your hero Volo is a crook. And no amount of your mental masturbation can change that.

        I do need to issue a correction though. Your last post is stupider than the one I called you out on.

      • I’m a bit late to the party but your ‘facts’ are appallingly thin on context, even if true (not convinced).

        I don’t think it is unreasonable for a wartime leader (for such he is) banning pro-Russian political parties, churches or whatever such institutions, especially when harbouring foreign agents, providing intelligence to the invader or collaborating in the bogus referendums that prompted Russia to annex land it doesn’t even hold.

        You make out like he did it just for the banter, are you really so naive about Russia’s subversion projects?

        Apparently so, given you are parroting most of them on this thread.

      • Evening Gutstick.

        Compared the the General, you’re a mere novice when it comes to being hate filled.

      • How do RTC.
        I try not to do hate too much these days, such a negative emotion is best avoided, and my life is so much better for it. I don’t even hate the dumb Zelenski haters either, it’s their choice. It’s all gravy for Putin though, he laps it up.

      • GC is using similar tactics against Zelensky and Ukraines fight for national survival as Lord Haw Haw and his fellow propagandists used against Churchill and the allies during WWII.
        What is it about totalitarianism that appeals to these weak minded individuals?

      • @Gutstick

        You are correct in one thing…the fact that I say it doesn’t make it true.

        But as the actual facts speak for themselves…like raiding convents, confiscation property and closing churches…so to do the words of your hero. So let’s look at what Volo is quoted as saying:

        “Personal economic and restrictive sanctions will be applied to any Christian caught worshiping in unapproved ways…” -Volodymyr Zelensky

        Newsweek is not a conservative publication. Here’s a piece by Jonathon Tobin as to what is really going on in Ukraine and why mindless Zelensky apologists are so wrong in their zealous defense of this crooked, petty tyrant:

      • That was an opinion piece by a journalist, not a news report.
        The Russian orthodox Church is pro Russian despotism, is leader is a friend and former cohort of Putin who has shown full support for Russias illegal and murderous invasion. Fact.
        Any wonder it might be less than popular in Ukraine at the moment?
        The problem with you Putin apologists is that no matter what depths Russia stoops in its war, Ukraine and Zelensky will always by the focus of your hatred.
        I see them as the lesser of two evils by a country mile. The west, and the world in general has nothing to fear from Ukraine. Russia on the other hand is a threat to world peace.
        Fuck them, and their apologists.

      • @Gutstick

        You might not be as dim as I thought you were. What clued you in to the article being an opinion? Was it the word opinion in the link or the fact that it was labeled opinion by the publisher?

        And being an opinion does not invalidate the facts mentioned in the piece.

        Calling Volo a tyrant and pointing out that he does not represent the Western values that the MSM and our corrupt leaders want us to believe he does, does not make me or the author a Putin apologist.

        Both of us have called out Putin for his evils and he should not be absolved of blame for his criminal actions. But as you cannot abide legitimate criticism of your Ukrainian hero you must attack those of us who point out what a crook he truly is.

        Volo is a con man NOT because I say he is…but rather because his multiple and repeated actions demonstrate that he is.

      • whereas, posting links to opinion pieces shows you are exactly as dim as I thought.
        I’ve picked a side, one that is not without its problems, but is far better than its opposition. One thing in that puff piece was correct, that Trump and Carlson are Putin sympathisers. Sadly there’s a lot of those cunts about.

        (Okay everyone. that’s enough personal abuse. It stops now! – Day Admin)

      • @Gutstick

        As I keep trying to explain to you, it’s not an either / or choice. You can support Ukraine and recognize Zelensky as a con man without being a tool of Putin.

        Also using facts in support of your opinion does not invalidate your opinion.

        However, ignoring facts (as you do)…or worse yet making them up (as you also do)…does indeed invalidate your opinion.

      • It seems Im not allowed to respond in kind. Not for the first time too. Last week, every post I put up was trolled by someone who had been banned twice, yet not a word in my defence, as I did my best to not retaliate.
        Im not bothered by the abuse, more that is allowed against me, and only becomes an issue if I return it.
        I wont be a problem any longer.

      • Morning GJ.

        For what it’s worth, I appreciate your posts.

        I may not always agree with them but shit should certainly never get personal over differing opinions.

      • Morning Gutstick.

        I hope that doesn’t mean what I think it means, but if it does then I can’t say I blame you.

      • Morning RTC, HJ.
        I should have gone a while ago, the smart funny forum I joined 7 years ago is a distant memory, and it’s slide to blatant racism and tinfoilery seems unstoppable, so it’s probably for the best. There are still a few contributers than make me laugh, or think, but not enough to make a difference unfortunately.
        Look after yourself RTC, and HJ, we rarely agreed, but you did it respectfully, and that I appreciate. Debate is great, it makes us reevaluate what we think we know.

      • @Mickey Blue Eyes

        Sorry for the late reply. ‘Tis the Season and all that.

        Why would you dispute my “facts” if you’re unsure as to their accuracy? Wouldn’t it be better and more effective to confirm or deny them rather than to make up imaginary context to support your point of view?

        For example; you said it was reasonable to ban pro-Russian political parties who harbor foreign agents. That is an allegation used to justify Volo’s crackdown on political opposition. In context and in point of fact ALL political parties of all persuasions were banned regardless of whether they were pro-Russian or if they did in fact harbor foreign agents or sympathizers.

        Manufacturing bogus context and parroting Zelensky apologists talking points to dispute facts that in your opinion may or may not be true invalidates your argument.

        Or is it your opinion that all political opposition should be banned in war time?

      • @GC

        Manufacturing context? I know this site is full of contrarians (I am one ffs) but that is such a naive comment mate.

        Lest you be under any illusions, saying that a party in Ukraine is ‘pro-Russian’ doesn’t equate to innocuous labels like being ‘pro-free market’, it pretty much means it is an agent of a foreign power. And not a very nice one either, one that has meddled in Ukrainian politics for decades, for the greater good of the ‘Russian world’

        Medvedchuk, the leader of one such party has (had) ties to the Kremlin you couldn’t make up, Putin being godfather to one of his children. Had the cream of Russian airborne not been annihilated at Hostomel by the Ukrainian army, who do you think would be the puppet installed in place of Zelenskyy?

        As for the churches, good old Patriarch Kirill, (head of Russian orthodoxy and all-round Putin boot-licker) has pretty much declared Jihad in Ukraine, yet you doubt that Russian agents (whether originating from the motherland or Ukraine itself) are using their churches as a springboard for sedition or worse? Be serious.

        The Putin apologists frequently entreat us to ‘understand the history’ etc. Well, start by understanding Russia, their capabilities and their intentions. If they’ve been able to successfully hoodwink good Western, apple-pie rugged individualists like yourself with their propaganda, imagine how far their tentacles reach into Ukraine.

      • @General…..this is a genuine question…. “ALL political parties of all persuasions were banned regardless of whether they were pro-Russian or if they did in fact harbor foreign agents or sympathizers” ……I can find plenty of links where he has suspended…not banned….11 parties with alleged Russian links out of the 240 odd political parties in Ukraine but not the one that backs up your statement of a “ban” on “all political parties of all persuasions regardless”
        Grateful if you could provide the source.

      • My mistake there are apparently 349 registered political parties in Ukraine not the 240 odd that I said….apologies.

      • @ MBE
        Exceptional post, sir!
        @ GJ
        Farewell, although hopefully your absence will prove only temporary.
        Together with MBE, your posts on this thread have been outstanding.

      • @GJ

        I’m probably too late for you to see this but I value your contribution.
        You’re one of the few people on here that stop it falling completely into the mire of being an alt-right neo-con echo chamber of racism and Alex Jones style tinfoil hat fuckery.

        Another good poster gone.

        I’d also like to point out that when certain posters call other’s normies – I’m glad to be a normie.
        The likes of Sam Brinton are the ab-normies… I take it that you want to be a part of their little gang then??
        Sounds like it.

    • This doesn’t strike me as a video that has the backing of the mainstream media.
      So I expect it to be utterly condemned and dismissed as nothing more than pro Trump, tinfoil hat wearing, anti western, conspiracy theory.

      On with the war, the sale of lots of weapons, the spunking of taxpayers millions, the continued hard ship and misery for millions of people.

      3 cheers for Zelenskyy…Hip Hip…

      • I didn’t think that, although I only lasted a minute, because he came across as a right twat.
        What is happening in Ukraine has fuck all to do with the border problems in the US, so why make it about it?
        More pointless whataboutery from another YouTube bellend.

  15. I hate to agree with GJ but I dont get what the problem is wearing fatigues during a War. You have got to look the the part. Like Churchill.
    Emminently appropriate.

    Also I agree with GJ again (bloody hell) that he has ‘played a blinder’ fighting for his country.
    Full of fight he is.

    My problem was always about another war after the catastophes of Iraq, Afghanistan , Lybia.

    I suppose in Ozzys’s phrase the ‘War Machine’ fired up again.

    But maybe I am naive.

    I dont really believe much the ‘conspiracy theory’ around Ukrainian corruption.

    Yep I am suddeny all for GJ. Fuck!

    • Wonders never cease.

      Each war / conflict is different. Just because a previous war we involved ourselves in was unjust, doesn’t mean the current war is.

  16. Two seemingly opposing views can both be true without invalidating each other. Putin can be a cunt of metaphysical proportions and Zelensky can be a thief of cosmological proportions.

    With regard to Ukrainian corruption; as far back as 2012 Ernst and Young rated Ukraine as one of the 3 three most corrupt countries in the world. By 2017 it had improved to one of the 9 most corrupt countries and in 2021 Transparency International rated it the 2nd most corrupt country in Europe.

    Ukrainian corruption as fact has been acknowledged by such Liberal / Fascist rags as your own Guardian as far back as 2015 and by American Propaganda Outlet NPR (National Public Radio) when it noted that the Biden Crime family has ignored Ukrainian corruption since his days as Vice Perpetrator under Obama.

    To dismiss Ukrainian corruption is either ignorant (unaware of the facts) or stupid (aware of the facts but choosing to ignore them).

    As for Zelensky himself, even before Vlad the Invader launched his illegal invasion, the Pandora Papers reported that Volo and his cronies had secreted millions of dollars away in offshore funds and were investing in property in tax havens the world over.

    As for the propaganda of wearing some sort of military uniform because you are engaged in a life of death struggle with Satan himself…the hypocrisy of that is obvious to all but the most idiotic observer.

    It’s hard for me to believe that with all of his evils, Putin could add one more to the list; making a con man like Zelensky look like a righteous freedom fighter…but he has…the evil cunt.

  17. Did any cunt knock their Christmas lights out tonight to show solidarity with Ukraine?

    I thought clapping on the doorstep for the NHS during the biggest scam in human history was a cringe fest but knocking your fucking lights off to virtue signal to Ukraine has comfortably surpassed it.

    • “Did any cunt knock their Christmas lights out tonight to show solidarity with Ukraine?”

      I expect ‘Mother’, aka ‘Cunty Gordon’, aka ‘Le Cunt’, aka ‘Gordon’ did.

      Evening Herman.

      • I didn’t, but I don’t do tacky Christmas lights.
        However, I hope we send them plenty of NLAWs so there will be less Russian tanks to bother the free world.
        Fuck Russia.

      • Agreed GJ. Merry Christmas and fuck Russia to hell. The Christmas attack on Kherson is the work of Orcs – pure evil. Russian filth.

  18. Biden tells a baby girl that she’s, “workin’ it!” which is a sexual phrase that people used to use, not so much these days, but then Biden isn’t eactly hip to the times and down with the kids, unless he’s GOING DOWN on a kid, maybe…

    And his wife just… acts like nothing happened, doesn’t even fake laugh to laugh it off, she knows he’s a child molester but she sticks with him because… power, status, money. American is done, I think it’s literally DONE.

    Have a great day tomorrow, gentlemen. Eat, drink and be merry!

  19. Ruff Tuff – “Each war / conflict is different. Just because a previous war we involved ourselves in was unjust, doesnt mean the current war is.”

    Beyond all that, the bottom line is that wars aren’t designed to decide who was right… only who’s left. 儭

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