I think we will all (hopefully) agree that Putin is a cunt, so this page has been set up to allow you to vent your feelings about the current invasion and occupation of Ukraine

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    European Union lawmakers and member countries reached a deal to ban the sale of new gasoline and diesel cars and vans by 2035.

    The deal EU negotiators sealed Thursday night is the first agreement of the bloc’s Fit for 55 package, which the bloc’s executive commission set up to achieve the goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 55% over this decade.

    Under the deal, car-makers will be required to reduce the emissions of new cars sold by 55% in 2030, compared to 2021, before reaching a 100% cut five years later. The European Parliament and member states must formally approve the agreement before it comes into force.

    The European Parliament said the deal is a signal ahead of the U.N’s annual climate change conference “that the EU is serious about adopting concrete laws to reach the more ambitious targets set out in the EU Climate Law.”

    According to EU data, transportation is the only sector in which greenhouse gas emissions have increased in the past three decades, rising 33.5% between 1990 and 2019. Passenger cars are a major polluter, accounting for 61% of total CO2 emissions from road transport.

  2. On topic (🤔), Russia has blamed the U.K. for the damage caused to the Nord stream pipeline. It’s also blaming us for the drone strikes on the Black Sea fleet in Sevastopol.
    Yeah, ok, because they are such reliable, truthful and non invading bunch of cunts that should be believed by everyone, not just the western self haters.
    Fuck off Vlad, don’t forget, you’re sending all those young men to their deaths, who are you going to get bummed by?

    • According to one of the tabloids Vlad is dead and has been replaced by three impersonators who have had plastic surgery – the year of the Three Vlads, to borrow from ancient Rome’s Year of the Three Emperors (and our own year of the three PM’s). It would certainly explain the chaotic nature of Russia’s war effort and the stupid desperate reports, like the one you point out GJ.

      It’s just tabloid nonsense, no doubt.

    • Can you please put your shitposting elsewhere. If anywhere, the covid thread where this ‘mom blogger’ covid conspiracy drivel belongs

  3. IAEA finds no evidence that proves Russia’s ‘dirty bomb’ accusations.

    The IAEA experts have finished in-field inspections in Ukraine and found no “indications of undeclared nuclear activities,” said the agency’s chief, Rafael Grossi.
    The International Atomic Energy Agency’s inspections were carried out at Ukraine’s request after Russia claimed Ukraine was developing a “dirty bomb.”
    I wonder if Russia would allow such an inspection?

    • Are these the same sort of experts who assured the world that Saddam Hussein had weapons of Mass Destruction? If so they can fuck of.

      • The IAEA may not have covered themselves with glory over the weapons of mass destruction incident. But I would trust them over Putin’s murderous thugs any day.

      • Not the same experts.
        U.S. and U.K. intelligence along with Alastair Campbell’s dodgy dossier were responsible for that debacle.
        Hans Blix of the IAEA was sceptical of Bush and Blair’s “intelligence”.

      • Some people are so hard wired to believing/excusing Russia there’s nothing anyone can say that will change their mind.
        Fuck them.

      • “Useful idiots” is the phrase – a term paradoxically used by Lenin to describe western flatterers of the Soviet Union. That people can cheer or excuse the rape of a free country and justify it by reference to the alleged moral or political failings of the West or Ukraine (with endless posts linking Youtube nutters) is not just morally depraved, it’s also insane.

  4. Mounting evidence is coming to light of the Russian massacre at Bucha. Civilians being led out across a street to be mowed down with Russian guns. Other civilians being led into a torture chamber. A Russian soldier called his mother and said he had orders to “shoot everyone, who gives a f— who it might be: a child, a woman, an old lady, an old man”.

    Still, as long as the west is so dysfunctional, it’s worth it, eh!! Good old Putin standing up for traditional values of murder and rapine.

    With all its faults, the West is a 1000 times better than this bunch of murdering savages.

      • The invading forces are merely following the standard set by their leader.
        Putin’s gangster state wouldn’t have it any other way.

  5. The pope has said that he doesn’t believe in Russian cruelty in Ukraine, and prefers to celebrate Russian humanity instead, according to the Vatican times.
    Then again, it’s not the first time he’s defended a creepy bloke that likes to kiss young boys.
    Being Argentinian he should be able to spot a Nazi, and now works for the organisation that sent many of them to safety in his country, so probably holding the Vaticans noble tradition of protecting war criminals from prosecution.
    Fuck him and his evil church.

  6. One thing the Russian army now excels in is retreating.

    The military evacuation from Kherson, which military experts said would take weeks, was accomplished in 24 hours. So desperate we’re the Russians to flee that they dumped their equipment and uniforms to apparently flee naked.

    Move over Italy. You have a new rival.

  7. According to the Telegraph today, a couple of Russian missiles have landed in Poland, 5 miles over the Polish/Ukraine border, killing 2 civilians.

    Russia has denied the incident suggesting its a NATO setup.

    The West, and in particular the Pentagon have urged caution until all the evidence is in before deciding what to do next.

    Technically any non-NATO country that attacks a NATO country could face military retaliation from fellow NATO countries, which may ignite a World War.

    However, a Pentagon spokesman did suggest the incident might be an “accident”, which may result in a different response.

    • It is most likely an accident, Russian kit isn’t known for accuracy or reliability, definitely not both at once.
      Article four is what will be implemented, no need to escalate it but those Russians are cunts.
      Had a bit of a wake up at the G20 for being the regional bully that it is, so add to that the humiliating retreat from Kherson, they start spraying missiles around like a spoiled child, with no military aim, just civilian terror bombing.
      Fucking basic cunts, nuking is too good for them.

  8. As it is mid afternoon here in the states this story is all over the TV. And not surprisingly, in our polarized world there is no consensus of opinion.

    1. Russian missiles did land in Poland. Russian missiles did not land in Poland:

    A General from the Pentagon gave a briefing for the press and said basically they were unable to confirm that Russian missiles landed in Poland. With all the means at their disposal, including high tech satellites and conventional radar, I find this hard to believe.

    They don’t want to say for whatever reason, deescalation, diplomacy or simply time to get everyone in NATO on the same page.

    2. Putin ordered the missile strike. Putin didn’t order the missile strike:

    The Vlad as Satan crowd believes that Putin launched the missiles. They think he knows he is fighting an unpopular war that he cannot hope to win. Therefore he is (a) hoping to rally the Russian people by saying; “see, NATO is coming after us.” Or (b) in a fit of delusional madness has decided that since he cannot win if he goes down he will take everyone else down with him or (c) is an evil genius hoping to up the ante just enough to make everyone back down and allow himself a way out. In addition the Russian troops are incompetent with bad morale. They just missed the Ukrainian target and accidentally hit Poland.

    The establishment crowd says Putin may be mad but he isn’t stupid enough to risk a widened and possibly nuclear war. They say the Russian military has squandered its first line weaponry in a losing cause and are not forced to use ineffective and/or obsolete systems. The missiles simply had old, unreliable and not very technically advanced guidance systems. This plus the incompetent and demoralized Russian peasant/conscripts who operate the missiles simply missed their targets in Ukraine and struck Poland. It’s all just an unfortunate accident. Maybe?

    These opinions are of course subject to change as information becomes available. Even as I am typing this there are reports that the Russians have denied that any Russian missiles landed in Poland. so what does that mean?

    Thankfully, President Biden is the Leader of the Free World and along with the great Freedom Fighter of the 21 Century, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, we plebs can be assured that whatever they do, they protect the sovereignty of Ukraine and their actions will be “on the right side of history.”

    • EDIT: In the “Vlad as Satan” paragraph the last sentence is in the wrong place. (I got in a hurry to edit so I wouldn’t time out.) The point still stands but should be in the next paragraph.


      • Another EDIT: In “The establishment crowd” paragraph that should read “…are NOW forced…”. Another fucking typo that escaped the edit.

  9. Just had a text from a mate saying ‘what do you think about Russia bombing Poland?’


    Looked at what actually happened.
    Still bothersome but hardly indicative of a targeted strike.

    Some people…

  10. Another piece of information or propaganda:

    Jesse Watters of RAT (FOX) News is reporting that Polish sources say what landed in Poland are pieces of a Russian missile that was hit in mid air over Ukraine by a Ukrainian anti-missile defense system. The explosion scattered missile debris throughout the air and that’s what landed in Poland.

    • Not inconceivable, Russia continued its routine bombing of civilian targets in many cities including Lviv.

      The truth will become apparent in a day or two so no need to rush to conclusions just yet. The only thing we know for sure is to discount whatever laughable version of events the Russians concoct.

      Accident or not, it just further underlines how fucking reckless the Russian ghouls are and why Putin is cunt of the century for initiating all this mess.

      • Hey MBE,

        I too would be loathe to believe anything Putin says.

        But on the other hand, I would not put much stock in what Biden’s speech writers tell him to say.

        And rest assured, no matter what has really happened, Zelensky will say he needs more money.

  11. Funny how the missile that strayed onto Polish territory, from wherever it came from, gets more coverage and comment than all the missiles that Russia fired at civilian targets in Ukraine yesterday. And, there’s no mystery of where they came from, or why they were fired, Russia admitted it freely.
    As for sleepy Joe, thank fuck the GOP isn’t in power, especially with that fat, lying, corrupt, piece of shit Trump at the wheel, they would probably be supplying the Russians with better targeting coordinates.

    • The reason missiles landing on Polish soil gets so much attention is really quite simple. Russian missiles landing on Ukrainian soil is a frequent, if not regular occurrence in this stupid, useless war.

      But missiles landing on Polish soil…Russian or otherwise…represents a broadening of hostilities that could be construed as an attack on a sovereign nation and NATO member. Such an attack, if proven, would demand a military response by other NATO members and could easily lead to a Europe wide and potentially even a world wide war of catastrophic, even cataclysmic proportions.

      As for Biden and Trump…you are entitled to your opinion. But I must remind you that it was Biden’s family who was deeply involved in Ukrainian corruption while the Trump Russian Collusion allegations have been proven to be a hoax.

      • I see the Donald is making a comeback, as a native do you think his bid for the republican nomination is credible, maybe a different candidate can secure the Trump vote and steal some of the democrats and floating votes

        Is Ron the man to MAGA.

    • It would represent a broadening of hostilities if it was intentional, but it doesn’t appear so. Also, it only happened because Russia is firing missiles off, so it’s their fault regardless.
      As for Trump, I was referring to his praise of his buddy Putin on his initial attack on Ukraine, and his threat to leave NATO, which would be so beneficial to Russia.
      The fat crook is running again, even after the slamming his political reputation took last week at yet another ‘stolen election’ and now even some of his more rabid worshippers are thinking it might be time to get rid of the cunt.
      Jail would be great…

      • Ron DeSantis would be a shoo in for the Republicans, they would be mad not to go with him.

      • Hey Sick,

        Off topic…but…

        Is Trump a viable candidate? That’s a good question. A really good question!

        It appears right now that the vast majority of the MAGA movement strongly supports another run.

        The establishment wing of the Republican Party and the RINOs almost universally oppose him.

        The Republicans won the popular vote in the midterms. But they did not make the gains they should have.

        With his support of hand picked candidates that were loyal to him, Trump made this election about him and the stolen 2020 election. His message fell on deaf ears.

        As of today, only Ron Desantis has the name recognition and political chops to challenge him. Whether he does so is obviously an open question. Otherwise there is no viable Republican candidate…at this point.

        The wild card here is how the public reacts to what the Democrats do. They will indict him…probably in a D.C, court…for some bullshit charge. Whether or not the public sees it for what it is and is sympathetic to Trump remains to be seen.

        My sense is the majority of the American populace has moved on. But 2020 is a long way away and with Ji Jing Joe asleep at the wheel things are sure to get a whole lot worse. That could lead to a clamor for Trump.

        Now that he’s in, his ego won’t let him drop out and I think it’s most likely he splits the Republican party. Either he or someone else will run as a third party candidate.

        If that happens…Trump as a third party candidate and an Establishment Republican on the party ticket something like a Bull Moose Roosevelt / Republican Taft / Democrat Wilson affair could happen leading as it did then to an almost certain Democrat victory.

      • EDIT: My editing skills suck! In the “My sense is…” paragraph that should be 2024 is a long way off.

      • Good analysis General, will have to see how the opinion polls turn out, whatever happens it will be an interesting 2 years

    • Gutstick, It’s not funny, it’s obvious why there’s more focus. A Russian missile hitting Poland would ramp up tensions, as Poland is a Nato country,

      Your comment is pure whataboutery, and your sentimentality is obscuring your judgement. You’ve framed this war as a simplistic tale of Good vs Evil.

      Perhaps, seeing as the missile has been revealed as more likely to be Ukrainian, NATO should also attack Ukraine?

      That’s a joke

      • I think you completely miss my point.
        I was pointing out that people don’t seem to give much of a fuck if Ukrainians get bombed, only care if there is a possibility of it spreading.
        I also stated from the outset that it would have been an accident, and indeed it was, a Ukrainian air defence missile fired at incoming Russian missile attack.
        At no point did I advocate attacking Russia, the nuking is too good for them is a personal view, not a suggested policy.

      • Oh man Cuntamus you said the quiet part out loud. If the missiles were not of Russian origin…then what was their origin? Who launched them and why?

        But we are way ahead of ourselves here. Let’s wait to hear from Ji Jing Joe and Georgi Washingtonevich Zelensky.

      • Me, me, I know the answer! Ukrainian air defense launched the missile in an attempt to intercept a Russian missile that was attempting to destroy some part of Western Ukraine (statistically, something civilian). Ukrainian air defense is about as good as Russian missiles, because that it what it actually consists of.

        Novel idea; time to gift Ukraine some NATO standard air defense. Decreases likelihood of anything landing in a NATO country and likely also decreases chances of Russia fucking killing more civilians than they have already.

        I think that is the answer anyway, I’m down with all the conspiracies.

  12. Rishi-

    ‘I am speaking to you from the cabinet room at 10 Downing Street. This morning the British ambassador in Moscow handed the Russian government a final note stating that unless we heard from them by 11 o’clock that they were prepared at once to own up to that bomb and ‘the mind of its trajectory’ was meant for that Polish village a state of war would exist between us. I have to tell you now that no such undertaking has been received, and that consequently this country is at war with the Ruskies.’

      • Putin doesn’t need any help from us.
        He’s doing a perfectly good job of destroying Russia all by himself.

      • I don’t know what they are blathering about, no one at NATO blamed or threatened the Russians. Cool heads prevailed where it mattered. Russia at some point said it could be a nato false flag, yada yada, but only the loons took that on board.
        What is un disputable is that the errant missile was only in the air trying to destroy Russian missiles that were being used against civilian infrastructure. Even the Russians said they did it for fucks sake, yet the useful idiots still defend Putin.

  13. I would like to point out to all the people who think Russia is losing this war and getting its arse kicked one fact, namely over 20% of Ukrainian land is in their possession, losing I don;t think so.

    • Seeing as they had planned on a three day offensive, even packing dress uniforms to March victoriously through Kyiv, got nowhere near the capital, have been systematically pushed back to the point where they have lost half the territorial gains since February, culminating in a forced retreat from Kherson last week, I’d say it’s not going terribly well for them.
      Those maps showing Russian controlled areas don’t tell the full story, as they do not have enough manpower to police that amount of territory, and their influence will wane significantly the further they get from their main supply routes and large built up areas.
      You sound like you want them to win.

    • You two again. Yes there is the rule no Cunting the Cunter on ISAC. But also there is an unwritten rule that you cannot Compliment the Cunter with a slimy
      You are both guilty of this flagrant breach I believe.
      If it doesnt stop I am going to tell Admin.

    • How do you figure ‘over 20% of Ukraine’ in Russian possession?

      Didn’t Vlad get the Duma to ratify those bogus referendums to incorporate the territories into Russia “for ever”.

      The way Vlad sees it, thanks to his can’t-fight-for-shit military’s shambolic retreat from Kherson, Ukraine is now in possession of Russian land, so I guess they are winning after all.

      • Have any of you Putin lovers put in your order for he-man Vlad’s 2023 Calendar yet?

        I hear this year he’s adopting a dominant theme, to go with his he-man world thug image, by posing in leather with a strap on.
        Should be right up your alley.

      • I wonder if Zelensky had a strap-on that time he was ‘playing’ the piano.
        How fucking hilarious that was.
        Maybe our ‘3 amigos’ would bend over for him they love him that much.

      • ‘Incredible how many on here continue to suck on Putin’s tiny ding-dong.’

        Fucking comedy gold.

  14. Nobody here is doing Putin’s bidding.

    The people who say that are just using a trick they learned from the Blue Check Mark Twitter folks; As they cannot win the argument with facts, logic and reason…and as they cannot abide anyone who dares to dissent from their wisdom…they attack someone’s character and impugn their motives. If you don’t believe what they do, you are evil! You must be discredited and silenced!

    That leads us to the “Tickie Fairy”…since their own ill informed and unpopular opinions rarely get more than 3 or 4 upticks…perhaps as many as 5 or 6 if they uptick their own post…in order to cover up the popularity of the other posters whose opinions are popular…and also discredit them…they uptick ridiculous numbers and them point and shout…AHA! Voter fraud!

    As for silencing…they will follow you around the forum. They will belittle, bully, harass and harangue until you leave or go silent. All the while cheered on by their cabal of like (albeit small) minded comrades.

    It’s all so juvenile.

    • This thread should locked until January 9th in my humble opinion. Who needs a rage-a-thon shit-show over Christmas? The war will still be there in January. There a three threads per day to rant on, have a laugh. And there’s the World Cup thread, that’s where I will be posting on until the Final on Sunday 18th December, then I won’t be on here until January 5th at the earliest. Give yourselves a rest from the insanity if this world, chaps, you’ll feel good.

      Take it away, Russ Abbot (Diane Abbott before she transitioned, as was revealed recently in… my mind, actually)…

      Party on, dudes! 😀

    • Interesting post GC, I’d like it 40 times if I could.

      Plenty of people here do ‘Putin’s bidding’ whether they realise or not, simply by regurgitating Russian propaganda and talking points, which are occasionally grounded in some limited reality but always designed to obfuscate, detract and derail.

      I always thought the lies were easy to spot but maybe I was just wildly optimistic. I personally have no patience for something that is so obviously bullshit, however it is indeed a site for one and all so fair point there, even useful idiots are welcome.

      • I’m just too busy putting up Christmas decorations, but Christmas presents, wrapping them, watching the World Cup and I’ll have to help my mum with Christmas Day this year as she broke her wrist in September doing my sister’s garden and it should have healed by now, but it hasn’t. That’s this time of year, folks, it’s hectic and fun and boozy woozy and happy and sometimes sad, so to Hell with the shit-show of the world-at-large for the next six weeks! 😀 Just get the music on,get the food in, stay warm in your happy homes. 🙂

      • Points for creativity Mickey.

        Let’s talk about propaganda and talking points. Yesterday or today…depending on where you are in the world…Volodymyr Zelenskyy condemned the Russian missile strike in Poland as a “really significant escalation.”

        Yesterday or today…depending…Valdimir Putin denied launching missiles into Poland.

        Today, it is confirmed that the missiles that hit Poland were of Ukrainian origin. It is clear that this was not a really significant escalation on the part of Putin. But it was a really significant attempt by Zelenskyy to escalate the war by bringing NATO into the war under false premises.

        These are statements of fact. By stating the facts am I doing Putin’s bidding? Does telling the truth advance Putin’s cause?

        Putin is a cunt. But Zelenskyy is a con man. I always thought his lies were easy to spot. I personally, have no tolerance for someone who is full of bullshit, however, it is a site for one and all so fair point, even delusional idiots are welcome.

        By the way….I didn’t like your post once.

      • Good show GC, but worth clarifying a few points.

        I was referring more to the French and Cornish gentlemen you’ll have seen in this thread than anyone when I say some people are regurgitating propaganda, but if you think the cap fits don’t let me stop you plopping it on your head.

        I was under the impression that nothing definitive had been concluded from the missile incident and that investigations were ongoing, though it does look most likely that it could have been Ukrainian AD. You seemed to insinuate in your reply to Cuntamus that there may be some darker forces and motives at play, did I read that wrong? That’d be straying into ‘useful idiot’ territory, I’d counsel you. Maybe the UK was behind it, like they did the Nordstream, eh Vlad?

        As a general theme you’ve probably noticed yourself, NATO’s restraint in not rushing to conclusions is not just a sign of rational thinking but a complete contrast to anything Russian MOD has put out to date. But ofc, how could it be anything other, the Russians are fighting imaginary fascists in a country that ‘isn’t even a real country’ after all.

        Oh, and if you think I’ve said anything delusional, feel free to point it out, I don’t mind clarifying for you.

  15. Oooohh, some bitter and tart replies on here today ladies😁

    Handbags at dawn.

    I’m staying out of it.
    Have a snowball and help Gordon with his decorations.

      • Watching 1899 now, it’s good! But you need to manually turn on the subtitles using the wee [CC] icon on the bottom-right of the screen. Select, “English (forced)”. It’s in English, Spanish, French, Polish, German, Danish, Portuguese, Cantonese, Norwegian, Swedish as the ship’s passengers are from al over Europe. But it’s a woke PC show! No, sirree! 😀

        Hey, it’s better seeking out the doom porn of the corporate media on these cold dark nights.

      • Why don’t you keep your promise and stop clogging up this thread with your nonsense.
        You don’t want to know about this stuff, fine, don’t visit or comment.
        You have the football thread to troll, fill your boots.

      • Oh poor baby, am I intruding on you willfully driving yourself to depression at the most wonderful time of the year? I’m so sorry. I’ll leave you to your gloom now.
        Peace. 😀

      • Ask your mum to get you some Ritalin when she comes back home from selling pins, it will help you, and us.

  16. After all the help the UK has given Ukraine during their problems with Russia,
    They should maybe give us a few hundred ton of grain in gratitude,
    Don’t you think?

    No offer yet though?

    Typical Russians.

    • Yeah, but what if they bungled the shipment and they sent us Zelenskyy’s hundred ton of cocaine?! LOL! 😀
      Don’t we have enough of that shit coming to our sacred Holy Land?

      And who would deliver the coke, err… grain? Sean Penn? LOL! 😀

  17. @MBE

    Sorry for the late reply…time difference and all. I’ll try to be comprehensive in my reply but am a bit pressed for time today and might have to visit later to complete my response.

    As for your opening remarks…since a portion of my remarks had to do with the Tickie Fairy…or more accurately the Fairies who Abuse Tickies…I rook your remarks to mean that if you could discredit my remarks by using the tickets, you would do so. That put me on the defensive from the get go.

    However, I thought it was a creative and witty way to make your point hence my remarks about getting points. Such displays of wit…once common here at IsaC…are sadly, now all too rare. So you took a shot at me and it was a good one. Bravo.

    As your remarks were under a post I started, I assumed most of them were aimed at me. As you said “mostly” that seemed to confirm my assumption at least in part. Your comment about the cap fitting may cast some doubt about my assumption, but if your remarks were “mostly” intended for others in this thread, then I must concur. There are some world class idiots posting in this thread, useful or otherwise. (By the way…the cap remark was a clever rejoinder.)

    As for me implying that there are nefarious forces at work here, you are quite correct…I believe there are. When war is involved there are always nefarious forces at work. But beyond that…Putin is a cunt of metaphysical proportions. Satan only knows what his real motives are.

    Zelensky is a con artist of cosmological proportions. He has the whole of the Virtue Signalling / Blue Check…as well as Western politicians in many countries citing his virtue and ignoring his (many) vices.

    As for America’s own Fearless Leader…Don Bidini and his extensive Crime Family…their involvement in Ukrainian corruption is well documented. While he is now mentally infirmed, the surviving members of his Crime Family are still motivated by money.

    The NeoMarxist Obamunists who run the Biden Puppetcy have their own Brave New World Order adenda.

    As this year has seen a revolving door of British PM’s, I don’t know if there is a coherent policy in Britain…nefarious or otherwise.

    As Putin had to get the approval of the CCP before he could launch his illegal war…they clearly have motives in this mess that make the nefarious motives of the Western leaders look relatively innocent.

    I could go on but you get the point.

    Finally, to address any delusional remarks made by you. Ukraine is a real country and it really does have Fascist elements both inside and out. To deny both and to believe otherwise is in point of fact(s) delusional.

    • Missed a few edits but fuck it.

      I did leave one thing out. MBE pointed out NATO’s restraint. As I pointed out earlier in this thread, NATO has Hi-Tech Satellites, radar and a plethora of other intelligence means and sources at their disposal. They are monitoring what goes on in Ukraine 24/7.

      They knew from the beginning that these missiles were not Russian in origin. As I said in another post, even RAT (FOX) News was reporting that immediately after the strike, Polish sources were saying the missile was Ukrainian in origin.

      In all probability, they were waiting on the politicians to tell them what to say before they issued a statement. One does not rise to the level of command in NATO without being an astute politician and having solid political connections.

      If they showed true restraint…it was in covering up Ukraine’s role in what really happened while they were waiting for orders on how to spin this for the public.

      • 😁 hehehe.

        Only teasing you General.
        Not meant with malice.

        Dunno why I tease you so much?
        Think it’s , your a bit like the game Buckaroo ®
        You have that in the US?

        Few nudges and you kick off!

        But not up for fighting,
        That crackpot Gordon has made me look forward to Christmas,
        The utter bastard.

        So with goodwill ,
        All the best to you for Christmas and I’ll leave you be👍

      • ‘Heart’ have just played ‘Wonderful Christmas Time’ by Paul McCartney!

        Merry Christmas!

      • Mis, in America, they have the real thing! Bucking bronco! No, not OJ Simpson trying to escape to Mexico in 1994, that insane shit that Gene Wilder was ace at in Stir Crazy…

        This thread probably won’t get locked until January, fair enough, but we can make it fun, funny, whimsical. If you seek out becoming depressed at this time of year, by golly you’ll get your wish, baby.

        Be of good cheer! 😀

      • Hey Mis,

        When sincere and good natured sentiments are expressed by one to another we respond here in the states by saying; right back atcha*

        The only Buckaroos I know are the backing band for the late, great Buck Owens.

        Gordon’s sentiments notwithstanding, It’s a bit early for Christmas here in the states. Particularly as we look forward to the Great American Holiday of Thanksgiving.** But once again…right back atcha.

        *Atcha is American bastardized slang for “at you.”
        **Especially, since it really pisses off the wokesters.

      • Evening GC!

        Ta for those responses. In no particular order I can clarify that I responded to you solely because of your opening statement that ‘nobody is doing Putin’s bidding’ so I could go on a wearied rant about some of the ‘naive’ posting that goes on here that I genuinely can’t tell comes from either Russian plants or plain retards.

        You don’t have to like Zelenskyy by any means, but calling him a con-artist seems to me akin to somebody in the 1940’s referring to Churchill as “a bit of a pisshead”. Ukraine is fighting an existential war in every sense (for all that ‘NATO expansion’ bullshit that they bang on about in places like Cornwall, it is a sad fact that the Russian hawks repeatedly argue for the complete absorption of Ukraine into their cunty federation, effectively proved by the farcical referendums in occupied territories). Is it so surprising that Zelenskyy will do what it takes? I can empathise.

        Even if you to think NATO acted politically over the Poland missile incident, you at least concede that they opted for….the truth? When was the last time Russian MOD did? Some think-tank took on the arduous task of fact-checking their daily briefs on Russian media and discovered that they had destroyed the Ukrainian military several times over and captured the same villages every couple of weeks. That’s a lot of liquified Nazis.

        I suspect you also probably overestimate NATO’s ability to know what is going on in Ukraine 24/7. Russia launches a lot of missiles daily and fires a lot of artillery shells and Ukraine respond in turn. Especially on days where, as we saw, Russia attacks multiple cities, there’ll be a shit load of air defense in the mix too, in the same airspace. I doubt it can all be tracked in real time, hence the investigation. Only a hard-hearted cynic would think it was purely political.

      • There’s no pleasing some people. The same loon that accused NATO of provoking this war is now calling them cowardly for not retaliating. Clickbait I know, but stupid either way.

      • Evening Gutstick.

        The loon of whom you speak, I wouldn’t expect anything less from the attention seeking pinhead.

      • Hey Mickey,

        While I disagree with some of your assertions I must say that you are clearly a thoughtful and rational man.

        I often saw things differently from Komodo but I always respected his reasoned and thoughtful positions. I am feeling much the same way now.

        As for me being a hardened cynic. Correct…I am. The events of the past few years here in the states and indeed world wide have caused me to cast a suspicious eye on much of what is written, said and done.

        Covid…BLM…wokeism…cancel culture…Russian collusion…Hunter Biden…stolen elections…The Great Reset…Jeffery Epstein…your own remainers…and countless other examples have caused me to become suspicious and cynical…if not jaundiced.

        As for Zelenskyy being a con man. I will not back down from that…he is. And he was long before Mad Vlad launched his illegal and immoral war on Ukraine. Zelenskyy has been scamming the system from the get go.

        As far back as April of 2021 the Pandora Papers revealed that he had amassed a wealth amounting to millions of dollars secreted away in offshore banks.

        Since the bullshit war, sources in the American press say his own personal wealth has increased dramatically. Today there is a story on Newsmax that German arms sent to Ukraine have been found in Belgium…presumably sold for profit.

        There are also reports that Zelenskyy (and to be fair other Ukrainian oligarchs) are buying residential properties in Switzerland.

        All of those reports have been denied or disputed. But the cynic in me is inclined to believe them until they are proven false.

        Then of course there is the whole Zelenskyy and his wife as the saviors of Democracy. They silence political opponents…strip them of their power, imprison those who won’t bow to them and (she) jet sets around the world raising money that presumably ends up in offshore accounts.

        Putin is a metaphysical cunt for starting this war. But Zelenskyy was a scheming, conniving, thieving cunt long before this war started. The war gave him an excuse to multiply his efforts exponentially and a veneer of legitimacy to cover up his ill-gotten gains.

      • Evening RTC!
        You are spot on, though even by agreeing with you, we are forming a bullying cabal.
        I’m off to sit in a dark room and cry because my posts only get one or two ticks, and this being a popularity contest I feel fit to top myself. 😂😂😂

      • @GC
        In case you haven’t noticed, Ukraine is currently in a fight for its very existence.
        Political opponents who seek to undermine the war effort are bound to be silenced and imprisoned.
        It happened here during WWII and no doubt would happen in your country too were it invaded by a hostile foreign power.

      • @Minge

        Of course I know there’s a war on. But as usual, your premises and assumptions are incorrect or at the very least flawed and misrepresented.

        Zelensky dissolved and then outlawed all political parties in Ukraine.

        Churchill (and his predecessor Chamberlain) did not dissolve the Labour Party. (although I’m willing to bet there are a number of cunters who wish he had), or any other political party that I am aware of. If you know differently, then by all means feel free to list those parties he did dissolve and abolish. (

        Perhaps some Fascist party clone was abolished but certainly none of the “loyal opposition.”)

        By all accounts Zelensky has imprisoned hundreds of political opponents. Churchill brought his political opponents…most notably Atlee and Halifax (who was by some accounts pro-German) into his government. Please provide us with the names…well not all of them…but at least 5 or 6 will illustrate your point…of those Winston imprisoned. A link detailing the full list would be even better.

        Zelensky shut down, took over or consolidated all at least 11 television stations or broadcast networks.

        Obviously mass television didn’t exist in WWII and the BBC dominated the airwaves. But there were plenty of voices in the print media. The legal appointment of Beaverbrook notwithstanding, please tell me which ones Churchill shut down, consolidated or took over.

        Zelensky’s wealth has increased considerably during this war. How much did Churchill’s wealth increase?

        There is a difference between a wartime leader unifying his country for survival and a demagogue using a war to consolidate his power and increase his prestige and wealth.

        Two opposing truths can be true at the same time. Zelensky is leading his nation’s war for survival. And he is personally profiting from said war…not only in money but in power and also prestige among the Blue Check Mark / Wokist / Totalitarian Left.

      • “I often saw things differently from Komodo but I always respected his reasoned and thoughtful positions.”
        Er….back atcha. Sorry, can’t do the accent…

        I can see your point, that Zelenskyy is a conman. Successful politicians usually are, including Churchill. The first casualty of war is the truth, anyway.

        I don’t think Ukrainians are any cuddlier than Russians, although they have to look as if they are somewhere near Geneva Convention rules in order to attract the maximum Western support.

        Most of them probably understand that desperate times require desperate measures, and that the alternative to an authoritarian wartime regime is a much more authoritarian occupation regime. They’ve had some of that regime. They remember it well.

        Much more important than the integrity or otherwise of the Ukrainian leadership is my – and NATO’s – profound conviction that if Putin gets away with this one, he simply won’t stop. Following the fall of Moldova, via the Transnistrian Orc enclave, free and roughly democratic states like the Balts and Poland – and, who knows, E. Germany – will be targets for unrestrained aggression in the name of a Greater Russia. Being a fairly logical cunt Putin may well calculate that no-one’s going to invoke The Nukes as that would be the end of both sides. ‘Escalate to de-escalate’ is his dirty motto.

        No skin off the US nose, but it will be much harder to pretend it supports ‘freedomandemocracy’ if it steps back from this.

        The cunt Putin’s motto is MRGA, and he’s not constrained by any humanitarian or democratic constraints at all. As he has cheerfully demonstrated to all.

        Fuck me, I do go on. Sorry.

  18. It seems the rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the rotten tree. Son of Trump, Donald J Jr, an inspired name, said on Twitter “as it is now confirmed that it was a Ukrainian missile that landed on our NATO ally Poland, can we now stop sending them billions of dollars of weapons?”
    What a fucking cunt, just like his tone deaf dad. Perhaps he’s in a golden showers kompromat video too. One thing puzzles me about that, is the fucking orange slob pissing on the ruskie slappers, or is he the one getting pissed on?
    Talking of that piece of shit, another three of his billionaire backers have said no more cash, so he’s going to ask his supporters for more millions to fund his campaign.
    I wonder if he’ll get Paul Manafort back as campaign manager, that fucking fraudster that went to jail but was pardoned by Trump for not squealing on him, he’s got plenty of connections in Russia, helped get the last Kremlin puppet to get elected in Ukraine, so he can probably hit up a few oligarchs for some dirty money.
    And let’s face it, if he can help convince Americans other than toothless cousinfuckers from the south to vote for a globalist elite campaigning against global elitism, he might be worth another punt, though even some of the diehard maga shaggers are seeing him for what he is. A fucking cunt.

    • If you look at nato in 1990 and now guess the difference if that isn’t expansion what is it a jolly boys sight seeing tour of east europe.

      • Perhaps Google how many of its neighbours did Russia invade since 1990, some more than once, most now absorbed into the Russian federation led by puppet governments.
        Finland and Sweden had no interest in joining before Russia started threatening them this year.
        Also, Ukraine had been turned down for nato membership as it might be considered inflammatory to the Russians. Didn’t you get that memo?
        Also, the NATO business is so January. That excuse was superseded in February with the de nazification bullshit excuse.
        March it was Biolabs.
        September it was they didn’t want western degeneracy and democracy on their doorstep, and we are Satan and shit.
        Anyone have an idea what Decembers excuse will be? 😂😂

      • In your response to only your “March it was Biolabs” remarks:

        US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland testifying under oath before the US Senate:

        Former US Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is also a US Army officer who served on the House committees of Homeland Security, Armed Services and Foreign Affairs:

        Both women were in positions of authority and both were in a position to know if there were bio labs in Ukraine.

        It seems far more likely to me (especially given my aforementioned cynicism) that Ji Jing Joe and Abraham Lincolnevich Zelensky would lie and cover up the existence of these labs than a State Department official and Member of Congress would be to lie about their existence.

        Especially, given the well known and documented involvement in Ukrainian corruption by Hunter Biden and the Biden crime family.

      • The Rulsi link doesn’t work and IsaC won’t let me post a correction. I’ll try again later.

        But if you want to see it google Tulsi Gabbard on Biolabs in the Ukraine and I’m sure you can find it.

        (Should be okay now, General. Wordfence doesn’t like multiple hyperlinks in one post – Day Admin)

      • indeed MJB, and it’s pure obfuscation as it doesn’t address the different excuses as the war progressed.
        And, let’s not forget those Russian cunts used chemical and radioactive weapons to kill people on UK soil, something the appeasers always seem to forget.
        I won’t.

      • @Minge

        I hope everyone reads the link you posted. Tulsi’s “clarified” position was to make a distinction between a biological weapons lab and a standard, run of the mill, everyday biological lab like the one in Wuhan.

        Which is exactly the threat Nuland was concerned about. The labs are there. They do biological research (much like what was done in Wuhan China). That’s why Nuland was concerned they would fall into the hands of the Russians.

      • @NA

        Thank you NA.

        I knew I could count on you. I mean I understand that DA is going through a lot right now. What with his GF running off with Vernon…his enthusiastic support for Liz…and his failed attempt to float a dinghy back to France…via Ireland…I understand the stress he is feeling. But still…you gotta perform under pressure.

        By the way…is there any truth to the rumor that he had a dust up with Shaun and is now obsessively watching the Dead Pool postings?

    • @Komodo

      Don’t be sorry for going on. As usual a solid post.

      When Trump was in office the danger of Putin invading anywhere was minimal to non-existent. (As evidenced by the fact that unlike when Obama was in office, Putin didn’t invade anywhere when Trump was around.) But with Trump gone…the Obamunists in charge of the Biden Puppetcy…and of course with the full blessing of the CCP…the danger has increased exponentially.

      For that reason I disagreed with NATOs threat assessment back then. Obviously, things have changed and the danger is manifestly evident.

      However, the Russian army has proved itself to be a second rate power. The war is also very unpopular inside Russia. I realize as a dictator Putin cares little for public opinion but on some level he must be concerned about a coup from within if he goes down another disastrous invasion road.

      And then of course there are the Chinese. He couldn’t have launched this invasion without their approval and he won’t be able to launch another invasion without their consent. I don’t know what they are likely to do.

      So how real is the threat? I don’t know.

      Your point about the Ukrainians being just about as cuddly as the Russians is in fact a good one. During the heyday of the Cold War the US cuddled up to several repulsive tyrants…Pinocet…Marcos…Samoza…the fucking Shah…and on and on, so I guess supporting a corrupt and conniving little cunt like Zelensky is just an extension of business as usual.

      I never saw Churchill as a con man. He was a cunt…but a likable and indeed often a very admirable one.

      • Geeze! My editing has really gone to shit! His name was Somoza NOT Samoza. Actually it was his “middle” name. Garcia was his last name but in the Latin tradition he was known as Somoza,

  19. I appreciate the efforts DA but no go.

    Any cunter wishing to view the link can type it in by hand BUT…after EE type a small “L” (l) instead of a cap I and then complete the address and it will take you there.

  20. What if the explosion in that Poiish village had been found to be unquestionably caused by Russia?
    What response would have been appropriate for NATO?

      • The allies have made it clear that they will strike back if any part of NATO is attacked.

      • Why declare war? Declare it a “special military operation” and then NATO can bomb Russian infrastructure with impunity.

      • Polish President Andrzej Duda called it an “unfortunate accident,” explaining that there was no evidence of it being a deliberate attack on his country.
        “Ukraine’s defence was launching their missiles in various directions and it is highly probable that one of these missiles unfortunately fell on Polish territory,” he said.
        A White House statement published later echoed Duda’s words.

      • ‘Why declare war? Declare it a “special military operation” and then NATO can bomb Russian infrastructure with impunity.’

        Why doesn’t the West send weapons so that Ukraine can bomb Russian infrastructure?

      • It’d be easier to answer if you gave us some sort of clue what point you are trying to make.

  21. @Minge Juice

    Just my dispirate thoughts-

    When Hitler rolled his tanks into Poland Britain declared war.
    When Putin rolled his tanks into Ukraine we didn’t.

    What is the difference? The NATO alliance.

    We are in a ‘proxy’ war. In a proxy war with Russia?

    I think I peferred the more honest approach of 1939.

    Could you argue that the NATO Alliance just ‘out- sources’ conflicts.

    It would be better to fight face to face.

    Is this just a ‘defensive war’ on the part of Ukraine? To keep the moral high ground?

    Biden won’t send the very latest technology. Why?
    It’s like a game.

    It is a real war when one side doesn’t counterattack the other side?

    Specifically blow up Russian infrastructure.

    Are they frightened to? Because they have nuclear weapons?

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