I think we will all (hopefully) agree that Putin is a cunt, so this page has been set up to allow you to vent your feelings about the current invasion and occupation of Ukraine

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    • Simon Cowell: “Well, that was fine, it was fine. But what’s this about you threatening to nuke Britain and America?”

      • Mental, isn’t it. He has a thing for Fats Domino. He actually loves American music and movies – Kim Jong-il (the dead one, no not the Eternal Leader one, oh fuck it) was the same, he ha a massive collection of American movies on DVD. And he loved the booze. Putin doesn’t drink, which is weird for a Russian.

        It’s all very theatrical, isn’t it?

    • Maybe if you didn’t pander to confirmation bias and look for validation in stuff like this charlatan peddles for money, you might have a better understanding of the subject, and life in general.
      Proper research is trying your best to prove your opinion is wrong, by exploring information that challenges your opinion, not scraping the barrel to find stuff that agrees with you.

      • Calm down. I can post whatever the fuck I like, just as you can. There are no rules regarding being factual or fair to the people we “cunt”. That’s the entire fucking point of this site – to “cunt” people who deserved to be cunted. And that’s what I’ve done on this thread since it started.

        Zelenskyy: cunt
        Biden: cunt
        Boris/Truss: cunts
        Anyone who is gung-ho for WW3: cunt

        Putin is OBVIOUSLY a cunt, so I don’t bother with him.

        You need to stop taking this site to seriously, or you’ll end up with ulcers and insomnia. Plenty of folk here on ISAC post utterly mental crass shit way worse than I post, but you only ever have a go at me. You’d never have a go at say, Dick Fiddler, he’d tear you apart and you’d never return. You obviously see me as some sort of nemesis because we went at it ages ago, but I just post stuff here that as you say, fits my bias. My bias being that I think the governments and the corporate media are utter, utter cunts – creepy cunts who are destroying the fun in life.

        I mean, you constantly paint me as the “tinfoil hat” misinformed idiot who loves Putin, and it has no effect on me, so carry on, pal, carry on.

        This should be our last of these kind of interactions, Mr Japseye. I post my shit, you post your shit. Word of advice: try to be FUNNY in your posts as 98% of the time, your stuff is just… too serious, leaden, cliched, a hard slog to read.

        Peace and love, brother, peace and love. 🙂

      • Indeed RTC, he’s only ever funny when he doesn’t mean to be.
        I didn’t think I was having a go, more like advice really.
        As for the rest of it? I rarely comment on daily noms, too much rinse and repeat race hate for me, something I’ve addressed and got told to fuck up or fuck off. Which to a large extent I have, on both counts.

  1. For those who worry about becoming involved in a nuclear war with Russia, you can relax. It isn’t going to happen. The Kremlin has been using the same tactic since the second world war – confuse the west by saying the opposite of what’s true. For instance, in ‘RussiaSpeak’, the words “We have no intention of invading Ukraine” means “We’re going to invade Ukraine”. Similarly, “We will use our nuclear weapons” means “No we won’t” and “We’re not bluffing” means “Yes we are”.
    The Russians issue threats hoping they will have an effect, but it hasn’t stopped other countries supplying weapons to Ukraine and it hasn’t prevented the Russians getting their arses kicked. Threats are all they have and they’ve become meaningless. Even if Putin completely flipped and ordered a nuclear strike, I doubt if the order would be obeyed. The controls aren’t in the hands of some demented Chechen warlord and those in command know exactly what would happen to them.
    I look forward to Putin being ‘replaced’ and disappearing from the world stage.

    • Fuck them, if they’re dumb enough to believe a single word that comes out of the Kremlin,let them worry.
      Same goes for the dull cunts who think Trump is the answer.
      The fat lying cunt has flip flopped on this issue every week since it started. First he was saying how smart and admirable Putin was, and how the invasion was a masterstroke, a few days later when he, or more likely his grown up handlers, finally read the room, he came out with ‘it never would have happened if I was in charge, I’d have nuked them’. Now it’s fuck Ukraine, let’s all be friends.

      • Blimey that’s a horror list from the past, rita tush, face like a dead cats arse run over by a bin lorry, all the good actors were ugly in my youth, including yootha joyce no plastic faces, marty was a fucking treat to watch even before britain got conned into all this yanky halloween shit, never heard of halloween in the 50s and 60s, bit of carol singing and a guy made of newspapers were our only chance of getting a few bob

    • He’s probably right, I hear King Charlie Chuckles is into a bit of lizard fucking, camilia chameleon

  2. It appears that Russia has begun it’s reprisal attacks on the west.
    Undersea communication cables have been severed at two locations, one at the Shetlands, the other off the south of France.
    Thse cables are vital infrastructure, carrying telecommunications and Internet traffic worldwide. This has been long recognised as targets for the Russian cunts, and it looks like they are following on from the Nordstream pipeline attack with more of the same.

    • Such infrastructure, are almost and sadly, a ridiculously easy target for any form of sabotage, from any kind of nefarious cunts.

      Conservative/Right wing Blogger ‘Morgoths Review’ in one of his recent essays, described the West as being akin to an elephant on stilts, metaphorically similar to the famous Salvador Dali painting if you like.

      In the essay he did happen to mention the vast swathes of undersea internet cable spanning the Atlantic seabed and how flimsy in reality it all is.

      I, like most people probably, had never given it much thought until recently.

      • It was developed and constructed during a period of relative peace and prosperity, and didn’t need to be a strategic asset.
        Thanks to that maniacal closet bender in the kremlin, the world is back to the cold War, but with bells on.
        Just wait until he gets fed up of terror bombing civilian infrastructure and tries to spare his shit army further humiliation on the battlefield by using tactical nuclear weapons.
        that’s if they still work, these things need constant maintenance, and their military are useless at it.

      • ‘It appears that Russia has begun it’s reprisal attacks on the west.
        Undersea communication cables’

        But the Shetland authorities just said it was fishing vessels.

        Seems it was fixed today.

      • It wouldn’t be the the first time, for me to be wrong, or for the cables to be snagged by trawlers.
        However, it’s very unusual for two to be broken within hours of each other.
        They are a target, and will definitely be attacked if things worsen.
        I do hope I’m wrong.

  3. There’s more Japanese alive today than there was before we nuked the fuck out of them, seems a good dollop of radiation makes you breed faster. Man up ..tis but a scratch

  4. Zelenskyy is a cretinous little gimp, isn’t he? He is, he is. Just stop it, stop feeling sorry for this wee toad in his ratty green T-shirt who has been given endless money, munitions, clandestine U.S. military expertise. He demanded $44 billion from Biden and Biden is giving him $50 billion. America is falling to pieces, in every sense yet they won’t help the average American who is struggling, living paycheck to paycheck, people of Florida whose homes, businesses were wrecked recently. No, let’s prop up this money-laundering fake government whose leader is a Jew but won’t condemn the Nazis in his ranks. End this shit-show, it’s almost Christmas.

  5. Back in the real world, Russia has been touting a story about Ukraine about to release a dirty bomb in Kherson. The funny thing is, how can a country that lies continuously, and has done for a century, be so fucking shit at it?
    The photos they use as proof, on what looks like it was done on widows 95, are bogus. The one reporting to be of the materials comes from a bust in Mexico back in 2016. This is not unusual for them, in a video they released earlier this year, supposedly of Ukrainian murders of pro Russian citizens in the now Russian occupied ares of Ukraine, videos and stills of murders in Latin America were used.
    The problem with using pictures from the internet is that the originals are there for anyone to find them.
    Fortunately for them there are enough dull cunts in the west that will believe anything that agrees with their paranoid delusions, and plenty of fifth rate comedians, minor celebrities and lizard watchers that will happily make money from passing it too them.

      • Plenty on here do – although you’ve covered that by saying “no one in their right mind”.

      • This war was a massive error for everyone involved – Britain and American included. These “leaders” are ruining our lives and may poison the Earth. Fuck them all, especially Zelenskyy,, he just bugs the shit out of me with his pimping of Britain and USA, in his stupid green T-shirts and Action Man perma-stubble. He epitomizes the modern puppet President who mouth writes cheques his arse can cash – poopy-pants Biden sends the cash! Endless cash. And no one has called for peace, well, Erdogan has, Trump has, but every other armchair warrior Billy Badass wants to see World War 3. Get to fuck.

  6. Here’s a recent video of the Ukraine Nazis singing an ode to World War 2 murderer of Poles and Jews, Stepan Bandera…

    I wonder what Zelenskyy thinks of national hero and Nazi, Stepan Bandera?
    How does a Jew square away a national hero being a Jew murderer? He waffled over this in April 2019 when asked. He’s so full of shit. A wee puppet raking in the shekels, extending this shit-show thanks to him having Biden over a barrel, it seems. Zelenskyy knows all the dirt on the Bidens. Hunter wasn’t exactly discrete in his degeneracy, was he? LOL! What a freakshow this world is.

    • Bandera was a shit. He is controversial in Ukraine and by no means a hero to all Ukranians. Still doesn’t justify the Ukraine invasion.

      • It’s like saying Churchill was a Nazi because Mosley was around.
        Can’t reason with these people.

      • Nothing justifies it.
        If Putin is so concerned about Nazis he needs to put his own house in order first.
        And put a bullet in his head while he’s at it.

    • That’s a cop-out, Mr Japseye. Nazis are Nazis and Jews are Jews. Jews have vigorously condemned, hated and mercilessly mocked Nazis for decades, but Mr Zelenskyy says nothing and does nothing about the Nazis in his ranks. He’s a sniveling little rich gimp who is taking the tax money from the UK and USA and this needs to stop, the whole shit-show needs to stop. A second Great Depression over some turf in eastern Europe? World War 3? Get to fuck.

      • The Useful Idiots in this country said the same thing about Germany’s invasion of Czechoslovakia and Poland in 1938/9.
        Fuck me, some people never learn.

      • Why is it so hard for a Jew – Zelenskyy – to simple state, “I hate all Nazis, including those in my country, in my military,” hmm? He lost relatives in the Holocaust. Just clear our the Nazis, not hard to do that, surely? He’s a fraud and supporting him has been a colossal folly that history will condemn Britain and the USA for.

      • What makes you think he doesn’t condemn all Nazis?
        Anyway, he has more important things to worry about right now.
        Or haven’t you noticed?

      • When has he ever publicly stated that he hates all Nazis, including the self-proclaimed Nazis in his own military who celebrate the “heroism” of a mass murderer of Jews in World War 2?

        Face it, Zelenskyy a fraud. He has dragged America and Britain into this war and we have no business in it. Let Russia have their stupid turf and let’s move on with life, we aren’t dying on this fucking hill.

      • Zelensky is a total cunt and a slippery turd He promised to remove the Neo-Fascists from the Ukraine if he was elected. But he didn’t and this war is the result.

        His gold digger of a wife is a cunt and all….

      • Funny Nazis, fighting for a Jew.
        People only listen or read what they want to hear.
        No one is saying there aren’t any, just like any country, there’s fucking bellends everywhere.
        Russia has a big Nazi problem. No one seems to be interested in that.
        Putins mercenary brigade, the Wagner group, do you think it’s a coincidence that it’s named after Hitlers favourite composer?
        Or the Wagner line, a crap anti tank obstacle that Russia is putting up in Ukraine? Wagner wasn’t Russian.
        Palestinians, well they love a bit of Hitler. Quite popular out there, for obvious reasons. Want to denazify them?
        I doubt it, probably some bollocks about it not being our business.
        Tell that to Russia, they are the ones in the wrong country.

      • The difference is that Putin isn’t Jewish. Zelenskyy is Jewish, his Jewish relatives died screaming in gas chambers and this evil Nazi “hero” Bandera has been celebrated throughout this war as he has been for over seventy years in Ukraine. Zelenskyy’s bodyguard has a swastika tattoo.

        Face it, Zelenskyy is a fraud, we should cut him off and let this war die out before we all get vaporized.

      • Yeah, you’re right, fuck him. Let blameless Russia take the place, and drag Zelensky and the rest of his mob into the woods and execute them. The world will be a much safer place then.

      • Gang rape his missus first, then make them dig their own graves. 🙂

        Take any little boys back to the Kremlin for Putin’s pleasure. 👍

      • indeed RTC, you’ll have to find the cunts first, they aren’t even in Ukraine, he’s in a studio with a geen screen somewhere safe. It must be true, some cunt on the Internet said it was.

    • Russia is expected to bring its allegation that Ukraine is preparing to use a “dirty bomb” to the U.N. Security Council today. Moscow sent a letter detailing its allegations about Kyiv to the U.N. late yesterday, and diplomats said Russia planned to raise the issue at a closed meeting with the Security Council.

      “We will regard the use of the dirty bomb by the Kyiv regime as an act of nuclear terrorism,” Russia’s U.N. Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia told U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the Security Council in the letter.,Pavel%20Polityuk%20report%20for%20Reuters

      • All invented by Russian cheats, liars and murderers to justify a first strike. The oldest trick in the book.

      • MCMM, this is not breaking, it’s what I wrote about yesterday, it’s just been sprinkled with tinfoil and pumped out as opinion dressed as news by a moron, and lapped up by likewise.

        Humiliated on the battlefield, a troop mobilisation that sent more men fleeing to other countries than it managed to recruit, some of those lucky fellows have already died in Ukraine, less than a month after being conscripted, where they were given a rusty AK that had been in storage since the 80s, and told to buy their own kit, like sleeping bags, and to beg family members for tampons to use as shell dressings.

        Currently resorting to attacking civilian infrastructure, wasting precious ammunition it doesn’t have a finite store of, at an enemy that has no strategic or military value, just to look tough back home. These are not the actions of someone winning, or holding, but of someone losing.

        In summary, if there is a dirty bomb detonated in Ukraine, it will be of Russian design, a desperate and despicable act to try and smear Ukraine, who have nothing to gain from irradiating its own territory, and are taking back large swathes of Russian occupied land.
        The reason why Russia would do this is so that it can demonise Ukraine, and by association those countries in the west that support them, and rationalise the use of battlefield nuclear weapons.
        And cunts like the above who uses a cartoon characters name for a Twitter handle will gladly amplify it, as will the dildos that follow them.

      • This whole war has been a crock of shit. Gayest war ever. Endless cash pumped over with no accounting, Biden is not calling the shots, it’s all a horrifying, but also pathetic shit-show, but then that’s stand operating procedure these days. I’d prefer a worldwide flood to nukes. The last flood was a thing of beauty.

      • Totally agree GJ. A very depressing aspect of this extremely distressing conflict are the number of home grown conspiracy theorists prepared to lap up Putin’s lies, just to get one over on the West.

        Russia is losing. But that puts the war in a dangerous place. A desperate Putin has nothing to lose – but he should still be resisted.

      • Jeez LC/Cunty. I’d like to know what brand of magic mushrooms you’ve been taking. Just so I can avoid them.

      • MMCM, it’s the result of smelling Zelenskyy’s mouth-farts for the past eight months. Just grown tired of this agonizing shit-show over some turf in eastern Europe that could result in there being no more fun for a long, long time.
        I’m not of fan of World Wars.

      • Yeah, it’s ME who is psychotic, not folk who are gung-ho for World War 3 from Washington DC to the armchairs of Wales.
        LOL! 🙂

        See you tomorrow afternoon, chaps.

      • It’s too banal to be Lord Haw Haw, at least he knew about the shit he was lying about.
        There’s a massive difference between understanding what is happening to wanting it to happen, which I have said many times that I do not.
        His understanding of these events is the same as mine on football – I can’t stand it or the people involved, and I wish it would fuck off. I have no interest in it, so the only time I comment on it is if it encroaches on the normal news and not the the sport section, because I know fuck all about it.

        He would see a country annexed and it’s people subjugated, and a large amount of them murdered so he can have the brief illusion of peace for five minutes, before Russia, emboldened by world apathy, starts its shit with another neighbour.

        It’s like telling a child not to play in the road, and giving them reasons why they shouldn’t play in the road, but they won’t listen to anything other than ‘ok, play in the road’

      • Japseye, you are the most disingenuous person I have ever encountered in all my 25 years on the internet. Take a bow, son, take a bow. You always have to make it personal, don’t you. Carry on though, pal, carry on…

      • Ruff, I just hate the Ukraine government, they are cunts, just as the Kremlin are cunts. Mr Z is raking in our hard-earned Pounds and Dollars and where is it going? Why does Britain and America continue to support this catastrophe? What do us lot gain from this? Fuck all, as usual, just more enemies, higher cost of living.

        Russia isn’t going anywhere, they are never ever ever going to turn tail and go home. Putin won’t go down they way Bush, Obama, Trump and Biden will go down in history – as losers of wars to smaller tribes. But every day the rhetoric of western leaders pushes all of us closer to a hellscape. I have relatives in Poland and Lithuania, I have skin in this game. This conflict could have been over months ago, but the shekels kept flowing to Piano Penis from Poopy Pants so here we are.

        Just my take on it all. Disagree? Fine, but don’t be a dick about it.

  7. Better put I hope Putin has his arse handed to him for his Hubris.

    I just dont think I like Ukraine. My idea that it is being thoroughly modern and devient like the West.
    That FEMEN shit started in Ukraine. Or tge leafers of it are all Ukranian.Only a small organisation but still. As an aside their blasphemous antics in a french church has been judged a ‘protest’ by the ECHR rather than a gross insult and the activist awarded comensation for her time in prison.

    So now you can now go into a church strip off imitate the aborting of Jesus, urinate on the sacred ground…and that is a ‘protest’

    Anyway just reading about LGBT rights in the countries round Ukraine. They are all ANTI to cut a long story short. From Poland to Hungary to Moldova.
    But there’s Ukraine forging ahead as it were. Or (my hunch) the Elite are for it.

    You know when Putin talks of ‘denazification’ he might be on about Liberal Nazis or the Liberal Left Progressive deviant Authoritarianism we have here in the West.

    Might be an unholy alliance between the two.

    The Donbass hate LGBT from my viewing.

    Pure prejudice this not bourne out by the facts I suppose.

    This is my prejudice against Ukraine-

    Like a Western country full of decadent ideas in the middle of a traditional agricultural old fashioned yes backward part of the world.

    I’ll anticipate the comments-

    Comedy gold.

    Its a point of view I suppose.

    These fucking Putin apologist cunts…

    • I am sure I saw a video of about the largest marchers held for lgbt rights in that area are in the Ukraine.

    • Well, uber-degenerate Hunter Biden and Zelenskyy are friends, via the Ukrainian-Israeli-Cypriot oligarch, Ihor Kolomoysky. That says it all to me.

      I distanced myself from the Ukraine regime at the start of this. Over the past eight months, I haven’t seen anything at all to suggest that the Ukraine regime are good guys, they are at least as slimy as any other government, in fact more so. Fuck ’em.

      • ‘Canadian psychologist and conservative polemicist Jordan Peterson is somewhat more nuanced in his thinking but still makes the civilizational argument that the moral, cultural degeneration of the West is a contributing factor to the war. “We do not … have all the moral high ground,” he told his more than 5 million followers on YouTube. Invoking Dostoyevsky, he described the war as one fought not over territory but over ideas, values, and traditions—one that “can only be won on the intellectual or even the spiritual front.”

      • While we watch the moral fabric of our society torn apart and do nothing. Maybe the Russians see the danger more clearly and are prepared to act.

    • Whilst I agree there is an issue with cultural degeneracy in the West, I would say the moral degeneracy in Russia is off the scale at present.

  8. Putin needs to get the fuck out of Ukraine.

    It’s in the best interests of humanity.

    I imagine, as Miles allured to, that Ukraine is indeed following a path pathed with the much of the degeneracy that passes for Western culture.

    I also think that by the time the globalists have flooded swathes of the country with young Muslim males, they’ll probably wish they’d sided with Russia but alas, it will be too late.

    However, it’s their choice and their mistake to make.

    Can the Eastern Ukrainian provinces not be granted autonomy? or independence, as was the case with Kosovo?
    Land that was Serbian yet was handed over to Albania. (Albanians) with the backing of the UN.

    I remember Putin condemning that once. Said it set a dangerous precedent. He wasn’t wrong.

    But my point remains. Putin needs to get the fuck out of Ukraine.
    Let the people their decide and let them have free and fair elections.

    Surely some resolution can be found.

    This horrendous slaughter of a generation of young men is a tragedy.

    • If America went to war next year, they’d have no oil on the mainland.

      It’s like someone with dementia is running the USA.

    • Say what you want about Putin, at least he is clear in his speech, he tells you what he thinks, no ambiguity or waffle like the other “leaders” who leave you in a miasma of mystery after they speak.

    • Ha ha – more fodder for the mentally challenged.
      He’s not fooling anyone, apart from some Russian people and the useful idiots in our midst.

    • Some real gems in Pukins speech –

      “The west has been blinded by colonialism”, says Czar Vlad, the raper of Ukraine.

      “No one can dictate to people” – only Vlad is allowed to do that, to Russians and any other country he feels like mutilating.

      “We’ve never said anything proactively about possible use of nuclear weapons by Russia” – no, only every other day.

      “Liz Truss was crazy” – the only true thing he said.

      We are facing one of the most “dangerous” and “unpredictable” decades since the Second World War -thanks to Pukin.

      the ‘new world order should be based on law and order’ – law and order in Russia originates in the barrel of a gun.

      What a wanker. Anyone who believes what this crackpot says needs a lobotomy.

  9. Something I can’t understand is why Zelenskyy is so ravenous for support from Israel. He has the support of Britain, France, NATO, USA, err.. South Korea and more. Israel needs to stay out of this.

    • He already has the support of Israel.
      Make an effort to keep up, there’s a good egg.

      • Because they have the most capable army in the Middle East and can lend weapons, training and assistance.

      • He has America! The biggest military in the world! Why drag in a nation of 7 million people who already have enemies surrounding them?

        This situation is insane. I’m not enjoying any of it, unlike some of you guys. Aren’t you anti-war? You fancy a life during World War 3 with no electricity, gas, all forms of media controlled by the internet? Curfews? Rationing of food? I don’t. That’s where this is heading and it could have ended in April/May peacefully.

        But carry on making this personal, against me and not the tooic at hand as admin implored last night.

        Peace. 🙂

      • All forms of media controlled by the GOVERNMENT including the internet, I meant to say.

        That would be the clincher – not interwebbies for the plebbies.
        Perish the thought!

  10. In Putins speech earlier, he added another different reason for invading Ukraine.
    This time he blamed the west and NATO for turning it into a degenerate satanist shithole.
    So, that’s 1. Because it was going to join NATO. Bollocks because it had been turned down long before Vlad got his shrivelled shit covered cock out.
    2. Denazification. Literally more Nazis in Russia, but they must be the good type, obviously.
    3. Bio labs. Yep, this was du jour for a bit, bollocks again, but 2 out of 10 for trying.

    And now today’s bollox. Which one is it Vlad, you schizophrenic bellend? Looks like desperation, trying to find an excuse for mass murder, and even if one of those bullshit reasons were true, it doesn’t excuse what your country is doing.
    Also notice the language they use, so many conspiracy tropes, obviously to appeal to the victims of its psy ops in turning the west against itself.

    • Good point. Vlad is conducting psychological warfare against the West and finding the ground fertile.

      • I would suggest that the American government and corporate media have been conducting a psychological war on the entire world for many, many years.

        Russia’s fuckery is nowhere near the fuckery that is conducted by America. And it has reached it’s apex with Joe Biden, it can’t get more rotten than him, can it?

      • Fertile ground among the ninnies and the twits. Most decent, right thinking people are not taken in by his childish attempts to deceive.

      • Unfortunately RTC there are loads of them, and covid has swollen their ranks.
        This anti Western poison has been drip fed over the last decade, and has been remarkably successful, as those taken in are compelled to repost and retweet the most outlandish nonsense as fact without the slightest checking, as it feeds whatever paranoia they suffer from.
        Sad really, and if I was a better man I would pity them.
        But I’m not, and I don’t.

  11. I think what is clear about all this is that Mr Putin really doesn’t have his country’s best interests at heart.

    How he can sleep, knowing that so many young Russian men have sacrificed, all on his watch, is beyond me.

    This is a country, like many in that part of the world, where the youthful demographic is very much the minority.

    If he cared about Russia, he wouldn’t recklessly sacrifice a generation the way he has.
    All those Russian families who have lost their brothers, sons and fathers. Emotionally and financially destitute.

    If it’s simply an ego problem with Putin then who are the people surrounding him?
    Are they all warped in the head?
    Are they all happy to condone all these deaths as necessary?

    I’m far from an expert on these things and I’m just calling it as I see it from a human perspective.

    Casting my mind back to the mid 2000’s and by the time the death toll of 2 to 3 hundred British servicemen had been reached in Afghanistan, I recall it starting to really feel like a prolonged tragedy and a complete waste of the lives of so many fine young people.

    The slaughtering on all sides, has to stop.

    • A sentiment I totally agree with. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace had a phone conversation with his Russian counterpart, one that was conducted by both parties with respect
      Wallace again reiterated the UKs wish for a peaceful resolution to the conflict. This sentiment might seem at odds with us supplying military equipment to Ukraine, but we are in a position where we have to support an ally, and resist a belligerent Russia without making the situation worse. An unenviable task, misrepresented as jingoistic by some, and disingenuous by others.

      • Precisely, Gutstick.

        In fact most of our allies are not members of NATO. A few off the top of my head:

        New Zealand
        Vatican City 😂

  12. I totally disagree with Putin over Ukraine but what he says about the West and the USA in particular strikes a chord with me. How many legitimate and not so legitimate governments have the Yanks got rid of with Black Ops and Military Actions over the years? Vietnam, El Salvador, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Nicaragua, probably Ukraine and probably a few more that we don’t know about. There interfering in other countries affairs has led to this point, Putin thinks if the Yanks do it why can’t we? Trying to install ‘democracy’ around the World. Don’t get me wrong, Putin is a cunt but on some issues I can see his point of view. There probably could have been a negotiated settlement but no, the Yanks still have the obsession of crushing and getting rid of the Russian way of life in exchange for ‘democracy’. The UK Government is complicit in this also. For a Ukrainian Government that is not renowned for being whiter than white. Hundreds of thousands of lives lost on both sides and no sign of negotiation or dialogue. I’m not pro Russian but I do feel for the ordinary working class Russians, a lot of the max fed up of this shit show as ordinary Brits and Americans. It’s just a fucking pudding contest at the moment, Putin, incontinent Biden and Action Man Zelensky. Lambs sending lions to be slaughtered. For Gods sake, get a grip, eat some humble pie and get round a fucking table and sort it out.

      • Hehehe 😄

        Good way to resolve it Bob.
        Get em on Bakeoff!

        Vlads fairy cakes failed to rise,
        Flounces off threatening nuclear retailation.
        Zelensky forgets his ingredients.
        Small delay whilst Boris Johnson goes Tesco’s for him.

  13. Ukraine and Israel have agreed to cooperate on military and intelligence matters.
    That news is going to upset a few…..😄

  14. All Quiet on the Western Front (2022, German language, 148 minutes, HD)

    You’ll have to click on the [CC] icon (Closed Captions, ie. subtitles) on the bottom bar of the screen to get the English subtitles.

    Said to be an amazing new adaptation. The 1930 Lewis Milestone film is amazing, one of the greatest anti-war novels and films ever made. No woke shit, no whitewashing, very brutal, grim and grisly, apparently.
    Can’t wait to watch it later once the Sun goes down.

    Have a great weekend, folks! 🙂

    • That film is brand-new out today on Netflix. Looks amazing, one of the best films of the year many are saying.

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