18 thoughts on “Kylo Ren

  1. No fucking idea who this cunt is, but that pictures is deserving of a good cunting.
    The day I watch Star Wars is the day Ian Duncan Smith gives free money to the disabled or Micheal Barrymore advertises swimming pools on TV

  2. Kylo Ren horrible bloody mask(looks like a dirt devil vacuum cleaner)! I tried watching force awankens (well a pirated copy online) definitely not HD but I got the gist of it I only watched bout half of it I was really surprised of the plot. It was mainly just a re-hash of A new hope the lazy cunts just stole the plot from a new hope and added a few bits here and there.

    Unbelievable and I’m not talking about inspired or paying tribute either. The plot was almost exactly the same as A New Hope just a copy & paste job. It was enjoyable in parts tho it was also hilarious when george lucas refered to disney as white slavers LOL guess he’s having second thoughts

    • It was just a remake but with a woman in place of Skywanker and a bigger Death Star.

  3. I’ve never heard of this cunt or the other cunt underneath this cunt Miller! Idk if that makes me out of touch or just plain fucking lucky….i’m happy either way.

  4. Bland, emotionless remake of A New Hope. I watched it at the cinema and felt nothing………. 2 minutes after a certain somebody died……… I had forgotten all about him. This teen-angsty cunt is just a poor man’s Anakin Skywalker.

    When JJ Abrams first declined the offer to make Star Wars because he was a fan and would mess it up……………… he should have stuck with his initial decision rather than jinxing the whole project and handed the Star Trek torch to that cunt who made the Fast and Furious movies……….. that’s gonna suck too.

    • The first Abrams Star Trek film was a fun novelty tribute to the original TV series (despite it’s one huge massive glaring plot hole) but the second one stank of Stale Ham, or Cumberbatch as it’s better known.

      • How can some spotty cunt who looks like a student be a successor to Darth Vader? And his name is crap… Kylo Ren? Sounds like an Irish sausage bandit… My only interest in the sequel if if Lujke cuts the little pimply upstart to pieces and then flushes him down the Cantina bog…

    • ” 2 minutes after a certain somebody died” i haven’t seen it yet so thanks for not spoiling it, although i know who you’re talking about thanks to the utter cunts on the internet who’ve already ruined it for me.

      The last star wars film was good but did anyone else find it depressing as fuck?

      Also Rylo Ken sounds like some twat who should be on The only way is Essex

  5. With a degree of smugness I’m pleased to ask: who? My new cunt-o-matic filter must be working.

  6. The trouble with a lot of recent Science Fiction/fantasy/escapist entertainment is that imagination and plot have become secondary to big name casting and endless crap CGI effects. Either that or they throw huge budgets at arty-farty overrated directors to indulge themselves without thought to pacing, suspense, excitement or logic. See “Spectre” for further details (if you can stay awake).

    • Christoph Waltz looked bored out of his fucking skull too, not surprising considering what shite he was given to work with. His annoying computer game adverts have better scripts.

  7. I’ll fall in with the three who’ve already admitted they have no fucking idea who this underpass dwelling twat is, you are not alone.
    I’ve not seen the bloody film either, thanks for saving me a few bob, I’ll give it a miss and wait, not for long I suspect, for it to come on the telly.
    In the meantime I’m finding X Files reasonable fun, infinitely more attractive than that Happy Valley shite, why is it so full of po-faced cunts, cheer up FFS!

  8. At the time I thought the original X Files got dragged out for far too long but it’s sort of nice to have them back esp if the alternative is a shitty police/thinly veiled BBC propaganda/social agenda show “starring” an unbelievably overrated Coronation St reject…

    • I feel sorry for the poor sods in Calderdale. They’ve been flooded with water and now the BBC floods the valley again with its media circus of shithouses, farcical scripts and no dimensional acting. They must be wondering if it will ever end, it won’t; they go and make another fucking series. If only the banged up psycho murderer was let loose to hurry the entire sordid saga to it’s conclusion.

      • And to add insult to fucking injury the lead ‘actor’ is Sarah fucking Lancashire, that really is shitting on the poor tykes doorstep, the cunts.

    • i watched some of the x-files “essentials” over the last few weeks and you see where the cunts started to jump the shark. the got right up their own arse after the first 2 or seasons. cunts

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