Maria Miller


Maria Miller is a cunt… More right-on shite from this munter… Miller is basically saying fuck real men and women, let’s wetnurse and cater for the freaks before we give a thought to hard working lorry drivers, air hostesses etc…. Not only are the working class well down the pecking order now, a time will come when actual men and women will be seen as second (or third) class citizens below these trannie cunts… Fuck them all…

Nominated by: Norman

9 thoughts on “Maria Miller

  1. I bet the gays are livid, once they were the oppressed and revered champions of the lefty BBC, now it’s the fucking transexual, transgender cunts.
    They are all fucking mentally ill anyway, fucking cunts!

    • Poofs are still prodded around like crazy with gay parades, It’s just trannies are the new oppressed bellends. What’s next paedo’s as the next oppressed group of deviants? those poor cunts sexually attracted to children, raping kids and killing them for a quick reprieve nonces are the real victims they can’t help it fucking bollocks. Fuck off they are sick & mentally ill they shouldn’t be awarded or encouraged.

      Fucking mental feminists and liberal communist twats pushing this gay loving & islam is beautiful agenda. Society is on a downhill spiral thanks to zionism and the stupid evangelicals who blindy support it. If only they knew how much they(zionists) hate christ but they wouldn’t have it because they are the chosen people what a load of shit!

      • Thank fuck someone else loathes the fucking Zionist scum. I’d say more but that cunt Corbyn has just appeared on the TV peddling two stories about how hard it is in modern Britain. Fuck off JC, it didn’t work 2014 years ago so it certainly ain’t going to with his second coming.
        Same goes for the evangelicals with their happy clappy brand of bollocks and shit choruses. I’m almost tempted to join the Spanish Inquisition but it’s so hard to get a decent comfy chair these days.

  2. To my shame I had to google this cunt! Seems it’s more famous for dodgy expenses claims than anything else, £90,000 claimed for housing expenses on a home her parents lived in! Thieving, hateful piece of shit, worse than the rest of them by some way it seems. Definitely an utter cunt, a cunt paid for by each and every one of us!

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