Stella Maris – A Woman for all Treasons

Layla Hussain OBE and woman’s rights campaigner was formally installed as Rector for St. Andrews University in April of 2022. Key to her victory was Stella Maris, subsequently given the role of Rectors Assessor.

The Saint Scot

However Leyla was later described by Stella Maris as disappointing, amongst other things, due to her having spent only one week visiting the University.

Fast forward to October 2023, when a new Rector is elected by the Student Body.
Guess who? Give that man a coconut!

BBC News

Stella then circulates an email accusing Israel of “genocidal” acts against Gaza, complete with link to a website story “The evidence Israel killed its own citizens on October 7th”
Not surprisingly, people are calling for her resignation.

Well Stella, having stabbed Leyla in the back and jumped into her bed before it got cold, you have achieved the impossible. You stabbed yourself in the back, you daft cunt.

Nominated by: Jeezum Priest


Off-Target (American Retailer)

Target is a cunt, isn’t it.

Stuck for a festive present this year? How about this to melt away those festive blues:

New York Post

That’s right. Target, America’s version of Poundland, is flogging a poo-pusher Santa. What better way to support the shirt-lifting community than purchasing  a ho-ho-homo Father Christmas. What could be more festive than old White Beard nudging in your Yuletide log. He’s sure to warm your chestnuts while fixing his mince pies on your chocolate ho-ho-hole.

🎶 Santa baby, hurry down a chocolate chimney tonight.

Move over Christmas tree fairy, there’s a new queen in town. Santa is a reindeer-hoof.

Nominated by: Captain Magnanimous


(More info about Target here – Day Admin)

Staffordshire Police Goes Woke

A cunting for Staffordshire Police, who have produced a document that says using the word: ‘policeman’ breaks the law.


You could not fucking make it up.

But they have:

The Sun

The document makes further suggestions for the way officers identify individuals by their jobs: ‘cleaning lady’ should be swapped for ‘cleaner’, ‘spokesman’ should be switched to ‘spokesperson’ and ‘statesman’ should be replaced with ‘official’, ‘diplomat’, ‘political figure’, or ‘leader’.

Apparently the guide is ‘by no means exhaustive or definitive’….

Also, ‘discrimination through language, whether intended or not, causes offence, patronises and may also be unlawful’.

No shit Sherlock!

It also covers disabilities and medical conditions, advising officers to try not use terms such as ‘diabetic person’, ‘handicapped’, ‘confined to a wheelchair’ and to DEFINITIVELY NOT use the term ‘dumb’ because it’s often ‘used as a derogatory term regarding someone’s intelligence’.


Oddly, the document says nowt about referring to police officers as ‘pigs’, so I’m alright Jack.

Fuck them.

Nominated by: Minge Juice Bottler

Owen Jones (25) – Ignorant Cunt!

I’ve always regarded far left pin-up boy and gobshite little Owen Jones (bless him) with what I can best describe as a mixture of amusement and contempt. He’s a manchild in his mid-thirties, with the outlook of a 17-year-old still obsessed with the politics of the student union. In short, a figure of fun, the gift that keeps on giving to cunters everywhere.

However since the appalling atrocities committed in October by Hamas, my attitude towards Jones has hardened considerably, and now I can only regard the cunt with utter disgust.

Cunters will of course be aware of the mass murder, rape, torture and kidnapping committed by Hamas against Israelis, not least due to the fact that much of the carnage was filmed and then put out on social media by Hamas itself. Further evidence has been assembled by Israel and made available to journalists and politicians, in the form of a forty minute film illustrating the extent of the horrors.

So faced with this, what does little Owen do? Well he can hardly deny the culpability of Hamas, so in the true manner of the lefty apologist, he begins to equivocate and dissemble, to try and blur the lines a little and provide some mitigation.

Yes, he says, Hamas did some bad things, but where’s the evidence that they did some REALLY bad things? Where’s the film footage of Hamas ACTUALLY torturing, raping, burning and beheading people? There’s no actual PROOF.

I’m therefore left to ponder on what WOULD convince this narcissistic little weasel of the true extent of Hamas’s depravity? What does he want? Graphic footage of a rape being committed? A snuff porn video of someone being beheaded? I’m surprised that he’s not ventured into Piers Corbyn loony tunes territory yet, and claimed that the ghastly events of October were actually an Israeli ‘false flag’ operation, designed to justify their subsequent actions.

I’ve always had a good laugh at the little lefty twat’s antics in the past, but now I’d say that he’s crossed the line and this latest effort is just plain sick. Fuck off and die, you rancid cunt.

Express News

Nominated by: Ron Knee

And on the same topical cunt, here’s one from Lord of the Rings

Where ? just where do I start with this ?

Jones is invited, along with Journalists (Jones may write lefty propaganda for that rag, Guardian, but cannot be described as a journalist as he has no objectivity and is completely closed to any opinion other than his own) – to view an IDF release detailing all the atrocities and horrors suffered during the October 7th Hamas terrorist attack.

Everyone watches in silence, unable to speak. Most leave shocked, decimated, appalled, wishing they could un-watch, but knowing it’s their duty to put deniers and neighsayers correct that this terrible attack happened.

Jones’s take on viewing the footage :-
Yes I saw burned womens bodies, but where’s the evidence they were raped.
Yes I saw beheaded bodies, but that doesn’t mean they were alive when beheaded – it could be after they were dead (does he think the Israelis beheaded them after to make it seem worse ?)

I didn’t see footage of beheaded babies so it’s just hearsay.

Words almost fail me, but I am shaking with anger while typing this. Applying Jones’s standard of evidence, the Nazi holocaust can’t have happened, Sure the allied forces found a few bodies in crematoria – the Nazis were probably short of manpower for burials. Those skeletons liberated from the camps probably had anorexia and the krauts were trying to cure them ? a health farm of sorts ?

I have never had any time for this turd or his smug vile rantings, but this shows just how

depraved a disgusting shitburger this…. this….
There are no words I know to describe what this ‘thing’ is.

It’s not a moral human being. Slugs are more evolved…….


An Uncunting for the Dutch

Never thought id say this but.

Do we need to uncunt the Dutch?

Majority voting Geert Wilders with no fear of repercussion from Islam, Greens or the left.

Don’t think even he believed it but people need to watch and learn that enough is enough of these cunts.

So to the EU and left, their people have spoken.

Who has the balls to keep it going?

BBC News

Nominated by: King Cunt

(And the typical reaction from The Sun of all tabloid rags – Day Admin)