Cancer Support


Right up front this where we are. Mrs D has breast cancer and is scheduled for a mastectomy. Shit happens – usually to us – but that’s not my point.

This shit hits you right between the eyes and you really need support to get through it. Both of us but especially her. And according to the politicians there’s plenty of support out there. Except there fucking isn’t.

They give you lots of leaflets. Main use for those is filling the recycling bin. We found one that looked hopeful so Mrs D trots off to the local MacMillan drop in centre. They couldn’t give her the details of any local support group but they did give her some more leaflets.

So I tried Doctor Google. Clicked on lots of links. Found a group that meets once a month in a local cafe. Except that’s for ‘younger sufferers’ and my better half is 78.

So then I went looking for blogs. Found a few. Took a look. Mostly attention seekers and virtue signallers and mainly in America. Not a lot of cop frankly.

What we need is someone to talk to who has been through this shit herself. You think that would be easy but it isn’t.

So my conclusion is : Cancer support? What fucking cancer support!

What a cunt…

Nominated by Dioclese (still alive and kicking).

The Rochdale By-Election a cunt, or at least the candidates are. Surely the elephantine child abuser and asbestosis denier Cyril Smith represents the nadir of parliamentary representation for the town. Maybe not though – just look at what’s standing this time:

– Labour anti Semitic conspiracy theorist Comical Ali. Except Labour have withdrawn support for him. But he’s still on the ballot paper as Labour candidate. What a farce.

– Saddam Hussein’s arselicker George Galloway, who’s stood for as many parties as he’s had wives (4 – Labour, Respect, Independent, Workers). ‘This by-election is a referendum on Gaza’ says the unfushable turd. The people of Rochdale can fuck off then, eh George?

– Simon Danczuk, former Labour MP standing for Reform. Fiddled his expenses (should have been charged but wasn’t) and sent a sext message to a 17-year-old.

– A no hope Tory who’ll do well to beat the Monster Raving Loony.

– A Green dickhead who’s been dropped by his party for something he said about the Pallys, but like Labour he’s still on the ballot paper. Farce number 2.

– A retired vicar and JSO activist who comes up with ‘Climate hell’. Good one Rev. I’ll see your climate hell and raise you a global boiling to go with your belief in a Sky Fairy.

– A Limp Dim who’s a walking advert for NHS dentistry.

Add in a few no chance Independents and there you have it. What a shower of shit. I suppose the Rochdalians should be grateful there’s only one P*ki and no splitarse quota candidates.


Nominated by Geordie Twatt.

[English] Law


is a cunt.

I know this is a short nom, but I only have one statement to make re this cunting: Any business/entity/individual has the right to refuse admission/entry to anyone on THEIR PRIVATE premises for whatever reason(s) they choose: It is their privilege & human right – nothing to do with twisting it around to `race`, or anything else for that matter …

I rest my case, m`lud.

For `Irish Travellers` read `Thieving Bastard Gypsies` – that`s my free speech privilege.


Nominated by Sam Beau with a second helping from Chuff Chugger below.

i second this nom sam. i tried to attach a link earlier today but as im currently toasting my tits off in 27 degrees of canary islands heat, but phone decided to throw a wobbler as i wasnt in the uk.

this boiled my piss….particularly the part whereby the oirish traveller cunts are referred to as a ‘race’ they arent a fucking separate race….and then special dispensation must be made as they dodgy fuckers are rarely on electorial registers.

i have had first had experience of dealing with travellers in my business dealings and rest assured they are all cunts.

they have made this reputation they have because they want to be feared and left alone… pontins dont want cunts with their reputation trashing their places and ruining the holidays of countless others they dont fucking like it. these cunts in this race board or whatever its called are so fucking green and naive it makes you sick.

the only reason i would agree to the abolition of cash is because it would fuck these cunts up as they cant exist without it.


Nkechi Diallo (Formerly, Rachel Dolezal)

Let’s have a you can’t teach an old dog new tricks CUNTING for Nkechi Diallo.


Oh…sorry…you guys know her as Rachel Dolezal. Nkechi Diallo is what she changed her name to after she was outed as a race baiting fake.

It seems she can’t quite let go of her non-existent African roots. Her new given name…Nkechi is short for Nkechinyere which is an Igbo girls name meaning “gift of God.”

Her new family name…Diallo is a West African boy’s name meaning bold.

Recently it came to light that the woman who now identifies as a bold gift of God was working with little kids at the Sunrise Elementary School in the State of Arizona. Now I know what you’re thinking. After she changed her name her past caught up with her and they fired her for being a fraud.


It turns out she’s in the news for “selling risque content” on Only Fans.

As of this cunting she is still employed and presumably mentoring the little kids.

New York Post

This cunting isn’t advocating that she be fired. This cunting isn’t even passing judgment on the fact that supplements her income as a cyber-whore. (That judgment is left to IsaC Horn Section who can view a risque pic of her by following the link.)

This cunting is for still clinging to the fake African heritage she claims to have and for the unmitigated gall she shows for naming herself a Bold Gift of God.

Absolutely no fucking self awareness! And worse than that no fucking shame!

As an aside I had to do some research to learn the meaning of her new names and I uncovered an interesting tidbit.

If you Google the IGBO… translation for cunt, it comes up as Anu.

Assuming that’s correct, the Former Rachel Dolezal now Nkechi Diallo is an Anu.

Nominated by: General Cuntster

The Justice System (4)

Just saw this news article and had to comment, watch the video and marvel at the sight of instant karma being played out before your very eyes.

See the ghetto rat terrorising the bloke on the ground and then a sight you don’t often see these days, old Bill getting stuck in old school style, the ghetto rat must have thought fuck this for a game of soldiers when he saw that little mob running towards him, luckily that swing he took with the knife missed, but great to see some positive action from the young men involved, I wonder if this could be the start of a new trend, I only can wish on that score.

Anyway , fast forward to ghetto rats day in Court ,and yes you guessed it, our pussy magistrates let the side down BIG time,again, eight years in prison would have been something, but no eight MONTHS, out in four…….. what a fucking joke, and take a look at the ghetto rats face, tell me that cunt is not another jail sentence just waiting to happen, magistrates and judges , CUNTS the lot of em

Metro News

Nominated by: Paul