Legends Of Comedy London Show

I happened to be in London today walking through Leicester Square, and as I walked past the Comedy Store there was a queue of all blicks waiting to go in. It looked peculiar, because there must have been 100 or so people and even in London (well that part of London) to see 100 people 100% blick is unusual. I got home this evening to see what they may have been queuing to see, and I came across this:


It reads:

Legends of Comedy is a special event bringing together some of the pioneers of UK Black Comedy. We bring legends from Television, Radio to Stand up comedy award winning comedians that have paved the way for African Caribbean comedians, actors and radio presenters today. Join us as we laugh and enjoy the best stand up comedy.

Now stuff like this really grips my shit. Having your own special show for blick comedians is NOT inclusive. This is a show at the expense of all other races excluded from it. You simply cannot continually claim the race card every five minutes, and then decide you want to put on a show exclusively showcasing blick people..with the USP of the show being EXACTLY that. Imagine if there was a show with the above advertising blurb, but instead of using the word blick, it said white?

Fuck me there would be uproar. You can bet your bollocks to a barn dance even if they were showcasing let’s just say, 1960’s uk comedians….the organisers would make fucking sure there were quite a number of non whites in there to keep up the quotas…even if there weren’t many back in the 1960’s. This has to be a two way thing, but it seems if you are blick you can be as subliminally racist and non inclusive as you fucking like, but don’t want any non blicks doing the same.

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Manoj Malde and the Royal Horticultural Society

This twat is the RHS ambassador for diversity and inclusion, yes RHS thought it necessary to have one of those.

Anyway this twat claims that ‘Classic English gardens made by “double-barrel-named” designers are putting non-white communities off the Chelsea Flower Show. So it’s official then, gardens are racist.

This presumably means that an English garden designer must not create tropical gardens or persian walled gardens etc… as those are originally from other parts of the world (duh!! you don’t say) so only ethnic garden designers should be allowed to create them.

The tiresome twat goes on to say “On the whole, it’s always been white garden designers who’ve actually been featured here,”
He added that RHS Gardens are “beautiful English pretty country cottage gardens, or rose gardens, designed by double-barrel-named designers”.
“How does that connect to somebody from my background? Or from an African background, or Mediterranean background? It doesn’t.”

Newsflash, no one gives a shit about whether it connects with you or not.
You either like a garden design or you don’t, so stop your whingeing and disappear into your central water feature, cunt.

MSN Link.

Nominated by : mystic maven

Lostwithiel Town Council

Mirror Link.

So, some unknown person/persons, sick to the back teeth of having their access road cut off due to a huge pothole ( more like a sinkhole) takes matters into their own hands and fills the hole in.

You’d think the Council would go, Hurray! Not perfect, but it’ll do for a bit. So they re-open the road.

Only to close it again until early June, while the pothole filling team deal with the minor holes.

Good luck getting reelected, you cunts. I personally would rather vote for a paper bag, at least that’s useful.

Nominated by : Jeezum Priest

The Response To ‘Bullygate’

‘Oh no, those poor dogs!’ Oh no, the Met are horrible! Mark Rowley is Satan and Hitler rolled into one!’ ‘Justice for the two dogs killed by the Met!!!!!!’ Fuck off you whining cunts, the fact is the idiot owner allowed those two dogs to attack that woman’s dog. That means that, by definition, the dogs were out of control. The Met were incompetent and definitely overreacted but contrary to what these deranged ‘fur parents’ think they hardly acted in cold blood. This silly cult of worship surrounding dogs – and the outrage surrounding efforts to protect the public from dangerous ones – has got to stop.

Dogs Today Magazine Link.

Nominated by : OpinionatedCunt

Flies [4]

It’s that time of year. The thermometer in dear old Blighty has finally moved off “second ice age” and we have got a balmy 15degC or so. What happens? The cunting blue-bottles are out in force.

Where the fuck do they come from – I know it’s maggots, but where are the fuckers?

Are they fast asleep in my carpet, just waiting to emerge as fat, annoying bastards.

Either way, flies are cunts.

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Ugly fuckers and a complete pest.