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OFGEM and the Government

A few days ago I asked you to support an ePetition calling for the Government to step in and prevent the October rise in the price cap. Thank you all for your response but surprise, surprise the petition has been rejected. I received the following in a email :

Sorry, we can’t accept the petition you supported – “Stop OFGEM increasing the energy cap in October 2022″.

It’s about something that the UK Government or Parliament is not directly responsible for.

The calculation of the energy price cap is a matter for the regulator Ofgem, which is operationally independent of the UK Government and House of Commons.”

So I did some research. OFGEM was set up under the provisions of the Gas Act 1986, The Electricity Act 1989 and the Utilities Act 2000(3). Under The Energy Act 2013, it’s powers were amended to “extend the licence regime to 3rd party intermediaries such as switching websites”

So clearly there is a precedent here for Parliament to introduce emergency regulation amending its powers in respect of the price cap.

According to OFGEM’s own website “OFGEM is an independent regulator accountable to Parliament” which would seem to contradict the statement that Parliament is not responsible. Especially as – again according to its own website – it is a “non-ministerial government department”

Clearly there is a vested interest here in ensuring that any attempt to challenge the Octber price cap changes is doomed to fail.

OFGEM has also just announced that it will be reviewing the price cap quarterly instead of six monthly. Their reasoning for this is that it avoids massive increases all at one time and spreads the load on the poor old consumer. This is of course, absolute nonsense as it will end up costing the consumer more.

Consider this example :

Option 1 – pay £1 for 3 months, £2 for 3 months and £3 for 3 months – total cost £18
Option 2 – pay £1 for 6 months, and £3 for 3 months – total cost £15

So this simplistic example demonstrates that someone at OFGEM cannot do basic math. Or is it something more sinister? Clear the loser is the very consumer that OFGEM claims to be protecting.

Whatever the deeper motive, it is clear that my petition is being binned and, frankly, there would appear to be nothing I can do about it even though the above arguments clearly demonstrate that, to paraphrase Shakespeare, “something is rotten in the state of Britain”

The best we can hope for now is a revolt on the scale of the poll tax. There is already a campaign to cancel direct debits on 1st October. Apart from screwing the energy giants’ cash flows it will achieve little because in modern Britain, the little don’t matter.

I’ve already cancelled my direct debit and to hell with them. It’s time the little people got off their knees.

Nominated by: Chas C

Lewis “Mr Bling” Hamilton (18)

Whatever happened to Lewis Hamilton?

When Hamilton first appeared on the F1 scene, I had a lot of respect for the guy. He was Mr Average made good – a nice normal ordinary guy with a talent that propelled him to the top of his game through dedication and hard work.

Now he’s frankly turned into an immature, money hungry spoilt brat viz his latest foray into cuntishness

Link here

OK you may have a penchant for jewellery Lewis but nobody needs to wear three fucking watches at the same time. But then again it does get you right down there wid de kids init.

He’s objecting to the FIA ruling against wearing jewellery while driving.

Well let’s hope the FIA do a Djokovic and ban the cunt. Rules is rules. You no like, you no play. Simples.

Nominated by Dioclese

Comic Relief (6)

Be fair… it’s shit isn’t it?

Every year the chuggers wheel out a load a load of puerile, cheap telly courtesy of the BBC. It ain’t funny, it’s just a load of people arsing about to part us from our hard earned cash. Nationalised chugging persuading us to give money to spongers, third world dictators and people in famine and war zones breeding children when they should know better. How do they manage it? Anorexics don’t have children – their bits shut down. So how the fuck do they manage it in these third world shit holes?

As if we don’t pay enough in taxes in contributions to the overseas aid budget the biggest bunch of left-on virtue seeking wankers appears on our screens and airways, telling us to part with even more of our dosh.

Dick heads drive their cars around with stupid plastic appendages attached to the grill and others dress in fancy dress crap or bake cakes for ‘good causes’.

And do you know what really pisses me off about Red Nose Day? The fact that my grandchildren will be forced to join in at school today by a load of leftie teachers. Nobody should be forced to join in this shit or indoctrinated with propaganda in the schoolroom. Nobody. It’s not right.

Last year I made Mrs D a promise. I’ll donate £10 for, every time they make me laugh. Seemed fair and reasonable.

This year I’ll give them the same as I gave them last year. Sweet fuck all because, let’s me be honest, woke killed comedy and these cunts frankly just ain’t funny…

Nominated by Dioclese