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With my righteous anger toward our dipshit political class, I almost forgot to nominate my intended target. Grayson Perry.

Yes, that’s right. The far left ‘artist’, who likes to dress up in ridiculous female type clothing, because he apparently thinks it’s as far away from masculinity as it’s possible to get. No, I don’t understand it either. Then again, I’ve found that it’s often impossible to find any logic in the actions, thoughts, and comments of those on the far left.

I’m nominating Perry, because a couple of days ago, he criticised Bear Grylls as a bad role model for young men and boys. Even calling him a “hangover”. Apparently, Bear doesn’t teach our male youth to be open with their emotions, or to explore femininity. According to Grayson, and this is not a direct quote, Grylls is all about teaching men…to be men. Yep, Perry has taken issue with Bear Grylls, because he’s macho and encourages males to do what males have done for several thousand years.

It turns out that Perry has a three part TV series on Channel 4coming out soon. Now this is a direct quote;
The show is about what it means to be a man, and major issues like 90 per cent of crime is done by men, that men tend to dominate business and men commit suicide six times more than women“.
Asked why he thought those problems existed, he said: ‘Because millennia of conditioning has brought men and boys up and taught them certain behaviours that aren’t helpful any more, such as suppressing your emotions, status-seeking, answering problems with anger and violence.’

This is someone who dresses in clothing so ridiculous, that NO self respecting woman would EVER wear. Not even in private. This is someone who, in his own words, once dressed as Little Bo Peep, “because of a yearning for femininity”. Now I have no problem with him doing that. If he wants to dress and look like a complete TWAT, that’s his business. But what the fuck does someone who probably spent his childhood summers running around in his mother’s knickers know about being a man? He’s spent most of his life running away from being a man. And to be fair, he’s actually succeeded.

Bear Grylls is an ocean going bell end. But I would rather have him as a role model than some limp wristed, patronising, cross dressing, tasteless, unhinged gimp, who wants to emasculate those of us who actually are men. I’m not saying that we should be encouraging each other to act like cavemen. That’s what those violent cretins who attach themselves to football clubs, and give real fans a bad name do. But for Christ’s sake, we live in an age where dipshit feminist led advertising agencies think it’s acceptable to produce adverts that portray all men as morons. We don’t need an emasculated foreskin like Perry sticking his fucking oar in too. Leave us the fuck alone.

He can wear as many ridiculous dresses, and as much crappy make up, and be as camp and effeminate as he wants. However, he has NO fucking right to slag of a man who prats about in the woods, being macho and doing what men have done for millennia.

Nominated by: Quick Draw McGraw

Channel four should also be cunted by proxy for being a continuous platform for all this kind of shit. Widow Twankey can take his opinions, his piss poor attempts at art and his wardrobe that even Camilla Batmanpigfucker wouldn’t wear and shove them all up his worn out arsehole.

Nominated by: Gutstick Japseye

Grayson Perry looks a right cunt, If he wants to be a girl then fine be a girl but don’t fucking try and influence others. What a cunt.

Nominated by: Black and White Cunt

15 thoughts on “Grayson Perry [3]

  1. Well deserved Cunting, This fucking tool other wise known as Claire as his alter ego, fuck me what and ego has been awarded a CBE ( CBE is Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.) How and why would that be a positive promotion of what’s left of the British Empire.
    The only sensibility I can come up with is, it may actually be another meaning what with all the artsy fuckers that get these titles. in It’s case a Cocksucking Buttfucked EnemaFeltching Cunt of the most excellent order.

  2. I don’t think bear gryliss is a bad role model per se he is surely better then most so called “role models” no push over but macho?

    His survival stunts also aren’t as real as you think it is QDM its faux shite. Although I agree Grayson Parry is indeed a bastard, a crossdressing delusional artisté & a supporter of the Labour Party fucking brilliant another certified weirdo.

    His series exploring masculinity for Channel 4, All Man is a Subversive poof propaganda so beware cunters! Its main aim is to dismantle question or pervert the idea of Masculinity, feminists follow this same rule of vile CuntThink

    • I’m a survival expert mate, I know EXACTLY what his stunts are. And in no part of my nomination did I say I DID think they were real!

  3. I suspect even here we will hold back and take a live and let live attitude. We have all to some degree or other been programmed to think up is down and down is up. There is a war on masculinity, there is a war on the family. War is a very strong word but it is the right word.

    It’s a war where if we speak out against it we risk being prosecuted for hate speech. This is again establishment backed social engineering. Men individually and collectively have done much more good than bad.

    Holding the criminal or football thug up as representative of masculinity is bullshit and they know it,

    Should we point at Jeffery Dahmer or Denis Nilsen and say this is what homosexuality leads too?

    Perry is an NCO in their war on society, they seek to castrate society. They fear masculinity, they fear the indomitable testosterone powered spirt of men that are able and likely to stand up and fight back.

    estrogenic chemicals are in the water supply by accident they say.

    Grayson Perry if you are going to indulge in this war on society at least have the grace to state the fact.

    Those that promote your agenda are guilty by association

    • News this morning that the members of Royal Troon Golf Club have voted unanimously to admit women members. But this is not a unilateral decision is it? They have been threatened and cajoled into this decision. In another example of the war being waged on men Troon have capitulated.

      It is perfectly acceptable for women to have clubs, gyms even driving schools where there are no men. Men after all are all raping, woman beating scum.

      The war on men is part of the wider assault on society, diversity is the main weapon of divide and conquer.

      I await the feminists showing up at the local MC club clubhouse telling them they must admit women members, should be good for a giggle.

      At the same time I expect the social justice warriors protesting the local mosque to demand Christians are allowed to worship in there and the local Lesbian centre to have a love of men day.

      These cunts don’t want to tear down walls and barriers, they are engaged in rearranging them to suit their aims and ideology.

  4. Someone needs to buy this panto dame cunt a mirror and push his face in it…….several times.

  5. Obviously he is a useless cunt.

    If you saw that ‘man’, and I use the term very loosely, at the side of the road with a flat tyre. Would you bother to stop and help?

    Or would you drive on, knowing that it is probably a ploy to nonce your kids?

  6. Nomination for 20 – 40k cunts marching through London with I love EU banners. Dover’s that way, now fuck off.

    • Yeah, and don’t bother with the port, just walk off the cliffs, you fucking lemmings.

  7. As a female who hates identity politics (if that’s not a contradiction in terms) I’m completely sick of this anti-masculinity crap coming from the likes of Grayson Perry. It seems that men, and especially white men, are constantly under attack from just about all of the media. They are made to be the stupid ones in soaps and dramas alike while the women look on in disbelief at their idiocy. This disgusting attitude to men has to stop.

    I don’t particularly like pictures of naked women, but I understand that men do and that’s fine by me. I don’t particularly like the fact that I am old and therefore no longer deemed attractive by most men, but that’s just a fact of life and again it’s my problem NOT men’s. I just wish these Grayson Perry types would stop getting all the publicity and that men’s sensibilities are respected.

  8. I’m the kind the of bloke who won’t carry his wife’s handbag from the car, nor would I go to the shops to buy her a box of tampons.
    But I am the kind of bloke who goes to work to provide for his family,to put food on the table and a roof over their heads.
    I wouldn’t dream of hurting my wife kids,
    I’ll always help out a brother when I can and I love and respect my mother and father.
    Now this cunt is going to tell me what it means to be a man?,and channel 4 are paying for for having a go at bear grylls he might not be to everyones taste but I know who I’d rather go camping with or have babysitting the kids.

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