Lady GaGa [3]


Ladyboy Ga Ga is a cunt…

Her Bowie ‘tribute’ was not about Bowie at all, or about paying tribute to the man…

It was – as per fucking usual – about herself: about this circus freak creating ‘controversy’ and getting noticed… She/he/it could have just done a cover of one of his songs… But that would not get any ‘Ooh! Lady Ga Ga is being way out and shocking again!’ headlines, would it? What a fucking arsehole and what an attention seeking cunt….

Nominated by: Norman

24 thoughts on “Lady GaGa [3]

    • LOL exactly but they are both shock pop bad publicity is good publicity cunts. I wouldn’t be surprised if madonna comes out on twitter and says “but I did the bowie tribute first”. What abunch of boring bellends they got to use the occult, eastern religions, making fun of christian values and hanging around poofs to generate controversy. Just a bunch of fag hags who make shitty music, good cunting norm!

  1. Gag gag is s cunt who tries to be controversial and weird to hide the fact that het music is dogshit and she’s average looking
    Just like that miley Cyrus whore
    nowadays the trend is for these rancid hags to come out as bisexual or gender
    less,as if that’s meany to shock us

    I’d be shocked at f tthere was a 100% straight boyband, they’re all homo

  2. Can we get her/it (and I admit to having no fucking idea at all about what gender bender this mutation is), to do a repeat performance with a starved real funnel web spider on her/his/it’s fizzog?

    • Silly bitch was trying to outshock the tasteless Bowie video of Lazarus of his last very crap album.
      What the fuck is the point of producing a video that’s such a turn off that nobody wants to watch it?

      • Maybe Bowie was out of it on morphine and other meds when he did that ‘Lazarus’ video? It’s the only explanation I can think of for it…

        That Ga Ga freak cashed in on Bowie’s demise, just as she would have done had it been anybody else with is high profile and standing… Imagine if Ga Ga did ‘tribute’ to Michael Jackson? Blacking up with a big afro wig, then a wet gel perm, mirrored shades and a spangly glove, then going whiter, grabbing her knob (or whatever’s down there) and shouting ‘Arrrrgh!’ a lot, going even whiter and singing crapper songs, then dangling babies from hotel windows, with a grand finale of ‘I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles…’

        Ga Ga is a first class ‘look at me!’ cunt….

      • Exactly dio have you seen bowie’s blackstar video(from the same shite album) its actually unsetting abit . He can’t make decent music anymore so he resorts to the whole occult anti-christ image bullshit. Of course all the griefjacking journalists are giving the album a A+ and 10/10’s “What the fuck is the point of producing a video that’s such a turn off that nobody wants to watch it? ” The psudeo intellectuals will eat it up, call it deep and misunderstood

      • Yes but it was sparse station to station was probably his most occult influenced album drawing mostly from the Kabbalah but blackstar is even more so.
        No need to get pissy in fact I probably know more then you which is sad considering I hate the cunt I mean his early stuff was decent IMO.

        “Nobody wants to watch it? “31.1 million views on YouTube, Dio… (just saying).” Mostly griefjackers though I watched the video before he was announced dead it was around 400,000 with a great deal of people calling it crap that changed quickly… once he popped his clogs.

  3. I wonder what made her think that anybody is interested in her self-conceived ‘tribute’. Oh yes… her own galatic ego.

    Well when she kicks the bucket I’m sure her family will be thrilled to watch the tribute of Joey Essex’s bastard son/daughter dressed in drag, on all fours in a casino rogering himself with a frozen vegetarian sausage in time to the pounding ryhthmic beat of “Poker Face”…


  4. Anyone, or anything, ever described as a “gay icon” is a compulsory and massive pile of shit. I think that applies to the ga ga cunt, and the original version, Madonna. Fucking degenerates the lot of them!

    • Oh, excellent! The words ‘gay’ and ‘icon’ constitute a classic oxymoron. That’s what a polytechnic education does for one. Harrumph!

  5. I’d like to cunt the latest so-called muslim paki paedo-cunt, age 63, in Rochdale. Don’t remember his real name, something like Mustafa Kunt?? but it seems his nickname is “Daddy” – ’nuff said… They’re trying to strip him of his UK Passport before sending him back to Pakistan, and the FUCKING ‘ORRID LITTLE CUNT is whining…that this is some anti-muslim plot. FFS, fly the little shite back, push him out at 30,000 feet without the benefit of a parachute. CUNT.

  6. What about them apple cunts?
    The police want apple to unblock the iPhone belonging to the san berdino muzzie terrorists but that faggot tim cook refuses to help the police,stating privacy human rights etc,trying to go all assange on the cops

    what a nasty cunt tim cook is

    • The coppers should put the wind up those apple cunts… If they refuse to help/cooperate then they should nick the fucking lot of them for hindering a police investigation….

      • Yes, put the wind up them literally!! Stick an unlubed hosepipe up their arses, and attach other end to an industrial compressor. Watch the cunts writhe before “blast off”!!

      • Tim Cook is doing the right thing Them unblocking the iphone would be a very very stupid mistake. Why? because the CIA wants it to be unblocked. They have kept on pushing this “we need to unblock the iphone to catch bad guy narrative” for the last 8 bloody years.

        Remember cunters CIA wants your country to be flooded with refugees and they have been caught countless times drug running and secretly destroying other countries by coups and other means they are deceitful devils

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