Lady Gaga [5]

The attention seeking chickboy known as Lady Gaga has paid tribute to model Rick Genest, who has died at the age of 32.Rick was known as Zombie Boy, due to bone and organ tattoos across his body, including skull features on his face ( i know… What a cunt!)…. He was found dead at his home in Montreal, Canada and is believed to have killed himself, reports say…Rick appeared in Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ video in 2011 and the singer says the loss is “beyond devastating….”

So basically, a deviant attention seeking mental case freak of cunt eulogising err… another deviant attention seeking mental case freak of a cunt….

Nominated by Norman

Lady GaGa [3]


Ladyboy Ga Ga is a cunt…

Her Bowie ‘tribute’ was not about Bowie at all, or about paying tribute to the man…

It was – as per fucking usual – about herself: about this circus freak creating ‘controversy’ and getting noticed… She/he/it could have just done a cover of one of his songs… But that would not get any ‘Ooh! Lady Ga Ga is being way out and shocking again!’ headlines, would it? What a fucking arsehole and what an attention seeking cunt….

Nominated by: Norman