Lady Gaga [4]


Ladyboy Gaga is still a cunt…

This talent-free tosspot has resurfaced with yet more ‘controversial’ and ‘shocking’ music (for want of a better word!)… This chickboy cunt’s ‘work’ has fuck all to do with music or songs… Take away the tiresome ‘shock’ value, the gimmicks, costumes, the smoke and mirrors and there’s just a streak of nowt…

Just a cunt who looks like Plug from The Bash Street Kids with lipstick…

Nominated by: Norman

I loathe that cunt gaga , her music sounds like audible diarrhea. Only queers and kids too young enough to know that gaga stole all her musical ideas from madonna and madonna stole off cher and so on. She is rumored to be a tranny

The thing they all have in common though, is they are all insufferable no talent attention seeking cunts

Nominated by: Titslapper

Lady GaGa [3]


Ladyboy Ga Ga is a cunt…

Her Bowie ‘tribute’ was not about Bowie at all, or about paying tribute to the man…

It was – as per fucking usual – about herself: about this circus freak creating ‘controversy’ and getting noticed… She/he/it could have just done a cover of one of his songs… But that would not get any ‘Ooh! Lady Ga Ga is being way out and shocking again!’ headlines, would it? What a fucking arsehole and what an attention seeking cunt….

Nominated by: Norman

Lady Gaga [4]


What the fuck is this bint all about?

Trying to copy that other tone deaf, overhyped weirdo cunt Madonna but failing by having even less talent – if that’s possible. Dress sense even worse than that Beckham thing.

I listened to her latest album and it’s shit even by the standards of 21st century teenage music and that’s fucking saying something. God bless the cult of celebrity!

Nominated by: Dioclese