Lady Gaga [4]


Ladyboy Gaga is still a cunt…

This talent-free tosspot has resurfaced with yet more ‘controversial’ and ‘shocking’ music (for want of a better word!)… This chickboy cunt’s ‘work’ has fuck all to do with music or songs… Take away the tiresome ‘shock’ value, the gimmicks, costumes, the smoke and mirrors and there’s just a streak of nowt…

Just a cunt who looks like Plug from The Bash Street Kids with lipstick…

Nominated by: Norman

I loathe that cunt gaga , her music sounds like audible diarrhea. Only queers and kids too young enough to know that gaga stole all her musical ideas from madonna and madonna stole off cher and so on. She is rumored to be a tranny

The thing they all have in common though, is they are all insufferable no talent attention seeking cunts

Nominated by: Titslapper

41 thoughts on “Lady Gaga [4]

  1. I spose it’s another sign of being an old cunt, I am aware of her and have maybe heard 30 seconds of one of her masterpieces but that’s it. I don’t go clubbing or hang round in shit pubs, I don’t listen to radio one or other shitfest music stations. I did read about her meat dress and bulge gate. Outside of that I have no way of knowing if she is a cunt.

    Circumstantial evidence suggests she is an industry whore and an ugly one at that. So I go purely on the good judgement of Titslapper and Norman and sanction this nomination.

  2. The BBC need cunting again, apparently Jon Holmes a radio 4 employee of 18 years standing (who has won awards for his comedy) has been axed from “The Now Show”
    for not being a black lesbian Muslim transgender woman.
    In other words the BBC “Didn’t renew his contract” because he is a white male, in fact he was told by the BBC boss who broke the news that they were “recasting it with more women and diversity”.
    Jon told the mail on Sunday “Should I, as a white man (through no fault of my own), be fired from my job because I am a white man?
    Good question Jon, and of course the people in the real world know the answer is no, no one should be fired or hired because of their skin colour or religion OR ethnicity, sadly you worked for the BBC who are a bunch of cunts and only give you a job if your black or a woman with a beard these days.
    Poor bugger, fancy losing your job of 18 years just because your not bizarre and twisted enough for the PC BBC.

    • But he is a white cis gender male and as such does not represent the vibrant diversity of the modern nation formally known as Britain. He is clearly incapable of fulfilling his role as we all know transgender muslim persons of colour are automatically imbued with comic genius. Three cheers for the BBC! Only do them silently as we wouldn’t want to trigger anyone.

      • White heterosexual men are now obsolete as far as PC and ‘diversity’ scum like the BBC are concerned… Unless there’s another World War I or II scenario, and then it’ll be ‘Go get ’em Tommy! Britain’s brave boys!’ My guess is in fifty years time the white working class man (and woman in a lot of cases) will be wishing that Hitler had won…. Because the UK is fucked….

      • In fifty years time, no one will know who Hitler was, as that part of European history will be carefully forgotten, with no one in living memory as proof. It’s already happening. Anything that was connected to Hitler is being erased, save it from becoming a nazi shrine. Sixty million dead to learn a lesson that these cunts want to forget.

      • They’ll also probably wipe out what happened next, and the sixties and seventies will be seen as historical no-go areas… It makes me sick when cunts (usually spoonfed student scum) who weren’t even born then go on about how ‘ghastly’ and ‘bad’ the seventies were… Not from what I can remember, they were a bloody sight better than the shithole Britain is today with its ‘you can’t say that!’ and ‘diversity’ bullshit.. Orwell was correct, but he should have called his masterwork ‘Two Thousand And Sixteen….’

      • My Husband and I already wish Hitler had won lol and it didn’t take us 50 years to feel that way! 😀

    • A friend of mine wanted to join the fire service,but was told off the record,that he was wasting his time unless he was female or a minority.
      Now if I was in an accident, I’d be a hell of a lot keener to see a six foot plus,marathon-running graduate than I would be to see some slip of a lassie who couldn’t even pick me up, or some demented paki who couldn’t come into my house because I keep dogs, or some such shit.
      White,working class heterosexuals are the enemy in our new improved,diverse country. It fucking stinks. I suggested saying that he was in the process of changing sex,that would probably do the trick.

    • BBC make my piss boil daily, time to end the licence extortion scam and let the cunting BBC survive on SJW subscriptions

      • The BBC should have been finished after the Jimmy Savile shitstorm kicked off… There were people there who knew about Savile’s antics (like he was never allowed on Children In Need) and the BBC cunts bottled out of the Newsnight episode to cover their own arses regarding Savile… Not bothered about the victims, only about themselves… If ITV hadn’t exposed Savile you can bet that the BBC would never have said anything, and the world at large would still not know about Savile being a sick nonce… That alone deserves closure and condemnation…

        And Jon Holmes should sue these Apartheid in reverse cunts…If they want to play the PC game, he should claim unfair dismissal and accuse the cunts of being racist and sexist…

      • Hitler is a all around good goy there is so many unverified claims against the nazi party it’s bloody baffling. Had britain embraced Oswald Mosley it would of been better off for it. It definitely wouldn’t have turned into this “PC think world” we live in today

        Regardless what you think of Mein Furher he helped inspire one of the greatest songs ever! 🙂

      • All is fair in love and cunting but Hitler was a cunt ,everything about him was a cunt .cunt.cunt.cunt.and he was also a cunt …..wasn’t even vegetarian either.. CUNT….

      • Its 2016 current year! and Nazism still gets hate and can’t be accepted as a alternative party. Stop the nazi hate and bigotry smdh

        PS Birdman I’m more worried of muzzies forming a caliphate then worrying about hitler, but your entitled to your opinion mate

        #Je Suis Hitler

      • Not worried about the cunt ,he’s dead .i think all Muslims should be gassed ,but I still think Hitler was a cunt ,the cunt contradicted himself endlessly and him and closest circle of cunts were the least Arian looking cunts you could find…. Liking Hitler just coz you agree with some of his shite wouldn’t have saved you if you done the things he didn’t like. Even some top nazis and SS thought he was a cunt

    • Take the BBC cunts to court and test the race/gender laws. It’ll probably get nowhere because these totally wank laws are so biased to the non whites, and men in particular. Fucking disgrace, the sooner they scrap the fucking licence fee the better. To think that we have to fund this cunt of an organisation, and have no choice in the matter.

  3. I’ve never heard her sing except one song which I thought was unremarkable.
    Looking at the people who think she’s good, she must be a cunt. So I am delighted to confirm her cuntination plus all the lowlife tonedeaf knuckledragging single cell cunt -oxes who listen to her whining drivel.

  4. Alistair Burt, conservative MP for N.E. Bedfordshire is a cunt. He has just been on Sky telling us how the government needs to take into account the desires of car makers and banks when negotiating brexit. Fuck off you cunt! If big business had its way there would be no brexit at all. It is the people who should decide what brexit looks like not the establishment. Cunt.

    • Alistair Burt used to be Tory MP for Bury Council in the 80s (the Bury near Manchester), and I can tell you now that he is one scummy dirty cunt…

  5. My daughter was listening to a rapper type cunt called Drake. Made me wonder if he was playing with his balls on the Plymouth Ho…..

    You could write the crap yerself. Shout after me:

    Yo yo nigga nigga muthafuckah
    Yo yo nigga nigga muthafuckah

    It’s just a game
    You’re not the same
    I’m not blame
    It’s such a shame
    I’m not insane
    It’s just my fame
    Don’t dis my name

    Yo yo nigga nigga muthafuckah
    Yo yo nigga nigga muthafuckah

    There you go, a talent for taking the piss out of talentless cunts.

    • Drake is a gargantuan cunt… And these tosspots are obsessed with the word ‘Nigger’… They go on (and fucking on) about racism, yet it’s cunts like Drake, NWA, and that Kanye twat who keep that word alive and in the mainstream… It would be like a white act shouting ‘Honky!’ every thirty seconds, that’s how stupid it is… The days of decent black singers (Otis, Marvin, Aretha, Curtis Mayfield, Al Green etc) are long gone… Now it’s just bragging bling obsessed gobshites with tourettes… And Azelia Banks is a fucking black trash cunt too…

      • If I were in the music industry I would put a challenge towards that Kayne West twat (and that Drake schlong)… I would say, ‘You claim to be this great artist… So I challenge you to put out an album that doesn’t mention guns, gangstas, bling, flash cars, how hard you are, bootys, ‘hoes’, and fucking niggers….’

        There’d be just a CD full of silence… Pig ignorant cunts…

    • My daughter downloaded a song by some crapper with the name …fucking….BIRDMAN… Name stealing cunt….

      • And the real Birdman is straight outa Lestah! Nothing is sacred.Name stealing cunt.

  6. I nominate babies on planes cunt. The tiresome selfish cunts who let their baby scream it’s self out for the whole flight, saying ,’ it’s unusual, he’s normally quiet’
    Fuckface was on the flight yesterday, beard ,hair done up in a bun , black framed glasses to look important and his wife who looked like his mother ,who left the care of the fucking air raid siren to him.
    Mr fucking Sophisticated actually bragged to the stewardess that he had just come back from Dubai, I bet that staggered her that such a brave adventurer was amongst us.
    Meanwhile no one got any sleep or peace to do anything because the little shit was bawling and the perfect couple had no fucking idea what to do. Babies do not like planes , the pressure ,the noise ,the general upset in their routine, who knows but you have to be one selfish selfcentred arsehole to inflict that on someone else .Cunts.

    • Spot fucking on. Screaming,puking mobile shitebags,along with their parents, should be forced to travel in the hold. I dread seeing,hearing or smelling the fuckers as I get on a plane.

      • I would have either flipped shit or put a pair of ear-defenders on my head if that screaming little brat started wailing like a non-stop shipping launch.

        What steams my shit more than anything are these ginger bearded hipster fuck jedi dads and their hippy librarian fairydust wives are not even clued up or remotely interested in dealing with the situation as they check their wankbook status whilst flicking through Cardigan Monthly, Extra Sensitive Edition.

        Their attitude of “the world owes me everything” just sticks in my arse and really does wind me up. It’s worse as on a plane, you can’t open the door and escape for a bit. They’re just fucking inconsiderate fucks. Other people on the plane are maybe trying to get some kip, read a book or watch a film? There’s always got to be some modernist cunt who throws a spanner in the works.

        If it wails constantly, deposit it snugly down into the landing-gear bay at 32,000ft. That should chill it out for a while. PC bullwankery is the one true poison that has ruined this country.

    • Babies on planes are cunts. But parents who take babies on planes are bigger cunts.
      They don’t give a fuck about anybody else.
      It’s unlikely but if the parents of the 6 cunts who was on a flight to France at the beginning of September are reading this then fuck off you cunts and cut their tongues out to prevent more noise.
      Also cut the feet off your massive brood so they stop kicking the seat in front.

  7. I remember Gaga performing on the Cunt Factor a few years ago. A song about Venus or something. What a load of pretentious shite it was. Utterly without a tune. Fucking written whilst on a shedload of coke no doubt as any one with any critical faculties could see it was a pike of wank.

    • Probably had fifteen “writers” on it ,everyone of these “artists” have an ever evolving team writing for them, add a line or two and claim the pile of shite as their own… Ladyboy gaga is always going on about being an artist and her artistry, shameless ,ugly,non talented cunt…

  8. Gaga totally rip offed the image of a top Turkish singer called Hande Yener …..Google Hande Yener 2006- at that time Gaga was unknown apparently still a bog cleaner at LAX terminal two.

  9. Gaga totally ripped off the image of a top Turkish singer called Hande Yener.…..Google Hande Yener 2006- at that time Gaga was unknown, apparently still a bog cleaner at LAX terminal two.

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