Malala Yousafzai


I nominate Malala Yousafzai for what she said in an article a couple of years back in the daily mail.

She complains about the objectification of women in pop music while she herself wears the hijab, the Islamic headscarf which represents male misogyny and oppression of women, what a hypocrite?

She also campaigns against FGM which is obviously a good thing to do, but she says this doesn’t happen in Pakistan. Oh really! I have to admit she’s always fucking irritated me.

Nominated by: Serena

41 thoughts on “Malala Yousafzai

  1. This cunt represents all that is wrong today,from the free airlift and hospital treatment from UK to the money making little miss knows fuck all. I’m actually finding it hard to express all my hatred for her ,coz again like that hairy cunt earlier ,she really twists my melon. Since when does surviving a gunshot make you a global icon? “Oh she stood up for others and suffered for it ” so fuck ,I’ve been stabbed twice standing up for fuckers and all i got was a hard time from the pigs……wait until i get the cunt in my sight…

  2. Just what Birmingham needs, another gobby Paki. Fuck knows how much has been spent on her and her tribe. I don’t see why Britain has to support every .malcontent who fancies comes to the land of free health care,schooling,housing and benefits.
    The national debt would probably be £2-3 million less by the time this Pakis tribe have all been cared for,if the gunman was just a bit better aim.

  3. They made her a hero for defying fundamental Islam and going to school to get an education. Fair play to her, being female and going to school anywhere near fundamental Islam isn’t a winner. The Liberal trendy mostly socialist cunts (sorry Fred) turned her into a poster child for their pet causes all the time ignoring the elephant in the room ISLAM.

    Maybe they should fly in all the women from Islamic countries who live with the following.

    Sentenced for adultery because they couldn’t produce enough men to prove they were not fucking about but actually were raped.

    Lashed for driving a car

    Left to rot after hubby divorced them in preference for a camel

    And many other crimes that are only a crime if you’re a women in an Islamic country.

    No fucking chance as that might be an admission that Islamic culture is not compatible with western culture.

    • Hear hear Mr. Vomit. Everytime this cunt is wheeled out for a lefty circle jerk it should be pointed out that far from being a symbol of hope she is a reminder of what a backward medieval death cult islam is.

      • Just another rep for stone age cuntery. These cunts hate the west and what it stands for, yet have become well versed in cherry picking the benefits like western medicine, smart phones, internet etc.
        Why does the cunt need school…..camel cunt cleaning followed by double IED making.
        Fuckin’ sick of hearing the words Muslim and Islam…

    • No apologies necessary, Sixdog – but what about all the times that the Tory cunts have used Malala for photo ops? My point is that Tory cunts are consistently just as bad as Labour cunts. Trash socialists all you like, but don’t imagine for one moment that the Tory cunts are in any way superior. Nor are the SNP or the LibDems, for that matter. Politicians of all colours are monumental cunts.

      Here’s David Cameron and Nicky Morgan photographed with Malala: /

      • I can’t believe you mentioned that googly eyed psycho bitch Fred. Probably the one politician I loath above all others. That really is a cunt.

  4. I admire Malala’s fight for womens education and there is no doubt she was brave to stand up for womens rights.What annoys me is that she has had her arse licked by the media from a young age which has lead to her being self righteous.I mean winning a nobel peace prize at 17 is ridiculous.Then again Obama got given it for doing fuck all so it has clearly been bastardised into a popularity contest.Sounds harsh to say but I bet if she hadnt been shot she would never have got the nobel peace prize.

  5. Getting older is a cunt,

    I’ve started getting some wild hairs growing out and on my ears and the eyebrows are getting a bit wiry. Starting to think about what wear now, don’t want to be some cunt trying to dress like ‘da youth’ when I’m too old. Go to a Rave nowadays and at 38 I am old enough to be some of those cunts dad. Dont get me started on the hair loss. What a piece of cunt.

    • Agree Black and white cunt ….I hinted on this last week. I’m sure it’s not vanity ,it’s just a strange feeling realising that the 21 year old in my brain is actually 41. …..getting older is a cunt….

      • ‘The 21 year old in my brain’ ha ha I know the feeling. I still think the 90s weren’t that long ago. Where the fuck does time go? I suppose the drugs make it all blend into one.

    • I know the feeling…

      Trying to dress so that you don’t look like the fresh prince of bellend, or that fat greying cunt Paul Hollywood is difficult and expensive these days.

  6. “I nominate Malala Yousafzai for what she said in an article a couple of years back in the daily mail”

    Frankly this is the very least of the Daily Mail’s problems. Its hilariously paranoid worldview, its wilful lies, deliberate deceit, fabrications and misrepresentations demand that this pathetic excuse for a newspaper (a newspaper which contained pro-Hitler editorials in the late 30s) should really be cunted on an hourly basis.

    In terms of transgressing the Editors Code in respect of the clause regarding “truth and accuracy”, the Mail receives more than TWICE the referrals than all the Murdoch rags put together. But of course the Mail never receives any meaningful punishment and complainants never receive any redress because the Chair of the Editors Code Committee just happens to be Paul Dacre…the editor of the Daily Mail.

    • By the way Dacre is a right cunt. I have it on good authority from a Mail insider.
      Refers to employees as cunts as well the cunt.

  7. You forgot to mention there ‘paid for content’ which is essentially a story every day regarding Susanna Reid and something the talent-less whore has said or done on ITV with a half page advert for the dress she was wearing.

    I did add some random links as proof, but the spam filter got all Ricky Doubelday and would not allow me to post.

    Just Google;

    Daily Mail Susanna Reid

    The stupid old cunt is basically a clothes mannequin to sell dresses on Twitter and in the Daily Mail.


  8. TV Game Shows need to be cunted,

    If you watch any of them they all have this shit lighting and crap sets, all the cunts on them seem to be dressed by the show as they never have any labels on their clothes. The prizes are fucking crap (especially on the BBC) or way too hard to win and it’s makes me wonder why the cunts bother going on the ‘Shows’. I remember Bullseye and The Price Is Right from when I was younger and they were alright nowadays it’s mostly shit. Why anyone would go on TV to try and win a grand is beyond me.

    • What always gets me,is the amount of seriously thick fuckers who go on these shows. Why would you go on national T.V. to advertise your ignorance?
      Mind, I would consider Countdown,but I’m as thick as fuck at anagrams, and can’t work sums out to save my life,so that Rachel Riley is safe for now. Maybe I can try 15-1, that Sandi Toksvig looks a sporting type.

      • Ah Rachel Riley, I would seriously consider sticking my tongue up her ass. Whilst she did the 76 times table.

      • I could only play filthy countdown when Carol was on. Took me years to get CLITORIS for 8 letters and the highest scoring of the telly contestants was something like STRICT. Well Carol could be strict any time with me but i think either the contestants were a bit thick or too polite to own up to CLITORIS. Susie Dent passed on it as well. I was jubilant and then felt badly let down. What a cunt.

      • Carol vorderman really is the sexiest ‘butterfly’ . once a nerdy little bookish thing ,then comes out of her cocoon and is now a boner fide slutty milf ……

  9. quiz show question: ‘ what causes a solar eclipse?’ contestants answer: its when the Sun comes in between the Earth and the Moon’.

    • Quite possibly the correct answer to the question “what causes everything on Earth to spontaneously combust?”

  10. I’d like to nominate the UK lotto and euro lotto (which the greedy cunts put up to £2.50) the normal lotto is still too expensive with the greedy cunts putting that up to £2 a go, the lotto preys on the down drodden, living in home desperate miserable cunts like me who are skint and hope for a miracle, ie the lotto is a tax on the poor and vulnerable – greedy cunts.

  11. FFS, they have put it up again, what are the prizes now?
    a free lucky dip for 3 numbers, £5 for 4 numbers, £25 for 5 numbers, £50 for 5 numbers & the bonus and if you hit all 6 numbers a whopping £250.
    Thieving bunch of cunts.
    What next £50 scratchcards? they already do £10 ones and a mate of mine bought 2 and won nothing hahahaha

  12. Time to nominate university sexual consent workshops for a non-PC cunting.

    Read this wank this morning –

    – but probably shouldn’t have because I was already pissed off after waking up and seeing that fucking Ipswich had lost at home. (Fucking four goals in ten games – fucking overpaid ponces.) This article is absolutely full to the brim of bollocks and crappy Newspeak – it’s hard to know where to begin the cunting.

    This whole bollocks about consent at university seems to show an extremely old-fashioned attitude towards sex – that’s it is something men do TO women rather than WITH them, hence the need for explicit consent. Newsflash you twats, women like sex too, though perhaps not with lentil-eating fuckwits who support this bollocks. The idea that women need protecting from nasty men is Victorian crap. As I said, women like sex too and sometimes they make mistakes and sleep with the wrong person. Regretting a drunken shag is not the same as being raped – and to say it is demeans and belittles the experience of actual rape victims.

    Universities seem to be absolutely rammed full of these po-faced twats these days. When I was at university – admittedly 25+ years ago – the wimmin’s society was annoying but easy to ignore. Now it seems you can’t even ask a girl out on a date without filling out a form in triplicate unless you want to get accused of harassment. Fuck me ragged.

    And just so I don’t get accused of sexism (unlikely on this forum, I think) I’d like to point out that the wimmin’s society were not the most annoying twats at my university. That trophy goes hands down to the rugby club faggots whose boorish antics in the union bar, homoerotic initiation rituals and all round cuntitude was off the scale. Most of them were so far in the closet that they had their digs in Narnia. Grabbing each other’s balls on the pitch and accusing all non-rugger buggers of being gay – methinks the benders protest too much. Cunts.

    • Rugby. The sport that encourages men to touch other men, but whose participants fly off the handle if asked whether they enjoy touching other men. A paradox wrapped up in a closet full of square headed, no neck cunts.

      • I wouldn’t recommend coming to my local rugby club and giving your views, Kiwi, we can get a bit boisterous.!

    • Hareem Ghani is indeed a cunt. Probably looks like the back of a bus and munching rugs in desperation until a young unfussy visually challenged male comes along. CMC I’m amazed you managed to read that shit but it’s better than dwelling on the tractor boys being thrashed. Life was much simpler in Ray Crawford’s day.

      • Ray Crawford is a bit before my time Mr Fistula but the Ipswich team of my youth was fucking ace. Paul Mariner, Mick Mills, Kevin Beattie, Eric Gates, Trevor Whymark, Clive Woods, Paul Cooper, George Burley, Arnold Muhren, Franz Thyssen – great times. My ongoing antipathy to all things Liverpudlian is mostly based on the Town not winning the league in the late 70s / early 80s.

        John Wark is god – anyone who disagrees is a cunt and should be sent to ISIS for beheading.

    • But she said yes and then changed her mind to a no right as I was chucking my muck up her. There lays the problem, a woman can withdraw consent at any time during and by extension after the act.

      Women need protection from rape and sexual assault but men need protection from vindictive women. Being a man means you liable to be thrown off the train after it has left the station.

  13. The FA is as huge cunt CMC. Bent as a nine bob note. I love proper teams like Ipswich. I remember the names of all those players you listed. I’m a Leicester fan meself. Last May was heaven and the undoing of self entitled cunts like Liverpool and its bandwagon fans like my plastic scouse son in law who’s never been near the place. I’m not fond of Man U but they fucked over the scousers for years. I’m following football less this year because its just a slapstick circus. When me and me Dad could get in on one click of the turnstile for two bob i liked it best. Even the Liverpool fans actually had scouse accents back then.

    • Hey ,I’m a Leicester city fan with a Scottish accent, my connection to the Foxes is my grandad is from Leicester and was a mad foxes fan .i was the only one who followed him the rest are all arsenal ffs .accent or not WeKnowWhoWeAre…….shitty draw today Alan but COYB. Cheers mate…

      • COYB indeed Birdman. A great Scottish tradition at Leicester going back years. Matt Gillies, Jock Wallace, Davy Gibson, Frank McLintock. Now when Rangers came down for a ‘friendly’ I don’t think Leicester had seen anything like it. Fucking mayhem. Don’t know if anybody in the club is Scottish now. Think Callum Davidson was, that’s as good as I can remember.

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