Russell Grant


Has Russell Grant been cunted? Surely he has? If not I nominate the waste of space conman.

I don’t normally buy the Mirror but they’d sold out of Daily Mails and fuck me there he was. Did you know he has an 0906 number you can phone for a ‘psychic reading’? Feckin’ bargain at £1.50 a minute.

But joking aside what sort of numbskull does that ?

Nominated by: Ozmandias

26 thoughts on “Russell Grant

  1. The fat cunt is an amateur compared to the catholic church. They have been pulling more or less the same scam for the last 2000 years.

  2. If this cunt is a psychic why is he fucking about with phone lines when he could win the lottery every week.

    He’s definitely not a medium, an extra large fat cunt surely…..

    And why was the British psychic convention cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances…..

    Charlatan cunt…..

    • Anybody who reads horoscopes or calls psychic telephone lines must be mad cunts. It is a complete load of bollocks, but once in a blue moon, they may be slightly accurate. I support Spurs and Jesus was a Jew, so how come we hardly ever win anything??? I’ll tell you why, religion is a heap of bollocks as well!!!!!

  3. He is a cunt but the bigger cunts are the ones that read his shite or phone the cunt.

  4. What sort of Numbskull reads the daily mail?….ever had a tart at work ask you what star sign you are ? Fuck off you demented cunts. All these stupid cunts reading that they’re going to find love and get promoted when the closest thing that happens is they get sexually harassed by their boss and a pay off..Russle Grant is a cunt but the silly twats who believe (and pay)are the bigger cunts

    • Play the game and you might end up getting into their knickers. Scorpio since you ask.

  5. My stars said this morning that I’d be assaulted by a photo of a bearded lady. followed by a photo pf a big fat poof troughing his dinner while sitting in the khazi.
    Spookily accurate,I’m sure you’ll agree.

  6. I think there is an element of truth in astrology. Not the full on star sign bit but general broad strokes of ones character. The theory goes that the first 6 months of life are crucial in the development of personality and the time of year you are born has a part to play in this. If you are born in the spring or summer your first 6 months of life are likely to be sunny, bright and warm. But if you were born in Autumn or Winter they are likely to be cold, dark and wet.

    Having said that I was born in the Spring but am still a miserable old cunt, so I guess that’s that theory fucked.

  7. It has been 100 days today since Britains voted to leave the EU and still no article 50 and everything is held in a surreal state of limbo where no one is quite sure what is going to happen and when. Pull your fucking finger out, May. Push the button or fuck off and let some one with some balls do it!

  8. Nicolas Cunting Cage
    John Cleese – CUNT!
    Gyles ‘utter Cunt’ Brandreth
    Keef Richards – CUNT! CUNT! CUNT!
    Johnny ‘Wife beating CUNT (allegedly) Depp

    • Nicholas Cage is probably the worst “actor ” cunt ever .same hair ,same mannerisms basically the same role in every movie .and then i saw him in Kickass and he was fucking brilliant( see also Jude law in Dom Hemingway) but apart from that he is definitely a cunt…..why no James Condom on your list ,the fame seeking cunt will call you a hater for excluding the cunt….

      • Yeah, we need to make a list of useless actor cunts who can be guaranteed to ruin every film they appear in.

        Cage tops the list of course, but can John Cusack be far behind?

  9. I was surprised this fat nonce didn’t get taken down by Yewtree.

  10. The Daily Mail apart from its obsession with the royal family is not a bad paper actually, its not the establishment poodle SPIVEY portrays it as.

    • Christ Almighty, I thought that I talked some bullshit,but you’ve just exposed me as a rank amateur!

    • “The Daily Mail apart from its obsession with the royal family is not a bad paper actually”

      – so long as you don’t buy a newspaper for facts, truth or news, you’re right.

      • Is there a newspaper that gives the straight facts? Half the stuff we need to know about has a D notice on it and the ret implicates journalists and the editors mates anyway.

        The media as a whole is a cunt and responsible for keeping the illusion of freedom alive in the matrix

  11. wash your fucking mouth out, the Daily Mail is to journalism as Jimmy Savile is to babysitting

  12. There’s a new weekly paper out called “The New European”. I caught sight of a pile of unsold copies in our local Co-op. Apparently it’s “the voice of the 48%” and the cover story (“We want to be French” I kid you not!) concerned a family of smug suspiciously middle class looking vegetables who were moving permanently to France because of the Brexit vote. I’m willing to bet The New European has cover to cover stories of how thick the rest of us smelly oiks all are but I’m fucked if I’m going to waste money buying a copy to find out. Not having read it I can’t really consider myself informed enough to nominate it as a cunt, but I’m willing to hazard a wild guess that it really, really is…

    • In my experience if it looks like a cunt it usually is without walking and acting like one. Yeah….its a cunt.

    • The New European it’s possible target audience 20 million goat mechanics who are on their way here.

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