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    • Funny how the woman using facts is good looking and the all the others are ugly as fuck.

  1. The new writer of wonder woman just revealed she is bi, maybe she needs a beard?

    Wonder woman isn’t Bi, her almost non existent back story was there to explain her abilities and never meant as an indication she was a part time carpet muncher. PC pervading children’s entertainment. Get them young worked for the Nazi’s and the same tactic is now deployed in western society through entertainment.

    Woman grows beard isn’t that unlikely when compared to other freak happenings like the west finding a spine before it is too late to save itself.

    • I watched the new Star Trek movie last night ( thank you PB) and Mr Sulu is a bummer!

      • They wrote it in as a “tribute” to original Sulu George Takei, who is gay, and apparently old George was well pissed off about it and described it as inaccurate and patronising.
        Shirtlifter or not, George Takei is not a cunt…

  2. Fairly sure the BBC will employ her in some high profile job at silly money. I dare say we can expect her face everywhere soon bit ;like that bake off bint Nadia. The BBC love a freak.

    • I agree, Kath… Either that or they’ll get him/her/it to co-host their ‘new’ Bake-Off Rip Off with their new golden calf, Nadiya… Or the bearded freak will appear in NeverEnders: to share a flat (and other things) with that other pointless box ticking transgender character…. Then again, he/she/it/what could end up in Doctor Who to accompany The Doc’s new and right-on black lezzer companion… The prospects for bearded ladies are endless these days….

  3. Just fucking kill me already! I’m tired of this normalised degeneracy first conchita wurst’s dumb ugly bearded arse and now this fucking nutter?! I hope the apocalypse comes sooner rather then later

    • Won’t be long before this is the new “normal” These cunts are perverts pure and simple and should be put down or locked in the gimp box never to see the light of day. Bit like what happens to the loonies born into the Royal Family.

  4. Have been sat here trying to write a comment but my brain is fucked over all this gender acceptance shit. All this stuff just gets thrown at us and if we politely disagree they try to throw us to the wolves ( can i still call them wolves?) The agenda of these cunts is to accept people no matter what they look or act like but if i disagree I’m a cunt. I always thought it was funny people hating fascists coz does that not make them fascist? Who rights the list of acceptable shit we are allowed to like ,coz it’s always “you cant say that” . who says i cant say that ,no one has ever asked me what’s acceptable. I get pissed off on an hourly basis ,but you go to like minded people and have a whinge ,done.what you don’t do is try and change the world coz you want a threesome with Tom Daley and that bearded cunt at the top ….

    • If the Wolves are left leaning they should be addressed as feral (by choice) canines empowered by their Earth centered beingness. On the other hand Wolves who swing to the right should be addressed as cunty fucking nazi bastard Wolves (death to the furry four legged fuckers). How right you are Sir, the gender ocean is a bad place to dip one’s toe if one is not of a sympathetic bent. By that I mean if you do not totally and completely swallow every little piece of bullshit our “great” leaders toss in our direction. Stories of the kind “man gives birth” the person in question is not a man the person is a women who looks like a man. Had a fantastic 1/2 hour trying to explain that to one of the grandkids when they came over to me clutching the Daily Mail which featured said story. I suppose what it boils down to is a cunt is a cunt no matter what gender used.
      Sometimes very hard to hold onto sanity when one is living in the middle of the universes biggest cuntfest but hey better than Penge.

  5. Looks like that pubic beard from Jackass. Born a woman you say? Fuck me I must have been born a woman as I’m 40 and I still can’t grow a muzrat beard like that!

  6. Fucking cunt Eddie Izzard must be shitting his unfunny arse with this cunt hanging about, izzards probably hoping for another Anti brexit March so he can put his silly fucking hat on and get on telly. Fucking izzard cunt, I’d like someone to stuff dog shit down his throat followed by his stupid fucking hat.

    • A Doberman dump would be good. With a cattle prod up the twat’s arse. I’d pay to see that.

  7. The BBC will be pulling out the stocks to get her/him on Question Time, along with a transgender, gay black person, lesbian vegetarian, racist ginger man and a woman with a beard will definitely tick one the the BBCs keep everyone happy boxes.

  8. She’ll be presenting C4 news in no time at all. That nice Jon Snow will insist on it.

  9. At least C4 News does some reporting from the Middle East (even if it is biased) – unlike the £5 Billion pound funded BBC.

    ISrael + ISlam = ISIS

    Overlay the letters ISIS overtop of each other and what do you get?

    There you go Chris Spivey, I’m sure you can knock out a 1000 word essay on that ‘conspiracy’ 😀

  10. that is what the muslims are going to get when they blow themselves up some fucking tranny bearded thing that I would imagine is a virgin,they would be better off staying alive with the ugly bitches that are so ugly that they should be wearing burka s for the sake of our eye sight…..ireckon the burka isn’t to stop other men looking at their woman,its to save the embaresment of how ugly their misses really is and so you cant take the piss…..case in point the picture above of that thing that has taken of its burka……it couldn’t happen to nicer cunts

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