Cara Delevigne


Cara Delevigne is a cunt…

I am sick of seeing this talentless,silver spoon up her arse, coked up, skinny attention whore every time I look at a paper or any online news site (the BBC/IS news is now boycotted!)…

Now she’s blabbing off about being ‘in love’ (don’t laugh) with some other talentless tuppence flicker: some ‘singer’ cunt called St. Vincent… Well, anyone who calls themself St. Vincent has to be a cunt… Sounds like some breed of dog, very apt….

Nominated by: Norman

30 thoughts on “Cara Delevigne

    • Don’t know who she is, but I googled images of her and I would too. In fact I can’t think of a hole I wouldn’t risk putting it in.

      • Definitely no fuckability,no,no….where do cunts like these get a fan base. I know she was in a couple of fillums ,but before that it was just “look at me”. Years ago you had to create something or be good at something, but today cunts everywhere ,and not just the young UN’s ,seem to worship any cunt they are told to….ugly fucking talentless CUNT….

      • Since the last girlfriend ditched me following a particularly turbulent holiday,I draw the line at nothing…old,ugly,fat or stupid, I don’t care. No discrimination from me…..Hell,I don’t care about a pulse,as long as they’re still warm.
        So,to the Ladies out there…Don’t let this catch slip through your fingers.Even if you’re a bit of a swamp-monster,I’ll give it a shot. [Diane Abbottt,sorry love,but not even I’m that game]

      • I think turning down Abbot would be regarded as a hate crime by a fascist Blairite.

    • She is a carpet muncher so maybe you could straighten her out. Worth a go for her and you.

      • I’ll cure her of that affliction. Lesbianism can be cured by the application of the old beef bayonet. They don’t like it up’em to begin with,but even the most ardent Lesbian secretly just wants a man.

      • And you give this cure away for free? And those cunts on the Noball proze committee do nothing?

      • I also have a cure for poofism, but people seem strangely uninterested. Except for Northumbria Police [Hate Crimes].It’s nice that they,at least,are prepared to listen.

      • Don’t ever try and cure a lebian unless you just make her bi…luvs the lesbians i do ……well the good looking ones anyway….

      • If Dick cured all the lezzers, what new movies would there be for Birdman to watch?

      • I’d be alright as long as I had Nina Hartley’s back catalogue…. Try Nina playing Hillary cliton licking some ebony tart playing Michelle Obama . its called ‘Lesbian parody’ in xhamster….fucking class ,apart from Michelle has tattoos….

  1. Delevigne is nothing more than a media prossie and when she’s not whoring herself to the press, she is busy being Rita Ora or Taylor Swift’s bitch…. Darling Cara has also been up that psychotic rugmuncher, Amber Heard… Fucking hell, I bet Cara’s swanky London flat smells like a fishmongers in a heatwave….

  2. Obamy is a cunt for handing over ICANN to the UN. What he has done is hand control of the internet from the US with it’s constitusional guarantee of free speech to countries like Saudi Arapeia, Russia, Turkey, EU and China.

    Killary has sworn to close down discenting voices on the internet, which is just about the only space where they can be heard. This move will allow her to do this.

      • In yesterday’s paper ,i read that Obama “lead” the tributes to Peres. Why when someone famous dies or when there’s a disaster ,this cunt is always said to lead the tributes. Gate crashing funerals and memorial services and every dumb cunt hangs on his every word as if no one can grieve until the cunt has lead the way….never since Kennedy (total cunt) has the world been brainwashed on such a large scale. They treat him like a Messiah but he’s not he’s just a very cunty boy..has any of his pledges ever come to fruition?…the cunt must pinch himself everyday….

    • That’s the plan, hand over control to world government, we are going to catch al ot of flack for pulling out of the EU which is part of the world government plan.

      • Obamy has singularly failed to deliver on any of his promises and after 8 years of his “leadership” the US is a divided nation like at no time since the end of the civil war 151 years ago. What a cunt. Now fuck off boy and get me a beer.

  3. Another cunt whose existence had up until now been a mystery to me. Now appraised I am not enlightened. She got lucky, but she made her own luck by sucking or licking the genitalia of anybody who could advance her utterly selfish greed and apparently unending need for the crassest public exposure possible.
    Based on these sad facts and despite not knowing her publicly or personally I nevertheless can’t stand her! Whether or not I’d do her … Well, a man’s not a monk.

    • The pointless bitch also has rich parents and was brought up in some mansion in Belgravia… I think Delevigne’s godmother is Joan Collins and she only hangs out with (and out of) other rich kid twats like Taylor Swift and that St Vincent tripehound….

      • Kate Moss looks like a mong… Like Lily Allen (who also looks like a Sunshine bus passenger)…. Delevigne looks like a skinny bloke who uses beauty products…

  4. Does the sour faced cunt ever smile. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a picture of the cunt cracking her face.

  5. I don’t understand how all the current ‘supermodels’ have a face like a plasterers radio and a body shaped like a poorly constructed ironing board. Back in the 90’s most supermodels were fit as fuck, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista etc. All well worth a aspirational fantasy hand shandy over. The rot set in with the Croydon Crackwhore herself Kate Moss came to prominence. Most if not all clothes designers are pillow biters and don’t appreciate a decent pair of tits on a bird. To a designer they just get in the way of the lines of the overpriced clothes they”ve cobbled together in 5 minutes and charged a ridiculous amount for. Real men like curves and anyone who is sexually attracted to Kate Moss must like fucking young boys coz there’s no difference.

    • Very true, Lord Flash… Christy Turlington, Paulina Porizkova,Claudia Schiffer and the two ladies you’ve mentioned… Proper women in those days… Now it’s stick insects with dodgy fizzogs like Moss and Delevigne.. Kate Moss wouldn’t look out of place in that bar scene in the orignal Star Wars (1977): with other monsters like Greedo, Hammerhead, and Snaggletooth…

    • They just want the models to look like pre pubescent boys as they are nonce cunts.

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