Men’s Synchronised Arse Diving

“Never in my life have I seen such poofery” would’ve bellowed Windsor Davies.

Yes, every 4 (or 5) years we get to watch sports which are so obscure, we’re not even sure if they’re sports. Some are enjoyable for this brief period during the Olympic Games. Most are not. The sport of synchronised diving though, is a bit of a weird one.

The men’s event; which, as a straight male, will probably be a criminal offence by the next Olympics; is an abomination. Good luck to Tom Daly for winning gold, but what was that lbgt rant all about after winning? What has getting men’s shite on your nob got to do with diving off a fucking board? He said something about gays might feel brave enough to try the sport or come out because he’d dived off a board into a pool, at the same time as another bender. And how oppressed the gay is.

Is he mad? Look at the BBC’s fawning (of course!) fucking article. It’s one of the longest I’ve ever seen. For a fringe ‘sport’. And he’s guaranteed a pundits’/presenting job at the BBC for life soon, I’m sure. Because he won gold? Partly, yes. Because he’s a good presenter? Doubt it. Because he’s a gay. Without doubt.

So this shite about gays being oppressed and disadvantaged nowadays is bollocks, but he has a point about them being oppressed in other countries. Will he mention them and why this happens? Peacefuls and third worlders? Of course not!

But the ladies’ event. I actually quite enjoyed that. Lots of nice arses and it seems an event the lezzas haven’t yet ruined by banning skimpy outfits or by putting shorts under skirts (tennis). Yes, the ladies’ event had outfits which were G-string esque in some cases. Side boobs in some cases too.

Although the BBC commentary team were most unfair on the British pair I saw. It seems the smaller the ‘splash’ on entering the water – the higher the marks. The cunts kept moaning about too much ‘splashback’ on entry. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who’d noticed that our girls had big arses compared to say, the Chinese girls (I had a bigger arse when I was six).

It was like pushing Rick Waller into the local baths and not expecting a ripple.

Highly unfair.

But yes, what a fucking strange sport. I’d rather watch Diane Abbott take a shit than watch the men’s event. But you just might watch the ladies’ event one handed (not that I’d know anything about such things, you disgusting degenerates).

Daley’s Dream Comes True

Nominated by: Cuntybollocks 

And from a slightly different perspective, this from Fuglyucker 

Not all British Olympians are cunts, but a lot of them are, these are people who want to represent their country and be a shining example of being brits, we always have the weak arsed fuckers who have a mental meltdown and pull out because they didn’t win, we have the ones who turn out to be purveyors of modern chemistry and don’t deserve the win, or get caught.

Then we have this diving ponce, I can’t remember his name knitting in the crowd, it’s not bad enough him flaunting the fact that he, s a shirt lifter at any given opportunity, marrying his mate and adopting kids because neither of them are women, so now he has become the woman in the relationship public ally,

I know we are told to accept gays now and we try to, but fair is fair there is no need for the mincing, it wasn’t long ago a gay at the pool would have been lynched, now they knit woollen willy warmers in the crowd.

Makes me proud to be British, I don’t know about you….

Tom knits cardigan for hubby

Helpful links supplied by: Mr W.C. Knit One Pearl One Boggs

Allow me to help in the matter of Tom’s knitting:

Tom Gets Knitting at the Olympics

It’s clear that, like Lord Mandy, he is what our pansy friends call a “power bottom”. He clearly doesn’t believe in it is better to give thn receive:

Daley Knits in Tokyo Games

Jacob Rees-Mogg and the Yellow Peril

Comedy Tory cunt Jacob Rees Mogg is apparently an Extreme racist.
He used the term ‘Yellow Peril’ referring to the Libundemocrats’, the cunt.

Jacob Rees-Mogg has claimed he didn’t know an “extremely offensive racist term” he used in the House of Commons was offensive.

The Commons leader has apologised after he yesterday used the phrase “Yellow Peril” – considered a racist metaphor for a perceived threat from East Asian people to the West – in response to a question from an MP. Rees-Mogg was using the term to describe the Liberal Democrats.

Tory MP Damien Moore had said people in his constituency felt “under attack from the vindictive policies of Labour-controlled Sefton Council” for trying to “impose a cycle network”.

In reply, Rees-Mogg said: “I hear gossip that (Moore) is actually working in collaboration, and whisper it quietly, with the Liberal Democrats in his area against these schemes, which I think shows how completely lunatic they must be to have created an alliance between him and the Yellow Peril.”

The cunt. Imagine using a phrase that suggests that our Chinese friends are a danger to us and the world in general. How could he when it is obvious that the target of his racist utterings are the LiibDumbs who are completely innocuous and a waste of oxygen, so no peril to anyone.

Mogg in Yellow Peril Shock

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Woke Like an Egyptian

In my desperate attempt to become part of the wokie crowd I was going to nominate The Bangles hit “Walk like an Egyptian” as a blatant example of colonialism and racism disguised as popular culture.

There are obvious references to slavery as well as not very nice things about the Japs and the Chinkies.

I thought I was onto something radical here but my extensive research shows that some wokie cocksucker has beaten me to it again.

The track is listed in “Songs You Didn’t Know were Racist” in the Readers Digest, of all things, August 2020. Among the others is “Island Girl” by Fat Reg, my fucking hero.

I’m beginning to wonder if I will ever be accepted amongst the woke. I fear they are far too smart for me.

Nominated by: Freddie the Frog

Walk Like an Egyptian Song

Racist Pop Songs

The Hundred (Cricket)

The Hundred is yet another repackaging of cricket and it is a crock of shit.

I managed to watch about 20 minutes of the first men’s game before turning the tv off. The commentators are universally woke and frequently women; John Arlott they are not.

The BBC has signed up for this rubbish and is desperate to make people think that it is worth watching. Some bint was saying that the previous evening’s women’s game was watched by a world record (for a cockless cricket fixture) 6,000. She failed to mention that some 15,000 tickets were given away for the game.

The Hundred encapsulates all that is wrong with modern sport; designed by media people who have bugger all knowledge or understanding of the true essence of sport.

Nominated by: Guzziguy

Four Weddings and a bunch of cunts


I didn’t take 15 minutes searching for this image.

Weddings.I hate weddings.
Having to dress up all posh, being on my best behaviour, not getting pissed and insulting people and  listening to boring cunts,

Posh food. Missus loves them but god, I hate weddings. Always tempted to start a food fight, dont get me wrong, im not antisocial, I love a good funeral!! But weddings?👎👎

Shite music too, all schmaltz, sickly and best man speeches, you’re not allowed to Boo them. Luckily im such a cunt I dont get invited to many,  word of past misdemeanours has spread and I look like Lurch in a suit. Fuck weddings 🖕

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