Meghan Markle [14]

Me-gain Markle is an attention seeking cunt, I bet this gold digging slapper was booking her plain ticket to Texas as soon as she heard the news that a shooting masicer had begun, muck like Adelle at Grenfall or Lilly the mong in Calais, these fuckers love a disaster and an opportunity to try and look like caring, supporting, gentle people.

The reality is jthese fuckers just see it as a chance to be on the news and gain a little good publicity, whilst looking like a hero, I don’t believe a millisecond of it, Megain is just a desperate, attention seeking F list ex actress who is now only famous for bagging the Ginger fuckmonkey and breaking up families.

She gives not a single flying fuck about the kids that were gunned down, just about forwarding her profile, what a cunt.

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I would like to second this cunting. The media are also cunts for aiding and abetting this fraud.

“Meghan Markle fought back tears at a makeshift memorial for the 19 pupils and 2 teachers killed during Tuesday’s Texas school shooting. The former actress, 40, laid a bouquet of white roses during her low key (LOL!) visit on Thursday. The Duchess made the trip in a personal capacity as a mother, her spokesperson said, adding that she wanted to give her condolences and support in person.” Yuck, yuck and triple yuck!

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Are there no depths to which this money grubbing publicity hound will not sink?

Exorcism of Children

Exorcism is a cunt, isn’t it.

Last Autumn, a three-year-old girl perished at a church after “faith leaders” performed a ceremony on the child to “liberate her of her evil spirits” but say what happened was “the will of God,” not the consequence of an exorcism.

Nonetheless, her death by asphyxiation has been ruled as homicide and the mother, who authorities say withheld food from the girl and squeezed her neck during the exorcism, has been arrested and charged with assault on a child resulting in death.

You’d expect this in some black magic Ooga-Dooga shit-hole or even a south American voodoo jungle ritual but no; it was in San José, California.

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These god-botherers are against abortion but think nothing of “sticking their fingers down the victim’s throat and squeezing the victim’s neck to induce vomiting” to remove the “demon”.

Abortion is wrong but “pushing down on the toddler’s head” to remove the “evil spirit” is acceptable. Bruising, torturing, and murdering a toddler in the name of a Sky-Daddy?


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Tony “Baldy Cunt” Finn

Mr Finn, of West Yorkshire recently won an employment tribunal case and is now in line for some juicy compo. Apparently Mr Finn was called a “bald cunt” by his supervisor and, according to the tribunal, this amounts to “sexual discrimination”.

Eh? Sorry, I know the world has gone crazy, but I just don’t see it. I bet he’s been called that a thousand times as have you bald cunts on here no doubt. Have you ever thought of it as sexual discrimination? It’s fucking mental.

Still, Mr Finn will be getting a nice wedge of cash the lucky baldy cunt bastard.

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The Church of England (2) – Anti-Semite Apologies

(Graph shows another reason why the CoE is completely out of touch – Day Admin)

”Church of England apologizes for 800-year-old antisemitic laws”

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Now let’s see. that takes us back to the 1200s.

How very contemporary.

Shouldn’t they apologise for the Norman subjugation of Britain which they aided and abetted?

The Crusades? Surely that’s woke enough.

The corruption of the clergy?

Serfdom? No, it only affected white Britons.

The dead builders who built the churches, Qatar style? Nope, no efniks involved.

Heresy and witchcraft trials and executions? Again, only white Brits. Fuckem.

A long history of pee doh Philia? And of course cover-ups, which persists to this day.

What a fucking disgrace this collection of mealy mouthed cunts is. I am no anti-Semite but the selective wrongs this disgusting bunch of woke cunts picks up is fucking unbelievable.

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‘Peaceful’ Mourners

A nomination for the rag heads who can’t resist being cunts even when burying a ‘respected journalist’, but as usual it is Israel who get criticised.

A woman journalist was shot during some exchange of fire between Palestinians and Israeli police, each blame the other for her death.

Fast forward to the funeral and the rag heads decide to display the Palestinian flags all over the place which isn’t allowed so it all kicks off and the Israeli forces give the cunts a kicking. Isreal is at fault, as always, but what is it with these Muslim/Rag head funerals, nothing dignified about them it looks more like a fucking a crowd trying to get to the last virgin in Jerusalem.

Our lot could learn a few tips from Israeli police when it comes to ‘community sensitivities’ a swift crack around the head with a baton helps to ease tensions.

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