The Harvard Hunger Strikers

Well if this doesn’t end the Israeli/Hamas conflict, nothing will.

Fired up with righteous indignation at Harvard University having some financial interests in Israel, a number of students have gone on ‘hunger strike’ demanding the Uni divests. In pursuit of their aims, these fearless warriors for justice starved themselves for a full……….12 hours.

Yes, they skipped lunch in a brave and strenuous show of defiance, courageously enduring the agony of a rumbling tum in order to rid the world of injustice. Their sacrifice is an inspiration to us all.

Just remember cunters, this is Harvard. One of these dumb cunts could well be Leader of the Free World in 30 years time. That’s if there’s a Free World left in 30 years time.

New York Post

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Immigrants who pretend they did hugely important jobs in their home country

are cunts, aren’t they.

“Back in Oo-kraine I was dorrr-ktur, da, da, so importance”

“Back in India I am vorking as I.T. CEO dearly, haan ji hello please”

“Back in Turr-key, I civil engineer study five year hard wid curry sauce, innit boss”

“Back in Poland, I TV actor. Dobjay, kor-va. Me good. Korrrr-va”

“Back at Afghanistan, me heart surgeon. Where job here? Give, give. Salaam alaykum inshallah death to white Britishers”

Whether it just gives indolent fuckers an excuse not to work or whether they’re just trying it on, they’re liars. Call them out on it.

Annoyed because you were an osteopath in Morocco? Prove it.
Refuse to do a boring job because you were a famous magazine journalist in Bulgaria? Show me the articles.
Don’t like your job as an Amazon driver? Fuck off back to Bucharest then.

Self-important, freeloading, parasitic leeches.


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Motorways as Runways

I’ve often wondered about this in times past. and this latest occurrence(I-75, 2 dead) piqued my chagrin on the matter .. pilots of small/medium planes- in bother, admittedly – but – bother brought about by their choice to NOT use the road system to go where they’re going .. deciding to put her down on a busy roadway, in emergencies.

I expect there’ll be some blowback along the lines of ‘you don’t know what it (fear of impending death/serious injury) is like until it happens to YOU‘ and similar, but while I actually *have* had some uh-oh moments brought about by voluntary high risk endeavours (skydiving, for example) .. who the fuck has the right to put dozens more at risk, like THEY don’t matter .. to save their own skin?

And if ‘panic’ is offered as another mitigation, then the panicker in question should not have held the job/position in question.

An empty, or practically(1 or 2 sparse, spaced out cars per quarter mile)empty road? – sure – GO for it .. but from what I’m seeing in the footage this guy(or gal) came down on a much busier road, practically on top of a clump of cars … and in doing so risked killing FAR more people on the road, than he was carrying on the plane.

On a good day, the aircraft in question needs a half mile of runway to stop .. one coming down with no engine control as a bare minimum and fuck knows what else useless is a completely unknowable entity with the potential to kill dozens.. sorry pal, .. try a field and best of luck with it.

One of the 2 dead in this case is some poor fucker that was going about their business driving when someone (still alive afterwards) .. risked THEIR(drivers) lives, to save their own..

Fuck that.

(If I were coming down under a double failed(or flapping fucked-up canopy) back in my jumping days, .. and was gaining on someone floating to earth under good canopy …. I had NO right to try and grab the other party, most likely killing us both). Manners would have dictated steer AWAY from them.

Imagine the Sullenberger transcript, slightly different. ..

“Not going to make Teterboro” ..
We’re gonna be on Broadway”

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Paul Currie – Comic Anti-Semite

Paul Currie, alleged comedian and fully fledged anti semite.

Raised Palestinian and Ukrainian flags at the end of his show and then encouraged the rest of the audience to hound out several Jewish members of the audience who refused to stand up for the flags.

The theatre put out a statement, shown in link below, but the cunt himself has said nothing further. Probably too busy jacking off in his jackboots. I hear the Tehran Comedy Store already has a booking for him.

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Pray to Stay; Gaming the Asylum System

Here’s a good ‘un for all you IsAC cynics to enjoy. It seems that forty asylum seekers on board the rat ship ‘Bibby Stockholm’ are converting to Christianity. Well praise Lord and shout ‘Hallelujah!’.

Pull the other fucker, it’s got bells on. This is just another in a long line of wheezes that these shithouses and their money-sucking lawyers are utilising to ‘game’ the asylum system in order to stay in the UK. For instance, had no luck with the ‘me bummy boy, me dead man in Shiteistan’ line? Or even more bizarrely, ‘me am convicted rapist in UK, me be stoned to death in Tehran’? Well, get into the old ‘Jesus Saves’ routine.

Naturally conversion involves being committed to the Bible’s ‘Golden Rule’, and to following Christ’s ‘Sermon on the Mount’ instruction to ‘turn the other cheek’, something which Muslim converts take particularly seriously.

Take for example Abdul Ezedi, the sex offender turned chemical hurler who was allowed to stay in the UK after some Holy Joe vouched for his conversion. People who knew this cunt have since described him as ‘a good Muslim’. Take Emed al-Swealmeen, who was confirmed at Liverpool Cathedral in 2017, and who blew himself up when he detonated a bomb outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital in 2021. A Koran and a prayer mat were later found in his flat. Take Uddin Mazari, who was granted asylum after ‘conversion’ in 2010. In 2017 he was jailed for gbh with intent, and sentenced to deportation latterly. I’d wager that the fucker is still here. Take…


Etc etc.You get the picture I’m sure, and you’ll see a theme developing here. I contend that at best, church authorities are being naive when dealing with these claims to conversion, and at worst, are actively colluding to frustrate and defy the working of the asylum system.

Recent comments of the Archbish of Cunterbury refer. As far back as 2016, the former Dean of Liverpool Cathedral, Peter Wilcox, stated that 200 asylum seekers had been baptised in the cathedral in the previous four years. In a forthright manner, Wilcox declared ‘I can’t think of a single example of somebody who already had British citizenship actually converting from Islam to Christianity’.

No shit Sherlock. Mmm, I wonder why that could possibly be?

Now I’m not claiming that all conversions are bogus. However if I was a gambling man, I’d put money on some of them (say conservatively 99.9%) being just that. We’re being hoodwinked. We’re being laughed at. We’re being fucked over. Bring on a change of government. Labour will sort it out, never fear.

They’re coming to take me away ho ho he he ha to the funny farm…

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