Lenny Henry [11]

Our national treasure, Lenny Henry.

Apparently some black dwama has been cancelled after one series. This disturbs the wondefully talented Mr Henry whose sucess has absolutely nothing to do with his colour.

He says:-

“I would really like to see some longer-term investment in lesser-known and diverse talent, in order to make them the stars of tomorrow. These things take time,”

Apparently he hasnt noticed adverts which grossly over-represent his ilk or series which all seem to crowbar black characters in at every opportunity. Rebus being the latest example. Or the horseshit set in Aberdeen with a fucking Jamaican lead.

Perhaps ‘black’ dwamas are not of any great interest to the majority population?

Racism innit.


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16 and 17 year olds to be given the vote

Just when you think this country couldn’t get more batshit crazy. Come on down sir kweer and his commi party, I mean labour.

This idea is so absurd and dangerous, it will hand labour the keys to power almost indefinitely. Kweer and the gand know that a generation of brainwashed kids will vote only one way. The argument about being able to join the army is null and void. Yes you can join at 16, but you can’t fight till you’re 18. Simply put this is election rigging till well into the 2030s and beyond. It’s blatantly obvious this will be used as a backdoor (pun intended in kweers case) to rejoin the EU. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if he even offered this in the manifesto!

Unfortunately at the age they are suggesting, most can’t even read, write or think for themselves. And here lies the danger to our future.
Most are to wrapped up in TV, games, celeb culture to give a shit. The ones that do, only do so because they think it’s trendy. Well a country full of boat invaders and filth, will be their doing.

At least when everything has gone to shit, the next generation can blame them, like they blame the older generations for our current shit shower. In the long run it will likely either lead to civil unrest, or a seriously far right government. Then they will have something to cry about. This is so short sighted, just like the people they intend to give the vote to. I suggest if this comes to pass, make them pay taxes, make them go to adult prison, and make them legally liable for the things they do. If you want to act like an adult, you get the consequences of being one.

We are proposing laws on smart phones, internet ids etc to protect these people. But somehow they can be trusted with making choices that effect everyone. I lament our poor island, we are truly screwed.

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Average British Driver

The average British cunt behind a wheel

Have you ever noticed when you have a rant with anyone about the twats in the road everybody gets angry and joins in with the cunting? Everyone’s fucking perfect at it yet everyone is always complaining.

Chances are the person your talking to or in earshot is one of the cunts you are having a rant at, just that they are not in a car.

What is it with the average nob head thinking they can drive? They clearly signed up to a £70k finance package when they have no interest in driving, are shit at driving and clean it about as much as their arsehole.

Im not talking technical driving, but within the confides of awareness, consideration, legality to within the UK law, and hazard perception.

Whenever I make a mistake I’ll put my hand out the window and apologise. If I gone fucked up, that’s on me. But these fucking shit houses nearly kill you and your family, then start giving you abuse.

If I had a handgun in the glove box there would be a good 12 less cunts stealing oxygen in the Manchester area today.

Ignorant cunts just drive around like they are in a video game and only their shite life matters. Fuck everyonelse and their families… Get home safely? Fuck that I need to get home 3 minutes early and see if big Leroy is ploughing the mother of my children. (stay together for the kids, obvs)

Anyway fellow cunters, after nearly being hit 5 times today from Denton, to Hyde, to Trafford by people on their phone,plain stupid, ignorant or distracted: I just had to complain. I could understand if I was wearing my fucking invisibility cloak that I took from Harry Potter after running him over whilst playing foxy bingo on my Phone. But no, I’m not part of the problem. I’m a fucking perfect driver…

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Moise Lohombo

My first cunting of an individual. Spoiler ; it’s a Congolese based ‘integrater’ which is a new sleight-of-hand misleading term I picked up being used by one of the duplicitous cunts that champion this frankly retarded ongoing action of burying your head in the sand & welcoming-in the thing(s) that will cumulatively but without-a-single-doubt inevitably destroy ‘decent'(ish) civilization. Sounds like hyperbole but it really isn’t. It’s simply sheer numbers and basic economics. And ingrained feral characteristics.

moise lohombo. No capitals. Filth doesn’t deserve them.

Selected by some bunch of bleeding-heart cunts in Germany to be a shining example and (be)promoted as a showcase for how immigration is a plus for the countries on the receiving end of this farcial situation. Oh, sure, he had a couple of crimes(unspecified, but ‘violent’) on his jacket already since arriving IN Krautland aged 8 but hey! that was before. We all make ‘mistakes’. Look at him now. Amateur boxer. Shiny new tracksuits. High end mobile phone. Steady income (at the taxpayers expense type income I surmise – otherwise any job would have been mentioned nay heralded by his defence).

Anyways. This cunt was set up for life by these cretins, if he kept his big wide nose clean going forward, then they would still be banging on about him as if/like one ‘success’ story proves their deluded agenda. The simple minded really are something else.

Well, he didn’t do anything of merit or positive for society, despite the fanfare around him so the story fizzled out. His mother had ‘integrated’ as well, but I see nothing about jobs being gotten, no cake-sales for local orphanges were undertaken. And the promoters must have realised “well, moise hasn’t commited crime in a while so that’s excellent, eh?” is a tad low-bar for the argument that integration is a real positive. So they moved on to find their next poster boy of the month. You can only drum up so much fucking praise based around not being a criminal anymore. Anyways the cunt DID go back to (other) crime, incidentally.

Then, one night, after the spotlight moved on, moise aged 30, severely beat and raped his own mother(who was twelve when she HAD the cunt by the way so not her first raping, presumably), at knifepoint. She was terrified he had impregnated her, ffs. She sustained serious injuries while being forcibly fucked by her brute of a son. A brain-bleed from the beating, notably. The apartment was covered in blood spatter. When she knew what was about to happen, she offered him money to go get a prostitute instead. He declined that option.

A deathly silence from his old fanclub on the matter, of course. Looking for a link, not ONE msm is carrying the story. If he’d rescued a puppy, though, (but not raped his mum), .. headline fucking news, I’m sure.

Some ‘shining example’, though, what what?

Info Wars.

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George Ezra

George Ezra is a cunt.

Part of the unholy trinity with Ed Sheercunt and Tubby Capaldi, Ezra is a dull as dishwater cunt. A soulless and boring voice for a start. And then there’s his songs. The diabolical ‘Shotgun’, which makes Oasis at their worst even sound good.

‘I’ll be riding shotgun, underneath the hot sun, feeling like a someone’.

Pure ‘The cat sat on the mat, where it once shat’ crap. Lowest common denominator bollocks. How this turd is seen as decent music and sells thousands is absolutely laughable.

But that ‘shotgun’ shit isn’t his worst. ‘Green Green Grass’ is his biggest pile of crap.

‘green, green grass, blue, blue sky
You better throw a party on the day that I die’

Oh, don’t worry. I will….


https://www.betterthanezra.com/ (You’re welcome – NA)

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