Project Fear [5]

PROJECT FEAR – Doom, Gloom and the Mainstream Media

A massive ‘WTF’ Cunting for Television and Radio media, Newspaper editors, online bloggers, pundits and Westminster politicians who incessantly feed us endless predictions of doom, gloom and tales of woe.

“It’s a crisis”, “It’s another crisis”, “the Migrant Crisis”, “the cost of living crisis that’s affecting families”, “we’re in the middle of an energy crisis”, “the climate crisis must be adressed by the UK” …. etc … etc

  • The Covid Pandemic
  • Brexit crisis as lorries queue for miles in Kent
  • Constitutional crisis over Northern Ireland border issue
  • Downing street broke covid rules
  • Tory leadership crisis
  • Scottish Independance referendum plagues Wrstminster
  • New bird flu outbreak
  • Major shortage of turkeys for christmas
  • minimal egg production as birds are culled
  • Drought risks as global warming causes reservoirs to dry up
  • Energy cost rises out of control
  • Gas shortages as Russia limits pipeline flow
  • High risk of powercuts during winter
  • Age concern warns of risk of pensioners freezing this winter
  • Families forced to choose between heating or eating
  • 400% rise in food bank usage
  • Truss growth policies causes markets meltdown
  • Kwarteng sacked and Truss ousted after worst 3 weeks for country
  • Northern Ireland government crisis as parties fail to compromise
  • Albanian criminal gangs flooding into UK
  • Immigration out of control
  • Victims fleeing persecution forced to wait over a year to be assessed in unacceptably poor 4 star hotel temporary accomodation
  • Motorways gridlocked as ponces glue themselves to gantries
  • Morons throw custard over works of art
  • Russia threatens nuclear strikes if West continues supporting Ukraine
  • Civil servants living in mortal fear of harsh words as ministers ‘bully’ them
  • Inflation spitalling out of control / xxxxx (insert organisation here) out on strike over pay …..

(Consider yourself very fortunate I could be bothered to turn this lump of text into a bulleted list for readability. See Nomination Rule #4. Grrr – NA)

I remember when news readers read facts out, impartially, in-passionately, calmly, whether good news or bad. Today, it’s all panic, scare mongoring, too busy calling for heads to roll or pushing agendas.

I went to sleep before the pandemic – woke up and found I was back in the 1970’s. I want a refund. I want rationality back. I want optimism back. I want my country back …

Nominated by: Lord of the Rings

Awaab Ishak’s Parents

Right- this is NOT a cunting for this young lad.

It is a cunting for his parents, who have not come across mould and the causes of it due to them being just another couple of immigrants…this time from Somalia, where presumably fucking mud huts and a warm climate don’t contribute to mould. Neither does having to worry about your hut having an indoor shower/bath, flushing toilet and water on tap. No sir……mould is alien to them. Until of course they come to the land of plenty where they are given a nice free property with all those water fed luxuries, which of course also can cause mould if you don’t ventilate the property correctly. I have always found it peculiar that when you read a news story about someone complaining about mould, you just know it’s going to be a council place. Why is it only council houses that suffer from mould? Or could it be the residents are in it all day doing fuck all with the heating cranked up, windows shut, with the washer/dryer going and some munter having her weekly shower?

What really pisses me off though, is the comments from the father (interpreted by the way, as they cunt can’t even speak English) whereby he calls the council racist (didn’t take him long to employ the narrative did it?) and basically doing nothing to help his family.

Ungrateful cunt..fuck off back to Somalia where mould is a luxurious dream.

Nominated by: Chuff Chugger

Seconded by : Cuntstable Cuntbubble

To add to Chuff’s comments.

”Awaab Ishak: Mould in Rochdale flat caused boy’s death, coroner rules”

Sad but:-

Mould can be dealt with.
Ventilation, not having wet clothes hanging about.
Opening windows.
A cheap spray which kills the spores and growth.
But no. They did fuck all.

These cunts were smothered in social workers etc who identified the problem, did fuck all to rectify it themselves. (Its the council’s/housing association’s problem) and now, undoubtedly with the help of some white woke cunt cry racism. In fucking Rochdale which is 50% Parking Stanley.

This child’s death is 100% due to the stupid, non English speaking family. No doubt Somalia would have sorted it if they fucked off back there.

Evri [4] (formerly known as Hermes)

For anyone expecting a parcel to be delivered by this bunch of cunts, I wouldn’t bother waiting in.

Having ordered a brand new pair of trainers from Converse at the beginning of the month, I waited with much excitement for the delivery guy to show himself on my doorbell camera. The alloted time slot came and went and then I received an email stating that my parcel had been delivered.

I checked the doorbell camera again. nope, no sign of any delivery. The email was accompanied by a photo of the delivery cunt allegedly delivering my parcel…to someone else’s address. The fucking useless twat.

Refund sought and duly paid by Converse, I reorder my trainers. They are meant to be delivered today between 12:00 – 14:00. It is now 18:00 and still no sign of the Evri delivery cunt. That’s two pairs of trainers that some thieving Evri driver has fucked off with and another from Australia that was meant to be delivered at the same time.

Go fuck yourselves Evri! I would advise every online retailer to avoid these cunts like the plague. Unless you want to be sending numerous replacements at your own cost, because Evri simply couldn’t give a shit.

Nominated by : Odin

Going Cashless – Scammers Delight

Over the last 12 months I have read so many reports in the MSM and computer media regarding how scammers are moving away from trying to hack into computers using viruses and malware, and have since moved on towards hacking into apps where you can pay using your phone.

The Weakest Link is the QR code (or Quick Response). This looks like a barcode but is a method where a phone installed with a QR reader can scan and interpret the QR code in order to make a payment for a service.

The link below is just one example where scammers can produce dodgy QR of their own, which they then place on top of legitimate QR codes (or remove the latter completely). The victim comes along scan the code and then finds his bank has been hacked and his money pinched.

These scams can happen anywhere where cashless payments by phone/card is your only option. The providers of these services warn customers to be “vigilant” about using QR codes, which to me seems like they’re shifting responsibility away from themselves and onto the punter to worry about.

Nearly everywhere you go these days retailers are demanding that you pay cashless by either contactless card and/or “download the app”. You’ll see it even more or train stations, carparks, airports and not just ordinary shops.  All of which means that you are being tracked not only by where you are and what you’ve bought, but also the sharing of your personal information stored on your phone. And its this that hackers are after, which means we have to be even more cautious how we use an app.

The “Go Cashless” project is just another complication in an already complicated life for a lot of people. And using these apps to pay for things is just another example.


Telegraph News Link

Nominated by: Technocunt

Nicholas Rossi

To call this cunt a Walter Mitty type of character would be an insult to his victims. He is no eccentric fantasist but a lying manipulative devious sack of shit, indulged by the Scottish legal system as we shall later see. First a bit of background.

A convicted sexual predator he went on the run from the U.S in 2020 after faking his own death as more victims of his crimes came forward, eventually washing up in Scotland as Arthur Knight, an Irish orphan. When in hospital after catching Covid-19 he was recognised by staff as being on an Interpol red notice.

This was a year ago and since then has used every trick in the book to deny his true identity. From speaking in an Irish accent so he did, to claiming his distinctive tattoos had been done in hospital while he was in a coma – I don’t think the NHS offers free half sleeves….yet. Fingerprints were also taken by a nurse called Patrick and manipulated to match those held on file in America.

Why did it take a whole fucking year to see though this bullshit? Fingerprints, DNA, the tattoos or a background check on his alias Arthur Knight could all have been done in hours. The fact he sacked six lawyers, all probably funded by legal aid didn’t help matters. Since this is Krankie McSturgeon territory where men are women, why didn’t he just say he was a trans woman and couldn’t possibly have committed rape?

Now the bleeding fucking obvious has been finally established, he has been approved for extradition proceedings to the U.S. Given that it has taken years for cunts like Julian Assange and a couple of Rotherham peaceful groomers to maybe be fucked off to America and Pakistan I wouldn’t hold my breath on seeing this bastard on a plane anytime soon.

BBC News Link

Nominated by: Liberal Liquidator