Khady Gueye (2)

I cunted this half wit last year. She’s the deluded fucker who tried to organise BLM horseshit in the Forest of Dean.
She’s back, she’s black and she’s entitled to her shoulder chip.

But Khady felt that “no-one was talking about it” where she lived in Lydney, Gloucestershire.
“Outraged and upset”, as the footage of George Floyd’s death circulated online, she decided to organise her own local protest.
“I wanted to highlight this tragedy for black communities in the area I live in, where discussions about race and racial justice just don’t happen,” she said.

She lives in Lydney. Fred West territory. Deliverance territory. There is a very good reason racial injustice isnt discussed there. She is the only fucker there who isnt white and related to everybody else. There are no stabbings or gangs. They use pitchforks and fire to keep the peace.
She is determined to push the race card in an area where it is irrelevant. All opposition to her fucking madness is of course racist.
Surprisingly, she seems to be a single mother.

Chiggun. Courtesy of the BBC of couse.

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The World Health Organisation (2)

The World Cunt Organisation, otherwise known as the WHO have decided that they are going to designate Covid variants using the Greek alphabet,

They say it’s to simplify the names rather than the B……. numbers which us mere mortals don’t understand and to avoid using ‘Country names’ to prevent discrimination and stigmatisation.

We had a county variant, the Kent variant and it only took the Frogs minutes to shut the border, not that I blame them, we should have slammed the fucking door on India weeks before it finally went on the red list.

Country or origin of the variant is Important so travel can be restricted to/from that country, can’t really stop travel to Alpha or Delta and people are going make the connection anyway.

Fucking WHO, waste of time, space and money.


The WHO Goes Greek

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(With that logic does this mean we can no longer ask for an “Indian takeaway” or a “Chinese” in case it causes offence? – DA)



The Ministry of Defence Goes Woke (2)

The MOD and how it is making the Chinks and Russkis piss their pants. And not with fear.

The Ministry of Defence’s new £110,000-a-year diversity chief is taking aim at ‘sexist’ ranks in the armed forces including rifleman, airshipman and airman.
Samantha de Forges, who was appointed in the new role in February, is leading a review into military titles which will happen next year.
The head of the Royal Navy, Lord Ian West, who may be forced to give up his title, last week described demands to change ranks as ‘ultra, ultra-woke pressure’.

Why in god’s name has this nonsense penetrated the military? If a woman serves in the Navy then call her a seawoman not a fucking seaperson. What the fuck does it matter? Why are we paying this pointless cunt £110 000 pa?
There is bullshit talk of a ‘welcoming and inclusive’ culture. Women have served for decades without this rubbish. But wait, perhaps this is a prelude to swelling the ranks with gays and trannies.

Our enemies will think twice before taking on our ‘welcoming and inclusive’ armed forces.

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The MOD’s New Diversity Chief

Windsor Castle Pikeys

(I suppose Plod had to beg with a “please” and “thank you” to encourage these cunts to move on – DA)

Pikeys are getting more daring.

Windsor residents, and no doubt the Queen, were stunned to see a group of 30 Pikey caravans take residence on Windsor Long Walk right in front of the Queen’s private quarters.

They refused to budge but were eventually persuaded to move, no doubt to trouble some other poor buggers who don’t happen to be members of the Royal Family.

The audacity of these morons, parking right in front of the Queens residence! The Long Walk is open certain hours to the public so they were being blocked as well.

Is nothing sacred to these feral scum?

Windsor Castle Pikeys

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I am one. But I’ve been one for over twenty years. I shave my head every day because I like the look – I don’t want to look like Max Wall (I’ve think I’ve been here before but fuck it).

There’s a advert that’s boiling my blood. The cunt’s in the barber’s and he’s got a Tintin hair cut and won’t let his barber at it. Fuck the cunt. Strap him down, use a pair of clippers to take everything off, and then throw the cunt in a skip.

I’ve tried to find a link but I’m trashed so am finding it difficult.

BLM! Bald lives matter!

Fuck off.

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