The Right Side of History

A cunting for the arrogance of ‘progressives’ and sinister phrase ‘The right side of history’, or rather, telling others they are on the ‘wrong side of history’.

There is a chilling certainty about it, an arrogance from the dogmas of Marxism and fascism, seeing history as a ‘project’. Those who use the term see themselves as progressive and enlightened. There is a threatening edge to it, as if history itself is a war to be won.

Conservatives don’t usually use this terminology, it always seems to be the demented utopian left, the justice warriors, the racial obsessives (black and white), the Islamists and their apologists, who forget the numerous attacks and bombings, and are more worried about ‘islamophobia’. Don’t be on the wrong side of history, they say, wagging their fingers at those whose children and loved ones keep getting maimed. it’s not progressive to criticise a religion that pretends it is peaceful, but also says it shall have the last word.

I suspect a lot of people in government and the public sector are believers in history as a progressive project; it’s why many of them became civil servants. Remember in the late nineties when Blairites wanted to rub the right’s nose in diversity? What was the aim? Diversity for its own sake?
Look at the mess that has created, not especially for the right, but for all in the UK, creating more division and economic inequality, as well as stretching services beyond capacity. Are these architects of unhappiness and cultural anxiety on the right side of history?

This arrogance and self-delusion is not just the preserve of the left. Political philosopher Francis Fukuyama declared there would be an ‘end’ to history, its finale being a world of liberal democracy, global trade, Disney animation, MTV and McDonalds in every land. He wrote about this in 1992 at the end of the cold war. It was probably a lot easier to believe back then, as America became the world police. However, It took less than a decade for his theory to be proven false, with the rise of Al Qaeda and the 9/11 attacks, and the more recent rise of China.

This worldview still seems to be prominent in the western world; there is still little acknowledgement of pluralism; the world of liberal democracy and globalised neo-liberal economics must win out. Transnational organisations like the UN, WTO and EU are the inevitable future. this is why the managerial elite of the west and their sycophants in the media were so outraged by Brexit and Trump. The most unhinged reactions were from the supposedly enlightened; barristers, academics, politicians, peers, senior civil servants, authors, artists and scientists. Their progressive project had been sabotaged. ‘They didn’t know they what they were voting for’ is as insufferable as telling people they’re on ‘the wrong side of history’.

There is no great surprise that Fukuyama’s work drew on Marxism and Hegel, seeing history as ‘progressive’. It is pure dogma and wishful thinking, not based on a realistic view of human history; humans are too chaotic and mercurial to be effectively modelled, marshalled and shunted into a single system that progresses along and can predict some end point. It’s the same sort of ‘rationalist’ thinking that asserts there should be universal human rights.
Good luck applying that in the real world.
Greater geniuses than Marx and Hegel (namely John von Neumann) have created theories and strategies such as Game theory to try to anticipate human behaviour, mainly in the economic sphere, but have had the wisdom to not try to turn that into a long-term forecasts related to history.

Both Bertrand Russell and later Jacob Bronowski, both champions of empiricism, labelled Hegel a con artist, and it was Jacob Bronowski, while filming his series The Ascent of Man, who cautioned against certainty, for the march of ‘progress’ guided by pure dogma leads to the horrors of not only the Holocaust, but of the Soviet gulag and the Terror of the French Revolution. Note that none of these horrors were motivated by a belief in God, but the belief in political projects and the supremacy of ideology over others without ever testing them.

Bronowski famously quoted Cromwell, ‘I beseech you, in the bowels of Christ, think it possible that you might be mistaken’.

I wonder how many people who accuse others of being on the wrong side of history, and believe they are on the right side, ever wonder if they might have been mistaken.

the Atlantic

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Pointless Public Art

Some cunt has been putting plastic unicorns, the size of an actual horse, around Bristol, each individually decorated.

I have tried to find out the point of these , seemingly they have been sponsored by certain charities and you are supposed to go round the city having your photo taken in front of each one. I cannot imagine a world where that would pass for entertainment, but I have seen stupid cunts capering about in front of them, usually obvious tourists.

They make the place look an even bigger nuthouse than it already did. I can’t remember being asked if I want this crap all over the city. Some cunt is knitting woolly hats for postboxes as well, as if the fucking things might get hypothermia in the winter. I long for the days when people used to suffer in silence. Also, if you want to give to charity, why not just do that privately, instead of participating in some peculiar public nonsense.

Visit Bristol

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India and the Moon Landing

Next time your Mrs tries to touch your heart strings, show her the link at the bottom.

Their first attempt ( kept that quiet, the cunts ) was not successful. Yet, they managed to scrabble up another few gazzilion rupees and had another go.

I’ll never, ever put a round coin in a collection tin again, ever.
I’ll just keep supporting my little, local, run by two people in their spare time charities.

It begins at home, after all.

Bbc news

Nominated by Jeezum Priest. More below from Captain Magnanimous.

On the train out of Delhi, you go through shanty towns so full of slumdogs and so vast, it takes an hour to pass They still persist in having eight children though, despite barely being able to feed themselves. Lots are starving. Pollution is so bad that when the head-wobblers blow their nose, black snot comes out. Rats run through Sanjay’s restaurant. Deepak is having a shit in the street.

And yet, they’ve just sent a rocket to the Moon. For the love of Krishna, why? How many gazillions of ruppees did that cost, although probably more than the nuclear weapons India’s bought. Don’t worry about Gando shitting his chicken tikka into the gutter, get Punjabba The Hutt into a spaceship, jaldi, jaldi.

Moreover, why are there so many Poppadom-munchers arriving on the dinghies? Are these Durka-Doughnuts fleeing a war?

What next, an expedition to Mars? Beyond? That’ll mean tens of thousands more masala curryfaces arriving by dinghy.

Unprecedented Pressure

A proper cunting and no mistake. Students are being turfed out of their digs to make way for our beloved dinghy riders. A cause of righteous outrage. Check out what The Sun says in the link below.

Apparently, according to the Home Office, the asylum system is “under unprecedented pressure”! What fucking system is that? You may well ask. Is it the one that lets thousands of cunts in every fucking week? Whose fucking fault is that? Would that be the leftie, civil servant, fuck-witted cunts at the Home Office?

Maybe now the consequences of the Government’s open door policy are hitting students they will stop being hand-wringing apologists for any old woke shite and start acting like grown-ups in waiting. I look forward to their first anti-immie demo. We live in hope rather than expectation.

Meanwhile, the NHS could be “overwhelmed” this winter. Proper shocking. Bet you never thought that would happen. What can be the cause? Go on, take a guess…

The Sun

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Cycling Mikey

Have we done this cunt?

He is a self-appointed guardian of London’s roads, at least as annoying and unwelcome as ulez. His MO is to slide up alongside unsuspecting motorists and film them using their phones, even when they are stationary in traffic. Often during rush hours when people are phoning ahead to say they are late.

He also parks himself on the wrong side of the road and stops cars and vans from turning right at a busy junction. In his arrogant seth afrikaan accent he commands the vehicles in question to reverse and join the proper queue whilst advising them they will be reported to met police online and will be getting a summons in the post. In addition he lambasts all his victims, telling they are terrible human beings and should be ashamed. He uses sarcasm with comments such as “did you get your licence from a Christmas cracker” and similar insults. Some motorists don’t take this very well. He has stopped doctors and even ambulances but ignores any infringements by fellow cyclists, claiming they could fall off and injure themselves. However, he doesn’t apply this logic to motorcyclists.

Now I am not condoning people who commit technical driving offences. We shouldn’t be using our phones on the move, nor taking shortcuts on the wrong side of the road. But this sanctimonious little snitch irritates me to hell. He pokes his nose in where it’s not invited. He causes people to get 6 points on their licence and possibly banned, losing their livelihood. He delights in humiliating drivers who are just trying to navigate their way around overcrowded capital roads. He sees himself as a national hero, supported by the likes of Jeremy Vile and other car haters.

The dice is already loaded against motorists especially those powered by ICE. We don’t need sanctimonious pricks like this rubbing salt into the wounds.


YouTube Link.
(Hoisted by his own petard video link provided by our Motoring Correspondent, Night Admin – NA)

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