Christmas Family Newsletters

Won’t be long now until I receive my annual update on the life of my appalling cousin. She is a retired Doctor of Mentals (Was that an official title? – NA) and even when I was younger couldn’t stand her nosiness ( always wondered if the bitch was angling to have me committed) and pompous,strident manner.

Thankfully she no longer attempts to ring me after I told her to Fuck Off in no uncertain terms when she attempted to mediate between myself and a relative who accused me of some rather devious actions regarding the will of a dead relative ( he was actually quite right but couldn’t prove a fucking thing….he’s dead now too…thank fuck.) (That needs to be expanded upon – NA)

Anyhow…back to my nom…..she still sends every Christmas a record of the “highlights” of her year…being a Doctor she is reasonably well off and,if I can decipher the poorly photocopied pages, seems to know how to spend it…holidays,cars and most bizarrely of all a fucking motorhome. The humbleboast words are accompanied by smudged photos of the old Trout leering out at various locations….one only a few miles away from me but at least she had more sense than call in.

I’m guessing that she sends the same impersonal letter to everyone at Christmas…why bother?…I certainly don’t care what she’s done but if I was actually someone who had any time for the sanctimonious bitch,I’d certainly expect something a bit more personal than a photocopied boastfest.

Still,to look on the bright side,she can’t live much longer….hope the evil old trout doesn’t leave me the fucking motor-home in her will as some kind of twisted joke…it’s just the kind of thing a true Fiddler would do.

Nominated by: Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler

Sir Keir “Desperate Dan” Starmer (8)

Let’s hear it again for this paunchy,pleased with himself motherfucker, who, on the basis of a “sexual assault” claim going back 18 years, wants a police investigation into doddering old Stanley Johnson, who just happens to be Boris’s dad:

Daily Mail News Link

It’s mot just what he says but how he says it, with his gestures and his world weary voice.

You just know the old cunt is at political point scoring when as DPP he failed to prosecute Jimmy Savile and refused to prosecute MPs (often Labour ones) for fraud in the 2009 expenses scandal. All old Stan did was touch a couple of wimminz arses and tell them how nice they were – Savile abused countless children of both sexes, often when they were ill or disabled in hospital.

Starmer should seek advice from his poofter friend Chris Bryant about how to become a vicar – I am sure Bryant would look just as lovely as Bryant loiunging round in his YFronts looking for rough trade.

Nominated by: W.C. Boggs

Arrogant Cyclists

Found this story and found it quite amusing, I wasn’t sure about putting it in as a nom but as it involves one of ISAC’s pet hates I thought it worthwhile.

It involves a Lycra clad cunt on a bike who was riding along a path in Belgium last Christmas and managed to knock a little girl on her arse, the cunt should have stopped when he saw the gap was a bit tight but he carried on and with a wobble and a knee in back she went over.

The father was filming his wife and sprog and decided to put the video online and inform the police. No fine or penalty was given and now the Lycra clad cunt is suing the father for deformation by posting the clip online.

Now most people would have sympathy with the family but the fathers name is Mpasa, I will leave you to guess his origins but ironic that it’s usually the dark types trying to get compo form whitey 😂😂😂

Sun News Link

Nominated by: Sick of It

Catholicism (2) and Bashing the Bishop

Catholicism is a cunt, isn’t it.

Xavier Novell, a Spanish bishop who quit the clergy to be with his sexologist lover has found a new job: exporting pig semen.

The dress-wearing devil-dodger first hit the headlines in September after it was revealed he had fallen for 38-year-old Silvia Caballol, a divorced author of erotic novels.

Novell was a star on the rise within Spain’s Catholic church loons and flogged his bishop spirit to become the youngest one ever at just 41. However, no more bashing the bishop duties from now on.

He has since found a spanking good job with Semen Cardona – a global company which exports high-quality pig yoghurt to more than 20 countries.

His resignation was accepted by the current Grand Poo-baa, Pope Adolf XVI who probably muttered something like Thou Shalt Not Masturbate Hogs in latin.

A dressy-up pervert who hooked up with an sado-masochist author and who now wanks off pigs, giving them a ham shandy for their pork custard.

‘Spill my spirito satan Knob-in-hand, chokio the pork swordium wanka in glorious’

Daily Mail News Link

Nominated by: Captain Magnanimous

UK illegal immigration or ‘nothing to see here’

Story link : BBC News Link

Thursday 11th November was armistice day, the 103rd anniversary of the end of the first world war – a war we fought alongside France as an ally…. but the French are not an ally anymore.
We agreed to pay France £55 Million to help curtail the huge number of illegals crossing the channel from France to the UK, and what is the result ?
On Thursday, 1,185 migrants crossed the English Channel by boat to reach the UK. The French authorities stopped 99 others.

So far this year, 23,000 migrants have entered this country illegally by channel crossing, the overwhelming majority being young males.
No documents. No background checks.

They could be hardened criminals. They could be terrorists. They could be rapists or child molesters. They could be decent people seeking a chance to work hard for a better life. They could be coming to get a house, healthcare and benefits all free curteosy of GB mugs. They could also be carrying covid or all manner of infectious illness. We’ll never know, because they aren’t vaccinated or even tested for covid.

The UK government does nothing… “nothing to see here” – meanwhile they want to sack any health worker who isn’t vaccinated, and lecture the rest of us on how important another booster jab is.

What a bloody shambles……. Another nail in the coffin of ‘Great’ Britain 🙁

Nominated by: Lord of the Rings

And there’s this from Fuglyucker

MSN News Link

These illegal immigrants are landing here in droves, what the fuck is going on about stopping this from happening, what happened to Pritstick Patel supposedly sorting this out, nothing, fuck all, jack shit is the answer to to that, the lazy, good for nothing, useless cunt makes all the right noises and pulls all the right faces, looking like that rug muncher from Alien, but is as much use as a pig roast in at ramadam.

While she is making a song and dance about sending 4 Jamokes back to the land of ganja, 400 probably waaaaay more that than that, Calais crossers have arrived here, what happened to all the hot air she spouted when she got the job, so as i see it she has done fuck all about the fucking immigrant scroungers turning up and with all the hot air she has produced has had a massive affect on global warming,

Prit stick Patel is a useless cunt, same as all the fuckers she is supposed to be stopping from landing in our fucked up country.