Chroming – the next level of idiocy

From the morons who brought you happy slapping and vodka eyeballing, comes:

Chroming – this link says it all

Are teenagers and students really so bored with their lives that they have to keep inventing these stupid “challenges” on social media? They really think that damaging their bodies to the point where their lives will be spent as vegetables or worse, killing themselves, is worth the risk? It says in the link above that one of the many risks is the lowering of your I.Q. – that’s at least one side-affect that isn’t going to be noticeable then. What a load of stupid cunts.

Nominated by Chunder Tunt.

The curious death of Susan Johnson

A 62yr old woman from Scarborough,
Susan Johnson attended her local hospital for a routine scan.

On booking in Susan was told much to her consternation that she was in fact,…dead.

This came as some shock to Susan,
And she thought maybe it’d be best to seek a second opinion.

She contacted her GP who on looking into the matter and using state of the art medical science concluded that Susan wasn’t dead.

When it came to convincing the benefits department who had stopped her benefits she struggled to prove she was alive.

But now it appears to just have been a admin error and Susan is much happier to have her benefits reinstated and to know shes alive.

Poor Susan.
Bet she couldn’t sleep wondering if she was dead?

There should be a helpline you can phone to ask if your dead.

I’ve still got my doubts about Susan R.I.P


Nominated by Miserable northern cunt.

Mr. Pothole, aka Mark Morrell

and some ugly bitch who I think is trying for a pay day.

One of my major moans. I don’t drive, but I sit in cars, and by all the Holy, pun intended, maybe they’ll make a road out of this fucking ploughed field soon.

In Sheffield, it was announced that they had x £m pounds to spend, not only to fix the roads, but the footpaths too.

I’ll ask OC, potholes fixed?
Other Sheffield folk? Bob Frapples, I think you’re one of the elite on here?

Now, here’s Mark, bless his cotton socks, trying to make a difference.

GB news

Can I just add, that if Rebecca Salisbury hadn’t been strolling, with her airpods in and glued to TikShit, she might have noticed the damaged footpath, and avoided it.
Also, she says she just wanted to get some money back for taxis? If they’d have given you £10, it would be admitting liability. Sue them. See how that works.

Nominated by Jeezum Priest.

Dead Pool [321]

Congratulations to Lord Biryani who has gone and won DeadPool 320 by correctly predicting that the Scottish Actress Gudrun Ure would be the next famous stiff.Ure was 98 and passed away today and will be best remembered for her role as Super Gran in the 1980`s children’s show which endeared her to millions of youngsters back in the day.She certainly had a Gud run!

On to Dead Pool 321

Thr rules.

1)Pick 5 famous cunts you think will conk out next.It is first come first serve and no duplicates are allowed.You can always be a cunt and nominate someone elses nominations from a previous pool.

2)Anyone who nominates the worlds oldest man or woman is a cunt who we will ignore.

3)It must be a famous cunt we have heard of.

4)No swapping picks mid-pool unless they have already been taken.

5)Wins are awarded based on chronology of death reports not necessarily chronology of death.

UB40 – There’s a Cunt in the Kitchen

(Wearing shades, trying to look cool-with-da-kids, innit – Day Admin)

UB40 are cunts, aren’t they!

I’ve just heard these talentless turds are making a comeback to inflict more dreary bum gravy for our ears.

What could be worse than a bunch of dreadlock’d Hash Brownies playing that dull, bass-heavy chukka chukka reggae? That’s right: Hònkeys doing it.

Whether it’s doing shitty covers of classics (Falling in Love with You, Red Red Wine, Many Rivers To Cross), whining about being unemployed or shouting about”old Faatcher”, these lumpy Brummie shitbiscuits took the piss with how dire they were. Repeating “Der’s a ra’ in me kitchin wot am ah gonna doo” in a pretend Jamaican accent should have been enough to put them in prison.

It’s amazing to think there are TWO breath-taking cunts called Al/Ali Campbell in the world. One’s the Remoaner who gave Blair stress-relieving hand jobs and the other’s the zombie who sings like an amputee for these tedious drab cabbages.

Reggae is for cunts. However, this monotonous dirge is even worse. It’s not even for wîggers. It’s music for people who loathe music.

Nominated by: Captain Magnanimous