Elon Musk (4) – Hero or Zero?

Many people appear to have recently jumped on the ‘Elon Musk is great’ band wagon. I’m here to suggest they ought to disembark forthwith.

He’s become filthy rich by selling not that many Duracell cars. How is that even possible? Government subsidies perhaps? Then not content with adding to the wave of electric personal transportation (itself an abomination), the cunt then decides he’ll have his own space programme. Like NASA don’t know what they’re doing. Notice how his crap rocket isn’t powered by a couple of hundred million AAs.

Bloomberg News Link

Things changed when he shined a light on the hypocritical leftist woke waste of time the world knows as Twitter. Suddenly he’s a man of the people and an unofficial spokesperson of the many who loathe and despise the blatant moderation, coercion and manipulation of that particular social media platform. Hail Elon!

Not so fast matey boy.

In recent weeks he’s back tracked on his buy out of Twitter, claiming too many fake or bot accounts. At time of writing his position is he hasn’t been provided with the data he requested and that constitutes a breach of the agreement he and Twitter entered into. If that’s the case, then walk away. Publicity stunt anyone?

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He may or may not eventually buy Twitter, but my final piece of evidence for the prosecution is this. He recently decided to revoke all work from home at his shit company, Tesla. It’s his company and he should be able to make any rules he likes within the confines of the prevailing laws. However, it’s how he communicated his decision which highlights what an absolute cunt he is. The following link provides the quotes and back story:

MSN News Link

It boils down to 3 quotes.

1) Workers should return to an office location and work alongside their colleagues and work “a minimum of 40 hours” per week. If the terms of your employment contract/offer letter states a 40 hour week, why should you be expected to work more than that in order to make him richer? Sacrificing time with friends, family and essential rest and relaxation just to line his pockets? It’s also an unspoken threat too. Imagine you just do your 40 hours each week. Do you think you’ll be in line for a promotion anytime soon? Will additional hours be compensated? (Take a guess) What about laws restricting the working week to 37.5 hours or laws which cap the maximum hours you can work? Should you break the law to keep this cunt in the lap of luxury?

2) He said a constant physical presence at the company has been integral to its success. “That is why I lived in the factory so much, so that those on the line could see me working alongside them. If I had not done that, Tesla would long ago have gone bankrupt”. That may or may not be true, but it’s HIS company. He has everything to gain and everything to lose.

Assembly line workers are not in the same position as him, but he seems to think it’s OK to hold them to the same level of personal sacrifice as himself. That’s absurd. Many companies have cunts like this. The boss who comes in super early or works super late and because they do, that’s the standard everyone should be held to. It’s a form of bullying, intimidation and control. Not a good look.

3) When someone on Twitter suggested his views on employees reporting to a physical workplace are antiquated he said, “They should pretend to work somewhere else”. So what he’s saying is he doesn’t trust his own employees to do a proper day’s work unless they report to a Tesla office.

He’s also saying that employees working from home are all skiving and effectively stealing from the company by accepting a salary but not working to earn it. Wow! These would be the same employees he, his managers and HR department hired then, right? If they’ve hired a bunch of lazy, skiving, dishonest freeloaders, what does that say about their screening and hiring process? Pointing a finger at someone means you’re pointing 3 fingers back at yourself.

So there you have it, m’Lud. A modern day Richard Branson with an egotistical, self-obsessed, attention seeking personality who’s got mega rich off the backs of workers and tax payers and then rubs their faces in it while pretending to be a ‘right on’ man of the people.

In other words, a cunt.

Nominated by: Imitation Yank

French Phrases in Books

(I know the pic isn’t about phrases, but it shows how seriously fucked up they are at adding up. Bon appétit!  – Day Admin)

French phrases in books, or anywhere else for that matter, when there is a perfectly suitable English equivalent.

Much favoured by authors over the decades, seemingly as a way of demonstrating superior intelligence, I find it fucking annoying.

As I’m not completely thick, I can work some of them out, but there are also many that require a visit to Google translate that fucks up the reading experience. (Most of these poncey authors don’t even bother with a translation in brackets anymore) And quite often, the translation into English comes up with fewer words and syllables anyway, so why fucking bother?

And why does an author assume we know what they’re on about? I wouldn’t dream of assuming that Max Hastings would know how to fit a cam belt to a fiesta simply because I do.

It’s time we gave these hackneyed French phrases the coup de grace.

French Bollocks Link

Nominated by: Field Marshal Cuntgomery

Supporting link provided by: Miserable northern cunt


(Here’s a few more French phrases for you clever intellectual cunts: Day Admin – Glossary of French expressions in English )

Cornwall Council – Housing Crisis

Hey fellow cunters,

I have a nomination for you that literally makes my blood boil – I give you government-sanctioned cunts, Cornwall Council.

Over the years Cornwall Council have had a LOT of reasons for people who live in Cornwall to call them out as cunts, one such example being their policy of attempting to replace the current residents of Newquay and palming them off to a nearby new plot of land (and seeing to the construction of a new supermarket etc. to ‘placate’ the locals) so that they can turn Newquay into a tourist-only area.

Work is already well underway with this, including lots of shops and bars shutting down due to ridiculous rises in Council Tax and residential property being bought off by developers and then rennovated into holiday flats for the tourists, essentially driving out the very people who would run the Cuntcil’s ‘wonderful vision’ of a tourist-only Newquay in the first place.

Like a lot of councils out there, I assume Cornwall Council has been given a government remit to try and solve the homeless ‘problem’. There is not as many homeless on the streets down here as a proper city such as Birmingham or London, but they do exist and are increasing in number. Cornwall is one of the poorest places in the UK: the wage rates down here are abysmal, whilst property is priced too high for residents to afford.

So, Cornwall Cuntscil have a problem: how to get the homeless off the streets. What solution did they decide on?

Construction of more affordable housing with an arrangement that allows more homeless people the ability to occupy these new buildings?


How about renovating abandoned buildings and moving the homeless into those?


Their solution: offer private landlords an ‘incentive’ to accept more homeless tenants. The incentive? The Cuntscil pay each landlord that takes on a homeless tenant THREE TIMES their usual rate of rent.

So you can guess what has happened… hundred’s of perfectly good tenants, who have stayed in property for years and always paid on time etc. are finding themselves on the streets as homeless, in place of the original homeless who are now tenants, with the greedy bastard landlords raking it in.

Some family friends I know got kicked-out after being good tenants for 20 years, finding themselves living on a campsite in a tent for months whilst trying to find a new property to live in. In the end they found one, a house share with an elderly lady – they could not find private accommodation just for them.

Also, an elderly couple in their 80’s have been kicked out recently and are desperately trying to find somewhere to live. So age doesn’t matter to these greedy tenants and the Cuntscil are turning a blind-eye to the fact that the original homeless are being replaced by new homeless. Nothing is solved, the problem remains but is brushed under the carpet. FFS, what a bunch of corrupt wankers.

The following links are related to this post:

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Nominated by: The Wizard’s Sleeve

Gary Lineker (17) gets the Red Card for playing the Race Card

Gary Lineker – “I suffered racist abuse for my ‘darkish skin’ when I was a boy”. Yes poor Gary was bullied for being a bit swarthy looking at school and into his professional football career. Methinks any name calling dished out were for being a smarmy know-it-all gobshite and arsecrawling around teachers. He grew up in 1970’s Leicester, are you telling me there were not enough Indians and Pakis to go around?

Daily Star News Link

If he thinks he is in line for some social media brownie points and reflected victimhood from the Left he is going to be shit out of luck, sorry to break it to you Talcum X but I can’t see a white man, even a high priest of the woke cult like Lineker getting away with this without the Left turning on one of its own. Even if he gets only half the abuse JK Rowling did it will be glorious to watch with a massive dose of schadenfreude.

There is a pecking order cunt truffle, and in the eyes of the left, straight white men are bottom of the pile. Maybe Vernon Fox or MNC could volunteer to kneel on his neck for ten minutes to add more authenticity to this brewing shitstorm?

Nominated by: Liberal Liquidator

And then there’s this from Cunty McCunt

Gary Lineker claims to have suffered racist abuse.

Daily Mail News Link

It wouldn’t surprise me if Lineker suffered abuse for being a lefty, hypocritical, virtue-signalling cunt.

He might’ve suffered abuse for being a smarmy, patronising, condescending cunt.

In all likelihood, he’s suffered abuse for being an underworked, overpaid, sub-talented BBC acolyte cunt.

Or, perhaps, for using-his-employment-via-a-state-broadcaster-to-push-his-own-woke-political-agenda cunt.

Could even have suffered abuse for his tax affairs: Standard News Link

Maybe, even, he’s suffered abuse for being a self-pitying, publicity-hungry cunt.

He’s almost certainly suffered abuse for being a Gary Lineker-type cunt.

But I find it extraordinarily difficult to believe that he’s suffered abuse for having darkish skin. Largely because he doesn’t.

What a plutonium-grade cunt.

Freddie the Frog isn’t too happy with our Gary either…

Gary Lineker

So now our wokie hero has come up with a fantastic sob story about being a victim of……….wait for it………raaaaaaaay-sism !! Oh yes the great Gary, as white as my arse, apparently has always had a “dark skin.” Really? Fucking news to me Gary. There’s either something wrong with my eyes or I need a new telly.
Oh yes, at school, poor Gary was a victim of incessant racist abuse and even suffered during his playing career …….”I’m not going to name names.” Of course you’re not Gary, because you’re a fucking liar.
Have you ever heard such a load of bollocks? At least Sparkletits has actually got a black mother. Fuck off Linekunt you fucking pathetic hypocrite wanker.

and neither is Cuntstable Cuntbubble….

You beat me to it Freddie. Here’s a link before Admin finishes his wank and starts whingeing.

MSN News Link

Fucking hell, here’s another for Billy-No-Crisps, courtesy of Duke of Cuntshire

Gary Lineker.
This jug eared twat has surpassed a level of wokeness that is off the scale.
The virtue signalling cunt is now claiming that because he has a dark complexion, he suffered racial abuse.


Who is the fucking idiot sucking up to this time? The only person I can think of Meagain Hewitt.
Both whites and blacks will be killing themselves with laughter at his latest fuckwittery. Do everyone a favour Lineker, regardless of their skin colour.
Fuck off.

House Of Games – TV Show

House Of Games is a heap of steaming cunt.

While in the hospital, I have had the misfortune to watch yet another dreadful BBC (where else?) game show and hosted by that self satisfied slap headed cunt, Richard Osman (the smug cunt off Pointless),

House of Games is a horrible quiz type show. And the contestants are always four BBC royalty cunts (David Baddiel, Sophie ‘Black KKK’ Duker, Adrian ‘not funny without Rik’ Edmondson, Jo Brand. You get the picture).

They all sit there, going on about how ‘smart’ funny and laconic they are. And the show’s questions/answers are childish crap that a kid would know and that others abandoned in primary school.

One example is mixing vegetables with pop songs (‘Potatotal Eclipse Of The Heart’), and the licence payer actually pays for this shit to be aired?!

The crowning fly on a very smelly turd though is the prizes. The smug cunt Osman has his fizzog on things like a trophy, or a flight case (with his fucking image on it!🤣). Mind you, the Richard Osman dartboard would come in handy.

Here is a particularly nauseating episode featuring ISAC ‘favourite’ Naga Monkeymachete.

Absolute crap of the highest order.🤢

YouTube Link

Nominated by: Norman