“Insensitive” Wallace and Gromit Statue

The sheer insensitivity of Preston, Lancs.

Wallace and Gromit are set to have their own “cracking” statue in animator Nick Park’s home of Preston.

Cracking Statue, Gromit

I am already organising a mob of like minded ER types to tear down this abomination and throw it in the river Ribble. I think BLM may also be outraged.

These cunts are veganphobes. They blatantly champion cheese ( ‘ Wensleydale, Gromit’.) Wallace’s knock off, Gwendolin, owns a wool shop. And is white. Sean the sheep has been ruthlessly exploited by these cunts. They are also white supremacists, except Gromit. No single actor of colour has ever appeared in their propaganda films.
Need I say more.

Preston is a cunt.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Henpecked Blokes

Men henpecked and destroyed by marriage are cunts.

I am one of the lucky few, I suppose, I am actually that rarity: a happily married man. But the amount of mates and old muckers I have seen ruined by taking a wife is now in huge numbers. Blokes who were great mates. good lads and real ravers turned into shadows of their former selves. The transformation is both saddening and alarming.

One old pal of mine was a great bloke and one of the lads, nice lad too. He said he’d never get caught and would be his own man until the day he died. Now? He got wed and now his life isn’t his own.

Doesn’t go out until he gets permission (i.e: never), all his hard earned goes into a ‘joint account’ and he can’t even treat himself to something like a DVD without his Dragon quizzing ‘How much did that cost?’

I saw them last week in passing and asked how things were going. My mate said ‘they’ (meaning him) were either going to re-do the driveway or the bathroom. But his harridan just barked/sneered ‘Bathroom!’ as if to say ‘End of discussion! Go Doggy, get bone!’

I asked him if he’d maybe like a post-lockdown piss-up just like the old days, and he looked nervous as he got one of ‘those’ sideways glances from the tart and I never did get a definite answer.

The poor cunt tells me of his woes and his life of henpecked terror. But It’s his own fault and he never stands up to the bitch. Thing is, he is but one of many. There are millions of men who give up their old lives and never enjoy themselves again after they get the ball and chain.

What I want to know is why do they fucking do it?

Nominated by: Norman

Whining British Tourists

I would like to nominate Cunt British holiday makers who are whinging about extra costs of flights/travel and having to get the fuck out of hot shit holes like Portugal at the drop of a hat due to Corona virus problems, imminent lock downs, more expensive flights, self isolation hotels and the like.

What a bunch of stupid, retarded, wankers how can these fuckers have not been expecting this sort of aggro, what the fuck is the matter with these cunts, how fucking retarded do you have to be.

Also the knob heads who travel on bank holiday weekends and cry about the heavy traffic, parking and how busy tiny places like Tenby. Errr,,,,,hello hello retards, that due to the other half of the cunts who have to travel no matter what…

No sympathy for these fuckmonkeys at all, but for the love of Allah stop fucking moaning about it, you made your bed cunts….

Nominated by: Fuglyucker

Link to story here

MSM & White Lives Don’t Matter

Another cunting for the MSM and whatever the fuck they are trying to achieve. Fucked if I know unless it is civil unrest war etc.

Below is a story of a white man taking a walk around his neighbourhood who was shot at random by a B lack man no doubt disadvantaged and oppressed by whitey, not. Sadly this shit happens all too often in the states and even over here, though here appears to be more B lack on B lack shootings but the colour only seems to come out if the perpetrator is white.

My point :- apart from fox news the only reports I found on a two page google search was on Yahoo news, read by maybe a dozen or so and Granthshala news , (never heard of them before possibly Asian? who cares).

Not CNN Not Sly Not BBcunts etc. If this had been the other way around I am 100% certain that all 3 of the above and many others would have been all over it like a rash. Racism, White privilege discussions, debates and then onto the riots then followed by lets bend both knees or maybe lie flat on the floor like a worm or some other daft stunt shit.

What are the cunts playing at, What are they trying to achieve? and why the fuck do they show such total imbalance?

Atlanta Police

Nominated by: Everyonesacunt

Another Nail in the Coffin for Free Speech

The death of satire, humour and old fashioned piss taking.

Julie Burchill has been sacked by the daily Torygraph for a racist tweet regarding the Markle parasites. I have no particular liking for Burchill, she was tiresome all those years ago at the NME and I doubt much has changed.

But, what was this racist tweet that was so bad that even the fucking Telegraph was appalled?

Ms Burchill tweeted: “What a missed opportunity! They could have called it Georgina Floydina!”

I dont see any racism there. I do see piss taking out of a pair of self important fucking hypocrites.

But what disturbs me is that a right of centre paper should fire someone for satirising someone on twitter to show it’s woke credentials. That is truly worrying.
Once again Stalin would be glowing with pride.

Julie Burchill Sacked

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

(On reading this I have contacted the DT and cancelled my subscription with them – DA)