People Talking on Mobiles in Public

Am I alone in finding this absolutely infuriating?

It sits side by side with the cunt who’s playing drill, even though he’s wearing earphones, it’s still leaking out. I’d complain, but the twats probably halfway to stone deaf, and I don’t know sign language.

Anyway, back to mobiles, do people think, that once they’ve pressed the make/accept call button, a fucking soundproof shield encloses them?

Twats, twats and total twats!

BTW, the links nought to do with my rant, it’s more about mobile phone etiquette,
And not farting when ladies are present.

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The Government’s hatred of the Self-Employed

Have finally decided to end being self-employed come the end of this financial year. I can’t be bothered with all the hassle, tick boxing, compliance  and relentless taxation I have to look forward to over the next year or so.

I looked at applying for universal credit, but of course I have savings well over the £16k threshold, therefore I’m not entitled.

And neither can I be bothered applying for Jobseeker’s allowance because the money is pathetic and you’re constantly harassed by jobsworths that you’re “actively seeking work” (despite having worked and contributed over the last 40 years!)

Instead I’m going to live off my savings while my wife continues to work until such time we’re ready to make the move to emigrate later this year. (Our local councils in the Lake District, want to “welcome” a few thousand migrants from down South in order to “level up”.)

Quite a few of my other self-employed friends are of the same mind. They to are giving up their businesses not because they hate their jobs but because of this government’s hatred for us and free enterprise. It’s come to a point where living on benefits seems to be socially acceptable and no longer a stigma; while those of us who try to make an effort are demonised and penalised (as seen in the Autumn Statement last November).

It is also interesting regarding the massive shortages of plumbers, engineers, sparks, brickies and other traditional jobs that people depend on. Seems that the younger generation (some, but not all) are more invested in social media, influencing and just pissing about at university rather than taking on proper apprenticeships.

And even they do start a new job everything has to be on their terms and its rare they’ll put a proper day’s shift in without spending a few hours pissing about on their phones or going into meltdown over trigger words and micro-aggressions.

But going self employed is a definite no-no these days – the bureaucracy, especially with IR35, and the taxation on profits just isn’t worth the bother.

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Facebook (4) Avatars

Anybody who uses Facebook “avatars”.

You know the cunts I mean. That stupid punchable Mark Zuckerberg lookalike graphic, usually wearing a party hat and grinning with all the authenticity of “Princess” Meghan, pointing up from the bottom right of some cheap wallpaper graphic used.

Usually accompanied by a near-illegible, poorly written question so inane anyone with half a brain, one eye and able to type “google” into a browser could answer for themselves in less time than it took to decide what fucking pose to put their cunting “avatar” in. Or if it’s not a question it’s a statement basically serving no purpose other than to advise total brain stem death.

“anyone no what time budgens open tia x”
“will be raining later pls?”
“who else remember generation game! Always my favourite watching while mam made tea on a saturdays lol”

Cunts. Every fucking one of them.

And then there’s the delusion and outright deception. You can pretty much guarantee there will be zero correlation between the avatar and that persons real life appearance.

Avatar looks like Zuckerberg? In real life they’ll likely be somewhere north of 25 stone, bald, and/or the other side of 60.

Blonde 20-something smiling cute female avatar? Forget it. None of those attributes will exist anywhere outside of their cheap shitty android phone they post from. Greasy unwashed hambeast with a mobility scooter and borderline downs syndrome is almost certainly closer to the mark. That or they’ll be older than the post office tower.

Thinking they’re supposed to individuality and quirkiness, all they do is single you out as being in the absolute fucking arse end of the gene pool. Every time I see that smug inane little cunt scroll past it makes me want to smash my phone screen-first repeatedly against the wall.

Live in the real world or fuck off. And take your body dysmorphia with you.

Nominated by: Bumblebore

Patrick Thelwell – The Yolk is on Him

Laydees an’ gennelmen (and anyone in between) of IsAC, I have absolutely no hesitation in proclaiming student Patrick Thelwell (23, going on 12 and a half) to be an A list cockwomble.

Thelwell is the Jack-the-Lad involved in the notorious ‘egging’ of King Charles last November. He’s now appeared in court to plead ‘not guilty’ to a public order offence, on the grounds that his actions were a form of ‘legitimate protest’ against er, ‘the establishment’. One can only assume that turning up to court wearing what appears to be the contents of an ageing hippy’s dustbin was meant as a further indication of his contempt for said ‘establishment’.

On leaving the court, the Extinction Rebellion and Green Party supporter declared ‘this country needs a revolution’. Oh, but isn’t he just the little class warrior though? No doubt he’ll be just dying for the court to find him guilty and give him a smack on the wrist and a tenner fine, so that he can boast about his martyrdom for the cause to all his comrades in their local wine bar.

I’ll tell you what he also is in my opinion. He’s a smug, arrogant and utterly self-absorbed little poseur who’s absolutely loving his fifteen minutes of fame.

Bore off, you wanker.

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