Crock ‘n’ Roll

They say that rock ‘n’ roll will never die. But sometimes you think that it’s time for some crock ‘n’ rollers to call it a day.

I see that The Who (or what’s left of them) are on tour again. Now the band’s a legend without doubt, but it’s been a while since they were the voice of teenage angst. Daltry and Townshend have got 160 on the clock between them, and it’s all starting to look and sound creaky. They should have called it a day when the legendary Entwhistle died.

Then you’ve got the likes of Macca and Dame Elton still out and about in 2023, both of whose voices sound shot to shit to me. Rod Stewart’s knees and ankles have had it by all accounts, but he’s still hurpling about on stage. It’s a bit sad really. Saddest of all was the sight of Phil Collins on stage last year. He looked like an old and sick man.

Why do they do it? They can’t need the money, so is it the buzz, or the need for status and admiration? Would you bet against The Stones going out on tour again, even though Mick and Keef look like a couple of rejects from ‘The Lord of the Rings’?

Time to think about retiring gracefully lads, before it all becomes a bit demeaning.

Nominated by : Ron Knee

With an encore by General Cunster:

“All rock ‘n’ rollers over the age of 50 look stupid and should retire.” -Grace Slick

I would like to second this nomination and provide this link in support:

These bands were the iconic voices of a generation. I’d like to remember them as such and not as comic caricatures of themselves.

Ian Clifford

Ian Clifford is a cunt, who is Ian Clifford ford I hear you ask, I’ll tell you.

Ian Clifford is an It engineer cunt as most of them are, but this cunt has been on the sick for 15 years, getting paid and is now suing the unfortunate company who employs this workshy cunt because they haven’t given the prick pay raises across that period of time. They have paid the free loading cunt sick pay for the previous 15 fucking years while he has been on his work avoidance scheme, but now that isn’t enough, the cunt wants more.

So in all fairness what possible injury/illness can stop you being a fucking It engineer, if he worked for me I would be dropping off 8 hours of work a day for this piece of monkey shit to do, 365 days a year and then making his life a living hell if he doesn’t hit his quota.

That or implode the company and reopen under a new name without the free loading parasite sucking on my ball Sack, honestly it’s such a risk employing people nowadays, if only you could just stop his money and see how long it is before this fucking bluebottle come buzzing around looking to do some work, I bet he is out of his wanking chariot the very same day.
So you sponging, free loading Clifford you are a treble cunt of the highest order, like a cockroach you would probably live through a nuclear bomb and still expect your money… What a cunt


Nominated by Fuglyucker.

Media reporting of Ely Riots


Street scenes after overnight riots in the Ely 

I am sorry if this is old hat but my piss is really boiling over the reaction of the family of one of the little scrotes who did us all a favour by killing himself the other night in Cardiff.

The BBC have some comments about the deceased as being ‘cheeky but loveable ‘ the classic euphemism for little shit. His mother claims that he was an experienced motorcyclist. FFS , he was 15 years old . Additionally, no mention is made that the machine was two up, uninsured for the road ,he held no licence to ride on the highway and was not wearing a helmet.

His family said that they would fight to get to justice for the boys. Well, in my opinion he and his mate have got justice already.
To be fair the BBC do give some background to the estate and it is clear that it is a fucking awful place. I had to smile when the BBC described the area as ‘a close knit working class community ‘. They forgot to add that it is a working class community where no bugger works.

As ever, I’m indebted to the IsAC colleague who posts the guff from the BBC.

Bbc news

Nominated by Guzziguy. Link by Ron Knee.

The Tom Somerset-How Case


IsAC regulars need no telling that there is an enormous number of cunts about. The site’s existence alone is testimony to the fact. Many of the nominees get fingered for their arrogance, ineptitude or sheer stupidity, and they deserve it when we take the piss.

But sometimes it seems that those on the end of a cunting are nothing less than evil; a disturbing case in point being that of a guy called Tom Somerset-How. Tom is a 40-year-old man from Chichester, who suffers from cerebal palsy and partial blindless. He needs 24 hour care, which was entrusted to his wife Sarah (49) and a ‘carer’ named George Webb (50).

Some ‘care’. After systematically isolating their hapless victim from his family, the gruesome twosome subjected him to a catalogue of abuse and neglect, treating him as a ‘cash cow’ while having an affair. When family members and the appropriate authorities finally gained entry into his house, they found that the hapless Tom was being held in squalor. He weighed less than seven stone.

A prosecution ensued, and the jury at Portsmouth Crown Court heard evidence which included texts between Romeo and Juliet. Webb texted things like ‘no food for Dickhead’, with the delightful wife saying things like ‘remember, we are just using him. Dickhead gets paid soon so I’ll take money out of his account for weed’.

I’m very glad to say that the lad is now receiving the care he needs and deserves, while his vile tormentors have been convicted of slavery and languish in prison awaiting their sentences.

Fuck me, cases like this really get my neck up. It’s just heartbreaking. If it was left to me, these utterly callous, heartless bastards would each get a 25 stretch in solitary, on a bare subsistence diet. Hanging is literally to good for them.

Daily Fail

Nominated by Ron Knee.



‘Tipflation’ is the term being coined for the tipping culture creeping into services like coffee shops, fast food outlets and even airports. Up to twenty fucking percent!

This seems to be an American thing but we get most of their shit at some point or another. If you are at a bar or restaurant over there, then you tip. Its part of the culture and does help out staff who rely on it to supplement a shitty wage.

But some spotty blue haired barista wanker with a degree in Tibetan basket weaving waving the begging bowl? Or ‘add gratuity’ as our American friends put it. Customers have complained of being emotionally blackmailed and pressured after being asked for the extra charge. Well good luck with me. Got industrial thick rhino skin. Comic Relief? Soccer Aid? Live Aid? M’tembe is still walking five miles a day to drink from a pool of buffalo piss after thirty odd years because of cunts like me.

The one that got me though are the self-service checkouts in supermarkets. So you scan and bag all your own shopping and are then asked pay a tip. To who? You have just done all the fucking work yourself. I suppose you could make the argument that the real cunts in all of this cynical emotional grifting are the people who actually do pay this charge instead of telling these businesses to shove their ‘add gratuity’ up their arse.

Daily Fail

Nominated by Liberal Liquidator