The House of Lords [3]

The House of Lords is due another nomination. With a few exceptions, the House of Lords is filled with a bunch of political lightweights, has beens and never weres, along with morons, deviants and lickspittles, put there by various party leaders, because the one thing they could be counted on to do right, was obey the orders of their master. Most of them rarely spend the whole day there, yet they feel they deserve the £300 per day they receive, just for signing in. They simply turn up, sign in, and then fuck off again. They also get to claim expenses. And not one of these alleged Lords and Ladies has been elected to their current position. As far as the House of Lords is concerned, democracy does not apply to them, for they have a God given right to sit in the upper chamber.

Not one of those bloated, thieving, self-important cunts has a clue what the working class has to go through on a daily basis, and they I dare say they wouldn’t give a fuck if they did. Their biggest flaw, is that frequently go against the will of the British people, wrongly believing that they know better than us what’s best for the country. And they do that whilst contemptuously claiming their daily allowance, plus expenses, which comes from the pockets of us, the British taxpayer.

No issue proves their contempt for the average British citizen than Brexit. Time and again, these so called ‘nobles’ have voted against the wishes of the British people with regards to our leaving the EU. They seem to think the issue of EU membership is far to important to allow us plebs to have a say. They are wrong. Our membership of the EU is an issue that is far too important to be left in the hands of our politicians, especially unelected politicians like the Lords. And most especially since the vast of our politicians are in favour of continuing to kiss the EU’s arse, whilst handing over billions of pounds of taxpayers money.

Their latest act of treason was to vote in favour of the UK staying in the Customs Union, something that we, the British people specifically voted against when we voted to leave the EU two years ago. This a blatant kick in democracy’s bollocks and, quite naturally, has provoked enormous anger among us plebs. Numerous PM’s have promised to reform the House of Lords, but to date, not one of them has even attempted it. Now, there is a petition to force the issue, which at the time of my typing this, has over 106,000 signatures. I’m not naïve enough to believe that reform will actually happen, especially with May the Meek as our current PM, but at those ignorant fuckers in the Commons will have to debate it.

Parliament in general is in desperate need of reform. Too many of our political class have either forgotten, or are wilfully ignoring the fact, that THEY work for US, not vice versa. They swore an oath to represent the wishes of the British people, but they’re not doing that. The vast majority of our MP’s and Lords are in it for the money, serving the people they swore to represent is now something to be ignored. And since they’re not doing the job they swore to do, they have a moral obligation to quit, and make way for someone who WILL do the job. They won’t do that though, because they have no morals, and they certainly have no honour.

Since much needed reform is something we will never see, and considering voting makes fuck all difference, I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that the UK is desperately in need of a civil war. I know, it sounds ridiculous, but when we have an upper chamber that considers itself to be above the rest of us, and the sole custodians of democracy, then we have to take matters into our own hands, especially when the commons shows no signs of taking the Lords to task.

With some Lords, Heseltine, the Kinnocks, Mandelson, etc, their reason for trying to undermine the democratically expressed will of the people is clear, they have a vested interest. Heseltine owns a number of farms and claims a shedload in subsidies. The Kinnocks, Mandelson and a number of others receive overly generous pensions from the EU. And there is another reason the Lords need to be reformed, these cunts are putting their own financial interests before the British people. If these traitorous, self interested twats succeed in undermining Brexit, I’m quite sure their will be a level of unrest in the UK that has so far been unheard of. And those pricks in Parliament will deserve everything that happens to them.

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  1. I told my wife after the referendum that if it doesn’t happen I will no longer bother to vote at all, for anything. Since we appear to be just some sort of scum to be ignored, I will start to behave that way.

    • It can’t happen. 85% of Commons, Lords & Civil Service is strongly pro Remain, and the EU’s No.1 negotiating position is to give us a bad deal… to deter other members from following us down the same path and also to ensure the electorate would vote Remain in a 2nd Referendum if the alternative was a very bad deal.

      • I don’t believe that Remain would win a 2nd referendum but that’s academic, the cunts are going to make sure we don’t get one, they’ve got it in the bag – the only reason they acknowledge we exist at all is for the money and the vote, as long as it’s in their favour, otherwise we can all fuck off.

      • Our views have always been irrelevant to the political classes. They say one thing and do the exact opposite. Brexit is a sham.

      • The only reason we got a referendum in the first place was to maintain the illusion of democracy. They were convinced that we’d all vote Remain. If they thought that there was even the remotest chance that we’d vote Leave, they never would’ve called the referendum. We don’t live in a democracy anymore – we live under an elected dictatorship. The only thing resembling democracy in this country these days is the fact that we get to elect which dictatorship we want for the next five years….

      • If you believe that Leaving the EU means:

        Staying in the Customs Union (or something identical with a different name), staying in the Single Market (or something identical with a different name), handing over £40billion+, whilst remaining under the jurisdiction of the ECJ for the foreseeable future, then YES… we probably will be leaving the EU. But in name only.

        Sorry Moggie, but whether it’s return of the Death Penalty, or abolition of the House of Cunts, they will always do what they want and fuck what the majority of us think – sadly that is democracy in this country.

      • Jacob Rees-Mogg said the same thing as you regarding the Customs Union and Single Market. Why didn’t Boris Johnson or Michael Gove say anything? It’s because they don’t really believe in Brexit either. They just wanted to make themselves look good in front of us ‘plebs’ when their chance came to challenge for the leadership.

      • Too true CMI.

        Though having said all that, I still believe we’re better off with our ‘democracy’ than most other countries in the world are with their systems of Government. It’s just that it could be so much better… more democratic even.

      • As my view/vote now appears irrelevant to the political class, I will assume from this my taxes are too.

        A simple idea, but no taxation without representation.

        I have already advised my local MP of this, to be fair he’s a leaver but these fuckers need to be told there is a simmering majority out there in good ole Blighty that are getting heartily fucked off with these cunts taking the literal piss out of us…

  2. The pomposity of these Cunts is staggering!! Collecting their EU funded pensions it’s hardly surprising these bought and paid for pricks are hell bent on denying brexit!
    I’ve already signed the petition but not sure if it will come to anything, corruption runs so deep in the fuckin sewer of EU filth!! , it’s rammed full of the most odious loathsome shit you could ever has the misfortune to meet!! FUCK THE LORDS

  3. Nobody likes a scrounger and this place is packed to the rafters with them, every single one of them a professional arse licker and ponce.
    Hang the fucking lot of them I say!

  4. I have said so many times before. When Politicians stop listening, then the bullet decides the argument. The IRA clearly understood that, and now they Power Share.

    • A couple to quotes in support of ASA.

      “Where the people fear the government you have tyranny. Where the government fears the people you have liberty.”. -John Basil Barnhill


      “You have the God given right to kick the government around…don’t hesitate to do so.”. -U.S. Senator Edmund Muskie

      • With civil war looming and mutiny in the air on the ISAC pages do you still want your honorary peerage General? 300 notes a day for signing in and then fucking off again plus expenses is a big carrot.

        Not known as the fanciest care home in the country for nothing.

      • Letter to Liz:

        Your Majesty,

        I read that Peerages and Honours are given by you to those who have made a substantial contribution to the British Commonwealth. Accordingly, I feel compelled to withdraw my request for one.

        However, I do have a suggestion for you before you pass your family legacy to Chucky Big Ears.

        Rather than honouring a bunch of worthless cunts like politicians, entertainers, authors and the like how about honouring a few of the following:

        The chap who gets up every morning and goes to work. The fellow who pays his taxes. The Johnny who joins the armed forces and serves with honour. The citizen who votes to make his country better and not for welfare programs. The man who loves rugger, cricket and football. The bloke who shares a pint in fellowship with his mates. In short, the good subject of your realm who was born English…is proud to be English…and not ashamed to admit he is English.

        Call me a sentimentalist. Say I’m naive. But I respectfully, don’t give a fuck! These are the folks who deserve the honours. These are the folks who made England great. And these are the folks who will make England great again if you let them.

        Regards to you and Phil,

        Cuntster, General USA Deceased

        PS. Congrats on the birth of your Great Grandson. May he grow up to be a proud Englishman in a better county than he was born into.


      • General . As I said before, you have a very interesting bible, and I still want a copy!

      • ASA,

        You can pick yours up at the annual 7th Calvary Halloween Extravaganza. We’ve reserved a spot for you.

        🎃. 📖

    • Am I allowed to say that an awful high percentage of the HoL would make “potentially very talented rappers” ??

  5. The minute the leavers won the referendum I said to my owl lad that there was no way they would leave, or if they did it would be a watered down exit. I was delighted that ordinary Brits gave the establishment the two fingers, but as Ruff Tuff Cream Puff said above the people in every corridor of power are in favour of remaining bar a few Tories, and the ordinary folks are powerless. I think Peter Hitchens has been proved right. He said that the only way the UK could leave is with a majority in parliament, an that’s not happening anytime soon.

  6. Quickdraw mentions Kinnock

    Rejected two or three times by the British electorate , but ends up as EU president with arguably more pay and power than the British PM?

    Everything wrong with the cunts , his son’s nose is in the fucking trough now as well

  7. The Lords have shot themselves in the collective colostomy bag here. Most people have been happy to leave the current system in place , the fact the house of lords is not elected has largely failed to register in the public psyche, the way British democracy is structured is now naked to the public eye.

    The house of commons or in fact commoners, those representatives of the people chosen by the people have been confounded by the Lords, Lords who are selected from the establishment or for 92 of the cunts just becasue the title was passed down to them.

    Either way, it’s bad enough the cunts elected by the people have many among them who wish to defy the will of the people but they are now relying on the most undemocratic part of the system to overturn the democratically expressed will of the people.

    In my eye this is the end of the lords, reform is badly needed. What kind of democracy allows doddery old farts with no mandate from the people to reject bills from an elected body? Not forgetting people such as our Gina can also subvert the democratic process by asking more doddery old farts to interrupt laws laid down by parliament, fixed much?

  8. There’s no question the ‘establishment’ got it wrong when allowing the EU Referendum.

    They misjudged the mood of the nation, being based in the London bubble that was always going to happen.

    However as the dust has settled and the can kicked a bit further down the road these treacherous bastards have regrouped and clearly feel emboldened.

    It’s my view that they think if they can keep procrastinating the process they can create an environment that makes leaving impossible/not worth it.

    I believe they think the British people will do what they always do and eventually just fall in line and get on with it.

    I believe that would be a political misjudgement far greater than the one that led to this.

    The structural problems that drove the vote to leave will still exist, mass immigration, competition for shit housing in the rental market and unaffordable housing in the private sector, competition for badly paid jobs, competition for school places, an inability to secure a place at a Doctors or Dental Surgery, 8 hour waits in A&E, a feeling that the British culture is being squashed out of existence and the very real feeling that you stand little chance of ever improving your lot in life and that to openly voice your concerns will see you branded as a racist or a bigot.

    UKIP maybe a busted flush now but I genuinely believe if these bastards do as we think they will open the door to a much more powerful if not destructive force to enter the arena.

    Us Brits aren’t stupid and whilst we do have a tendency to roll with the punches and sort of except most politicians are self serving liars we know we can kick the bastards out every 4 years or so.

    By and large we believe in the rule of law and are proud of our democracy and Independent Judiciary.

    So for the House of Lords to interfere in this way is an afront to the last 400 years or thereabouts of our history, culture and democracy.

    To attempt to overturn a democratically mandadated vote absolutely calls into question the legitimacy of our democracy and Im absolutely sure I along with tens of millions of fellow Brits simply wouldnt stand for that, regardless of how these bastards try to package it.

    We’re not like the French or the Dutch or the Irish and that’s why we’re not having a second referendum because they know which way it will go.

    And so fellow cunters say it loud…..

    We are not Europeans, how can we be?
    Europe is miles away, over the sea.
    We are the English from England, let’s all be proud.
    Stand up and be counted – shout it out proud
    Let’s tell our Government and Brussels too
    We are proud of our heritage, our red and white so true
    Fly the flag of St George and let the world know

  9. Everyone is overlooking the fact that The Lords,although a bunch of traitorous Cunts,are possibly being used as a handy diversion by other,more clued-up anti-Brexit forces. The Lords can not derail Brexit. Only The Commons can do that,but how handy to have everyone baying for the Lords’ heads while the real anti-Brexit forces go about their work.
    If Brexit is derailed it won’t be by Juncker,or Gina Millar,or Tony Blair,or The House of Lords.It’ll be derailed by a Tory government which made a huge error in allowing the vote and has been doing it’s level best to remedy the result which is anathema to the real powers that be in this country.

    Fuck them.

    • Agree Dick

      although they can vote all they like , the commons can overrule anything that has passed before the Lords. If they don’t ,that’s when the shit will hopefully hit the fan as in CuntyMcCuntfce’s post.

      The point that gets my goat is that they historically debate legislation but stay out of manifesto pledges by the sitting government, and that’s what stinks like a rotten fucking kipper here.

      im not looking for Civil war , but I would for the first time in my life travel down from the “darklands” to march on Parliament and as Mccuntyface said , believe a political party will form that will be the end of the line for these cunts

      Remember the stab in the back ideology of the NSDP in germany in the 20’s and 30’s ? and what it caused ?? and that was based on a lie depending on your version of events … it wouldn’t be a lie in this case.

      • Oh, I quite agree with you about The Lords. They need massive reform,no matter what. My point is just,that in the case of Brexit,we’ve had one bogeyman or another held responsible for the delays to Brexit legislation. If Cameron had signed Article 50 immediately,if May hadn’t deliberately sabotaged her majority,if the Cunts would just fucking get on with it,The Lords wouldn’t even enter calculations. The legislation could have been steam-rollered through if the political will had been there.
        I’m sick to the back teeth of hearing why so-and-so is holding up Brexit,they are only holding up Brexit because the government allows them to get away with,and,I believe,actively encourages these roadblocks,in some cases.

      • Nearly all Labour are in favour of Remain. Most Tories are in favour of Remain. All SNP, LibDems, Plaid Cymru & Greens are in favour of Remain.

        Leave are outnumbered 5 to 1.

        A meaningful Brexit was doomed the moment pigfucker resigned.

      • yup

        drip drip drip , doubt doubt doubt, fear fear fear…. lets just call the whole thing off…….

        may I borrow a phrase ?

        Fuck Them

      • “Fuck Them” would be a bloody good line for first verse of a new anthem.
        Come to think of it, for most verses, and the chorus as well…

  10. If Brexit is fucked over by our ‘betters’ that’s me finished. I won’t recognise any election in future. I will commence henceforth with my own rules. Don’t fuck with the ISAC’s

  11. Even Saggy May, she of limited mental dexterity, knows full well Labour will be sitting in No.10 after the next GE if she and her snollygoster arseholes fail to deliver Brexit.

    But does she give two knobs of goatshit? No, why should she. Once Labour fuck things up with their assorted nutbar cabinet, the Tories will scrape back in again to a EU United UK.

    Politicians are cunts.

    • I agree with Cunty Mc that there would be a resurgence of an pro brexit party if this fudge comes to fruition. Sir Nige would mount his white horse and come riding out of the mists to gather a veritable Pied Piper like following and I’ll be fucking right beside him ready to exterminate any would be traitorous cunt that stood in my way. Death to the quislings.

    • Does anyone seriously imagine that Mrs May, who has never delivered on anything in her entire political career, except maybe Gay Marriage, will in the next few months make the transformation from Mrs Bean to Boadicea /Elizabeth 1 & Stalin all rolled into one, and deliver on something as massive as Brexit?

      Of course not. She’s just the Patsy on the 6th floor of the Establishment book depository building.

      As you imply Paul M, the Tories know they’re toast – a terrible EU deal will trigger a General Election, Labour will win and keep us in the EU whatever it takes, whilst destroying the economy, laying the way for a Tory return to power in 2025 at the latest, probably before, ‘normal’ service will be resumed, business as usual, fuck them.

      Yes I know I’ve lost the plot. Past caring. Fuck them two times.

      • All too sadly predictable. What the country needs right now is a brand new right of centre party who will take us out of the EU once and for all. Labour, Tory and Lib Dems all undemocratic fuckers.

  12. The fucking nightmare of Steptoe winning an election is terrible – first off there would be a two year war between the Corbyn boys and girls and the shitty Blair supporters who still dominate the Labour benches like Chukaduckie, Ben Bradshaw a former BBC pansy amazing how many homosexual politicians are pro EU. A mandate (or persondate as Hattie Harman would prefer it) that fucking sense of entitlement that fits so easy with leftie poofters. Slubberguts Thornbury seems to have a different opinion each time she opens her mouth. They all do. Totally fucked up party of liars in a party that has had it’s day.

    Not much would get done with these two groups of shit fighting it out, and Brexit will be kicked into the long grass. It would be win win for the Labour fuckers who in the main haven’t got the guts to admit they are as pro EU as the LibDem cunts

    What needed to happen was a dozen UKIPpers who would have made sure the cunts stuck to their word should have been elected last year or at the GE or even last week in the local elections, but no the fucking sheep in this country in the main are too lazy to stop watching the idiots lantern and Coronation Street or Eastenders is more real to them than the fact that we now live up shit creek without a paddle.

    As for the House of Lords, those shit and piss stained old bleeders take £300 a day for turning up to lift two fingers at us. I bet if they stopped getting paid the old cunts wouldn’t bother to turn up to that fucking doss house. Nancy Mandelson, Heseltine and Kinnock would still turn up to make sure they still got their EU pensions. Those motherfuckers live on our charity

  13. There’s a disturbing note of resignation to the inevitable in the comments here. Completely understandable, and I share it to some extent. But it doesn’t get us clear of the Brussels pigpen, and it doesn’t disinfect our diseased democracy. And underlying the resignation is the perception that the politicians are primarily to blame. Yes, they’re to blame, but not primarily.

    1. We voted for the cunts in the Commons, and hence voted for the cunts who appointed their cunt chums and paymasters to the Lords – in fact the hereditaries were culled because they were too independent as much as anything else. And we voted in the context of a rigid party system which effectively excludes independent thought and rational analysis. Refuse to vote for any party standing. Vote only for independents.
    2. The revolving door between politics and lucrative directorships, often with foreign firms, is symptomatic of the deep dependence of global business interests, most notably finance, on the politicians they can coerce into co-operation with them. Even if Brexit were to succeed beyond any present likelihood, it would still be big business which runs the country, not the poor sods who have to live in it. The UK is as corrupt as any African shithole, but as it is very British* corruption, we tend to ignore it.

    I propose a return to the Gods of the Copybook Headings:

    *not just English.

    • “Refuse to vote for any party standing. Vote only for independents.”

      Indeed. And if none of the independents are acceptable, SPOIL YOUR BALLOT PAPER! Send the cunts a message, e.g. write “None” or “All useless cunts”. Anything… just don’t waste the opportunity to take part and make your feelings known.

      Our forebears died for our right to vote.

      • Forgot to mention that all spoilt ballot papers are counted and the number announced by the Returning Officer as part of the election result.

        A spoilt ballot paper is generally interpreted as a sign of dissatisfaction, and the cunts do take notice. I know.

      • Will do. More effective with a coherent anti-party-politics movement with a media presence rumbling in the background, though. Single-issue, like Brexit. ‘These bastards don’t represent us’ being the simple message.

  14. Its time for a new Pentrich Rising….. and June will be the 201st Anniversary.

    Liberalising the country through social integration is just a posh word for what is essentially ethnic cleansing. If we have to take pitchforks and march to Londonistan in the name of reform, then I dare those bleeding heart liberal snowflakes to try and use the law to stop it. I double dare you mother fuckers!

  15. Brexit is a total fucking shambles and is symptomatic of this democratically corrupt country led by that spineless cunt “Mother” Theresa May trying to please everybody and satisfying no one. The great British public didn’t vote out because of trade deals, they voted out to bring an end to countless
    swathes of human filth spewing over our borders to decimate our way of life and ponce from our over generous welfare state and breed like fucking rabbits to burden our beloved NHS and education system. If there’s a civil war bring it on because those fucking liberal shirtlifting refugee hugging cunts would run for the hills. Remember my fellow cunters all it takes is a spark….I’m new here by the way, greetings and salutations

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