The BBC [63] and Britbox [2]

The BBC and it’s fucking Britbox. Endlessly plugged.

Not content with levying a poll tax on the British population they have now come up with a way to make us pay even more. Not compulsory in this case but still a fucking cheek.
All repeated stuff you can find on multiple other channels, so why pay? Well, what they claim is that there are programmes not available anywhere else. The fucking dire Spitting Image and some dramas. You know, the sort where half the cast is brown regardless of period or suitability.

But a thought occurs. What or who paid for these paywalled dramas and so on? Could it be the license payers? You can bet your bollocks it is.
And is this not misappropriation? Theft even when you think about it.

The BBC, not just cunts but fraudulent cunts.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

(Note. There’s a couple of other BBC noms due to go live soon covering the Queen’s jubilee and a gay TV show. Please don’t involve them here, thanks – Day Admin)

The BBC [60] and the Premier League [4]
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A duo-cunting for these two cuntish corporations. What has happened? Well, it is, apparently, Ramadamadingdong for the worlds’ muzzer population. How does that bother us in a majority Cristian country? Well, it seems that not only are the BBC shoving it down our throats, but the Premier League are allowing football games to be interrupted so footballers can “break their fast”. That’s fucking great – will they also be allowing CofE or Catholic players to stop to take communion during Sunday games. How about a break for seder during Passover? How about a few minutes before half time to let off a load of fireworks for Diwali?

Anyway, not to worry as the PL have helpfully produced a pamphlet entitled “Ramadan and football”. I bet you never thought you’d see those two words together in a sentence?

What utter, utter cunts. How long before Eid becomes a national holiday in the UK?

Nominated by: Lord Cuntingford

The BBC [56] & It’s Woke Impartiality

”BBC News presenter Huw Edwards is ‘being spoken to’ by bosses after he wrote that he felt ‘uneasy’ about a museum removing a portrait of an Army general due to his links to slavery.”

What Edwards actually twatted was:-

‘As a journalist I feel uneasy about this element of “censoring” history.
‘Should not Picton remain on display as a reminder to Wales of an aspect of its past – no matter how disgraceful?’

Yes, fucking outrageous. How dare he express a mainstream opinion which jars with the overpaid Tarquins and Jemimas in Saville House. Which is not in Wales but fucking London.
Not like the completely unbiased opinions of Lineker and co. Which dont seem to require ‘being spoken to’.

NB Picton was killed at Waterloo fighting for his country. He was a product of his time.

Fuck the BBC. Then defund the fuckers.

Link to story.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

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The BBC & BHM (36)

I have long been content to simply read and enjoy this excellent site, but this week I have finally been tipped over the edge into nomination by (who else?) the BBC.

I was enjoying breakfast with my pre-school aged children when CBeebies presenter Nigel Clarke (no, me neither) started nominating his ‘heroes’ for Black History Month. Well, what else would you expect at 7.30am on a television channel for under sevens?

Nigel began, with breath-taking originality, by nominating Muhammad Ali. He told the tale of Ali going from being a poor boy to ‘the best boxer in the world’. Enter – ‘What’s a boxer daddy?’

Now, I love boxing, and Ali is an absolute legend, but I have enough trouble stopping the kids hitting each other without CBeebies extolling the virtues of a man who is largely famous for being really, really good at hitting people.

Nigel then moved on to his next hero, who was (imagine my surprise) Barak Obama. He described Barry as ‘the first black president of the United States’. At which point I switched to Channel 5, adverts and all.

Fortunately, the kids did not pick up on the overtly racial nature of Nigel’s statement and start with ‘What does ‘black’ mean daddy?’; ‘Am I black Daddy?’; ‘Why not daddy?’

I do not believe children should be raised to view themselves or others in racial terms. Only division and hatred can result from this. But it seems Auntie disagrees and has no lower age limit for indoctrinating the next generation with this vile propaganda.

And all for a mere £157.50 a year.

(It’s gonna be a long fucking month! – DA)

SKY (10) & BBC News COVID Coverage

A ‘Let’s make a Drama out of a Crisis’ cunting for both Sky & BBC’s complete waste of time & effort coverage of the latest lockdown rules !

“This is Sky’s Alistair Cunt reporting to you ‘Live’ from Liverpool – the city that has entered Tier 3 (dum dum daaaa!) lockdown measures & nothing at all is happening !. I could be showing you footage of any other day, as no fucker goes to the High St to pay over the odds anymore, anyhow”

“Following the governments new 3 Tier lockdown measures, we sent BBC reporter Katie Falsesympathy to see how Manchester is reacting to the news..”
“Clive, I’m here in Manchester, where useless Mayor Andy Burnham is still whining & bitching like an old woman. But I’ve come to Machester normally ‘vibrant’ city centre to talk to Wayne Kerr, owner of the ‘Fuck a duck’ Cafe”
“the Gov’t are killing my business Katie. I’ve implemented social distancing in my 4msq cafe & limited customers to 12. I even started selling cheese & hydroxychloroquine pasties and Dexamethasone wraps. I’ve now got to let both my illegal Syrian workers go”

Labour leader Dame Kweer Storm-in-a-teacup, made a bold stand against the PM’s latest announcement by neither supporting or condemning the restrictions.. “Labours clearly defined policy of sitting on the fence & having no policy or ideas of our own, is at the heart of our fight for the UK working class” Dame Kweer told our spam faced reporter, Sam Coates.

Nominated by: Lord of the Rings