BBC [69] – The Tim Westwood Years

Nomination: The BBC (again, sorry).

They knew.

The fucking BBC knew…

The Times Link.

Just like they knew about Savile. And just like they knew about all the other sex cases working for them. Bet they know about all the sex cases still working for them.

I have never knowingly seen or heard Tim Westwood on the television or radio although I have read the opinions of other contributors to the award-winning website ISAC. Anyone who likes ‘rap’ and ‘hip-hop’ was probably a cunt before he started helping himself to underage black girls.

The thing that really bugs me about the BBC, Hollywood tosspots, Twittermongs and the Establishment in general is their smug sense of their own superiority and moral rectitude. But time and time again these utter bastards have been exposed as covering up, or actively participating in, the worse behaviour imaginable.

Time to consign the entire organisation to Unkle Terry’s oven and then napalm the oven. We can buy Terry a new oven from the vast pension pot of the scumcunts who work at the fucking Beeb.

I don’t like them.

Nominated by: Emperor of East Anglia

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The BBC [66]

The BBC. Again.

Ladies and gents, I give you that constant dose of hemorrhoids, that persistant, hard-to-shift bout of syphilis that is the BBC. Saturday night, 02/07/2022 at 2220 hrs, the cunts are delighting us with ‘Alex Scott: The Future Of Women’s Football’, looking at the “Huge rise in popularity of the women’s game. Really? The fucking stadiums always look empty, to me, even when they give away tickets. Same with wimmin’s rugby. An unadulterated, stomach-acid-inducing load of shite, but, the best part, and I quote from the TV guide listing?

“….and the game’s lack of diversity”!!!

Goebbels’ couldn’t make this shite up. And, to make it worse, the cunts are showing the Wimmin’s Euros, on peak-time television, next week.

“Kenny, fetch me Zantac”.
(Link provided by the suave & sophisticated Night Admin – NA)

Nominated by: DCI Gene Cunt

And on the subject of the Bloated Broadcasting Cunts, here’s one from Guzziguy

The BBC have decided not to reinstate Michael Vaughan as a cricket commentator following a letter of concern from two groups which represent bame employees at the BBC. He made his remarks in 2009 and I think that they were ambiguous rather than outright racial slurs; certainly far less offensive than the anti Semitic remarks of the Pakistani cricketer at the centre of the shit storm.

However, I do not have much sympathy for Vaughan as he adopted a sickeningly pious attitude regarding Ollie Robinson’s remarks regarding a Chinese girl.

Those who live by the sword shall die by the sword.

With supporting link from DCI Gene Cunt

BBC News Link

More grief for the Bullshitting Broadcasting Cunts courtesy of Barry zuckercunt

The BBC again…women’s euro 2022 is coming, can’t wait.just seen the BBC lineup. And surprise surprise it’s 95 percent women and the Oprah Winfrey lookalike Ian Wright.

So it’s ok for them to invade the mens game with their shit inane commentary and insight, but heaven forbid allow men to intrude on their hallowed turf.

Ladies stick to your own shit brand and leave the men’s game to people who have actually played at that level..

BBC News Link

I knew it wouldn’t be too long before our Norm registered his displeasure at the BBC and the wimminz “football”

The BBC are cunts yet again….

On a day when the British Prime Minister resigns, one would expect that Question Time (for all its faults) to be either be given a special episode or – at the very least – be shown in its usual time. But no, the ‘Beeb’ decided it had something more important than the PM resigning and a nation in the balance (again!). But what was this thing that was so important? Was it The Queen’s funeral?

No. Was it even Wimbledon going on too long? No. So, what was it that the BBC thought was more important than the British government collapsing? Wait for it…. EastEnders and Women’s bloody football. The ever sickening WokeEnders was on, of course. With a black drag queen turning up at a hospital emergency, and two identikit gorblimey guv’nor fat slags squealing ‘Oooh! We love drag queens!’ Also, that fat bald ‘hard man’ cunt was ‘pronounced dead’, then he turns up right at the end. Utter shite of the highest order.

Then there was the whole 90 minutes of Northern Ireland vs Norway. women. Needless to say, the Irish team were absolute shit. But a so-called public service broadcaster like the BBC putting this woke shit on instead of programmes covering the day’s major political events? These cunts insist on shoving this woke shite down our throats no matter what else is going on. Nobody is interested in wemens football, and the way these BBC fucks market it like it’s on the same level as the real game is stomach turning. If the Ivans invaded, these BBC cunts would put on a Wales vs Albania womens match as the Russians marched around.

If it was England vs Germany in a World Cup semi final (the real World Cup, like it was in 1990) then I would sort of understand it. But a womens game being prioritised over the Prime Minister quitting and the future of the UK? It’s like the television equivalent of Caligula marrying his horse. It’s quite obvious we have genuinely insane people now running the BBC.

And what makes it even worse is Gabbing Logan and Alex Fucking Scott are presenting it. Sport and TV in this country has hit an alt time low.. Apologies for the lack of a link. I could put on a link to the NI vs Norway game or NeverEnders, but they are both unbelievably shit.

Same shit different bucket. This one is from Everyonesacunt

The spin put on news articles that appear, you’ve guessed it , the b fucking biased c.

BBC News Link

“How good are japans gun laws?”

When I first saw the article I knew that what actually was about would be gun violence , ownership and usage in the good old 🇺🇸.

And On reading it I wasn’t proved wrong. Little bar charts 📊 showing how good things are usually in 🇯🇵 and how bad things are everywhere else, particularly in the 🇺🇸

It is just yet another example of how the media and especially the beeb don’t report news anymore but just use stories in an effort to manipulate joe public s thinking 🤔 and it is becoming an even bigger Cunt with each passing day.


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The BBC [63] and Britbox [2]

The BBC and it’s fucking Britbox. Endlessly plugged.

Not content with levying a poll tax on the British population they have now come up with a way to make us pay even more. Not compulsory in this case but still a fucking cheek.
All repeated stuff you can find on multiple other channels, so why pay? Well, what they claim is that there are programmes not available anywhere else. The fucking dire Spitting Image and some dramas. You know, the sort where half the cast is brown regardless of period or suitability.

But a thought occurs. What or who paid for these paywalled dramas and so on? Could it be the license payers? You can bet your bollocks it is.
And is this not misappropriation? Theft even when you think about it.

The BBC, not just cunts but fraudulent cunts.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

(Note. There’s a couple of other BBC noms due to go live soon covering the Queen’s jubilee and a gay TV show. Please don’t involve them here, thanks – Day Admin)

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The BBC [60] and the Premier League [4]
(Most helpful link provided by – Part Time Admin – PTA)

A duo-cunting for these two cuntish corporations. What has happened? Well, it is, apparently, Ramadamadingdong for the worlds’ muzzer population. How does that bother us in a majority Cristian country? Well, it seems that not only are the BBC shoving it down our throats, but the Premier League are allowing football games to be interrupted so footballers can “break their fast”. That’s fucking great – will they also be allowing CofE or Catholic players to stop to take communion during Sunday games. How about a break for seder during Passover? How about a few minutes before half time to let off a load of fireworks for Diwali?

Anyway, not to worry as the PL have helpfully produced a pamphlet entitled “Ramadan and football”. I bet you never thought you’d see those two words together in a sentence?

What utter, utter cunts. How long before Eid becomes a national holiday in the UK?

Nominated by: Lord Cuntingford

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The BBC [56] & It’s Woke Impartiality

”BBC News presenter Huw Edwards is ‘being spoken to’ by bosses after he wrote that he felt ‘uneasy’ about a museum removing a portrait of an Army general due to his links to slavery.”

What Edwards actually twatted was:-

‘As a journalist I feel uneasy about this element of “censoring” history.
‘Should not Picton remain on display as a reminder to Wales of an aspect of its past – no matter how disgraceful?’

Yes, fucking outrageous. How dare he express a mainstream opinion which jars with the overpaid Tarquins and Jemimas in Saville House. Which is not in Wales but fucking London.
Not like the completely unbiased opinions of Lineker and co. Which dont seem to require ‘being spoken to’.

NB Picton was killed at Waterloo fighting for his country. He was a product of his time.

Fuck the BBC. Then defund the fuckers.

Link to story.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

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