BBC [69] – The Tim Westwood Years

Nomination: The BBC (again, sorry).

They knew.

The fucking BBC knew…

The Times Link.

Just like they knew about Savile. And just like they knew about all the other sex cases working for them. Bet they know about all the sex cases still working for them.

I have never knowingly seen or heard Tim Westwood on the television or radio although I have read the opinions of other contributors to the award-winning website ISAC. Anyone who likes ‘rap’ and ‘hip-hop’ was probably a cunt before he started helping himself to underage black girls.

The thing that really bugs me about the BBC, Hollywood tosspots, Twittermongs and the Establishment in general is their smug sense of their own superiority and moral rectitude. But time and time again these utter bastards have been exposed as covering up, or actively participating in, the worse behaviour imaginable.

Time to consign the entire organisation to Unkle Terry’s oven and then napalm the oven. We can buy Terry a new oven from the vast pension pot of the scumcunts who work at the fucking Beeb.

I don’t like them.

Nominated by: Emperor of East Anglia

54 thoughts on “BBC [69] – The Tim Westwood Years

  1. Is that Viviennes son?
    Maybe all that punk fashion she dressed him in turned him into a wigger.

  2. I’ve heard this cunt speak, on the telly. He’s got one of those fake, ‘Innit, bruv, you get me’ accents that can turn a reasonable man’s piss into steam in a pico-second. I could quite cheerfully put sulphuric acid through a 20 gauge cannula into this cunt.

    Mind you, there’s a long queue in front of him…

    • Straight outta Lowestoft.

      Its like him and Gary Lineker have done a voice swap. Be true to yourself Gary, don’t let racist Britain tell you to speak like a middle aged white man from Leicester.

  3. I don’t know anything about this knob as Radio 1 and I parted company on the day it started in 1967. That wanker Tony Blackburn hosted the first programme, which was more than enough for me.
    However I don’t like the look or what I’ve read of him, so am happy to concur that he’s a cunt. As the nom is from the Emperor of East Anglia, can I suggest chucking him and every other BBC cunt off the Orwell Bridge? It’ll save on fuel for Unkle T’s oven.

    • Thanks for your concern but this cunt goes in head first.

      Not enough capacity for the entire infestation that is the BBC so I’d quite happily see everyone last one of them hanged then gibbeted.

      A great day indeed.

  4. Young, gifted, and black,
    Oh what a precious dream,
    To be young gifted an black…
    Bob & Marcia.

    Timothy the vicars son likes them young (circa 14yrs)
    Gifted (can sword swallow) and black as a coalmine.

    The BBC indulged him,
    Turned a blind eye,

    This from people that never stop with the race shite and white privilege bollocks,
    Let a white sexual predator take advantage of underage black girls.
    Didnt say shit.

    Just what is it about child sex offenders the BBC loves so much?

    • ‘Young, gifted, and black’

      Wasn’t that Gary Lineker, once? Now, older, chippy and a cunt?

    • ‘Corrupt, fiddling and black, – and that’s a fact’

      Been singing that over the top of the wireless for years.

      Another one of my favourites is, ‘giant steps are what you take, trampling on a côòn’.

  5. Vicars son, apparently.

    The fat tub of lard Chris Moyles used to do a ‘where’s Westwood’ feature on his R1 show. It was quite funny only because Westwood came across quite clearly as thick as pigshit and didn’t realise when he was having this piss ripped.

    Thick cunt. Innit bruv. Is it cos I is whiteeey.?

    Off topic, but another cunt BBC DJ ‘Jeremy Swine’ has won a case against a chap called Belllfield, a BBC local radio DJ.

    Jezza Swine referred to Bellfield as the Jimmy Savile of stalkers. Mmmmm. Right.

    The whole fucking corporation and all who sail in her need a fucking good burning.

  6. My only surprise is anyone is surprised that Tim Westwood ‘the big dawg” was guilty of raping underage girls.

    Next up on the worthless wigger piece of shit’s rap sheet will be drug dealing, benefit fraud, gettin’ stabby with it and fathering numerous kids that he has no intention of supporting financially.

    Probably mugs old ladies on pension day and steals anything shiny too.

    • Timothy was the inspiration for Sacha Baron Cohens character Ali G, innit?

      Apparently hes hated by blacks in the hip hop music scene,
      As he can make or break their career,
      Lording it over them,
      Chasing black girls
      And acting the Inner city James Cagney.
      When in reality he was from a posh privileged background and the naughtyist thing he did was take a coin from his dads collection plate.

      • So his Dad was a vicar? Obviously that’s where he got the taste for underage flesh.

      • Not just any vicar Freddy,
        The Anglican bishop of peterborough.
        His dad also had some show on BBC radio.
        Opened doors for young Timothy…

        Its not what you know,
        Its who you know…

  7. From Al-BBCers own website…

    Director general Tim Davie initially said in April the BBC had “no evidence of complaints” about Westwood – a presenter for 19 years on Radio 1 and Radio 1Xtra – after BBC News and the Guardian revealed allegations of predatory sexual behaviour.
    But after BBC News challenged the corporation’s response to a Freedom of Information (FOI) request made in November 2021, it later acknowledged the six complaints – one of which was serious enough to have been referred to the police.
    The BBC said the director general’s initial response had set out the position as he understood it at the time, and ahead of the internal report Mr Davie said he wanted to “ensure everything is flushed out” and “any cases are looked at”.
    “Limitations within current BBC systems” which did not cover all archived information meant the allegations were not revealed at first, the internal review found.

    You’d have thought after Saville these utter bastard cunts would have learned their lesson.

    Maybe they just don’t care as no cunt is accountable and even if they ‘are’ they get a massive payoff most normal people could only dream of.

    I’d like to see an inquiry into Tim Davie’s statement and how he came to that conclusion.

    But I guess that will be conveniently glossed over.

    A few years back I stayed at a hotel just outside Evesham.

    Fascinating place, anyway I got talking to the owner who told me the history of the place and it turned out it was one of several BBC outposts that would be used to broadcast in the event of a nuclear war.

    So what’s my point? We’ll just like cockroaches you can’t even nuke these bastards into oblivion.


    • No, you’re right, they just don’t fucking care. They have a guaranteed income and no government will touch them. As an organisation they are about as corrupt as they come. As someone above said…….a national disgrace.

    • Was it the Wood Norton Hotel by any chance – the way I heard it there’s a bunker in the hills to the north west of the town which would have housed any of the BBC, the hotel looks to be in the right location.

      Evesham is in Worcstershire so said bunker was generously fitted out with bike sheds to enable survivors of the nuclear holocaust to entertain themselves with Max Max Thunderdome style gladatorial combats.

      Westwood is, was, and always will be a massive cunt.

    • ‘Evesham’? That’s in Worcestershire! Didn’t see an angry Ronnie Pickering type bloke hanging around near some bike sheds, did you?

      A lucky escape.

      • You’d have to take his boxing gloves off to find out. If you turn up.

        No cunt ever does.

        Come on, Captain Irony, where are you?? Your nomination was (unintentional) comedy gold!

  8. This fucker should already be in prison.

    Any honky pretending to be a dark key (wigger) should be on a whole life tariff anyway.

    I love how the BBC are jumping all over this and more or less saying Westwood is guilty. He could claim an unfair trial if they carry on like this.

    Why so smug at the BBC over this? He was doing it on their dollar and they knew about it, it seems.

    Lots of airtime though. It’s a rare case of honky perp (alleged) and dark key victim, you see.

    ‘Grooming gangs’ you say? Nick Griffin is a cunt, but his vilification on Question Time was mostly because he was telling everyone about these grooming gangs.

    He was ‘making it all up’ because he was ‘a racist bigot’. Got mocked and abused.

    The latter may be true, but not the former.

    Have they issued him an apology yet?

    So what if he’s a cunt. He was right.

  9. How anyone couldn’t see this cunt Is iffy is a mystery.

    Cunt is 64 but pretends to be 20 years younger. What a fucking shit stain.

    The BBC is a Mecca for fiddlers and DJ is the easy way for people like this to get close to potential victims. No talent needed and the BBC will even ship you round the county to BBC events where you’ll find young girls who think you’re the gatekeeper to meeting their idols.

    The BBC had to go now. Before they sign Prince Andrew up as a DJ

  10. Here’s a working link to the Times article:

    Can I suggest, if you haven’t considered it before, you seriously think about ditching the “telly tax” and helping to defund these cunts. It’s the only way it will happen. No UK government is ever going to remove another elitist’s trough.

  11. The BBC have even had the bare faced balls to produce a two part documentary called Tim Westwood, Hip Hops open secret.
    Well, if it was an open secret, why did some of his alleged offences occur whilst contracted to the BBC, who claim they knew fuck all about it? Somewhat contradictory to put it mildly.
    You can guarantee, the more the beeb shout about this, the more they’ve got to cover up. That’s providing he’s guilty of course, which the BBC are insinuating before he’s got to court.
    What a fucking odious shower of government backed shit they really are.

  12. Maybe Danny Dyer can make a new game show for all these BBC perverts with a ball on the wall with a bomb in it which goes down and blows their nutsacks off.

  13. The only good thing to come of this bollocks is the horrible sick cunt practised the BBC dictum “diversity is strength” and diddled dusky persons as well. Now then now then I’ll have some of that then. Cunts one and all.

  14. Just read that working link to the Times article and it says…..

    The review found that two reports of sexual misconduct by Westwood were received in 2012. According to a summary released today, these were “included in logs set up to record allegations the BBC was receiving in the wake of the uncovering of the Jimmy Savile abuses and in connection with the independent reviews set up by the BBC at the time”.

    Tim Davie it transpires was Head of BBC Audio throughout this fiddlers reign.

    This shit cunt is up to his neck in it.

    The whole thing stinks like rotten fish and stink bombs all in an enclosed area with zero ventilation.

    Welcome to the establishment 2022.

  15. Funny how all his so called victims are fat apes with ghetto names.

    His defence should be this:

    Yo! I only fuck humans innit bro…

  16. I find it hard to articulate my disgust at that entire sub culture so I won’t try. Cunts, the lot of them. Cunts.

  17. This is yet another shit stain on the floor of Auntie Beeb’s dirty house.
    And they have the nerve and hubris to be all holier than thou and disgustingly woke. as they lecture and ‘educate’ us. Ulcerous toxic vermin.

    The BBC actually admitting they are cunts who shelter Joe Ronces is about as likely as seeing a womens footballer with a nice pair of tits. No fucking chance whatsoever.

  18. The Beeb employing this anorexic Catweazle? Isn’t a whitey being into rap, jungle, grime and all that innit chav bollocks some form of ‘appropriation’?

    Aren’t only dark (cough!) personages allowed to like such things? Double standards from the Woke Broadcasting Cuntperation? Surely not?😃

  19. The first BBC kiddy fiddler was the much revered “Uncle Mac”; even though the BBC was not fully dysfunctional during his time, they were aware of the per8vert’s proclivities. This may have opened the door for Harris, Freeman, Savile, Westwood etc and given them the cover and protection the CUNTS needed.

  20. Ive never met anyone wo liked Westwood, but ive met plenty of middle-class white lads who act just like him; listening to Wu-Tang clan, cussing and mouthing off lyrics while their dads trains horses and marry off the daughter to a banker..

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