Supermarket Shoppers (3)

I propose the death penalty for selfish cunts who putting supermarket baskets in the stack without unfolding the fucking handles.

Included in the prospective long death row are the brain-dead morons who put their baskets on top without moving the lower one’s handles and generally not unfolding their handles, so the whole fucking lot tips over, because no cunt has unfolded said handles.

This is further compounded by singularly selfish wankstains who are too fucking lazy who leave an item of shopping they decided they didn’t want, in said basket.

Lastly (for now) are those unspeakable fucksticks, who just dump their baskets, full or empty, absolutely anywhere, for us to trip over.and break our fucking necks.

There is a rich being toine on the subjects of utter, utter CUNTS, at supermarkets, sadly mainly the thick-as-pigshit customers, the worst being some bloated female asteroid, snot-hanger-nose-ring, covered in 5 acres of tattoos, greasy blonde or coloured hair, wearing a tight, tee-shirt that would cover an aircraft hangar but the rolls of underlying adipose tissue makes it look like a Michelin man, tracksuit trousers that struggle to contain an arse the size of Yorkshire with a set of thoughts that could crush your skull like a walnut.

Oh yes, and ALWAYS with a couple of sproggs in tow clearly growing prototypes for the asteroid of Ceres called a mother, stuffing their faces with unpaid for food, “coz they’re hungry”,

Fucking hell, I’m having trouble not writing even more… However, today I’ll settle for the death-penalty, no appeal, for the supermarket basket cunts.

That is my Fatwa for the day, delivered from the pulpit of the Al-Aqsaminster Kharpet mosque (Quito) Inc.

Nominated by: Sheikh_Anvakh

96 thoughts on “Supermarket Shoppers (3)

  1. Aldi. 8am. Thursdays. in and out.
    Cant imagine shopping with all the cunts.

  2. And when there’s a long queue. And when a new till opens, cunts who are behind you or who have just joined the queue just go in front of you not giving a shit. Queue jumpers should be cut off at the knees. Thoughtless selfish pig ignorant chav cunts.

    • Usually fucking pensioners who put on a turn of fucking speed an Olympic 100 metre sprinter would be proud of.

  3. Don’t forget petrol station cunts, who block up the pumps while shopping or stuffing their fat faces with in store greggs or subway.

  4. I once had loads of shopping and a tart behind just had one item. Let her go first and the cheeky cunt started buying scratch cards, phone credit, paying for gas and taking ages choosing a bottle of spirits.

    If I’d have carried out what I was imagining, I’d still be inside now.

  5. I love this cunting

    So much of it chimes.

    I cunted ‘shopping guards’ some time back, those being the cunts that stand at the back of their shopping that’s the entire length of the conveyor belt as if they are guarding the Crown Jewels refusing to move this meaning the queue stretches back into the isles.

    Utter utter cunts. I despise these cunts with a passion.

    And of course let’s not forget those cunts (almost entirely wimminz) that stand in the middle of the isles gossiping without any awareness that they are blocking everyone’s way.

    And the newest of shopping cunts have to be those utter cretins that go shopping wearing a surgical mask then as soon as they leave spark up a fag.

    Once upon a time if you saw someone walking up the street you’d have no idea if they were a cunt but now thanks to the scamdemic they are super easy to spot.

  6. Some fat, idle, pug-faced trollop started loading her shopping on the belt BEFORE I’d finished loading mine, once!! Unfuckingbelievable! It was swiftly swept off the aisle and back into her trolley (and the floor) whilst I carried on, with a “Do you mind”, barked at the blubbery whore. Even my wife said I was justified!

  7. The cunts that boil my piss are the ones who let their fucking brats sit in the main bit of the shopping trolley. Probably got traces of dog shit, piss and god knows what else on their shoes. Can be white trash but usually those too many teeth in their gobs Somali’s. Dirty cunts.

  8. What about those cunts who can’t be bothered to put their trolleys in the trolley park and instead leave them in the middle of a parking space. Lazy cunting bastards.

  9. Fucking wimminz who act startled before fumbling through their hand sacks for the purse when told the total costs, what were they expecting at the end of check out?
    You gurning thick chimps, get on with it.
    Supermarkets making record profits during lockdowns yet still blocking aisles with trolleys to restock the shelves, try a fucking night shift you heeb bastards.
    Just supermarkets in general, magnets for mouth breathers and other assorted cunts who are apparently unable to shop on their own.

  10. Can I also add: the cunting security guards who stand at a lectern just inside the door staring at the pile of tangled baskets about 5 feet away and doing fuck all about it all day long, the cunts that leave a smear of invisible faecal matter on basket and trolley handles (do these cunts ever wash after voiding themselves?), the unemployed cunts who wait until lunch time to do their shopping thereby delaying working people on their lunch break, the dim witted cunts who actually believe that the cashier really wants to know how they are or how your days going who jump at the chance to engage them in inane banter, the utter cunts who, after getting to the till and packing their shopping, find it surprising that they’ve been asked for payment and only then start rooting around for a purse. But most of all the soul-destroying musak which, after only a few minutes makes you want to drive knitting needles into your ears.

    • I often drop into a small Co-Op that is on the way home from work to buy the odd thing we have run out of, and the security guard there seems to regard me with great suspicion and follows me around the shop the whole time. I have taken to following him around instead when I go in there, and when the silly cunt does his little pantomime of pretending to be a shopper ( not helped by the security guard uniform) by picking up the odd jar of coffee or whatever and examining it carefully, I walk up behind him and say “ooh what a bargain” or ” very tasty , my husband loves those” or something similar. The hard-of-thinking cunt.

  11. When I’m back in the UK I do the shopping for 3 people, but do the online thing were I can find the offers and the best prices. It’s like a military operation, German probably. 0730, into Asda and out in 30 mins. 5 mins drive to Morrisons for the ‘yellow label’ section, 30 mins. 2 min drive to Sainsbury because I like the bread selection, 10 mins. 1 min drive to Aldi for pickles 10 mins. 10 min drive home via Tesco, Dorchester to wave 2 fingers at the Covid ‘quickshit shitters’ because they’re a bunch of fucking fascist cunts!

    • Forgot to add that I’m home having a hot wet, before the fucking walking dead, fat cunt baby factories and light fingered cunts start clogging up the aisles!

  12. Sounds like a well-oiled routine, FT.

    I’m not far from you; I recently did a full trolley shop in Morrisons Weymouth and inadvertently lined it all up on a self-service conveyor belt. ( The clue was the absence of anyone operating the till, but I obviously wasn’t paying attention).

    Funny old thing, the self service bit went tits-up when I got to the third or fourth item, and a grumpy supervisor bird came over.

    “It’s been doing that all morning – why don’t you reload your trolley and take your items over to checkout 99?”

    “Because I’m a miserable and cantankerous old bastard who hates the modern World. Why didn’t you stop me if you knew it was kaput? No fucking way am I unloading and re-loading that lot. I’m off to Sainsbury’s (next door). Harrumph!”

    And off I flounced.

    Took me a bit longer to get back to a hot wet, but at least I knew, even though I had to explain it several times to Mrs Sugden, that I WAS IN THE RIGHT!!”


  13. Let me also add the fucking Covid Karen Masketeers.
    These insufferable, self-righteous bastards like to virtue dignal what fine, righteous upstanding citizens they are.
    After most of the mask madness was over I was in a queue at myocal Morrisons. I’d uoafed my trolley onto the conveyer and YES, all time well-mannered cunt that I am, put a divider down for the next victim.
    Step forward late middle-aged masked Karen, who puffed herself up and spouted:-
    Karen . Why aren’t you wearing a mask?
    Me: Because I don’t have to.
    Karen: Well, I’M wearing one to protect YOU.
    Me: Why? Are you infected?
    Karen: Of course not!
    Me: ( LOUDLY) Then HOW are you protecting me, OR, as I suspect you’re virtue-signalling, showing everyone here what a “good person” you are. How many of your neighbours have you shopped? You’d fit right in in North Korea with a merit badge and extra rations thrown in.

    These smug, self-righteous cunts deserve their own special place in Hell where even Satan wouldn’t qualify for.

    Masketeers should be tied to the nearest lamppost, smeared on golden syrup with a big “free lunch for wasps” sign.

    CUNTS, ghastly sneaking, squealer CUNTS.

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