Pride Month

Ladies, Gentlemen & non-existents.

For your cuntsideration:

Pride month.

It’s that time of the year that all good little boys and girls look forward too-degenerates on the march. Police forces out in rainbow cars and puffs & dykes in uniform, flouncing through towns.

I wonder if the marches will be as heavily policed as other recent protests 🤔
My phone, via google, informs me that it’s “Pride Month”.

Whilst perusing YouTube last night, an advert for “Dreamies” kitty-cat treats announced its support, with a rainbow coloured pack. Why👎

Roll on July…
Which will probably be Chiggun month👎

Nominated by: Cuntfinder General


…and then there’s this from smugcunt

First up with lust,gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy along with pride are the 7 deadly sins.

I realise cunters arn’t bothered about the first one even though they all seem pretty good ways to temper your life , even if, like me you fail if you are human. I think the pride one means pride in yourself, so you can be proud of your son and daughter doing something. You could feel pride in your country and its servicemen. Why would someone be proud of themselves. For what? doing something they were trying to do? It make no sense.

I bet Barnes Wallis wasnt proud of himself. You always see those with medals for bravery saying it was a team effort and nothing to do with them. So why would you be proud for one month every year for being a poof. Virtually no one cares if you are or are not a bender. What is there to be proud about? Oooh you stick your cock up another mans arse. or your a lezza holding hands!. Big fucking deal.

Do something original and hold a “pride” march in Bradford and see how you get on. That would be brave and something you could be proud about.

And this might well be related to Pride Month, from Fuglyucker

Would it be possible to cunt, cunts trying to cash in on fa&&ots, p00fs,fruites, sausage jockeys, shit stabbers, shirt lifters, ass bandits, queers ,gays in general.

Driving to work today i noticed and insurance company flying the gay rainbow flag, Lloyds bank are now doing it as well as are various other companies, and it made me wonder when did we start celebrating these turd burgling cunts and why are people bending over[ figuratively ] to get these fuckers business.

Their money is the same as everyone elses and they had to take insurance out or bank somewhere anyway, and do they take the risk of alienating strait people who are not same sex perverts.

Not that long ago the only thing these guys attracted was a beating, wrong as that was its the way it was, then they were accepted and now the piss is being taken big time.
Same goes for Blm, and loads of other groups i cant be arsed to mention, give the fuckers an inch and 25 miles later we are flying fucking flags on their behalf, i dont get it

The BBC (38) over Christian Eriksen

An emergency cunting for the BBC over their ghoulish coverage of the death of Christian Erickson during the Denmark v Finland game.

As you all know , Erickson collapsed during the game and it quickly became apparent that his heart had stopped as CPR was being administered in the full view of tv cameras.

Essentially the player had died and the medics were working frantically to resuscitate him.

At this point the BBC should have cut the feed and returned to the studio but as we know, did they fuck. They kept it going and we had more shots of the player being shocked with his distraught wife on the sidelines.

The commentators were forced to continue to give a commentary on what was an extremely upsetting situation and this was probably the reason they had ‘technical difficulties’ in getting them back after the game restarted.

I have no doubt they had blown their top at the wankers back in London who had placed them in that position and had to calm down before they returned to commentating duties.

The BBC are cunts and here is even more evidence.

I should of course mention that thankfully Erickson appears to have made a recovery but that should not conceal the cuntishness of the BBC.

I should also mention that I believe the ‘on duty’ BBC producer today would have been some woke cunt who has some boxes which must be ticked and so they were handed the ‘ nothing much could go wrong’ football match to ensure said boxes were ticked.

And then, lo and behold, something did go wrong and they were running around like a headless chicken which explained why no decision was made to cut the studio feed until a more ‘experienced ‘ producer was phoned at home to give the order. (all alleged of  course – DA)

Nominated by: Jack

BBC Criticism

Freedom Day Postponed

The great June 21st rock and roll swindle.

Porky the jellyfish rolls out of his bed at 11:30ish, and comes out with drivel so nonsensical he must think the entire population live under a rock.

We have now been “living” under an incompetent, corrupt, lying, full of shit dictatorship for 18 months – led by a Prime Ministers slapper and “medical experts” whose only relevant qualifying criteria appears be to to have shares in medical and pharmaceutical companies and membership of the communist party.

“Three weeks to flatten the curve” – we were told a year and a half ago.
“Wear masks, stop the spread” – we were told a year and a half ago.
“Take some untested medical experiment, but you can’t sue when it goes wrong” – for a virus approximately as fatal as the common cold which needs a “test” 🤣🤡 to tell us if we have it or not.

And now, just when it finally appeared that the increasing public pressure and unrest would force Laurel and Hardy in charge to give us back the freedom they had NO RIGHT to steal in the first place they are backtracking and using sly, dishonest lies, fake results and fabricated deadly new (yawn) “variants” to set the groundwork for our continued imprisonment – mental sulphurous “medical adviser” Susan Michie is already screeching that we should have permanent masking and restrictions, but I have a better idea – belt up and fuck off to North Korea, bitch.

It is now time to end, totally and permanently, all restrictions, re-open the Country, get back to work and get back to life – there is NO EXCUSE!

And if this does not happen on June 21st it will never happen and we will be in a permanent nightmare of masks, restrictions, propaganda and lockdowns, forever, until our will is finally completely crushed – with the willing help of traitors and useful idiots.
The patience of the vast majority has gone – open up or face the consequences from a rapidly angering Country.

Nominated by: Vernon Fox

Freedom On Hold

Fag-Free Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire wants to ban smoking outdoors too.

Fuck right off. If I want to smoke I fucking will. Stop trying to impose your pathetic health concerns on me as I have a choice and I’d rather have a pint and a smoke than an avocado and kale salad. I know there’s a risk to my health and I don’t care.

Just do what Japan does and introduce designated smoking areas instead of ‘Oh I’m standing alone in a field having a nice cig wow I’m breaking a law that doesn’t exist because I might give the grass cancer.’

Why not try actually stopping the shit load of fucking drugs in Blackbird Leys? Oh wait the police are scared of the place.

Smoke-Free Oxfordshire

Nominated by: Lazybiscuits 


I’d like to nominate flip flops for a cunting.

It’s that time of year dear cunters. The streets air is filled with the fucking horrible sounds of flip flops. I hate them with a passion. Fuditch, fuditch, fuditch… it drives me fucking insane.

Big fat cunts with yellow feet and toenails that look like Walkers crisps waddling around with a piece of an old tyre held on to their trotters with a thin piece of rubber the cunts.

Not only are they a danger from tripping, they leave the wearer exposed to the very real danger of a size 11 pair of steel toe caps.

Nominated by: Cuntington Smythe