Office Workers and Loud Cunts and their Phones

Have been spending the last few days working at a customer-site sorting out some of their IT infrastructure, most of which needs some serious upgrading.

Anyway, during my time there I could not help but notice that a lot of the staff were pissing about on their phones and tablets rather than focusing on what they’re paid to be doing (it’s a credit ratings agency of about 70 employees).

Because their datacentre has glass panelling, I can see right into their main office of about 30 people and most of them were fucking about on their phones, standing around by colleague’s desks taking selfies and constantly staring at their phones.

There is no adjoining offices for the bosses, but if they saw what I was seeing they would be giving their entire team a right royal bollocking (unless they themselves were tap, tap, tapping away on their own devices)

This isn’t the first time I’ve been to customer sites and seen similar activity. It wouldn’t be quite so bad if it was during a tea/lunch break, but quite a few people are quite brazen about it.

Such low productivity seems to be de rigueur these days and is it any wonder a lot of cunts still want to work from home!

Therefore, when you’re trying to contact customer services by phone, this is what they’re probably doing while your 76th in the fucking queue.

Nominated by: Technocunt

And speaking of cunts on phones, here’s another from Captain Magnanimous

People who talk into their mobiles on loud speaker are cunts, aren’t they.

Furthermore, if you hold the phone at an angle to speak into the bottom to seem like you’re important, you achieve bonus cunt points.

If you do this, you probably have a man-bun. You might even have a circle beard. You definitely vape. You could also be one of those crass mothers in a dressing-gown dropping the brat off at school. Alternatively, you might be a mortgage broker attempting to seem important. You definitely wear Crocs.

They probably brush their teeth before eating breakfast.

These people are crass idiots. Why do I not only have to hear your mundane, inarticulate opinion, but also your equally banal, fuckwit mate’s response? If only the airbag would open whilst you did this driving and scatter your wretched teeth around the car.

You look like a cunt shouting into a piece of toast.

Going Cashless – Scammers Delight

Over the last 12 months I have read so many reports in the MSM and computer media regarding how scammers are moving away from trying to hack into computers using viruses and malware, and have since moved on towards hacking into apps where you can pay using your phone.

The Weakest Link is the QR code (or Quick Response). This looks like a barcode but is a method where a phone installed with a QR reader can scan and interpret the QR code in order to make a payment for a service.

The link below is just one example where scammers can produce dodgy QR of their own, which they then place on top of legitimate QR codes (or remove the latter completely). The victim comes along scan the code and then finds his bank has been hacked and his money pinched.

These scams can happen anywhere where cashless payments by phone/card is your only option. The providers of these services warn customers to be “vigilant” about using QR codes, which to me seems like they’re shifting responsibility away from themselves and onto the punter to worry about.

Nearly everywhere you go these days retailers are demanding that you pay cashless by either contactless card and/or “download the app”. You’ll see it even more or train stations, carparks, airports and not just ordinary shops.  All of which means that you are being tracked not only by where you are and what you’ve bought, but also the sharing of your personal information stored on your phone. And its this that hackers are after, which means we have to be even more cautious how we use an app.

The “Go Cashless” project is just another complication in an already complicated life for a lot of people. And using these apps to pay for things is just another example.


Telegraph News Link

Nominated by: Technocunt

Nicholas Rossi

To call this cunt a Walter Mitty type of character would be an insult to his victims. He is no eccentric fantasist but a lying manipulative devious sack of shit, indulged by the Scottish legal system as we shall later see. First a bit of background.

A convicted sexual predator he went on the run from the U.S in 2020 after faking his own death as more victims of his crimes came forward, eventually washing up in Scotland as Arthur Knight, an Irish orphan. When in hospital after catching Covid-19 he was recognised by staff as being on an Interpol red notice.

This was a year ago and since then has used every trick in the book to deny his true identity. From speaking in an Irish accent so he did, to claiming his distinctive tattoos had been done in hospital while he was in a coma – I don’t think the NHS offers free half sleeves….yet. Fingerprints were also taken by a nurse called Patrick and manipulated to match those held on file in America.

Why did it take a whole fucking year to see though this bullshit? Fingerprints, DNA, the tattoos or a background check on his alias Arthur Knight could all have been done in hours. The fact he sacked six lawyers, all probably funded by legal aid didn’t help matters. Since this is Krankie McSturgeon territory where men are women, why didn’t he just say he was a trans woman and couldn’t possibly have committed rape?

Now the bleeding fucking obvious has been finally established, he has been approved for extradition proceedings to the U.S. Given that it has taken years for cunts like Julian Assange and a couple of Rotherham peaceful groomers to maybe be fucked off to America and Pakistan I wouldn’t hold my breath on seeing this bastard on a plane anytime soon.

BBC News Link

Nominated by: Liberal Liquidator

Political Police

Apologies if this has already been covered: I don’t come here too often as it tends to depress me – both the views I agree with and the ones I don’t.

But this has me reaching for the grenade launcher:

Manchester Evening News Link

The poor cunt who, finally overwhelmed by the scale of our unwanted, unwarranted illegal, stress illegal, immigration crisis, finally takes action <i>on his own</i> since no-one else appears to be doing so. Then, in the best tradition of <i>bushido</i> honourably tops himself.

Even the fuzz can’t find links to any organised plot or conspiracy, so why did he do it? It was his “extreme right-wing terrorist ideology”. Wokies please note: this is now the approved term for being murderously pissed off with a shite government’s shite policies. For having been denied any democratic input into the rapidly deteriorating state of the nation. This is now the official police line.

With Spartacus, I declare: “I’m an extreme right-wing terrorist ideologue”.
And proud of it.

And the political police are shameful, degraded, conspiratorial cunts.

Nominated by: Komodo

Wanksy Banksy (7)

Is there any lengths this annoying graffiti stencilling Cunt won’t go to tell the world what a right on up to the minute self serving shithead arsehole he is ?

BBC News Link

Boy I can imagine just how grateful the Ukrainian people are for his latest efforts.

Banksy get this you are not an artist, you are a fucking vandal and want locking up for your eyesore stencils, almost as bad are the cunts that fawn over his fucking vandalism as if he were some sort of artist deity.

He’s not he’s a Cunt.

Nominated by: Everyonesacunt