The “Biden Bump”

(“Anyone seen my brain? It’s this big!“-  Day Admin)

Yes, it is real. Well according to the desperate hacks at The Guardian:

The Guardian

However, it is not as bad as you might think. Although there are allegations that “Crooked Joe” is a sex obsessed undead maniac, the so-called “Bump” is not a reference to his aged todger being seen on the campaign trail. No, it is all about a rise in his numbers from a poll taken in Wisconsin and a other “swing” states. In some he is almost level with the Orange Man.

What can be the reason for this exciting development? Apparently it is down to extra support given by Obummer who has been resurrected to add some extra oomph to the octogenarian’s bid for a second term. Either that, or it might just be more wishful thinking from the lefties who are worried about Trump’s “piles ” ie $billions from floating Truth Social.

Roll on November.

Nominated by: Twenty Thousand Cunts Under the Sea

And seconded by: General Cuntster

I would like to second this nomination and add that it’s not just the Community Con Artist working behind the scenesnto help the Horny Old Coffin Dodger, but ‘Ole Slick Hilly is at it as well.

The Demonrats are pissing all over themselves in terror as the reality dawns on them that Donald Trump is not only the likely Repubicunt opponent but also the likely General Election winner.

Here’s your own lovable old whore, Auntie Beeb trying to convince you that because a bunch of Leftist Elites pay a lot of money to mingle with this scum that they actually are leading in the race and poised to win.

BBC News

By the way did anyone notice some of the celebretards attending the dinner? Bitch Queen Latifa and Fucking Lizzo!

I don’t care how much money these 2 heffers pay for their tickets, the event will lose money when they belly up to the buffet.

OMG! Sex Machine Joe, Queen Latifa and Lizzo in a Menage et Hog!

I’m going to be sick.

The “Impartial” US Supreme Court

ATTORNEY FOR DONALD TRUMP: Your Honors, our constitution bars anyone who has engaged in insurrection from holding any office under the United States. On behalf of Mr Trump I ask you to pretend this isn’t so.

JUSTICE 1: I’m not averse to a game of ‘let’s pretend’. Used to play it when I was a child.

JUSTICE 2: What about the television coverage of his speech before the riot at the Capitol? We all saw what happened.

ATTORNEY: Mr Trump is asking you to pretend you didn’t see it. And to remember he personally appointed three of your Honors to your present position.

JUSTICE 3: Ah yes, I see. Interesting.

JUSTICE 4: But some people might accuse us of a lack of impartiality.

ATTORNEY: No-one you need to worry about. What are they going to do, sue you?

JUSTICE 5: Point well taken.

JUSTICE 6: I’m convinced. Who cares what the constitution says anyway?

ATTORNEY: Mr Trump would like you to find in his favor and pretend it’s for the good of the country.

CHIEF JUSTICE: Sounds good to me. We’re all agreed then? And in a few weeks we get to decide whether he’s immune from criminal prosecution. If the constitution says anything about it, we can pretend that it doesn’t.

JUSTICE 7; I like this game.

The Hill News

Nominated by: Allan

Rochdale By-Election Result (2)

An emergency cunting for the Rochdale by-election result purlease!

The turd that you cannot flush away George Galloway won by a 6000 majority.

“This is a victory for Gaza” – no it’s not! You are elected to serve the people of Rochdale and the returning officer should have interrupted him and reminded him of that or declared his nomination and null and void.

Do you think the people of Gaza have heard of Rochdale? No! Fuck off you single issue, self serving, pointless cunt.

It used to be that an MP needed a house in the constituency where they serve. Galloway must have about 6 houses for the number of constituencies in which he has served.

Labour would have done better if they had dug up Gracie Fields and reanimated her.

BBC News

Nominated by: Anton Pillar

Petty PETA – Not so Merry-Go-Round

The animal rights charity Peta has called for British fairgrounds to stop using horses and other animals on carousels because it encourages exploitation and instead replace them with objects that celebrate human achievement.

“It would be wonderful to see UK fairgrounds replace animal-shaped carousel figures with vehicles such as cars, unicycles, tractors, aeroplanes, rockets, and bulldozers – or more whimsical designs like shooting stars, rainbows, or brooms,” said Peta spokescunt Elisa Allen.

I would suggest these dickheads read their history. Horses have been domesticated for about 5000 years and have been essential for human development, used in everything from travel, transport, war, hunting, and trade, helping build great civilizations and empires and opening up trade routes like the Silk Road and the King’s Highway. How much more human achievement do these cunts want?

What better way to be celebrated than being ridden by a fat hyperactive six year old at a depressing British seaside resort.

Maybe these joyless fucking weirdos should concentrate their efforts on actual real life animals that are being exploited and not a child’s fairground ride. I hope their suggestions of vehicles are all electric or we will have the Just Stop Oil nutters laying down in front of Bertie the Bulldozer. Maybe whizzing round on a rainbow coloured dildo or a peaceful Rotherham taxi driver will keep everyone happy?

Daily Mail

Nominated by: Anyone?

Overrated Film Directors

A simple Google search will reveal quite a few big names appearing in the top 10s of overrated directors, including the likes of Woody Allen, Ridley Scott, Michael Bay, Tarantino and even Martin Scorsese.

Some argue the reasons for this include one or two-hit wonders who live off that reputation such as George Lucas and Star Wars; or Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction from Tarantino.

Other critics believe some directors play it safe by keeping to the same formula such as Chris Nolan and his Memento and Inception. Or Scorsese and his Goodfellas, Casino, Gangs of New York and the Irishman.

If I’m being honest I don’t really care what these critics say, or even if they have a point or not. That said, if there was one director that really gets on my nerves and can never quite understand why he receives so many plaudits as one of the greatest directors EVER, and that would be Alfred Hitchcock!

Over the Christmas and New Year holiday period I decided to give this cunt a chance by watching 5 of his most highly praised films – Psycho, Rear Window, North by North West, Vertigo and The Birds.

It was a herculean effort getting through this lot, but I suppose the best of the bunch would have to be Psycho if only because it had some truly suspenseful moments and it didn’t star Hitchcock’s usual blandies in James Stewart and Cary Grant.

The other 4 films were adequate, but still doesn’t explain why film critics fall over themselves bigging all of them up as something really special and typically “Hitchcockian”

In my opinion he made some boring, bland, tedious, predictable shite. Give me Akira Kurosawa, any day of the week as he pisses all over him in the director stakes!

With this in mind who would you say was the most overrated director, past or present?


Nominated by: Technocunt