Sheffield Litter Cunts

A nomination for the cunts of Sheffield

Only one day out of ‘lockdown’ on a sunny March day the chavs and chavettes of Sheffield descended on Endcliffe Park, in the 100’s.

Fuck the Covid advice, yes that’s fine but take your shit home with you.

The amount of litter left by these entitled cunts was ridiculous, the park could have been mistaken for a council tip.

Certain areas of this once great country are a fucking disgrace, if it isn’t the peacefuls or blacks causing a nuisance it’s cunts who just have no respect for anything or anyone.

Close the fucking park if the twats can’t behave like civilised human beings.


Nominated by: Sick of it

Tiger Woods (4)

Apparently this dick was travelling at twice the local speed-limit (90 in a 45mph), when he lost control of his car, crashed, rolled and ended up 300 yards down the road in a field last February.

He obviously survived the crash, but ended up with “a number of serious injuries”

There is no evidence to suggest he was drunk or on drugs at the time. But the car’s “black box” suggested that Woods got confused when he realised he was losing control of the car, and pressed the accelerator rather than the brake, which made the situation worse.

Woods has some form with car crashes: one in 2009 during his infidelity days; and another in 2017 when he fell asleep at the wheel and got done for reckless driving.

What’s particularly annoying is all the good wishes he got after his latest accident, even though he was speeding and thus breaking the local laws.

Always gets on my nerves when celebs seem to get a pass because of who they are when they have accidents. Whereas with some ordinary Joe Public cunt they’re ostracized/demonised for being selfish and reckless!

Nominated by: Technocunt

Claudia Webbe MP

Claudia Webbe MP – racist, professional race baiter and shameless trougher.
I am truly surprised that former Labour MP Claudia Webbe appears not to have been nominated before – she is a truly worthy candidate!

Ms Webbe has been charged with harassment and is due to face trial for this – Webbe has stated she will resign her Parliamentary position in May after having the whip withdrawn by Labour some time ago – But she is still an independent MP for Leicester East, as well as – up until her resignation this Month, a Councillor for Islington Borough, raking in thousands of Pounds in “expenses” for this role on top of her salary as an MP in an entirely different part of the Country and despite admitting she has only spent 15% of her time actually doing the Councillors job.

Is there a single Labour politician who is not in Court?

Is there a single politician of any party who does not deserve to be publicly flogged for their shameless greed and despicable behaviour?

Nominated by: Vernon Fox

John Wilcock – Rollerskating Cunt

This 90 yr old, ‘Poundland’ Capt.Tom wannabe, says he was inspired to raise money by Marcus Rashford’s (not again!) free school meals campaign and Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Capt.Tom raised £Millions – So far this tail end Charlie attention seeker has raised £3,600 for food charity ‘FareShare’.

Sod off home, put your feet up, have a cocoa, watch Countdown & shut the fuck up.

Nominated by: Lord of the Rings

The Duke of Edinburgh

emergency cunting for Phil the royal who has died.

BBC already pushing that he was immigrant who had to escape his country. yada yada.

Nominated by: the cunt of montybisto

(This is a pretty pisspoor nomination in terms of narrative and structure, but we’ll go with it because its a major headline. So go wild – DA)