Smart Chargers

Smart Chargers (Smart Meters raison d’etre).

Smart Meters have been nominated before but, bad as they are, they are just the thin end of the nasty fat wedge that is climate change bollox.

Luckily, smart meters per se are not mandatory. But, due to a pernicious new piece of legislation, smart chargers will be mandatory if you install a charger for an electric car. These will work with smart meters to only charge an electric car when the grid has excess capacity (let’s hope there’s not a big take up of electric cars then!). Also, they will take charge out of a charged car battery to supplement the grid if necessary (this “benefit” has not been widely publicised by Mr Gummidge, surprisingly).

Imagine, you get home late from a busy day at work and plug your electric car into charge (at peak time because that’s how it works out with your job) because you are relying on it for an important meeting that you are going to leave home early for tomorrow in the small hours to beat the traffic on a 100 mile journey. Jump in your car the next day and it’s got less charge than it started out with as the smart charger has decreed that it’s getting it’s juice back between 5 & 8 am (because, as they said on The Fast Show: “computer says no”).

What a cunt!

It looks like the key to avoiding having your electricity supply throttled is to avoid getting an electric car. I should manage that OK – I shall be hanging onto my smelly old diesel as long as I can find something to put in the tank – maybe JP-1A, there doesn’t seem to be any plan to ban that anytime soon as the Elite’s private jets run on it) 😁

Electric Car New Charging Rules

Nominated by: mikdys

Sharks go woke

A leading Australian researcher wants to rename shark attacks to ‘shark encounters’ to stop the negative stereotype.

Presumably the horrible stereotype of being mauled/killed by a shark. If they later want to get injury lawyers to sue people who injure sharks might I suggest the name ‘No fin, no fee’?

Shark Microaggression

Nominated by: LazyBiscuits

The Emmys

Hold the IsAC front page Admin!

News is breaking that the Duke and Duchess of Netflix could be getting an award for their *a-hem* ‘bombshell’ interview with arch race-baiter Oprah ‘Wrighty in a wig’ Winfrey.
Crikey, the two-hour sob and whinge fest has only gotten itself a nomination for a bloody EMMY award in the (wait for it!) ‘Outstanding Hosted Non-fiction’ category. No, you read it right first time; that’s ‘NON-FICTION’ category!

Now in case any of you out there in IsACland aren’t aware, the EMMYs are handed out Stateside for ‘the achievement of excellence in the television industry’.
Bwa ha ha ha ha! Non-fiction; no fucking shit Sherlock!

You sometimes have to wonder whether our cousins across the pond are losing the plot. An award for a poorly-researched piece of schlock that’s been shown to be riddled with deceit and falsehoods which were left unchallenged throughout? You’ve got to be kidding.
Excellence my arse. The Emmys, just like the Oscars, have become nothing more than a sad joke.

Special Emmy for Harry and Meghan

Nominated by: Ron Knee

Not very Bright Selfie Idiots

Selfie takers are now becoming a regular occurrence on ISAC these days but i couldn’t resist this one, natural selection has just sent 11 muppets to the afterlife for doing brain dead things, shocking.

Darwyn award for these useless cunts and just as well to, is it me or are the general world wide population becoming stupider [is that a word] , common sense is no longer common, any people who can think logically are going to be bred out in the next couple of generations and the god help us all, a world run by total fuckwits…..

Lightening Strikes in India

Nominated by: Fuglyucker 

Compulsory Care Home Jibjabs

One of the most important changes to the law in recent times happened last night. Not that you would really know that today as the media are bleating on about fucking football and racism, again.. – side note: George Floyd mural in USA was destroyed by lightning yesterday AHAHA.

MP’s were not briefed and expected to vote on this emergency piece of legislation with just 90 minutes of debate. They were also not provided any real evidence. The ‘impact assessment’ of making jibjabs compulsory has yet to be completed.. vote first, ask questions later.

Conservative MP William Wragg said, “The government is treating this House with utter contempt. Ninety minutes on a statutory instrument to fundamentally change the balance of human rights in this country is nothing short of a disgrace.”.

So care workers, who have worked for 16 months just fine without a jibjab, will now lose their jobs if they don’t take an emergency approved medical procedure that is still in the experimental trial phase. Complete breach of the Nuremberg code and other international laws, but what the fuck does this government care.

Similar legislation was passed in tandem in Greece and France. One suspects their legislation will be similarly explicit, yet vague, opening the door to compulsory vaccination in other sectors and industries too. Of course, this is all just ‘mere simultaneous incompetence’ by national governments, nothing coordinated and untoward you understand.

I find it hard not to laugh. The situation is so upside down and blatantly outrageous, the media is almost silent, and no one seems to bat an eyelid.

ps French granny muff diver, Macron, proclaimed yesterday that it may be necessary to make the vaccination compulsory for the entire nation, and will be introducing the Israeli style vax pass medical apartheid system. (There is the separate nom scheduled for this cunt – Day Admin)

Nominated by: The Big Chunky Cunty

Compulsory Jabs for Care Home Workers Fury

Floyd Mural Struck by Lightning

Lightning Strike Destroys George Mural