Nicholas Rossi

To call this cunt a Walter Mitty type of character would be an insult to his victims. He is no eccentric fantasist but a lying manipulative devious sack of shit, indulged by the Scottish legal system as we shall later see. First a bit of background.

A convicted sexual predator he went on the run from the U.S in 2020 after faking his own death as more victims of his crimes came forward, eventually washing up in Scotland as Arthur Knight, an Irish orphan. When in hospital after catching Covid-19 he was recognised by staff as being on an Interpol red notice.

This was a year ago and since then has used every trick in the book to deny his true identity. From speaking in an Irish accent so he did, to claiming his distinctive tattoos had been done in hospital while he was in a coma – I don’t think the NHS offers free half sleeves….yet. Fingerprints were also taken by a nurse called Patrick and manipulated to match those held on file in America.

Why did it take a whole fucking year to see though this bullshit? Fingerprints, DNA, the tattoos or a background check on his alias Arthur Knight could all have been done in hours. The fact he sacked six lawyers, all probably funded by legal aid didn’t help matters. Since this is Krankie McSturgeon territory where men are women, why didn’t he just say he was a trans woman and couldn’t possibly have committed rape?

Now the bleeding fucking obvious has been finally established, he has been approved for extradition proceedings to the U.S. Given that it has taken years for cunts like Julian Assange and a couple of Rotherham peaceful groomers to maybe be fucked off to America and Pakistan I wouldn’t hold my breath on seeing this bastard on a plane anytime soon.

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Nominated by: Liberal Liquidator

Political Police

Apologies if this has already been covered: I don’t come here too often as it tends to depress me – both the views I agree with and the ones I don’t.

But this has me reaching for the grenade launcher:

Manchester Evening News Link

The poor cunt who, finally overwhelmed by the scale of our unwanted, unwarranted illegal, stress illegal, immigration crisis, finally takes action <i>on his own</i> since no-one else appears to be doing so. Then, in the best tradition of <i>bushido</i> honourably tops himself.

Even the fuzz can’t find links to any organised plot or conspiracy, so why did he do it? It was his “extreme right-wing terrorist ideology”. Wokies please note: this is now the approved term for being murderously pissed off with a shite government’s shite policies. For having been denied any democratic input into the rapidly deteriorating state of the nation. This is now the official police line.

With Spartacus, I declare: “I’m an extreme right-wing terrorist ideologue”.
And proud of it.

And the political police are shameful, degraded, conspiratorial cunts.

Nominated by: Komodo

Wanksy Banksy (7)

Is there any lengths this annoying graffiti stencilling Cunt won’t go to tell the world what a right on up to the minute self serving shithead arsehole he is ?

BBC News Link

Boy I can imagine just how grateful the Ukrainian people are for his latest efforts.

Banksy get this you are not an artist, you are a fucking vandal and want locking up for your eyesore stencils, almost as bad are the cunts that fawn over his fucking vandalism as if he were some sort of artist deity.

He’s not he’s a Cunt.

Nominated by: Everyonesacunt

His Majesty’s Government

I would like to Cunt his majesty’s government for high treason against the British people.

It turns out that they have been colluding with the frogs so their navy can safely escort the illegal gimmgrants to our own border farce.

GBNews News Link

I’m am rarely lost for y: words but government expect you to do your duty in time of war invasion yet these treasonous bastard s don’t even try to do theirs.

And now I read we are paying the frogs an extra 8 million quid a month/ day / hour who cares.
Where the fuck is guy fawkes?

Punish the cunts for treason.

Nominated by: Everyonesacunt

Currys (2) and BAMEs

Currys (and other retailers/corporates) obsession with the B in BAME.

Growing up I didn’t have a racist bone in my body. I have worked with many folk of all creeds and colour with no problem or ill effect, and still technically don’t.

What is gripping my shit along with many other cunters and other people of all races I know is the relentless onslaught of blik or mixed race bliks shoehorned into almost every corporate image and almost every advert going. Never a Chinese or other under representated non-chippy or stabby type, just bliks.

Its been bad enough for the last couple of years that Barclays only seem to offer products to bliks in its banking app and that the BBC have an extensive library of images to portray blik victimhood or cost of living payments, but today when wanting to contact Currys about an item my piss boiled over.

Their contact page literally only shows blik staff working there. Now this should not rile or wind me up, but it does purely because it is no longer overkill with the pandering to this demographic, but as with the illegal migrants being allowed to stay we have been conquered by a minority purely due to skin colour and no other reason of merit. No offence is intended against any person regardless of ethnicity in this nom, it is aimed at the architects of this cuntitude. You would not accept a pint of black stout with 90% white froth, it isn’t a true depiction of the product and is not acceptable, so why are we subjected to the reverse in regard to skin tone? It has now infested everything you see and everywhere you go, even in areas where there are literally none in the general population, like round here. Ffs bring back some balance.

Link below:

Currys News Link

Nominated by: The Eternally Grumpy Cunt