London Transport Bailout

Read this in the Telegraph this morning (behind a paywall, but a Google search might return better results)

Anyway, because of the Pandemic and the lockdowns and that a lot of office workers are WfH, passenger numbers on London’s Tube, buses and trains have fallen dramatically over the last 12 months, and that even when we return to “normal”, there will still be at least a 20% drop in passenger footfall, and thus revenue.

To alleviate this, old Suckdick is asking Boris for a £16bn bailout courtesy of the Taxpayer. He has also threatened to penalise car drivers with a £5.50 charge for entering central London, hoping it might convince them to use public transport.

He is also considering cutting services, but that would mean going toe2toe with the Unions, and he hasn’t got the balls to do that. Plus, a cut in public transport would be at odds with the government’s wish to “go green” and get everyone out of their cars and onto buses and trains.

Exactly why taxpayers outside of London should have to subsidize London’s transport network is taking the piss; especially since other big cities will have also witnessed a massive drop in footfall/revenue with their own public transport services. A simpler solution would be to raise council tax in London: it’s your network, you pay for it!

This also brings into question the need for the other elephant in the room – HS2. Current budget is around £110bn and rising. Exactly what purpose it will achieve is moot, but given what we have learnt about this pandemic and the need to return to the office, or go on business trips up and down the country by train, is no longer of paramount importance when we can simply Zoom from home!

But its good to know that Taxpayers – including myself living in the remotest part of the Lake District some 300 miles away from the Smoke – could end up paying to prop up Suckdick’s shite public transport system because its too big to fail!

Nominated by: Technocunt

UK Respect for Islam Threat

(Will this be the UK in the near future? How will Wokes and Wimminz feel about that I wonder? – DA)

The vipers in our bosom

Muslim leaders in West Yorkshire are to warn Boris Johnson that Britain risks “becoming like France” if the government does not insist on respect for Islam.

That looks a lot like a threat to start killing and beheading to me. Over a discussion about blasphemy, not actual blasphemy. It comes from an alien sect. 500 years behind the times. There would be outrage if the CofE issued such a barbaric edict, but we now accept this from these superstitious degenerates.

And why? From their perspective to prevent children actually thinking for themselves. From our perspective it seems that all the laws on freedom of expression and hate speech do not apply to these sub-humans.

It is time the laws in this country were applied equally and that this threat is treated as such and prosecuted.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble 

Logic Defying TV Adverts

I nominate logic-defying tv adverts.


Burglar Alarm Sales Centre: “Hello how can we help?”
Caller: “I’m upset “.
Sales: “Have you just been burgled?”
Caller: “Yes”
Sales: “Don’t worry, we can come and fit a security system for you”


This is equivalent to:

“Hi. This is Better Bolt PLC, how can we help?”
Caller: “My horse has just escaped from its stable”
Company: “Don’t worry, we can fit a better bolt for you”

Great. So that will get the horse back will it?
Of course not. It’s like taking out insurance AFTER an accident.

Fecking stupid!

Nominated by: Lord Helpuss

Thierry Henry (3)

Thierry Henry is a cunt, isn’t he.

Good player, bit of a cheat, advertising whore, boring TV pundit, irritating adolescent moustache, and now, inevitably, a crier of “wayy-cism!”

In an attention-seeking display of va-va-boom histrionics, this haughty shit-gibbon removed himself from soshul meeja saying, “Ze sheer volume of racism, bullying and resulting mental torture to individuals is too toxic to ignore.”


What a shame he didn’t find his va-va-morality when putting the Republik of Oireland out of the World Cup by his personal ‘hand of God’ volleyball antics.

His theatrics will have about as much effect to stem anger as his influence on France to win the 2002 World Cup (bundled out first round avec nil goals).

Good riddance. He was a decent player but a horrible individual and an even worse manager. While coaching at Monaco he openly mocked his own players in training, acting totally obnoxiously.

Not so much a ‘je ne ce quoi’ as a va-va-va-cunt.

Nominated by: Captain Magnanimous

Hollywood (4)

A nomination for modern Hollywood.

Forget the woke bollocks, this has been going on for a while. It’s more an issue of craftsmanship than politics.

Their horror films are as chilling as an episode of Count Duckula.
Their action is aimed at retarded teenagers. Same for science fiction.
Their dramas and comedies have no edge and follow narratives written by algorithm.
Their historical epics are so inaccurate they may as well be set on the fucking moon.

Isn’t it about time everyone over the age of 21 just stopped wasting their time with this muck?

Read a fucking book.

PS. May I also add that nothing is filmed nowadays, just created on a computer.

Nominated by: Cuntamus Prime