Alarmist Newspapers and Panic Buying

‘We’re a’ doomed, doomed a tell ye’. Sounds about right, at least according to our alarmist newspapers.

They’ve had a good run over the past few months, battering us relentlessly around the head with relentless doom and gloom about Covid. Still it goes on. ‘Plan for the worst’, wails The Mirror. ‘It’s back to panic stations!’ screeches The Mail.

They’ve positively relished it, but Covid’s become a bit of a broken record now as far as working up a sense of alarm is concerned. Our senses have become dulled, so now they’ve got to find other things in their attempts to scare us shitless. Let’s have a little look;

* ‘Prepare for winter of discontent’; The Gloomiad
* ‘UK energy crisis to drive up cost of living’; The i
* ‘We’ll meat again: we’re set to run out of pork, lamb, chicken and turkey in just
days’; The Daily Star
* ‘Energy firms will be left to collapse’; The Times
* ‘Asteroid extinction event next month: Adonis blames Brexit’; The Daily Yell

Okay, you’ve got me; I made the last one up. But you get the drift. It’s eco-crisis, it’s housing crisis, it’s transport crisis, it’s NHS crisis. Now it’s shortage of this looms, shortage of that likely. It’s starting to sound like during the war. Couldn’t get this, couldn’t get that, had to make do with the other…

Well talking of the war, we could do with a bit of the old Dunkirk spirit from the papers now if you ask me. Where’s good old Winnie and Dame Vera when you need them? They wouldn’t have stood for this grinding pessimism from the papers then, and they wouldn’t now.

Well fuck the despondent miserabilist cunts and all who sail in them:The sun’s out (It’s gonna rain! – DA), the family’s well (They’re aliens from planet Zog – DA), Villa won 3-0 on Saturday (will get relegated and go bankrupt – DA), and I’m off for a pint (Pub has closed and turned into flats – DA)

Nominated by: Ron Knee

And on the subject of End of the World hype, here’s this from Sick of it

A cunting for the never ending CRISIS.

Turn on the news and you can be sure one word will be thrown out and that is Crisis. What is with our media, we are constantly in crisis.

The Covid crisis had many sub crisis events, lack of PPE, shortage of beds, shortage of ventilators, Care Homes and so on.

Buried beneath this has been the climate crisis, it seems that doomsday gets closer everyday, 2050, 2040, 2030, next week the end of the world will be Christmas Day 2021. The brings us onto the next crisis, No Fucking Turkey, oh no maybe try a different Christmas Day meal.

Crisis of shortage of lorry drivers, ffs, as long as essentials keep getting through it’s not a crisis, but wait the Crisis of escalating gas prices has produced a crisis of not enough CO2 which gives a crisis of shortages of food.

And let’s not forget the Afghan crisis and the Channel crisis, it’s no wonder so many people have mental health issues, which itself is a crisis because of crisis of the NHS backlog caused by Covid crisis

We are truly fucked, the never ending Crisis is indeed a CUNT.

I am going for lie down.

And a word on panic buying cunts, from Gutstick Japseye

Emergency cunting for the stupid cunts who are at it again, this time it’s petrol.
Thanks to the crescendo of media sensationalist reporting of shortages, the fucking mouth breathers have rushed out and have begun to empty every petrol station in Britain.

Although there are genuine problems, there is definitely a degree of political skulduggery, as it is easy to paint these issues as Brexit related, and the incompetence of the Tory government.

Yes, there are elements of truth on both accounts, but there are wider factors at play. There are nearly a million jobs available, all of various disciplines and abilities, that need filling and what do the liberal left want? Foreign workers, who are now excluded from the equation because of Brexit. What about the millions of unemployed Britons?

Surely they should be first in line for work, but they seem happy to be at home on benefits, and the left are happy to keep them there.

Winter of discontent? We’ve had a few years already, and worse it’s going to get.

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Classic example of fearmongering.


and this from Jeezum Priest

So, after seeing the news last night about fuel shortages, I popped in to Tesco at 0530 when I should have been sleeping!

I spoke to a very nice tanker driver who was rather informative and told me that the boats carrying fuel are arriving daily at Plymouth, the two depots in Plymouth are extremely well stocked and there is no shortage of drivers.

His only concern was news articles misleading the public. He finished by explaining that it is only BP who have issues. Back to bed….

Just thought you would like this FB post.

And yet more panic buying hysteria, this time from DCI Gene Cunt 

Fuel Panic Buyers.

A “Me first, then me and I’ll have what’s left” cunting for this bunch of selfish spunk-stains.

You fucking myopic, odious cunts. And the one’s that gave us dirty looks and muttering as we ‘jumped’ the queue to fill the ambulance up?

I hope you have a MI and the truck coming to you runs out of diesel. But dreams never come true.

Thank fuck this generation wasn’t around in 19fucking40.

Steven Seagal (3)

Steven is a action hero and sex idol, maybe you’ve seen one of his excellent well crafted films?
Hes also a bit racially fluid.
Hes been italian, Japanese, American Indian and occasionally slips into a black ghetto voice.
Amongst Stevens claims are
He was born clairvoyant
He can speak four languages fluently
He might of been a Navy Seal,
He trained CIA operatives and went on missions.
He is a expert on swords
He fought the Yakuza singlehandedly.
None of which is backed up with evidence.
Now im not ex forces but I doubt they have dyed ponytails and weird Dracula widows peak hairdos?

Id expect them to have a proven, traceable military history, maybe I’m naive?
And as a martial artist id expect them to be in reasonable shape?
Not a big fat sweaty cunt in cowboy boots?

Steven also likes to be a police officer.
Deputised for reality show ‘Steven Seagal:lawman ,
Things soon got out of hand.
Some genius convinced them to allow Steven to drive a armoured tank used in seige situations during a raid on someone suspected of illegal cockfighting.

Steven drove the tank right through the blokes house killing his puppy and causing 115 chickens to be euthanised.
Stating “one thing I cant abide is animal cruelty”.

He seems to be out of favour in Hollyweird circles, but can’t think why?
Maybe he should take up a hobby?
Maybe running?

Nominated by: Miserable northern cunt

The Dark Web

The Dark Web

In my line of work (IT), I sometimes receive requests from home users as well as corporates to set them up with access to the Dark Web.

As most people will probably know, there are three layers to the World Wide Web, the most obvious and most popular being the Surface Web, where the majority of users have easy access too, as well as doing most of their surfing via their standard browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

Below that there is something called the Deep Web.
Surprisingly the Deep Web is far larger than the Surface Web, and yet is more difficult to access primarily because in simplistic terms its an encrypted repository for corporate, government and security forces and many other organisations. It is essentially a non-indexed encrypted storage area for millions of databases, most of which are not accessible/visible via the Surface Web or standard browsers.

And then we have the Dark Web.
This is buried far deeper than the Deep Web, and even harder to access (Tor and a good VPN are good starting points). When people talk about the Dark Web there’s immediate thoughts of child pornography, drugs/people/firearms trafficking, computer hackers, kidnappings, discussions on espionage,  assassinations and other major illegal activities – most claims of which are probably true!

Most everyone has heard of The Dark Web, even governments and security services. And yet it is completely unsupervised and there’s no overall jurisdiction, purely because it is almost impossible to shut down owing to how it is set up across a multitude of complex and highly encrypted networks around the world.

As a consequence terrorists, kidnappers, drug lords, peter files, fraudsters and a whole load of other gangsters probably spend all their time down there, organising their next crime more or less with impunity because plod wouldn’t have a clue where to start in finding them!

You would have to use a solid VPN in order to not attract the attention of your ISP, but apart from that (and a good AV) you can access the Dark Web without any worries about being arrested (unless you’re caught accessing/buying/selling illegal stuff.)

Going back to my opening point: I do inform my customers about the Dark Web, the risks involved and the content held therein. I even have to give them a disclaimer to sign before I do the work, but they still insist on having access.

There is nothing illegal about having access to it, so I can’t notify the police or the internet enforcement bodies. And its not all bad, but common sense suggests that whatever someone is doing down there can’t be for the common good

The Dark Web

Nominated by: Technocunt

Reyes Maroto (Spanish Tourist Minister)

Spanish tourism minister, Reyes Maroto is a CUNT

I watched the news channels showing what looked like scenes from Hell. While thousands of people are fleeing for their lives, hundreds of homes have been turned to ash heaps, this fucking moron suggests that foreign visitors have no need to go home early 🤨

Indeed, this certified loon 🤪 thinks an active volcano, spewing lava everywhere, is a wonderful sight to behold and tourists should rush to the islands, to experience “this attraction – a lot of tourists can enjoy what nature has brought to La Palma”.

Is this MASSIVE CUNT for real ? 😲 Maybe Japan missed out on ‘Tsunami breaks’ where holidaymakers could sift through the wreckage counting corpses ?

This Wanker needs to stand on the edge of the Volcano with a sandwich board “roll up, roll up – come get your face melted off in this tourism paradise”

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Nominated by: Lord of the Rings

The Tavistock Clinic (2)

The Tavistock Clinic, the woke judiciary and the maiming of children.

Thanks to a judgement by the Court of Appeal, children with mental issues can continue to be maimed for life by this Nazi experimentation facility, or clinic, as it styles itself.

Mixed up, confused kids can be turned into tranny freaks on a whim. Mental issues ignored and puberty blocked, gender changed and all in the name of woke trannyism. This despite the cases of children harmed for life by these monsters.

There was a time when common sense would eventually prevail. But thanks to these overpaid legal parasites trendy wokeism wins out.

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Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble