Shamima Begum (7)

Cunters, for your pleasure I give you one of this sites pin up jihadi’s brides. Apparently she could face either 20 years in prison or death. Oh boo fucking Hoo bitch. Want to live as a savage? Enjoy the fucking backlash from people you and fellow savages pissed off.

Apparently the other two bitches she fucked off with are dead (Oh shame) I reckon a dangling might put everything in perspective as she drops down the trap. Anyway zero fucks given from Cunty Towers. Plus I have Cuntvid what a cunt.

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Christopher Eccleston – Wokey Who

This numpty actor is moaning because of the lack of work available to him, due to him being a ‘dinosaur’ and ‘pariah’ within the stage and film industry.

You see, he says it’s because he’s a older, straight, white male.

Well, before you say you agree with him, hear me out

Or should I say, hear him out. Here’s a quote from him via the article:

‘We are all seen through the lens of Harvey Weinstein et al. And I can feel that the opportunities are shrinking, as they should do.’

‘I’ve lived off the fat of the land for 30 years of my career, but i still have to pay my mortgage, I still have to support my kids, so I don’t welcome the uncertainty at all.

The unpredictability was far more welcome to a younger person.’

Yes, he thinks his opportunities should be shrinking because he’s a straight, white male.

This is the problem with many I find. They feel it’s perfectly fine to discriminate against white people in their own lands. Yes, north west Europe has pretty much always been white.

Would he therefore feel it a good thing if, say, Africa reduced opportunities to straight black males so he could get work? I doubt it. And I fucking damn well know the Africans wouldn’t have any of it either.

And nor should they.

But unless we stop reducing opportunities for white people so incomers can grab everything, then we are fucked.

I have absolutely no sympathy with this twat, because his attitude (and of the many like him) is the biggest problem of all.

Oh, and although he implies that he’s struggling, I doubt he lives in a two up two down council house and sent his kids to the local comp. He’s made his dosh, so it’s much easier for him to accept this bollocks than the young white actor starting out, isn’t it?

Get to fuck.

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Client-Side Scanning (CSS) and Abuse of Privacy

The European Commission is pushing hard to track down and monitor online child abuse and child p0rnography. Nothing wrong with that in principle, but it’s how they want to go about it is of the greater concern.

What they want do is ask/demand the major manufacturers of phones, tablets and computers that are destined to be sold within the EU (including the UK), to install an invasive piece of software called CSS  on these devices prior to being shipped for retail.

This software is so invasive that it can, in theory, interrogate and bypass encryption software such as Bitlocker. The justification behind this, say the EC “experts” is to prevent people from hiding CP behind encrypted hard drives.

Fortunately, a lot of the manufacturers such as Apple, Dell, HP and Google, have resisted such calls, although the EC/EU is still persisting with their approach to basically monitor what you have on your devices.

Inevitably there have been loud calls from the usual suspects with regards invasion of privacy, as well as a breach of the EU’s very own General Data Protection Regulation.

They also ask about the EC’s longer term plans for CSS. At present it is just for child abuse, but will their tentacles spread further towards online organised crime and terrorism? Critics suggest this will just be a small stepping stone into total invasion of everything you have stored on your devices.

It doesn’t take an expert to realise how technology such as this is gradually eroding personal freedoms, personal opinion, personal movement and personal information:-

  • There is a big push for a cashless society because its easier to track what people buy and sell and to whom.
  • The Internet of Things (IoT) such as smart cars, smart phones, satnavs, smart tablets, smart TVs etc are all designed to track what you do, what you upload/download and where you go.
  • Microphones and cameras built into laptops, tablets and phones can all be used to snoop on what you look like and how you speak, especially when incorporated with facial/vocal recognition software.
  • The internet itself and especially social media means that conversations are always stored on cookies both locally and up in the Cloud that can be used by authorities as the new guy on the block – Hate Crime!
  • And of course there’s CCTV in public places. And I believe the UK has one of the highest ratios of CCTVs per head of population on the planet!

If this CSS does become law in the EU (and quite possibly the UK even though we’re not really part of the EU anymore, cough!) then this will be yet another nail in the personal privacy coffin and a step nearer to the much fated 1984 scenario!

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Elon Musk (4) – Hero or Zero?

Many people appear to have recently jumped on the ‘Elon Musk is great’ band wagon. I’m here to suggest they ought to disembark forthwith.

He’s become filthy rich by selling not that many Duracell cars. How is that even possible? Government subsidies perhaps? Then not content with adding to the wave of electric personal transportation (itself an abomination), the cunt then decides he’ll have his own space programme. Like NASA don’t know what they’re doing. Notice how his crap rocket isn’t powered by a couple of hundred million AAs.

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Things changed when he shined a light on the hypocritical leftist woke waste of time the world knows as Twitter. Suddenly he’s a man of the people and an unofficial spokesperson of the many who loathe and despise the blatant moderation, coercion and manipulation of that particular social media platform. Hail Elon!

Not so fast matey boy.

In recent weeks he’s back tracked on his buy out of Twitter, claiming too many fake or bot accounts. At time of writing his position is he hasn’t been provided with the data he requested and that constitutes a breach of the agreement he and Twitter entered into. If that’s the case, then walk away. Publicity stunt anyone?

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He may or may not eventually buy Twitter, but my final piece of evidence for the prosecution is this. He recently decided to revoke all work from home at his shit company, Tesla. It’s his company and he should be able to make any rules he likes within the confines of the prevailing laws. However, it’s how he communicated his decision which highlights what an absolute cunt he is. The following link provides the quotes and back story:

MSN News Link

It boils down to 3 quotes.

1) Workers should return to an office location and work alongside their colleagues and work “a minimum of 40 hours” per week. If the terms of your employment contract/offer letter states a 40 hour week, why should you be expected to work more than that in order to make him richer? Sacrificing time with friends, family and essential rest and relaxation just to line his pockets? It’s also an unspoken threat too. Imagine you just do your 40 hours each week. Do you think you’ll be in line for a promotion anytime soon? Will additional hours be compensated? (Take a guess) What about laws restricting the working week to 37.5 hours or laws which cap the maximum hours you can work? Should you break the law to keep this cunt in the lap of luxury?

2) He said a constant physical presence at the company has been integral to its success. “That is why I lived in the factory so much, so that those on the line could see me working alongside them. If I had not done that, Tesla would long ago have gone bankrupt”. That may or may not be true, but it’s HIS company. He has everything to gain and everything to lose.

Assembly line workers are not in the same position as him, but he seems to think it’s OK to hold them to the same level of personal sacrifice as himself. That’s absurd. Many companies have cunts like this. The boss who comes in super early or works super late and because they do, that’s the standard everyone should be held to. It’s a form of bullying, intimidation and control. Not a good look.

3) When someone on Twitter suggested his views on employees reporting to a physical workplace are antiquated he said, “They should pretend to work somewhere else”. So what he’s saying is he doesn’t trust his own employees to do a proper day’s work unless they report to a Tesla office.

He’s also saying that employees working from home are all skiving and effectively stealing from the company by accepting a salary but not working to earn it. Wow! These would be the same employees he, his managers and HR department hired then, right? If they’ve hired a bunch of lazy, skiving, dishonest freeloaders, what does that say about their screening and hiring process? Pointing a finger at someone means you’re pointing 3 fingers back at yourself.

So there you have it, m’Lud. A modern day Richard Branson with an egotistical, self-obsessed, attention seeking personality who’s got mega rich off the backs of workers and tax payers and then rubs their faces in it while pretending to be a ‘right on’ man of the people.

In other words, a cunt.

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French Phrases in Books

(I know the pic isn’t about phrases, but it shows how seriously fucked up they are at adding up. Bon appétit!  – Day Admin)

French phrases in books, or anywhere else for that matter, when there is a perfectly suitable English equivalent.

Much favoured by authors over the decades, seemingly as a way of demonstrating superior intelligence, I find it fucking annoying.

As I’m not completely thick, I can work some of them out, but there are also many that require a visit to Google translate that fucks up the reading experience. (Most of these poncey authors don’t even bother with a translation in brackets anymore) And quite often, the translation into English comes up with fewer words and syllables anyway, so why fucking bother?

And why does an author assume we know what they’re on about? I wouldn’t dream of assuming that Max Hastings would know how to fit a cam belt to a fiesta simply because I do.

It’s time we gave these hackneyed French phrases the coup de grace.

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(Here’s a few more French phrases for you clever intellectual cunts: Day Admin – Glossary of French expressions in English )