Petty PETA – Not so Merry-Go-Round

The animal rights charity Peta has called for British fairgrounds to stop using horses and other animals on carousels because it encourages exploitation and instead replace them with objects that celebrate human achievement.

“It would be wonderful to see UK fairgrounds replace animal-shaped carousel figures with vehicles such as cars, unicycles, tractors, aeroplanes, rockets, and bulldozers – or more whimsical designs like shooting stars, rainbows, or brooms,” said Peta spokescunt Elisa Allen.

I would suggest these dickheads read their history. Horses have been domesticated for about 5000 years and have been essential for human development, used in everything from travel, transport, war, hunting, and trade, helping build great civilizations and empires and opening up trade routes like the Silk Road and the King’s Highway. How much more human achievement do these cunts want?

What better way to be celebrated than being ridden by a fat hyperactive six year old at a depressing British seaside resort.

Maybe these joyless fucking weirdos should concentrate their efforts on actual real life animals that are being exploited and not a child’s fairground ride. I hope their suggestions of vehicles are all electric or we will have the Just Stop Oil nutters laying down in front of Bertie the Bulldozer. Maybe whizzing round on a rainbow coloured dildo or a peaceful Rotherham taxi driver will keep everyone happy?

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55 thoughts on “Petty PETA – Not so Merry-Go-Round

  1. I absolutely agree with PETA on this one.

    The continuing exploitation of these wooden horses for children’s entertainment is cruelty beyond belief to these defenseless creatures. The suffering endured by them is unimaginable.

    Ban all carousels immediately!

    Morning all

    • Quite right. Now let me see what we could replace them with ? How about a giant cock for the girls, and a wet pussy for the chaps. Mind you, we need something special for the kweerz

  2. What next, a ban on cuddly animal toys and sweets and cereals that use animal shapes?
    Or how about a ban on pyjamas or t-shirts with animal prints?

    PETA really are charmless cunts

  3. Hear hear! I suggest that these poor inanimate beasts are replaced at once. I feel that in keeping with today’s achievements a few of these recommendations might suffice. A trio of fat, white benefits scratters chasing a Gregg’s pie, or an MP on her knees licking the arse of a big n*gnog while she holds out a handful of £50 notes in reparations. Of maybe Cliff Richard, smugly sticking up 2 fingers to several fat and rosey cheeked Rozzers as he makes off with a big net full of pre-teens? Roll up, rooooooll up, it’s all the fun of the fare! Hoorah!!

  4. PETA had managed to get a smidgen of respect out of me for offering Katie ‘dog murderer’ Price £5k to never own any animals ever again.

    Then I read this and went back to thinking they are a bunch of cunts.

  5. Some of those poor wooden horsies were so traumatized that they shat themselves. You can buy rocking horse shite from Totally_Useless/ somewhere on the interweb.

  6. If the Alphabets, MAPs and the Muslim-types get their way, the animals will be replaced by wooden men with erect cocks for the kids to sit on!

  7. If the animals disappear from the fairgrounds, you’ll get those nasty men back whispering into child’s ears, where they can get a real one.

    • With the youth of today being as feral as they are I can just picture the scene
      N*nce “Do you want to see some puppies, little boy?”

  8. It’s Oliver Cromwell and the Puritans all over again. I would suggest that rather than encouraging animal exploitation, harmless amusements like merry-go-rounds and rocking horses encourage children’s affection for horses.

    Do teddy bears encourage children to massacre bears? No – it encourages fondness towards them. Too much so perhaps, as many have found to their cost when trying to approach grizzly bears.


  9. What about the poor trojan horse, exploited by those lazy, moussaka eating Greeks..

    I hope peta will get dobbins part in the slaughter expunged from history..
    It was just a patsy..

  10. First it was action figures wearing fur, now it’s blue unicorns on merry-go-rounds.

    Someone is scraping the barrel for a reason to keep the donations coming in, although PETA and Greenpeace have been a joke for as long as I can remember, particularly back at school when a few of my mates used to be into angling.

    ‘Meat is murder! Reeeee!’

    We don’t eat them Calm down… bitch.

    As for the ‘ban the bomb’ types. I was a big fan of nuclear weapons and the space race, aircraft, submarines etc. I used to wind up the hippies. I made Edward Teller look like George Harrison. Build a 500 Megaton bomb and let it off on Antarctica, just to see what happens.

  11. Lineup all these silly aware cunts at the Coconut Shy, for us to hurl abuse at. Also at the Rifle Range. Real bullets of course.

  12. I actually somewhat disagree with this cunting and agree with PETA (although not for the reasons that you might think). These overly soft, lefty fuckers probably think that rights for trans people and illegal immigrants are the greatest human achievement so maybe we should replace horses with effigies of those golden calves. I’d be on board with that idea.

    Hate speech disclaimer: It’s just a joke.

  13. O/T, just got back from supermarket and there was a white English bloke stood outside selling the big issue.

    Once home saw this article on the news.

    So, no home for a white English fella,


    The politicians should be put against a wall and SHOT…🔥

  14. These mad cunts are just after publicity…

    It might help save some of the £950,000 they spend annually on fundraising.

    Having said that,if they generally work to care for animals then good luck to them.

    People who inflict cruelty on animals should be corrected with mallets.

  15. I imagine that a lot of these PETA types are privately educated, upper class Jemimas who have a life-long affection for horseys and just don’t like seeing working class kids riding effigies of horses in case the plebs get ideas above their station and end up going into a career in equine care. “We don’t want your sort around here!”

    • Absolute nonsense I’ve spent my whole working life with horses and working class owners outnumber “posh” owners. The big difference is wealthier people have higher quality nags and gear to go with their horses. It is an extremely equal hobby and a way of life for most horse owners and demands a lot of dedication.

      • …and money… lots of money too from what I’ve been able to ascertain from some of the horsey women I’ve dated.

  16. Sirs:

    Replace the horses with “vehicles such as cars, unicycles, tractors, aeroplanes, rockets, and bulldozers” and you’d be celebrating the internal combustion engine which is destroying the planet and is therefore Hitler.

    Except unicycles, which are bad because only one person can ride at a time which is exclusionary and ableist and racist and is therefore Hitler.

  17. Penn and Teller got the measure of these rabid clowns in an episode of their ‘Bullshit’ series.
    It’s been taken down from YouTube and Bitchute but you could get it on Prime or maybe IMDB pro.
    It’s ace.

  18. Is there anything more majestic than a horse running?

    Poetry In motion.

    Our ancestors carved the likeness of horses into the chalk hills
    And painted them in ochre on cave walls.

    We love horses.
    My father in-law is a horse dealer.

    It’s the fuckin french that Peta should be having a go at!!
    They eat horses.
    The despicable bastards.

    • Indeed Miserable, they are part of our history.

      Shakespeare didn’t write “A Fiat Punto, a Fiat Punto my kingdom for a Fiat Punto”.

    • Quite so, quite so, Mis. I grew up around Horses and never met one I couldn’t get on with. In fact the more I meet people, the more I love Horses.

      • Sammy @

        My grandad had a weakness for a slow horse and would happily back one.
        As a little boy I’d often go in the bookies with my grandad and be told

        ” If you’re gran asks don’t say we’ve been here”

        An I never did.

        Nothing on earth could of gotten me to grass on my grandad

        But I never put money on the geegees.

      • My father put as much as a tanner on slow outsiders, hoping to win larger stakes. This was the illegal backyard gambling.

  19. The louder you scream😱 the faster we go, put these airheads on the ride with a tanked up operator who cranks the lever up to warp speed ⚡⚡⚡ and send them spinning off the neddies into a pile of freshly dumped shite 💩💩💩💩….. courtesy of a real ol’ carthorse who’s just had a big nosebag of gone off chicken phal….eat my shit 🐴

    • Wonder if they still have the carousel on Blackpool pleasure beach?

      It was antique when I was a kid,
      Massive lifesize horses that went really fast.
      Made by craftsmen 🇬🇧

      Hope so.

  20. Fuck PETA.

    If they really cared about animals, then I’d take them slightly more serious if they started a direct action campaign to stop Halal slaughter.

    Oh, silly me, I see why they won’t…..

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