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3 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. Anthony Joshua
    Got his arse handed to him in some big boxing match last night (25/09/2021) against some Ivan called Usyk (or “Usuck” as Joshua once allegedly said of him before the fight).

    For the record, I didn’t watch the fight, and haven’t really bothered with boxing in donkey’s years. But from the news reports to the build up to the fight AJ should have had this in the bag no sweat.

    Turns out he lost on unanimous points decision, but will still pick up a nice loser’s cheque of around $15m.

    From what little I know of him, he could have been a Frank Bruno Mk2, but with a bit more tactical brains a few years back. But he soon jumped on the BLM woke bandwagon, and more or less took a pop at white British culture and businesses suggesting that BAMEs should allegedly boycott White businesses.

    Now I don’t know if any of that is true, but judging by the comments from punters on different news websites the allegations do tend to have some meat on them, and basically a lot of boxing fans are pleased AJ lost not only because he was tactically outmanoeuvred by Usyk, but because AJ went woke, and an arrogant woke at that.

    I suppose anyone that takes a pop at AJ for his politics and his defeat will be labelled a racist because that’s how it works these days. The media have already started stirring the shitpan just as they did when England lost out on penalties in the Euro2020 finals because 3 dark key England players fucked up with their spot kicks. The MSM defended them, as they are with AJ, against a torrent of “racist” abuse from the usual suspects.

    Anyway, for what its worth I am glad the cocky cunt lost regardless of the politics. He has no class, or charisma. Frank Bruno may have been a bit slow, lumbering and clueless with a glass jaw, but he loved England, was down to earth, and was loved by the nation, and for some is a true British hero.

    Compare and contrast him to a vacuous, bandwagon-jumping cunt like AJ. You know what I mean, Harry!

    • Shame.

      However, I seem to remember him turning up at the Black Lies Matter mostly peaceful riots urging people of colour not to buy things from white people ever again. Can you imagine if Tyson Fury said, โ€˜Donโ€™t buy anything from black peopleโ€™ the next time a white person is killed by a black person? His feet wouldnโ€™t touch the ground.

      So, not a shame. I wonder if he will urge his followers to boycott everything Ukrainian?

      In summary, cunt got what he deserved.

  2. Anthony “Woke warrior” Joshua
    Eddie “Greaseball” Hearn

    A left right and a southpaw cross from a Ukrainian cunting for this bodybuilder come average boxer and his wide boy cock end of a manager.

    As any boxing fan will know, this cunt lost 2 fights in the 2012 Olympics but still managed to walk away with the gold medal.

    Since then, thanks to Sly Sports and conman Eddie Hearn, he has been swept along and spoon fed to the public in a media hype frenzy as the sporting face of woke 21st century Britain.

    Cherry picked opponents and massive over exposure culminated in his title win over Charles Martin (possibly the poorest title holder in heavyweight history)

    Then he beats a 41 year old Wladimir Klitschko in an entertaining battle (the same Klitschko who was taken to school by Tyson Fury 2 years earlier incidentally)

    Travels to the states and duly gets battered on his first outing there by a quick handed tubby Mexican who then carelessly relinquished his belts to Joshua months later in the rematch due to the fact he decided to put on 2 extra stones while Joshua ran away from him for 12 rounds.

    Titles back – Media hype bandwagon resumes.

    Black Lives Matter statue toppling follows and then here’s Joshua with a clearly anti white hate speech (which he claims he never wrote) The thick cunt.
    Interestingly, where were his management or advisors as he spouted that crap while dressed in black surrounded by other racist terrorist scum?)
    He alienated huge swathes of the country by being a cunt yet turn on your idiot lantern and you’d think this bum was the second coming with no mention or condemnation for his racist bile.

    Hearn and his team simply avoided Fury and they avoided Wilder whilst milking every kast drop out of their limited cash cow and now that ahould be finally over

    Which finally brings us to last night’s harsh lesson against a mandatory challenger (not a cherry picked over the hill fighter) who has now practically cleaned up the belts at 2 divisions apart from Fury’s WBC belt.
    Joshua was so embarrassingly out of his depth last night, I almost felt sorry for him (almost)
    Whether he triggers the rematch clause remains to be seen but surely the result would be the same if not harsher for Joshua.

    Sorry for the rant but Anthony Joshua and Eddie Hearn you are a pair of prize cunts.

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