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6 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. Peter Kay is a cunt.

    There was an ITV programme called ‘Goodbye Granadaland’ about Granada Television and the closure of The Granada Building on Quay Street in Manchester. As a long time viewer and fan of Granada, I settled down to watch it.

    Alarm bells immediately rang when I saw that Peter Kay was presenting it and in charge of it, and how right I was. Instead of a serious programme about Granada and how innovative it was, we got a load of vacuous and superficial shite. The sort of cheesy crap that is synonymous with both Kay and ITV.

    The great Tony Wilson (RIP), his long time at Granada and his hugely influential programmes were skirted over in about one minute. The seismic Pistols episode of So It Goes got just a few seconds. While shite like Take That and Lisa Stansfield were on for (it seems like) ages. And Simon and Garfunkel’s legendary appearance at Granada was hardly mentioned. I expected a documentary on all the great shows Granada did. Like 7 Up, World In Action, What the Papers Say, So It Goes, The Dustbinmen, and, of course, Coronation Street. But it was mostly empty headed shite, with that cliched overdone ‘northerness’ that I find both insulting and annoying (Paddy McGuinness, you cunt). Other Granada presenters like Charlie Foster, Jim Pope, Colin Weston, Bob Greaves and Graham James weren’t even mentioned. Other people worked there apart from Michael Parkinson and Richard and fucking Judy.

    Coronation Street was covered, but badly. Apart from a couple of soundbites from true Street legend, Julie Goodyear, it was just one of Kevin Webster’s daughters talking shit. And any other decent archive clips were interrupted by Kay’s babbling.

    All in all, Granada (which now exists in name only) deserved a better send off than this light entertainment shallow shite that ITV is now (in)famous for.

  2. Modern take on pork scratchings are a Cunt.

    I love a bit of pork ! And I used to love a bag of pork scratchings with a pint down the pub.

    Sadly for me however, is that this traditional snack seems to have followed modern trends. Eg fucking about with something that was good as it was in order to try and cater for every Cunts different tastes.

    These days you are offered a choice.
    Would sir like barbecue? Or chilli? Salt and vinegar or maybe a porky puff.

    For crying out loud can I just have a bag of pork scratchings!!

    Dry roast sir. “Fuck off cunt and give me a bag of nuts.

    Would sir like dry roast ? Etc
    Hope you get the picture and why it’s a Cunt.

    • I really hope your pork scratching nom goes through Everyonesacunt👍

      Mr Porky’s the best.
      Pub fodder .

      Mr Porky’s never been knighted you notice?
      Should be.

      I saw some the other day called ‘salami chips’ ?!!

      I was outraged😡
      Must be for puffs in Islington wine bars.

  3. Gobblers Knob.

    Oh, come on, don’t you just love it?

    Apart from the wonderful name, the whole thing is just so demented, it deserves an outing.

    We always knew they were slightly different, but these people take it to a new level.

    What a load of shite. What kind of cunt uses a groundhog to predict the weather?

    • BTW, Admin.
      In case you want me to clarify, I’m cunting the recruitment process of the police. They obviously wore tit goggles, instead of suitability ones.

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