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4 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. Conor Mc Gregor was informed by some low life ass lickers thar a 15 year old lad had bad mouthed him in a supermarket.
    Mcgregor, fired up on the drug choice of the day (its 3 pm) spends 5 hours driving around in his fluorescent green lambo in a run down shithole area looking to hammer the poor kid. Cuntish? You bet. The fool went practically door to door looking… crunt.

    (Nice nom, but could you add a good news link to back it up please? Cheers – Day Admin)

  2. A cunting for High School Proms.!

    Apart from being a Yankee import of shite, this is fast becoming an established fuck fest of expenditure on suits, shoes, dresses, and aircraft ! Yes, I said aircraft.

    My Grandson wishes to attend as a James Bond, booted and suited ( ยฃ800 ) and arrive in a High end cat (ยฃ380 ) His classmate is being flown in by helicopter at God knows what cost, and his friends have similar ambitions. I understand that there are Specialist Prom Outfitters around the UK, and there are actually “”fixers” for a fee who will orchestrate your arriva. The School wants ยฃ5o a ticket, there is live music and a Buffet.

    How in fuck can anyone afford that kind of dosh for a one night stand.?

    Fuck me, I got better entertainment In Bugie St for 5 dollars ( and I was overcharged ) Proms! Fuck em.

    Road cc are cunts, whenever you see an article that involves some whiney cunt cyclist whinging because he reckons are car came within 6 feet of him 10 seconds after he got within 6 inches of it to squeeze through a gap, or some silly cunt fell off her bike because a Land rover was on the same road and sent the footage to the police and got the driver points and a fine it always these fuck pigs at road cc who make it public and in doing so they are just upping the level of h๐Ÿ–•te that they general public are starting to feel towards the 2 wheeled, Tron lookalike pricks who are now annoying people everywhere.
    Road cc, you are cunts and like BLM and Extinction Rebellion you are doing more harm than good to your cause, publishing stories about cyclists whinging about not getting served in Drive through not ride through resteraunts and coffee places just frames exactly what I’m talking about.
    Road CC fuck off you are cunts, go and undertake articulated lorries, end up tangled in the wheels and then you may have a story, no fucking sympathy but a story at least…. Cunts

  4. Fat People
    While many of us are technically overweight, there are many who have crossed that line into becoming a burden on the rest of society. The ones who force the rest of us to accommodate them because they have this self inflicted condition:
    The dad who is too fat to play with his kids or keep up when on outings.
    The fat fuck on the motorized grocery scooter blocking the isle.
    The one who has to be craned out the rooftop when they need to go to the hospital or morgue.
    The one whose family is heartbroken at all the medical issues they have because of their horrible diet.
    The one who insists they are “perfect just the way they are”.
    Those who gross out the rest of us by wearing shorts and sandals exposing their nasty purple legs and unkempt feet.
    Those who need assistance of all kinds because of knee, back, hip, and joint problems galore.
    The rotund cunt on the full plane who can’t fit between the arm rests.
    The one everyone else has to wait on because they’re slow and always winded.
    Those who unnecessarily burden the medical system.
    These cunts pisse off. Their self absorption, lack of self control, and ignoring all warning signs when choosing to shovel tons of shit into their fat fucking faces means they are selfish cunts. We need to put the shame back into being fat. Women’s underwear adverts with fat, cellulite bitches is a travesty.
    The only thing worse than a cunt is a fat cunt.

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