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3 thoughts on “Nominations

  1. The BBC’S paid-for obsession with rat-faced Taylor Swift.

    Jesus Christ this is getting exhausting. Every day two new Swift articles pop up, her awkward pointy features in massive article headers, and titles kissing her arse and making her out to be the world’s greatest woman. Am i missing something here? I was under the impression that the BBC was supposed to be neutral and not prompted particular ‘products’, yet the continuous marketing campaign, is either for that theoried election psy-op, or her agent gave them a load of cash.

    Anyway, the latest gutter trash article from the formerly renowned BBC is about two depressed ‘Swifties’ in their 30s (their THIRTIES. As if that wasn’t sad enough since her market is late teenage girls) looking for guidance from Miss Swift on relationship woes. Here’s a bit of advice, ladies, perhaps don’t go around in your 30’s calling yourselves Swifties and worshipping a woman famous for being unable to hang onto a man.

    Apparently they’re finding solace in Taylor Swift being as hapless a failure as they are when it comes to forging successful relationships. The only difference is Swift has successfully turned break-ups into a lucrative business every time she releases a more-of-the-same song about getting over another ex. It’s so powerful that not one of those ex’s have given a shit.

    The big takeaway from the article is that modern dating is hard (no shit) and that people are waiting far too long, are too indecisive and are wasting time. A lot of women, like the two in the article, end up as depressed, childless, husbandless, lost sheep with only the bottle for company. It’s a pretty depressing end to 60+ years of life. Yeah, that IS pretty depressing.

    Of course they’re all completely blind and blame everything on men, completely without awareness that women shoulder likely over half of the blame for this mess. As for Swift, is it any wonder she can’t hold a man when she’s off touring for 90% of the year, and is an anti-Republican Country singer. Two things that go together like Macaroni and Chee…rios.

    So to Taylor Swift, fair play…milk the idiots dry.

    To the sad sacks still absolutely obsessing over her over the age of 23, it’s really time to grow up…

    Oh, and to the BBC, fuck off because ‘other artists are available’.

  2. The term.’conjoined twins’

    You hear a lot about ‘Conjoined twins’ .

    It’s bollocks.

    They’re two headed women as any carny will tell you.

    Recently,a yank named Josh Bowling married Abbey Hensel.
    She has 2 heads.
    But josh is only married to one.

    So when Josh is banging his wife he’s also rooting his sister in-law!

    Far out.

    This is apparently quite common in the states.

    It’s kinky, weird, disgusting and a bit of a turn on admittedly.

    Our very own Mr Cuntengine due to be going stateside will no doubt get in on.the action!

    Have a look.
    2 fuckin nuts.


    My fellow cunters, I refer you to a report in the Guardian and its broadcast subsidiary, the BBC:


    A quick-thinking police officer has prevented a major plot to disrupt London’s weekly Peace March. One openly Jewish person was spotted by the officer in the vicinity of 100,000 people protesting against Israel’s genocide of Hamas, Palestine’s harmless peace-and-love organisation. Sensing a threat to public order posed by one person, the officer brought the situation smartly under control by threatening to arrest the miscreant.

    The officer’s actions were backed up by the Head of the Metropolitan Gestapo, Herr Heinrich Rowley, who has announced that in order to maintain public safety, henceforth all Jewish people entering London must wear a yellow Star of David armband embossed with the word ‘Jude’. This will allow his officers to spot potential troublemakers and deal with them in advance.

    London Fuehrer und Reichskauzler Adolf Khan commented ‘Arbeit macht frei’.

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