John McDonnell [2]


Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell (yes, that really is him in the photo), is a pissant of the first water!

The uneconomic cunt bangs on for weeks about the poor downtrodden working man being screwed by the wicked Tories cutting tax credits. Osborne does a U-turn and scraps the cuts and what does McDonnell say?

Does he say “Well done, Chancellor. Thank for listening”? Does he fuck! He quotes Chairman Mao, throws a little red book at Osborne and the accuses him of backtracking on his plans to cut the deficit.

What a total, complete absolute fucking cunt the man is!

Noninated by: Dioclese

18 thoughts on “John McDonnell [2]

  1. He’s a cunt alright, but a rank amateur compared to me.
    Can I cunt poor people, sick people and old people for making my rise to Supreme Leader more difficult.

    • He looks like someone who just sniffed a half a gram of cocaine, that or he is getting blown by one of his rent boys.
      John McDonnell is a fucking zionist cunt for the last 5 years we have been hearing cunts like him and Obama say “we will destroy ISIS” then they back track and say airstrikes won’t work and they “want to negotiate”. I swear they are secretly funding ISIS and being cunts in the process.
      A song dedicated to the commie cunts like John McDonnell and obummer My little red book(Mao)

  2. Great cunting D. McDonnell is an economically illiterate, brain dead, IRA/Mao/Stalin supporting cunt.

  3. He is going to be a regular on here.

    We really should have a “Hall of fame” , where gold standard cunts could be displayed

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