John McDonnell [3]

Has that marxist evil fucker John McDonnell been cunted on this site yet ? we all know he’s a sort of Hienrich Himmler to Cuntbyn and just as evil and dangerous, he openly supports the IRA and his peaceful mates in Hamas., until a while ago he used stealth and cunningness to achieve his aims.
But now he is inciting riots to overthrow the Government.
This piece of runny shit MUST be stopped.

Nominated by Fenton Fistula

John McDonnell [2]


Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell (yes, that really is him in the photo), is a pissant of the first water!

The uneconomic cunt bangs on for weeks about the poor downtrodden working man being screwed by the wicked Tories cutting tax credits. Osborne does a U-turn and scraps the cuts and what does McDonnell say?

Does he say “Well done, Chancellor. Thank for listening”? Does he fuck! He quotes Chairman Mao, throws a little red book at Osborne and the accuses him of backtracking on his plans to cut the deficit.

What a total, complete absolute fucking cunt the man is!

Noninated by: Dioclese

John Mcdonnell


Shadow chancellor John Mcdonnell is a cunt.

This is the fucking idiot who suggested the IRA deserved our admiration for their ‘bravery’. Yeh very fuckin brave planting a bomb and being miles away went it went off. What a fuckin moron!

Nominated by: Ozmandias