John McDonnell [3]

Has that marxist evil fucker John McDonnell been cunted on this site yet ? we all know he’s a sort of Hienrich Himmler to Cuntbyn and just as evil and dangerous, he openly supports the IRA and his peaceful mates in Hamas., until a while ago he used stealth and cunningness to achieve his aims.
But now he is inciting riots to overthrow the Government.
This piece of runny shit MUST be stopped.

Nominated by Fenton Fistula

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    Lily the Mong.

    The silly stupid cunt has gone and tried to grief jack the tower block burning down, and insists the police are supressing the true death toll for some reason , i guess.

    Shes gone completely SJW spas and just keeps coming out with one stupid and moronic thing one after another . Someone pls just take this cunt out back and put it out of its misery , its the right thing to do.

    P.s The bloke in the pic is a wet shit in a bag cunt too!.

    • Emergency cunting for the SCUM who heckled my beloved monarch yesterday. Who the FUCK does he think he is? We give him benefits,housing,education for his kids and he dares to speak to her majesty in this fashion. FUCK OFF back to where you came from. How FUCKING DARE YOU! If the UK is not to your liking try going back to whogivesafuckistan and try it on there with the ruler:You would be killed.

      Our Queen lived through the blitz you utter scum cunt. You make me want to vomit.I am so angry I can not tell you.

      Even the other people there told hom to wind his neck in. Give me 5 minutes in a room with him and I will teach him some manners….


  2. I seriously live in fear at the thought of Mays government collapsing because of this DUP thing. If it does Corbyn and his band of merry commie cunts will be voted in by the thick gullible brain washed youth.

  3. This Scouse cunt is another Son of a Fucking Busdriver and we all know what they are like. What is it about Busdrivers that makes them father such obnoxious fucking bastards? Is it the traffic fumes they breathe in all day or is it that their ballbag is scrunched up from sitting down all the time?
    Some doctor cunt should do a study of it I reckon.
    One thing I can never figure out about MuckyD is why is he so fanatically in favour of the 3rd Heathrow runway? My only answer is that he wants to bring in more immigrants more quickly but it can’t be that simple can it? Whatever, I wish he would fuck off back to the City of Pity and fucking stay there the cunt.

    • …. I’m thinking … ‘Son of a ‘bus driver’ ‘ ….. is perhaps a term given to a spoiled Cunt of unknown parentage on the fathers side … so growing up they were always told … “I know you never knew him son, but yer Dad was a bus driver”

  4. A well orchestrated attack upon the establishment that was well prepared with professionally made placards demanding that the Tories are kicked out. The rabble, well dressed, articulate and obviously with some education, wearing clothes that bore no evidence whatsoever of fire contact. In the crowd the same old faces and an obvious and intended presence of the “left”. The complete disregard for public decency in their zeal to hijack a disaster that was “manna from heaven” and fully provided the mob with the extra fuel they craved. Behind the scenes, the odious marxist cunt, the shadow chancellor calling for insurrection.
    If you or I suggested to the public that they should overthrow a Government, then the full weight of the Law would be brought to bear. But not this time, and certainly not for this individual.John McDonnell remains free and at large to gloat at this remarkable opportunity that has fallen his way. He has enabled his mob of the unwashed army to mobilise on the streets of Kensington, force entry and threaten and disrupt. On the streets, a mob who are only to quick to play the race card, await the order for carnage. And still McDonnell is free?. The relentless attack upon Theresa May by the BBC is way beyond that of legitimate reporting. It is evident that the red flag flies over the BBC and that they are co conspirators in a nasty attempt to defeat the Government. The events are unfolding as we speak. Arrest McDonnell, show some balls and stamp your authority. If you can’t do that Mrs May, then fuck off and let Davis take the reins.

    • Bring on the riots. Only this time let us adopt the attitude of tge French and Belgian riot police not the limp wristed human rights obsessed lilly livered one we adopted last time.

      As for the cunts in hi viz saying “legal observer”, I would nick them first…And I us old bill.

      Let the left experience what Stalin would have done:no mercy and off to re-education. No safespaces for the SJW snowflakes.

      God bless the Queen.

  5. This is modern Britain. A labour party in which no member of ability or principle remains in any key position. A sorry bunch of racists, anti-semites, Marxists, terrorist apologists and Britain haters.
    Atlee must be spinning in his grave.

    • The implication being that the Tories somehow have the moral or intellectual highground…? Don’t make me fucking laugh…

      • Fred if you scrape the tories off the bottom of the barrel where they live, you’d find socialists under them

      • Exactly, as bad as the situation is now, and make no mistake it’s pretty fucking terrible, Corbyn and McPalpatine would be a nightmare of epic proportions.

  6. David Lammy on C4 clearly exploting the situation for all he possibly can.I feel sorry for his loss butthat doesnt give you a defence to be as unhinged as you desire in front of the cameras.

  7. Went to the shop for vital supplies – BEER – and caught Galloway on TalkRadio talking about revolution and the millions ready for change.

    These leftest cunts are collecting tinder and then adding sparks too it. If this country does go up in flames in the next few weeks and I suspect it will.

    We know who will of fanned the flames.

    If the march in London goes ahead we can expect momentum and no borders cunts to be in there starting the riot that is inevitable.

    I sincerely hope the police and secret services will identify and later on pull the cunts in and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

    • It’s McCuntface and the Momentum shit who are behind these protets, it’s their whole MO. It was only a few days ago McCuntface was agitating to ”topple the Government”. Forget being arrested, this evil, conniving piece of shit needs to be terminated.

  8. If there is major unrest over this tragic fire, the media will have blood on their hands. The BBC in particular, are almost foaming at the mouth with the relentless coverage, most of it with the narrative that the government is to blame. I know people want answers, but a witch hunt is not going to bring solace to anyone. There will most likely be failings that turned what would have been a small incident into a disaster, however now is not the time with such raw emotion to start pointing fingers. Political point scoring should be the last thing anyone should be thinking about, but there is no shame in the cunts. Cunts like McDonnell will only be too happy to use the deaths of many to grab power, and the Beeb will gladly give them the platform to do it. The rest of the media are just as bad, they can’t seem to get enough. And, as others here have mentioned, they are not so quick to find a reason for the terrorist attacks we have recently suffered.
    One other thought, the cladding used on the building is being blamed for the main reason the fire spread so quickly. Surely this material would be subject to European safety standards? This isn’t a brexit dig, but a genuine question, as there are so many regulations regarding buildings, it seems crazy to think that it would be used if it was dangerous, cost saving or not.

    • Yeah funny how they only gave 20 seconds of coberage on the evening news toHelnut Kohlthe German Chancellor who oversaw that tiny little event of the ynifacation of Germany.Regardless of what you think of him the guy was clearly worthy on historical grounds of a full BBC obit lasting 2 or 3 minutes.Not when they canexlloit deaths for a politicalagenda I guess.

    • … It wouldn’t surprise me if the BBC are on the twitchy side, what with the Tories in bed with the DUP …. who are keen on getting rid of the TV licence fee…. That sounds a bit too obvious, but wouldn’t the BBC like the Tory Govt. as it stands to topple ?
      Who knows what the Tories might need in exchange for a major licence fee review …. then that would weed the free loading, sponging, scatter cash BBC Cunts out

    • At this rate, it would better than this shit happening, under normal circumstances that should never be a thing to wish for. But with the Momentum cunts inciting unrest and their MSM enablers jizzing themselves over that prospect, it may be the only way.

      • Communists, like religious extremists, only seize power through civil unrest, never the ballot box

      • fkin knew it! my mrs is a communist imam! she seized the remote control and started a sermon about how i never pay attention or something like that, i`m not sure coz i wasn`t really listening.

      • Yeah, so the soldiers could direct the immigrants to the nearest Benefits Office.

  9. We have a fuckwit Government at the moment. Too shit scared to make any decisions so they do nothing. That is not a way to Govern. May needs to go head to head and fuck labour over. It is NOT impossible, all it needs is Leadership. As I said earlier, May needs to come out fighting.

    However, I am of the opinion she is a load of piss. In which case step aside and give Boris a chance.

    • May is not up to the job, intellectually and morally bankrupt, a spineless, cowardly cunt, and the Tories won’t permit Boris to take over as he’s despised by a significant majority of the parliamentary party. The next Tory leader will probably be Amber Rudd – some say her wafer-thin majority will rule her out but new leaders usually get a bit of a “bounce” within their own constituency which ought to keep her safe. But the Tories will want to keep May for the time being (even though her days are numbered) so that they can blame any Brexit fuck-ups on her, as well as the election result.

      • Amber Rudd is even worse than May, take May’s faults and ramp them up and give her a more sneering, condescending attitude and you get Amber Dudd.

      • The problem is that Labour are even less up to the job so what’s the solution? Buggered if I know.

        Rudd won’t get the job because her majority is too small unless they parachute Herr into a safe seat and I don’t see that happening.

        It’s a mess all round. Neither party is fit to govern and there’s no alternative…

      • Boris is a pain in the arse, but who else is there? The Tory’s need a character, loud brash, a bruiser and a fighter. At the moment they are sporting a bunch of pussies with baggage. The thought of Ruddmuncher or Hammond would be the ticket to number 10 that Corbyn needs.

  10. Compo Corbyn is the cuddly allotment tending beardy figurehead who deluded snowflakes and left wingers think will be like Father Christmas if elected handing out billions to create some socialist utopia. McDonnell, McLusky and Momentum are the real power in the Labour Party and if they cant win at the ballot box will try and topple the government through militant action that will wreck this country for generations to come.

  11. John McDonnell is a cunt
    ee aye ee aye oh

    Fuck, i cant remember how the rest of that goes.

    Take it away, cunters.

  12. There was a dumb bitch called Diane
    Who Jeremy wanted to ban
    He said, “you fat whore”
    Never darken my door
    And fuck off as fast as you can

  13. Strange how themedia narrative around the fire is to get angry but when kids are purposefully blown to bits by extremist we are told to be passive and loving to our political opponents.

    • I’ve been all for media freedom in the past, but with their increasingly cuntish behaviour I’m not so sure sometimes these days.

      I think the MSM is due a major cunting again. Stirring bastards.

      • Exactly they are using the PMs vulnerability as a stirring pot.The epitome of this hypocrisy as Lammy stirring up civil unrest when he proudly declared after Brexit that we have a sovereign parliament not rule by the mob.You couldnt write this shit.

      • Oh, Mob rule is ok if it’s the ”proper” kind of mob rule. Didn’t you get the memo Shaun?

        One of the main piss boilers about this is how predict this all is.

        Christ I wish some ‘dark forces’ would wipe these bastards out. I’m tired of this crap!

      • Ah yes silly me for thinking the left had conistent honorable principles.They are cunts the lot of them!

      • Some on the left did have principles at one time. But after Tony fucking Blair came into power that all went out the window!

      • I miss the likes of Castle Shore and even Benn.Socialists with backbone they were.

  14. John McDonnel is even more dangerous than Corbyn. A vile Marxist anti-Zionist Hamas loving traitor to my beloved United Kingdom. He calls for the abolition of our armed forces and the disarming of the police. He panders to scum and worships Fenian murderers. The words to adqeuately describe how much I hate this vile man do not exist.

    If he were in charge of the economy then we are well and truly fucked. He would go on a spending frenzy and borrow like there is no tommorow. The left rely on people on welfare to vote for them.They literally buy votes.

    He despises my beloved monarchy and I call that treason. Send him to the DPRK.

    PS: Lilly Allen is a brain desd ugly munter of a cunt.

    • Krav, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, McDonnell is legitimately pure evil in my eyes.

      This is the man who thought our soldiers getting kneecapped by the Fenian scum was hilarious.

      He wants MI5 disbanded, which would leave us vulnerable to all of our enemies and every scum who would want too do us harm.

      He would cripple the economy in a way we would never recover from if he ever became chancellor.

      This is the scum who tries to laugh of as joke the ill he has wished on other people.

      Now, this treasonous, seditious cunt want to overthrow the government through mob rule aided by his allies Red Len and the Momentum Motherfuckers(tm).

      If Steptoe Corbyn is the Useful Idiot, then John McDonnell is a real life Chancellor Palpatine – the evil cunt who is pulling th strings behind the scenes.

      Forget arresting this monster, he needs to be put down with extreme prejudice. How certain forces haven’t contemplated this, knowing his intentions, is beyond me.

      • Corbyn is a useful idiot and McDonnell and Milne are the evil brains behind the operation.McDonnell has heart disease.Is it wrong for me to hope the cunt keels over?

      • I didn’t know the scum has heart disease…… now that I now that I can safely say that no Shaun, it’s not wring to hope he keels over. He’s an evil piece of shit pure and simple.

        Ah yes Milne, the Groaniad man, reason no. 2,000,000,000 for that rag to be shut down. Along with the New European rag.

      • Milne had lung cancer a while back too I guess it is true that the devil looks after his own.

      • No kidding, to think that these cunts get a reprieve and normal folk don’t is a major piss boiler.

      • I lost an uncle to lung cancer and another uncle and aunt to heart disease so I dont take these feelings lightly.

      • Lost an uncle to pancreatic cancer and my grandmother to bowel cancer, I don’t do these statements lightly either.

        Or talk about car crashes lightly either.

        Guess we’re in the same boat huh Shaun?

      • Yep guess both of us have been through the shite .Yet cunts like Milne and McDonnell walk around looking like the picture of helth.Never was any justice was there?

      • Justice is an illusion my friend.

        Or justice exists……. for the right price of course.

        McDonnell and Milne still kicking and Tony fucking Blair living it up with his misbegotten fortune and still being a cunt. The Miller bitch going out of her way to metaphorically urinate on the wishes of 17 million people……. justice indeed.

      • My mother and my three best aunties got the Big C and died, our kid was knocked down, and my sister went in a cot death the same year our Andy was killed, and my dad basically starved to death (his stomach rejected any food he ate)…But it appears a cunt can live to a ripe old age (Savile, Ian Brady, my granddad on my dad’s side, the evil cunt)… Doesn’t seem right…

      • Always the case Norman, always the case.

        Here’s the case of my Grandfathers:

        One fought against the Krauts in North Africa in WW2.

        The other fucked off back to America to leave my gran to raise 5 mixed race kids in 1960s England on a council estate by herself – with help from my great grandparents.

        Guess which one died of cancer in the 60s and which one live until 2005?

      • Not at all… and I hope it happens very soon.

        If Flabbott and Corbyn are in the car while he’s driving…

      • Agreed. Prehaps former members of SWAPO (I am old) can be brought over to deal with him or BOSS (again those of a certain vintage will understand).I know, plant some Iranian nuclear weapons plans on him and call the Israeli embassy….He would soon meet his maker.Inshallah!

      • What is worrying is never mind the stupid little prick students, so many people don’t seem to give two fucks about the prospect of a Marxist Chancellor and PM. Too many people in this country are cunts to even think that Stalin and Beria 2.0 are should be in charge of this country.

  15. Labour using the Grenfell Tower Fire to wage rich vs poor class war…. Appalling cunts…. They weaponise tragedy shamelessly….. They disgust me…

    • And all the cunts are buying into it!

      Someone please tell me that I’m not the only seeing comparisons between this horde of cunts and Jim Jones and the People’s Temple?

      • McDonnell is a syphilis , he is spreading a contagion among the young and the mentally impoverished, and the disease is terminal. The marxist shite nosher is a product of Liverpool and was raised in the snarling contemptuous terraces of the ghettos. Born with the eternal chip grafted to the shoulder, and titty fed the venom of the mamba, he has all the qualities of a rodent disease.
        This fucktard needs to be assassinated , and I invite any peaceful to lop the cunts head off at a time of their pleasing. Cunt of biblical proportions and second only to the shit he speaks.

    • Sod the Che Cuntvara T-shirts, someone should do a T-shirt with the slogan ”Enoch was Right”.

      Enoch Powell in the afterlife seeing the UK going to hell in the present day – ”I wish I had a phone, because I fucking called it!”

      • They did!! And they were arrested for conduct likely to cause a breach of the peace.. One was a G4S officer at a detention centre called Harmondsworth, and he wore it under his uniform for months before he was discovered. Excellent… he lost his job though.

    • May he rest in peace. If only he was listened to….

      Lilly Allen is still a cunt. She is so ugly no wonder I is a gay….

  16. Is former MP Jo Cox the new St Diana? Some cunt dreamed up ‘The Great Get Together’ involving picnics, street parties and fun runs.
    To top it off the unfunny smug ozzie twat Adam Hills is on Channel 4 with his merry band of cunts with a whole show devoted to reuniting the nation. Have you been watching the news from west London tonight? Here’s a clue. they are not holding hands and singing We are the World.

    • I wish her husband would SHUT THE FUCK UP. His wife died and that is a tragedy he and his family will never recover from. Yet he has politicised her and her memory on some leftie orgy of sainthood. Fuck off you vain twat.

  17. Just so McDonnell and his leftie butt buddies know, there are 4 MILLION former service personnel in the UK. And our oath of allegiance still stands. The police might let those cunts get away with rioting, we won’t.

  18. You cunts obviously did not see “Jo Cox : Death of an MP” on the Blairite Broadcasting Corporation the other night.
    We see loads of shots of St. Josephine, wearing a head scarf and posing with beardy old Muzzies who would love to see her continually pregnant and scrubbing the fucking kitchen where she belongs. Interspersed , of course, with St. Brendan praising the loving Cameldriving “community”.
    Then we have this Mair cunt. The wanker had no family, no friends and never had a fucking job in his life. The cunt had , in the last 3 years, made 3 text messages on his phone and had no incoming or outgoing calls. (Actually it fucking worried me how they would know that)
    The cunt was unknown to the coppers and had no known criminal contacts. So how did he get hold of a fucking gun? Nobody knows… 6 hours of interviews with the Bill he never said a fucking word, not even “no comment”. Considering where he lived could it be possible that he bought it from a Muzzie taxi driver? We’ll never know.
    If ever there was a candidate for a mentally ill fucked up wanker it is this cunt. But we are constantly reminded of what we are supposed to think by frequent appearances by Sir Nigel. A more blatant piece of Pro-EU propaganda it is hard to imagine.
    Maybe one day a popular quiz question will be ” which MP was a million times more famous dead than alive?”
    Er……probably not. More likely…….which MP nobly gave her life for the great globalist cause of peace, love and happiness? I suspect you cunts will be struggling with that question.

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