Precocious Brats

Precocious Brats need a cunting. There is an article on the BBC website recently about an 11 year old girl who complained about the collective punishment of her class for one kids behaviour by describing this as a war crime under the Geneva Convention. Instead of being told to shut up until she has tits, she is now being hailed by some as a great thinker and being promised a years worth of icecream. Jesus wept. You dread to think what this is going to grow into.

Nominated by Mary Hinge.

89 thoughts on “Precocious Brats

  1. Such an excellent choice of cunting, thanks so much.

    Fuelled by the obsession with celebrity, precocious fucking brats and their cuntish parents revel in making a scene; anytime, anywhere and fuck the consideration of others. Many of these parents joyfully encourage their kids’ outrageous behaviour. Any attention in their book is good attention, with some desperate to be the next to next social media meme or ‘ahhh’ TV fucking sensation.

    TV programmes catering for precocious shitniks also deserve a real cunting too – the kids versions of The Voice and that eye-gougingly abysmal Dawn French programme spring to fucking mind. And mawkish shitfests like ‘Don’t Little Shits Say the Funniest Things’ – fuck right off. The sort of person who enjoys that sort of show – head tilted to one side in simpering adoration, doing a lot of retarded fucking cooing at the oh-so-fucking-hilarious brats – these cunt adult viewers deserve to have their piping-hot Horlicks thrown in their faces, with a mild-kneecapping as they blindly writhe around in agony on their Parker-Knoll cunting armchairs.

    P.S. those peacefuls fucking up Kensington Town Hall are fucking total CUNTS.

    • Oh JC, the merest mention of Dawn fucking French turns my arse into a flamethrower…

      If you think Parker-Knoll armchairs is bad, what about those feckin

      “HSL Chairs proudly sponsors Death Row in the middle of sodding nowheresville State Penitentiary…bucket of salt water, sponge on head, roll one” adverts…

    • That kid’s desires may well be satisfied all the more quickly if she nips round to the local mosque

  2. When I was a kid if an adult told you off for fucking about in public you would immediately shut the fuck up and move on.
    I wouldn’t dare do that now. At best I would be told to fuck off and accused of noncery. At worst I would get a blade in my gut. If I survived I would get sued by the cunting parents for upsetting their little angel who suffers from Aspergers or ADHD or some other figment of some trickcyclists vivid imagination. Just assume they are cunts and move away. Fucking scumbag bastards.

  3. That cunt Brooklyn ( heid th Baa ) Beckham came to the scene of the fire and wept.

    For the love of a fucking wrinkled tit…what an immature fucking spas idiot. Posing for the cameras, with a pouting pet lip. Absolute fucking cunt, just like his fucking parents.

    • The stupid little cunt even had his minders there to keep his adoring public back…Still,I suppose as a Role-Model,published photographer,fashion icon and Celebrity,it’s only natural that he needs protection…The cunt would need more than a minder if I got within punching distance of the little arse-bandit.

      • The spoilt little cunt has never even set foot on that estate before, and I dare say he never will again… Hope they kick fuck out of him…

    • he needs a good slap. I would put him over my knee..I is a gay you know….. Promise I will not touch him up but I am a little clumsy so can not promise!

      • Glad we are a progressive site and liberal too!! B&WC is our token ethnic and now we got a gay as well.

        We are only prejudiced against cunts and if everyone was like us cunts would stop being as cuntish.

        ISAC for a better future.

  4. Too many parents believe that the sun shines out of their spoiled little brats’ arses. They seem afraid to teach them manners,decency and their place. I’ve heard them …”Could you please, Darling”or “Would you like to..”….No wonder the little fuckers think that the world revolves around their every selfish thought.

    Kids need boundaries,not some soft-arsed shit about allowing them to express themselves. The current generation is weak and so is raising a self-indulgent,pampered generation. The parents have no backbone and their children learn that screaming and stamping ones feet is the way to react to anything that doesn’t suit their wishes.

    Kids nowadays are increasingly feminised,they lack a proper male role model and so increasingly think that tears and tantrums are the answer to any problem. Parents today are raising a generation even more pathetic than their own. No wonder the country is incapable of reacting to the fact that our way of life will soon be history.

    • This could all be averted if these stupid, spineless, moronic, cretinous parents just learned to say ”No” to their little bastards.

      Eh, that will never happen, this country is going to hell in a handcart.

      • I knew, not know, knew a couple who, when their brats would misbehave, all the fuckin time, would just go “uuugh Ebony” “uuugh Alfie”
        That was it, and that’s all you’d hear when in their company.

        PS. Ebony is white with red hair.
        Nuts!!, totally nuts!!!

      • I live in a very middle class area of Bristol and all you can hear at the local shops on a Saturday morning is beardy fuckwit cunts calling their kids “mate”and “dude”. Talk about making a rod for your own back. This is very different from my own childhood..if anyone came to the house to complain about any of us,we got an instant thick ear!

    • Stop triggering me! Someone get me to my safe space STAT! I am a self diagnosed snowflake so move out of my way…..

      • Pffttt,, ahahaha, that’s a pretty accurate impersonation of a snowflake!

  5. Favorite part of charlie & the cunting factory was the bad egg part “I don’t care if it bankrupts you daddy I want it and I want it now!”

    I’d also like to to mention what a dog turd film that johnny depp tim burton remake is, it was just a fucking awful movie I only hope they don’t ruin the new blade runner film *fingers crossed

    • They already managed to ruin Blade Runner.
      Thirty odd years ago when they made it.

      Only joking cunters, calm down, calm down.
      I’m not a fan of sci-fi, or any fantasy stuff.
      If the story is all about magic and super powers then the ending is and the beginning and the start is easy to write if you have no boundaries.
      Boundaries being normal, real world stuff.

      • Have you seen the original bladerunner? Great film good soundtrack too. I wouldn’t consider myself a sci-fi buff but I really liked it and its the only film where I tolerated harrison fords acting aside from empire strikes back the only stars wars film I like

        Also its the only film in 15 years that I’ve even remotely had a interest in seeing fucking seriously I hate modern era films

      • Empire Strikes Back was by far the best Star Wars movie, A New Hope is the 2nd although Return Of the Jedi would have been 2nd in my opinion if they hadn’t put the bloody Ewoks in it!

        The next trilogy…….. apart from Anakin vs Obi Wan, and that was just to see Anakin get a lava bath at the end, the less said about that the better. Jar Jar Binks! Lucas was a cunt for coming up with that one!

      • Saw it as a kid.
        What a shite summer holiday afternoon that was.
        It’s weird that i don’t like fantasy or sci-fi stuff yet Gotham is my favourite programme.
        I even love and i mean love Jada Pinkett Smith in Gotham.

        But how can Jada Pinkett Smith be real if our eyes are not real. πŸ™‚

        I’ll never forget that quote.
        That’s the greatest quote of all time
        For the uninitiated, Jaden Smith once twatted “how can mirrors be real if our eyes are not real”

        Get real Jaden, get real ya cunt.

      • Ah yes, Jaden Smith, not really been given a entry into the movies due to who his dad is huh?

        By the way, I utterly hated him in that crappy remake of The Day The Earth Stood Still.

    • Thats weird first part of my sentence in this paragraph is missing and a earlier response to birdman in a another thread disappeared…. strange

      • “Empire Strikes Back was by far the best Star Wars movie”

        @Prime Minister Sinister
        Absolutely agree, definitely the best one of the original 3 and Lucas had the least amount of involvement in Empire, let that sink in….

        But these new Star Wars films? The Phantom Menace what a load of shit 20 million dollars wasted on CGI crap, Attack of the clones? fucking politically charged boring film that made me fall asleep Force awankens? fucking rehashed shite from george lucas shitty arsehole

  6. The other day i spent a good twenty minutes blowing up three lilos and never got a shot of one.

    Precocious cunts/brats.

    • Always the case Birdman, always the case.

      Welp, had that damn promotion interview today, I’ll find out what the outcome is Monday or Tuesday, fingers crossed…..

      • Hope you get it, Prime Minister Sinister.
        And the promotion, ffnnaarr ffnnaarr.

        Good luck pal.

      • Heh, thanks man. Bloody interview went for over an hour! Felt a bit like the Spanish Inquisition at times.

  7. Stop calling this beautiful enlightened child “she”. How dare you genderise her! Have you checked her prefered gender pronouns? Why has a “girl” been shown in an image and why is the image not of an non-binary disabled neuro diverse trans otherkin vegan Sikh? I am outraged!

    • or a pink fluffy “princess”…

      Wtf is all this Princess stuff about ?

      Do you want your kids to grow up to be like Beatrice and Youjaney ??!

      • The woman who sits next to me at work is a Pwincess despite being 37. She has a pwincess mug and stationery,cries and eats chocolate a lot and watches box sets of Friends. There is also the continual public battle with the weight,which no other bugger dare comment on. I look at cunts like this and wonder what is their place in the great scheme of things?..Do some men like that kind of thing?

      • Does she look like that fat little cunt out of ‘Bad Santa,’ but much bigger? There was one of these waddling things where I used to work, everything had to be her way, or there would be hell to pay. She was about 5′ 5” tall and was about 5′ 8″ wide. Whenever I went near her office, she would be shovelling down pies, donuts, crisps or some fucking great pastry thing.

        There was a chippie down the road, and we had to make sure that we got down there before she did for a bag of chips at lunchtime. If she was in front of you, you were not getting any chips, and would have to wait for a new lot to be cooked. Once she managed to waddle to the chippie with a herd of her equally fat walrusing friends, and we knew that there would be nothing left for us when they left, so just went back to work. She had that great big Grinchey grin on her fat, eight chinned, pot-holed, greasy face all afternoon, the fat cunt.

        I mentioned this fat cunt the other day, but forgot to include a link. The fat cunt wanted to be the fattest cunt in the world, how the fat cunt got pregnant is beyond me. Maybe it involved a shire horse.

      • She’d certainly take a bit of fucking. Wonder if she made any videos while they were doing it. I’m interested in the mechanics of how you’d actually go about porking something like that.

      • Jesus H. This just shows how fucked society is. Anyone who deliberately wants to eat themselves to death and sets out to intentionally become bedridden through their spastic “feeder” boyfriend is a hammer forged cunt of reality size. These cunting SJW do-gooders and unicorn saddlers will no doubt say “We’re with you…stay strong…she can’t help it bler bler bler” while wanking in a coffee shop, but I call cunt on that. This type of thing isn’t a “cry for help” or a “she’s vulnerable” situation…it’s selfish cuntitude on an engineered level.

        If she dies through her deliberate self-neglect, tough shit. Anyone who wants to self harm like that is a dim bulb.

      • MH. I read the first line and thought “Bet she’s a real fat munter”…

        Then I read on…What a surprise !!
        When I worked for a well-known insurance co. in Norwich, we had a fat munter as head of dept. The appointed fire warden on our floor had to revise procedure about the evacuation of fat bastards, and sent a none too complimentary e-mail to the group fire chief. Unfortunately, he hit “Send to all” …

  8. Funny how the Tories are the bogeymen for wanting an alliance with the DUP when Brown and Milipede asked for a similar arrangement in the event of a coalition.

    • Don’t you just love double standards? Then again it was Labour asking so that acceptable in the eyes of cunts.

  9. I dread the thought of being caught up in some horrible event….. Having the Queen,Prince William,Mrs May,Jeremy Corbyn,Adele,lily Allen and Brooklyn Beckham all in one place,and yet have no access to a firearm is horrifying.

    • Get a Carcano, they take out three cunts with one bullet.
      Even if the three cunts are feet apart in different directions.

    • That’s because the word ‘Rickie’ triggers moderation. It helps keep the cunt out and stops responses to his shit that encourage him…

      • or the legendary Harold Jarrold from Norwich, or Narge as they do say in them parts…

      • I always wondered but forgot to ask if your name is Norman coz of Norman Whiteside, and it is.

        I was looking for Will I Am or Black Eyed Peas is a cunt and there was one from April 17 2014 cunting reality TV.

        That’s it?!?!?!?

        The Black Eyed Peas and any cunt who listens to that shite are cunts.
        In the telly there’s an advert for Seat cars and the Black Eyed Peas song Mas Que Nada is on it .
        Drives me up the fuckin wall.

        Mas que nada
        Black eyed peas’ll make ya hotta
        Something that rhymes with nada
        And something that rhymes with hotta.
        Ooh la la la la.

        Some ad agency paid through the nose for that tat.

        I’m of to write the next big shit hop/crap tune.

        Back in two.
        It would be longer but the Isley Brothers already wrote and sung the chorus twenty years ago, so the songs already half done, but i’ll take the credit coz i iz a crapper.

        Or is that “init” ?
        wink wink. πŸ™‚

      • Do you get that Renault Clio advert with some guitar band doing a cover of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survived” ?
        Or that Nissan Micra ad were some French tart goes “Bonny and Cyde (pause , change of note) bonny and Cly-eyed” ?

        Car adverts are silly.
        They have even started putting a notice at the bottom of the screen stating “the stunts were performed in a controlled environment”

        Get fucked, ad men.

      • That’s all I’m saying, “east Anglia”

        Anymore and I’m moderated.

        (Sssshhhhhhh rubblepay?)

      • Yeah, that’s the cunt. πŸ™‚

        All i was trying to do was start a joke, but moderation fucked that.

  10. Phillip Hammond has shown his colours. Days before the Brexit talks start and he has said, “said the UK “should prioritise protecting jobs, protecting economic growth and protecting prosperity.”

    No, Hammond, you cowardly turd of a man, that’s NOT what we should be prioritising. This is your attempt to dilute what the majority voted for last year. Almost a year on from a decision you didn’t want and have been about as passionate about as a dead fish floating in a Wintry pond, and you come out with this dogshit.

    Three fucking days before the commencement of ‘discussions’ with those undemocratic EU gangsters, salivating at the prospect of punishing Britain, and you come out with this withering battle cry.

    It’s akin to putting Widow Twanky in charge of the Agincourt troops.

    Soft Brexit, grey Brexit, red, white & blue Brexit – they are all bollocks. There is no adjective to water it down, no quantifier to measure it, just Brexit. No Freedom of Fucking Movement, you cockless shitehawk.

    We need a resolute, stubborn bastard yet instead we have you: a recreant, pitifully-wet, shadowy wimp of a man, bereft of character, devoid of passion, a sissy with the balls of a crossbreed Chihuahua and French poodle

  11. The referendum was the only fucking time in my life I voted for a winning candidate.
    On the morning of the 24th June I was racking my brain trying to figure out how the cunts were going to wriggle out of it.
    Well now we know……chipping away day by day, unrelenting propaganda. A few months ago I thought , give the cunts their 2nd referendum, we’ll shit on them anyway.
    Not now. The cause is lost. The cunts in Brussels have ridden out these referendum crises before and they’re about to do it again. I won’t be voting again that’s for sure. Why vote for a bunch of spineless cunts who are going to sell you down the river? My only hope is Sir Nigel but I wouldn’t blame him if he walked away and said “fuck the dumb weak cunts.” That’s what I’m thinking and he has a lot more reasons than me.

  12. Word of praise for the cozzers tonight in London… Policing demos… Stretched to the limit by terror threat…. Now handling Socialist Worker middle class snowflake twats and ‘protesting’.. camelbumming human filth…

  13. I do love the discussion on is a cunt.Went down to a pub tonight and overheard a conversation about Islamism so waded in feeling I was amongst friends only for one of the guys to give me a 10 minute lecture about why the holocaust was apparently a hoax.I swaer to God this site is my only sanctuary.

    • With you on that one Sean of the Dead 69.
      I forget what company I’m in sometimes and am made to feel the odd one out when everycunt turns on me.

      I should also calm down on sayin “cunt” every five seconds, especially in front of the kid.
      I always used the word but now everycunt is a cunt. Always. πŸ™‚

    • To the tune of Minnie Ripperton’s ‘Loving You’…

      Allah – La La La
      Allah – La La La
      Allah – La La La La
      Will you all fuck off?!

  14. So we’re ALLOWED to be angry about the Grenfell Tower Fire….
    But we must ‘Choose Love Not Hate'(Copyright: Kunty Perry) and ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ (Copyright: Potato Headed Man City Fanny) when it comes to Islamic State terrorism….


    • This blatant hypocrisy is twisting my melon.
      Its getting harder to keep up with these cunts.

      It is weird that they all think the same.

      I’m fascinated by Nazi programmes coz i want to try and understand how they managed to brainwash most of the German people, and gain such fanatical support.
      Today is different, as it’s never happened on this level before.

      It’s mind blowing that there doesn’t seem to be any “genres” anymore in music and film.
      Again most people are fans of what they are told to be.
      THE SAME!!!!

      GOTTA BE THE SAME !!!!(or yer out)

      PS,.Nazis are cunts and i bet i get moderated for Sayin’ Nazi.

      Nazi cunts.

      • Saw Churchill at the cinema yesterday…Wasn’t bad, apart from the usual artistic licence / historical inaccuracies you get with WWII films.

        Producers even had the decency to put up a line at the end saying “W C was considered to be the greatest Brit ever”
        I still agree…
        Snowflakes have lit the fire, they must be consumed by it.


  15. What with all this bad news, Theresa May’s stupidity and incompetence, Sadiq Khan being a wankstain, the Corbyn and McDonnell Show (aka Steptoe & Cunt), 57 varieties of Brexit, Banana Gob not having her piehole filled with concrete, Lily Mong still being alive, and the camelfuckers ending up as the victims (again!), I thought I’d cheer up my fellow cunters with a picture of a proper fit’un….

    I know it’s not Xmas, but bollocks….

    • She’s a bit tasty. OK on my tablet but on old IE9 it redirects to JasmineCams or some such website.

  16. I have mixed emotions about the Grenfell Tower fire. It is a tragedy and some cunt must be punished.

    A lot of the residents who have been interviewed on TV are decent, hard working families. Yet their homes have been destroyed and probably over 100 people died due to alleged substandard building practices and possible negligence.

    Roofing materials, cladding, tiles and slates are subject to strict building regulations and should be able to withstand fire for 45 minutes giving people enough time to leave the building, for the fire to be contained and safely put out by the fire brigade. Electrical consumer units should be dual RCD\RCBO protected to reduce the risk of electric shock and electrical fires with metal fire retardent back panels designed for minimal servicing over 20 years. That’s the proper way to do it. I don’t know if there was gas present but there could easily have been a gas explosion like Ronan Point. Give people a decent place to live.

    • Harold Macmillan said (I think !) “Housing isn’t about politics, it’s about humanity”

      Today only one thing seems to matter…Politics is point-scoring.

  17. Anyone seen this?
    “A US woman is suing a casino that told her the slot machine displaying a $43m (Β£34m) jackpot was faulty and offered a steak dinner instead, reports say.”

    This could be a new game: Who’s The Cunt?
    I can’t work out who the bigger cunt is:
    The casino, the woman or the cunt that wrote the software?

    Well if there isn’t snowball’s chance in hell she’ll get that amount from them, so I think she’d be better taking a steak dinner.

    Now as everyone knows 4294967276 is the maximum number representable in an unsigned 32 bit integer so the games programmer either didn’t initialise the number and there is some path where it can reach the end of the game without setting it to a proper value, then he casts it to a float or double for display! Interesting to see there must still be some games written using some crappy C compiler.

    The casino then promptly removed the game, patched it and put it back on the next day.

  18. Translation………a bunch of rich cunts fucked a poor cunt up the arse. Plus ca change!

  19. Yoko Ono needs a massive cunting.

    She has now been given joint songwriting credit to Imagine, formerly just John Lennon. What input did this hag-faced, crooked fanny, talentless cunt give? Fucking hell, Linda MacCartney had more talent and she couldn’t play a tambourine in time.

    Have you heard any of her solo works? Jesus wept, she must have some sort of mental health issues if she thinks that is music. And don’t start me on her conceptual art, I saw better shit in the gallery on Take Hart.

    Ono split the Beatles, turned Lennon into some flea-ridden fucking hippy and is indirectly responsible for any of Paul MacCuntney’s solo “efforts”. She’ll probably try and get royalties from the Lennon/MacCuntney catalogue, but if that takes money away from Macca then it’s not so bad.

    And Lennon didn’t even play piano on Imagine, Nicky Hopkins did.

    • Hopkins was a superb musician… Have you seen the footage of Yoko Ono actually giving Nicky Hopkins and Alan White (the Yes drummer, not the Oasis one) orders and telling them how to play?…. What a delusional, arrogant cunt she was/is… George Harrison is also there,but the old witch doesn’t go near him or speak to him… Harrison openly despised Yoko and probably growled if she went within ten feet of him…. They cut them out of The Beatles Anthology (in case Ono decided to hold back Lennon material), but available on bootleg, George Harrison’s views on Yoko were far from complimentary… And, of course, he was absolutely right about her…

      And what the fuck does she want co-credits for anyway?! She’s got all his money, his Dakota apartments,… Maybe she knows she hasn’t got long to go (Pool Alert!) and she wants people to say ‘Oh, she co-wrote ‘Imagine’… That’s her legacy!’ and other such shite… Which social media mongs and celebricunts will do anyway… When the old hag does pop off, we will hear loads of ‘Fifth Beatle’ bollocks about Ono…. Not unlike the fawning and utter bullshit now being spoken/tweeted about Stones gluebag, Pallenberg…

  20. Parents who promote and encourage ‘gender fluidity’ in their offspring deserve a thorough cunting.

    The latest sleb announcing their loss of grip on reality is Scabby Logan. Apparently her son and daughter are allowed to be gender neutral and she encourages such. Apparently when Adele Arbuckle is not griefjacking at the Grenfell Tower, she lets her four year old son wear a Frozen princess outfit. FFS.

    It is little wonder (to me at least) that children are growing up with a severely warped perception of what is wrong and right.

    I thank God I was a child of the 70s, having grown up in an era before PC and sleb worship shite become the staple diet for the proles.

    If only I could tap into the government’s aid budget and commission a shuttle to Mars. I would pack it to the luggage bay with slebs, starting with Window Licking Lily and Russell Brand. A few MP’S would climb aboard too. Corbyn and Blair would be employed on the bridge. However, piloting duties would strictly be shared amongst David Blunkett, Stevie Wonder and Lennie Peters.


      Jordan Peterson explains a lot of what has gone wrong, in fact all his stuff is very good. Don’t worry about the length about some of his videos they are very engaging and worth watching.

      he has become very popular recently due to his views on gender legislation

    • How that stupid slag, Crabby Logan, got anywhere near any football televsiion programme, I’ll never know…. Her dad wasn’t even that good, the dirty Revie/Leeds cunt…

      And that fat cunt, Adele Arbuckle, is a chav who was dragged up and has an IQ of about 10…. Simple as that… So such stupidity and cruelty (making a boy dress as a girl is cruelty, isn’t it?!) is only to be expected from such dog rough riff-raff….

  21. I am reading the Mail on Saturday. Where do I hand myself in? Am sitting in a pret a mange but making sure no one can see me reading it. I do not want to trigger anyone do I!


  22. We have a fat, big arsed, bow-legged, knock-kneed, ankle-mindged cunt over the back from us, she has been there for about three years, and her and her inbred, yee-hawrin cunting kids make all of our lives a fucking misery around here. All they do is scream and scream, and I would not mind if someone was stabbing them or something, but it’s just continuous screaming. The little cunts know what they are doing, specifically annoying me.

    I wanted to go out and cut the lawn today, but I cannot do that, a sparrow flew past, farted, and started their fucking dog off, I’m sure it’s the father of at least three of the little cunts. As it is such a hot day, my girlfriend wanted to hang some washing out in the garden, something that we could have done before this fat blubbering cunt moved in around here, but cannot do now.

    I’m not a moaning old cunt, I’m 36, but having a head injury, I just cannot stand those little cunts continuous screeches, I’ve worked fucking hard for our house, and that saggy titted, ogre faced cunt gets given one more or less the same. I can listen to Kate Bush or Karen Carpenter singing all day and not get annoyed, but this old slappers little cunts seem to have no respect for anyone. If I had behaved anything like these little bastards do when I was a kid, my cunt of a father would have given me an even bigger beating than the fat cunt already did, and I did fuck all then to receive that in the first place.

    I know I asked for that saggy faced old cunt Linda Robson to be severely cunted the other day, but how about fathers as well? I can’t be the only cunt on here who had a bastard piggy-eyed grinning cunt for a father.

    • Yeah, a Father’s Day Special.

      Da, this father’s day I’ve decided to give you a cunting as a present.
      I know i never ever get you anything for Xmas, b,days etc but this year you are officially been told you are a cunt.
      A little, weak cunt at that.

      The last i heard you had a serious illness, so hopefully you cant read this coz yer dead ya cunt. πŸ™‚

      • I get two Fathers Days.
        The British and Spanish ones.
        I tell the missus she’s nuts and i don’t want anything coz its all tat, but i still get two every year.

        Better be some CDs.

      • Well, I got my Father’s Day plan all sorted – of for a real nice pub lunch tomorrow!

  23. Screaming kids on one side, yapping fucking dogs the other. Must be summer!
    Fuck it, I think I’ll get the saw out, can’t make anymore noise than these cunts…..

      • Love live above a Dago bar and peacefuls? Man do I feel sorry for you.

      • Yep, and I’m at war with the peacefulls.
        There was a lull, but after recent attacks in Blighty by his “brothers” its back on.

        Still no court letter for bashing the cunt though.
        Looks promising.
        If we’re up in court again, it’ll be dealt with seriously and we will both have to attend some “friendly neighbour” courses.
        I shit you not. Courses. πŸ™‚

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