George Osborne (9)

I feel sorry for George Osborne. No really I do! It must be terribly hard holding down all those highly paid jobs and finding the time to slag off Theresa May!

Now May might have fucked up big time by screwing up a election she should never have called in the first place, but George seems to have forgotten all about his 7 years as Chancellor. He seems to have forgotten all about Project Fear. He seems to have conveniently forgotten about the post referendum emergency budget he promised us and never carried out.

No, George just wants to behave like a spoilt petulant brat unable to accept that losing his job was pretty much all down to himself fucking up big time and that the austerity everyone voted against was the austerity he introduced as Chancellor.

Easier to turn on the very party you helped to lead and bitch on about the woman who sacked you than to admit that you’re a 100% 24 carat solid gold fuck up, eh George?..

Nominated by Dioclese.

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  1. Helmut ( the cunt ) Kohl is dead. Ex Waffen SS member, Chancellor of Germany, and a Pro European ( what they could not achieve in war, they could with cash )

    Personslly, I would quite like to attend his funeral so I could piss on the fuckers coffin for uncles: Edward (Kings Hussars) Graham Scots Guards. Neither of whom were to see their 21st birthday.

    Fuck Kohl, Fuck Germany Fuck Europe.

    • Seconded, my Great Uncle Eric died aged 18 – under a fucking tank!

      • Dead right… My great uncle John was at Normandy, and Granddad Sharpe (my mum’s dad) fought against and was imprisoned by the Japanese…

        Good riddance to Kohl, the Hun cunt…

      • Agreed. My Grandad was at Dunkirk and had a busted leg his whole life after his van was blown up in Northern France. He was a beautiful man. A Chippie who built a shelter under the stairs for my Mum and her sister while Liverpool was bombed.

        They’re all heroes and perhaps we couldn’t have done it. It’s a different World.

        The old English phrase “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” is always apt. We have to keep the pressure up to maintain the UK’s survival. It will happen.


    Loads of circle-jerk, hipster-wankstain infested grief-fests for the blessed St. Jo of cocks across the cuntry this w/e…


  3. Let us not forget St Jo Cox day/weekend or whatever the fuck it is called. Bernard Kenny who tackled Tommy Mair gets the George medal. Two cops that arrested Mair receive awards as does Sandra Major, Jo Cox’s senior case worker. Brendan Coxsucker is a piece of cunt as his wife was, Syrians she would welcome with open arms, but where was her voice when in the surrounding areas the peaceful lot were grooming young children for theirs and others pleasure. This country seems to be turning into a right cesspit and I don’t see it getting any better. Corbyn and his frenzied followers seem to do whatever they like, unfortunately the Tories are very weak and need a strong leader to steer them in the right direction.

    • Yes I agree. The murder was inexcusable and if it was down to me Mair would be swinging from a gallows for his wicked deed. However , I’m not sure what ‘divisions’ in our society she was supposed to be against ? She seemed divuded from the majority of her constituents who subsequently voted leave. Why did she take such a divisive stance on this by being a europhile ?

      • Why, for all the talk of what she did, had pretty much most people never even heard of her before her tragic demise?

        For someone who was a Europhile in a constituency that voted Leave anyway, it seems she was yet another politician out of touch with her own people.

        For Mair, loony murdering cunts like him ought to hang.

  4. Working away Mon-Fri is a cunt!

    I almost miss the family, almost.

    But when you’re marooned in Lutonistan and the only non-peacefuls are Polish, and the nanny state WiFi access won’t let you access (they even block vpn/proxy sites – cunts) then it’s a cunt.

    Only fucking pub which isn’t full of “stoners” is a pikey bar (where I was made to feel very fucking unwelcome until I bought a round of Guinness’ – and then legged it, feigning needing a piss) then it’s a cunt.

    I’m from Stoke for fuck’s sake (don’t live there now – thank God) but it’s palatial compared to Lutonistan/Lutonisaw (you pick)!

    Only two cunts I met who looked and sounded local, and who weren’t eastern-blockers or wearing bedsheets for clothing, were the two beggars lurking around the cashpoints.

    “England Our England!” – Christ on a bike!

    Multiculturalism at it’s best (i.e. worst) is a cunt!

    This is why I voted for Brexit and Theresa May has managed to fuck my Brexit ideals because she is a cunt!

    Only good thing about this week is hearing of Tiny Timmy Farron standing down as LibDum leader because he don’t like the batty-boy or bean-flicker contingent because of his allegiance to his make believe deity.

    He’s still an undeniable cunt and will no doubt hang around like the shit smell of a wet fart when you’ve got nowt to change into! Cunt!

  5. Call me a cunt but maybe if these council property dwelling rioters got up off their sponging arses and made a decent life for themselves they wouldn’t have to live in skanky tower blocks and put themselves at the mercy of the state’s ‘neglect’.

    • You’re not a cunt………. some, not all, of these tower dwellers are the dregs.

    • It wasnt a Skanky tower block . There were a number of ‘professionals’, lawyers, artists etc living in this tower. Stop talking shite this is an absolute tragedy and no one deserved to perish in this way despite their background.

      • You’r right, it’s an awful way to go. The problem I have is all the fuckers using this for political capital and the cunts who are using this as a cheap excuse to commit violence and unrest.

      • 100% right PMS. Like riots in 2011 ,another excuse to trash their ‘ hoods’ in the name of so called racism.

      • If those cunts pull a repeat of that bollocks, the forces should start of lightly; rubber bullets, tear gas and the water cannons.

        If that doesn’t work, use the more heavy duty stuff of these pieces of excrement.

        What they don’t like to say about the late, unlamented Duggan is that by all accounts from sources the MSM and the apologists won’t acknowledge, he was a nasty bastards who got exactly what he deserved.

      • Indeed, the left are acting absolutely disgracefully over this as are our wonderful media. A shower of cunts one and all.

      • Would it surprise you to learn I did not shed a tear over Duggans demise.

      • I’ve always known that the MSM are cunts, but in the recent months I swear they’re worse than ever.

        Interviewers are rude, aggressive, in your face cunts.

        The newscasters don’t even bother to hide their glee when the people or parties they don’t like hit a hard time (May, Big Don, Ukip, Brexiteers etc).

        Their bias is even more blatant that usual, bastards don’t even try to pretend to be neutral.

        Cunts, cunts, cunts!

      • I’m fairly certain that a lot of people echoed that sentiment VCS.

  6. Has anyone organised a mass singalong of the Oasis classic ‘Don’t look back in anger’ outside Grenfell Tower yet ? No of course they fucking haven’t because it would be totally inappropriate in the circumstances. So what fucking idiots think it was a good idea to sing this song after the equally tragic Manchester bombing when children were blown to bits and also died a horrible premature death. The people who think we should not be angry with terrorist attacks and such a song was appropriate in the circumstances are deluded, dangerous, idiotic cunts of the highest order.

    • It’s a damn wind up that they all want us to not be angry at terrorist attacks and then the fuckwits are frothing at the mouth over what seems to be a freak accident!

      • Doubledouche is still getting countertrolled when he’s not ranting about ISAC, the ‘baiter is trashing him at will.

      • I would say that I feel sorry for the cunt…… but that would be an even bigger lie than Corbyn saying he’s a capitalist!

  7. I can’t bring myself to cunt George Osborne, he is a massive cunt beyond doubt but I feel resentful that I would have to make an effort on his behalf when he has done a top job on cunting himself.

    • George Osborne looks like the kind of cunt who was buggered rotten at school. Maybe he wasn’t. Perhaps he could supply an answer?

      • Eh, maybe the reason he’s such a bitter cunt now is because he was buggered by the Pig Fiddler and was promised the PM job in return for his ”services”?

  8. The last few days I thought of the election as a bit of a fuck up. A kind of disaster narrowly averted.
    But was it really?

    Farron – GONE
    Angus Robertson – GONE
    Alex Salmond – GONE
    Flabbott – GONE
    Cleggy – GONE
    Sturgeon – SILENT

    It’s also exposed that fraud cunt teresa may for being the incompetent weak shit that she is.
    Better to know now, before the negotiation have been completely fucked.

    Seems like a resounding success now I think about it.

    …just the commies to deal with now, which shouldn’t be a problem as long as May gets sacked.

    • Don’t count on that Sausage, people seem to have a major blind spot with Steptoe Corbyn and McPalpatine.

      • That lot are extremely dangerous, nearly as dangerous in fact as the stupid young fuckers who would vote them in !

      • I know what you mean, there are alot of dumb cunts about but for a bunch of IRA loving commies to get anywhere near power is mostly down to the incompetence of May.
        The fact is that their sums don’t add up and if they got into power the economy would crash.
        All the tories need to do it prove it. …..and how difficult can it be to prove facts?

      • Harder than you may think, especially when the marks get all their (fake) news off of Farcebook and Twatter, which Labour targeted knowing all the idiots will buy it hook, line and sinker.

        Remember, this is the country that thought voting in Tony fucking Blair 3 times was a good idea!

      • True. Most of the cunts that vote for these pricks get all their “facts” from slebs and lefty cunts on twatter.
        The young vote is only a small percentage though, if the tories can get back the people that they pissed off and alienated with the idiotic manifesto and lame soundbites from spindly old cunt May we may be alright.
        ….or maybe I’m just too much of an optimist.

      • Hope for the best, expect the worst.

        Whoever came up with that one, was one smart bastard.

      • Do they though? The media is selling him as the messiah but even that couldn’t get the socialist Marxist filth elected.

      • Got him more seats than Red Ed though.

        I want to know what the hell most of the MSM is playing at there.

      • Ed had no charisma, his corpse couldn’t attract maggots.

        The media are mostly globalists puppets and getting shot of May means they have a chance to halt Brexit. Once that was done they would soon burn Corbyn.

      • Either that or wait to burn Corbyn after he’s done irreparable damage to the UL and thus have it absorbed into the EU and then the World nation the cunts all have dreams about.

        Hey Sixdog, the more I look at things, the more I think that comparisons between Corbyn and Michael Foot are totally wide off the mark.

      • McPalpatine!

        Fucking hilarious! Spat me pork scratchings out on that one you clever cunt! 😁

    • Food for thought, DtheS, however Jabba The Abbot hasn’t gone. She increased her flabbamajority. Her constituents have corroborated and Flabbororated her.

      • Obviously in her cunstituency widespread in-breeding has led to decreased IQ of the general population…

      • Brexit won? News to the remoaners and the cunts trying to sabotage it to get ”soft Brexit”. Like that miserable cunt Hammond.

    • Illegal immigrants was in quotation marks, so obviously they were customers of the great travel agency SMTE (Spreading muslimes throughout Europe).

  9. Doctor Who needs an overdue cunting… Last week’s feminazi Ice Warrior story was bad enough, but this week’s even topped that… 2nd Century Celtic warriors all under 25, all look like they’ve been to the hairdressers, and a midget woman with an Adele hairdo is their leader…

    But it gets worse, cunters… The Roman Army has black and parking stanley soldiers in its ranks (again, with modern haircuts), and one of the Roman Legionaries is a brazen black poove, and all the other Roman soldiers are ‘cool’with it… And, once again, everyone – people, armies, and aliens alike – all listen to the black rugmuncher… This is the second time she’s ‘saved the day’ instead of The Doc… They might as well rename it ‘Bill: The Black Wonder Lezzer’…. It’s a load of fucking PC cunt and needs to be put down….

    • Doctor Who died when Tom Baker stepped down. The reboot has been a propaganda exercise. The xmas special will be when the new Doctor is revealed (Corbyn) who destroys the evil alien leader (Trump)

    • Ok, that’s enough with this PC Doctor Who crap, this blatant historical inaccuracy just to satisfy their PC agenda and this ‘Bill the Black lezzer’ being shoved down our throats.

      This is not what Doctor Who is supposed to be about! It’s supposed to be a sci fi show not a PC circle jerk fest!

      • Norm, why torture yourself watching this sterile, anaesthetised dogshit? It died a long time ago. The last time there was any drama, any threat, was a generation ago.

      • Eh, for me it kinda bit the dust when Tenant left. He probably saw the writing on the wall and decided it was time to go. Also, like him or loath him, Russell T Davies knew that his run at the helm had outstayed its welcome and did the right thing and quit, pity Moffat didn’t take the same hint.

      • I hope John Simm’s Master does the business next week… And I really hope that he kills Bill, The Black Lezzzer Wonder Horse….

        When I think of all the great sidekicks: Carol Ann Ford, Anneke Wills, the late Elisabeth Sladen, Katy Manning, Louise Jameson, Mary Tamm… Now we’ve got someone just because of their skin colour (isn’t that process rather racist? Against white actresses?!) and to crank up the PC absurdity, she has to be a tuppence flicker too… As Paul Calf would say: ‘Bag o’ fuckin’ shite!’

      • I like Capaldi as The Doc, and even Matt Lucas has been good… The less said about Black Bess Bill the better…
        But the stories fucking hum, and I mean they truly reek…
        Every story has to have sambos in it (whether they were there or not! Like the Roman Army and the Welsh Guards in the 1880s… They’ll have darkie Gestapo officers next!), there always has to be a reference to poofery or dykes, and wimmin are always making snide comments about men… I’ve given it a go this series, because I thought Capaldi just might save it… He hasn’t and with the shite he’s been given there’s no way he could… I don’t blame him for fucking off…

      • I could say more about this but I’m pissed. I will comment more in the morn.

      • More about Doctor Who? Man we could all go on all day long about what’s wrong with that show now.

      • Fuck no! I, for my sins, haven’t actually watched it since Matt Smith’s first season. That was a mission.

  10. Accidental fire… Protests and riots…. Lee Rigby, Westminster, London Bridge, Manchester, THOUSANDS of groomed kids…. NOTHING! What a fucking country… The UK is dead…

    • The MSM didn’t set the scene and tacitly approve civil disobedience in those cases. The message was “nothing to do with Islam, poor muslims” , shame people can’t see how manipulated we are by the MSM

      • Worse than Nothing…. Andy Burnham condemned protests against terror and extremism….. Fucking cunt…

      • Burnham…… political whore, been a Blairite, Brownite, Milibandite and now Corbynite. Cunt would become an ISIS head chopper if he thought it would get him a position of political power.

      • Burnahms eyeliner? Reminiscent of a ‘young child ‘being made up to please the adults !

    • I remember Aberfan all of those children! All those who came and tried to help, miners digging for survivors. Quiet and dignified grief. No accusations, no riots no hysterical news reporters. The enquiry took for ages, was published and the matter dealt with.

      I remember Ibrox, and sadly all too many other “disasters”. None of them celebrated with luvvies and rock stars in attendance.

      Most of the victims were white.

      Does anyone remember Enniskillin ? Anger. But reasonable and measured. No riots.

      just saying.

      • Different world these days, back then people got stuck in, regardless of politics and posturing. These days many of these cunts calculate the virtue signalling points in their heads first and foremost.

        Lily Allen,Adele what the fuck were they doing at a disaster scene? Adele could of sat at home and given 10% of her Β£125 million fortune away to be spent on accommodation and immediate needs, maybe she did. But she had no place showing up at the scene.

      • Where has it all gone so horribly wrong?

        How has everything become so bollocked up like this?

        Shit, this is the kind of thing that’s enough to make a person think that this country doesn’t deserved to be saved at this rate…..

      • It’s not just this country is it, it is the entire West. If you were cynical you’d think we were being taken down by design. If you look into a little you see the same pattern is replicated throughout the west.

        Maybe I’m just a paranoid conspiracy theorist but one way or another the fact the same issues are replicated wherever white culture and people is found must give us pauise for thought.

      • Mmmmmm, you’re not wrong there….

        I wonder when they got to Mutti Merkel? Before that catastrophic decision to flood the whole of Europe with a herd of fucking ugly peacefuls, she always seems as level headed as they get. Always a total cunt but nonetheless still level headed.

        Either Cuntmaster Soros got to her or she looked at the aging and declining Kraut workforce and then decided to pursue that path to the detriment of all the people of Europe and the UK.

        Most likely it was a combination of both.

        The thing with all the cunts in power is that they think they can control these peacefuls, the problem is you can’t!

        How do you control a herd of rabid peacefuls?! It’s like trying to stop a volcano erupting!

    • Jesus H Christ, what happened to THIS Bono?! This guy actually had his head screwed on and talked sense!

      Bono, Bono, Bono, why couldn’t you have kept this mentality?

      As for the so-called ‘Irish’ Americans……. yeah, bet you cunts weren’t cheerleading this sort of thing anymore once it happened on your own doorstep were you?

  11. I’ve just downloaded and watched ‘The Wild Geese’ because of Roger Moore’s passing away. It’s a bit dated, but not too shabby.

  12. Simon cunting Cowell is getting the s’lebs together to make a charity single to raise 5 million for the victims of the tower block disaster.

    Like Airedale, Simon Kotex (a cunt towel) is worth a few quid, 325 million of them in 2015 and earning 90 million a year. So Simon why not just donate 5 million and get out of the grief jacking business.

    There were 242 deaths through fires recorded in 2014, where the fuck were you n the s’lebs for each one of the families effected Simon? Do you not think that was a disaster for the people that died and each of the families left homeless?

    Is it because those tragedies were never national news and the virtue signalling meter would barely register your involvement?

    Just fuck off Simon, you and your s’leb cunt facile wankers. The unfortunate folk caught up in the tower block fire have the whole country and the government onside, they don’t need you, the only conclusion is you’re doing it for the same reasons as every other publicity vampire in showbiz does charity shit , PR and media coverage.

    I’d spit in your face right now you cunt. You got no idea how fucking angry you make me. How about saving your efforts for the family or individual who loses everything, but because it’s one person or family doesn’t get national attention, the government, Lily Allen and the Queen on side.

    You fucking nasty lowlife cunt.

  13. Happy Fathers day to my late grumpy bald Dad!!!!
    I miss his miserable grumpy rants and his loss of temper when driving and his un pc views on the world!
    If there is a heaven he’ll be stuffing his face cos he loved his food, especially fish and chips.
    Traditionally I’ve lost me job like my Dad did under a conservative government but I was also on the dole when cunt Blair came on the scene.

    I’m also facing bankruptcy this week. So Dad (who never touched a drop of alcohol) i raise my can of Hobgoblin, and you’ll be proud to know Dad that I’m also a slap head as I’ve gone bald, and slightly have a beer gut. I’ve also got my Dad’s bad luck.
    Happy Fathers day!

    • Excellent cunting. I’m sure he would have been proud of you. And probably still is.

      • Hope so, despite my constant disasters, which he’d howl laughing at! He has a warped sense of humour
        ….like me!

  14. Barbara Windsor…. Claims motherhood ‘wasn’t for her’,
    so she had five (count ’em!) abortions….

    What a prize fucking cunt…

  15. RE disasters…

    Wouldn’t a spasmotron or Fat Addle concert qualify as a disaster in its own right, without any assistance from third parties ?

  16. The US singer-songwriter (snigger!) Kunty Perry has become the first person to reach 100m followers on Twitter….The website posted a video compilation of her tweets since she joined in 2009 along with a message saying “Today, we #WITNESS history”….

    Doesn’t this silly slag media whore realise that it means nothing?… It isn’t anything of any artistic, sporting, political, literary, or humanitarian significance… Therefore it isn’t ‘history’ of any fucking kind… All it shows is that there are millions of spaztards out there who come cheap and see celebrity sluts like Perry as gods…. And at 32, she better enjoy it while she can… As she ages and her looks fade and her teenage audience of fuckwits moves on… She really is a self important shit in the street for publicity cunt…

    • Kunth Perry is just another music business , paedophilic whore . I despair.

    • Oh, and it was the ABBC who referred to Kunty as a ‘singer-songwriter’…
      Only they (and hordes of Twittermongs) would see this brainless trollop as a ‘singer-songwriter’…. Cunts..

      • Turns out Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Jake Bugg and even Adele all have their songs written for them by teams of songwriters. Fake cunts.

    • The BBC article on this did actually point out that experts on social media internet activity believe up to 2/3 of Kunty Perry followers are just fake/bot/otherwise not genuine accounts. Same goes for many celebricunts, apparently.

      • Good point, ECB… The fake ones are probably down to Kunty Perry’s ‘people’ and management… She’s way too thick to do something like that herself… The daft slag probably has trouble opening a tin of peas…

  17. I keep hearing loads of cunts who were related to or friends of the Tower of Babel victims on the fucking radio.
    It reminds me of all the cunts I have met who claim they were in the Blind Beggar the night Ronnie Kray shot George Cornell.
    If they were really there fatboy Kray wouldn’t have been able to get his gay arse through the door. Er……….don’t tell him I said that.

    • Like the Manchester Free Trade Hall Sex Pistols gig, Freddie…
      Most fuckers who say they were there weren’t…

  18. I’ve seen in the past that many cunters think that Alexei Sayle is a cunt.
    He’s never really bothered me and i do remember laughing years ago at his lively demeanor when i saw him on telly.

    Have a geez, or listen even,at his BBC radio 4 show “Alexei Sayle’s Imaginary Sandwich Bar” on Tuesday evenings at 18:30.
    Its fuckin hilarious, totally off the wall nuts, but hilarious.
    And he actually takes the piss out of every cunt, even lefty commies.

    I knew he wasn’t a cunt. πŸ™‚

    (“Yes he fuckin is , birdman”)

    • He’s that funny that for the last two Tuesday evenings, I’ve been laughing my head off at the beach with locals eyeballing me as I’m slapping the sand.

      • I’ve always liked his books.

        Dostoievsky never made me laugh much, and Chekhov (the one that wrote Uncle Vanya) was a pretentious cunt, a failed pox-doctor who wrote boring-as-fuck stuff.

        The only good thing was seeing Greta Scacchi on stage in one of his plays in London about 30 yearss ago. Otchen’ doable, moi droog…

  19. In that picture George looks like Harpo Marx after he’s honked his horn.

    I also read somewhere that he looks like the kind of man who would go to a brothel where you can hit the whores. After being sacked from the government of course he got the job as editor of the Evening Standard despite no previous experience of… writing…

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