Sadiq Khan [19]

An emergency cunting for everyone’s favorite mayor. Londonistan mayor Suckdiq Khant is really putting himself out there for the cunt of the year awards. This useless cunt has finally perked up about the illegal and dangerous demonstrations/riots in London. Of course, being the cunt that is Khan made a reference to the risk of COVID-19 (Bit fucking late) but then launched a tirade into the “far-right” which from what I have read was a large group of football fans and veterans who wished to counter demonstrate with the primary objective of defending property and preventing anarchy.We used to have a force for that can`t remember the name of it though.

Here are the cunt`s comments:

“However, I’m extremely concerned that further protests in Central London not only risk spreading Covid-19, but could lead to disorder, vandalism and violence.

“Extreme far-right groups who advocate hatred and division are planning counter-protests, which means that the risk of disorder is high.

“Be in no doubt these counter-protests are there to provoke violence, and their only goal is to distract and hijack this important issue.”

He describes the protestors are largely peaceful.Even though over 60 officers injured Horses attacked and criminal damage the cost of which I dread to think. That being said Khan is of course accustomed to his streets looking like war zones.How many black stabbings has he been concerned about on his own turf?

Also Khan seems to think a solution is boxing off Churchill and the Cenotaph memorial to prevent vandalism when he could just ring up Cressida Strapacoctomy and tell her brigade to protect them for thugs which the so-called “far right” wanted to do.Now I hate the far-right with a passion but the definition of far-right used today has been s far expanded that it has become meaningless as it refers to anyone who is to the right of the Corbynista project.

Khunt is a vile Marxist arsehole who defended nutty antisemitic radical preacher Louis Farrakhan when he was banned from the UK but now is along with Strapacoctomy the embodiment of selective regressive censorship that is leading us to a frightening Orwellian Police State where only those deemed to be on the “right side of history” in their crystal ball into the future are allowed freedom.

Nominated by Shaun

Terry Christian (3)

A ‘bong! bong!’ Big Ben cunting is surely in order for Remoaning Manc manic Terry Christian.

Many of you may not have heard of this gobby cunt, so let me quote to you from his Wikipedia entry, which delightfully describes him as an ‘unknown English broadcaster, journalist and author’. Older cunters may remember him as the presenter of C4’s ‘yoof culture’ show ‘The Word’ back in the early 90s.

Anyway, on a recent edition of ‘Good Morning Britain’, Christian made an absolute tool of himself, going into full-on ‘Brexit Derangement Syndrome’ rant mode. Included in his arm-waving tirade against Brexit were the now familiar wild Remoaner claims that the country’s ‘absolutely finished’, ‘how do we look to the rest of the world?’, and that Leavers ‘voted for it based on lies’. The buffoon went so far as to label the referendum result as ‘meaningless’, and tried to defend as a joke a tweet in which he stated that Brexiteers were ‘pitiable saps’ who deserved job losses.

During the course of this full-blown meltdown, the loony cunt hardly allowed fellow guest (Tory MP) Mark Francois to get a word in edgeways, and even managed to out-shout host Piers Morgan, no mean feat in itself.

Go on fellow cunters; click onto the link and relish the sight of a semi-coherent, democracy denying Remoaner shitweasel stewing in his own bile;

Terry Christian? Terry Fuckwitt* more like. Suck it up, Fuckwitt. Independence Day is finally here!!!!

Nominated by Ron Knee

* with apologies to ‘Viz’ comic.

Banning the Big Ben bong

There’s some miserable fuckers out there and no less so than the cunts who aren’t going to allow Big Ben to ring out at 11 o’clock tonight as the Uk finally escapes the straight jacket of the Evil Empire.

Surely to Christ it doesn’t take massive amounts of ingenuity to work out a way around the problem of ongoing maintenance on the clock tower preventing the bell from ringing? So they can’t ring the bell. Well then, get a tape recorder and a fucking great amplifier. I’m sure our old mate Chas would lend them his 200 watt HiWatt stack and his iPod for the night…

And what about the £272,000 that was crowd funded after the first excuse that it was too expensive to ring that bell? Well, some good will come off that as it’s going to charity.

Might I suggest that the Royal British Legion would be a suitable recipient? After all, they’re representing the people that gave their lives the last time we fought to escape the clutches of Europe – although the French seem to conveniently forget that.

So at 11 tonight let’s hang the washing on the Siegfried line, remind Varouka that it’s a long way to Tipperary, cry God for Harry (well, maybe not the current Harry), England and St George and remind them they ain’t getting our fish.

As Winston once said, it might not be the end of the beginning or even the beginning of the end, but at least it looks like it could be the end of the beginning…

Fuck ’em. Let’ em eat cake!

Nominated by Dioclese

#bigbenbong #BrexitDay #bigbenbongban

“Stick your 50p” cunts

… Except for the cunts in the EU

A brief topical cunting for two of our notable noble Lords Heseltine and Adonis.

These two fossils have said that they are so appalled by Brexit that they will refuse to accept or use the commemorative 50p coin. And Bliar’s cunt in chief, Alistair Campbell had joined in as well.

Well here’s my advise to you, gents : fucking grow up.

Anyhow, none of it really matters because according to Luvvie 2020 frontrunner Hugh Grant, this country is finished anyway.

My piss is boiling…

Nominated by Dioclese

A 50pence piece cunting for Yasmin Alibhai Brown, so enraged with Brexit and the new 50 pence piece she intends to give any she gets to beggars.

This is after Blair,Hestlcunt and Camplcunt said they wouldn’t use the new coin .

What a bunch of virtue signalling petulant little brats they are. How juvenile can you be? These are fully grown adults in the public eye,some of whom have held the levers of power. Jesus wept. How in the name of the wee man did we ever produced such utter cunts prepared to stoop to any level just to get browny points with the disaffected remoaners ?
Other countries must laugh at us.

Hatchet faced witch . Is there nothing they won’t whine about or any depths they won’t stoop to? How we all wish she and her ilk would just vanish from the face of the planet.

Nominated by Mac McCunt

Diversity and our broken system

A massive ‘now then’ style counting for…

Diversity and our broken system

‘I read the news today’
Except that you didn’t. Not really. On Wednesday, not a single paper led with the terrible, heart-rending news from Manchester on yet another grooming gang scandal, centring on the death of Victoria Agoglia (extremely harrowing). What you read about instead was more fluff on Harry and Meghan or the pointless Punch and Judy show in Parliament: who is up, who is down, and which unelectable candidate will get to be Labour leader. Philip Johnston in the Telegraph even had the complacency to inform us that our system ‘isn’t so broken after all’.

Oh yes it is, very much so. A system that successfully shut down existential matters of debate not just for years but for decades, where repeated scandals concerning the mass rape and deaths of young girls are swept under the carpet while campaigners face years of abuse and harassment from the authorities, is broken indeed.

When will we have an honest debate on Islam and the terrible subcultures it incubates within it? Although it would clearly be wrong to demonise all Muslims and all interpretations of Islam, how much longer can we ignore the dangers of a faith with a rapidly growing demographic whose holy book and prophet preached, in part, violent sectarianism, misogyny, the legitimisation of rape and the acceptability of sex with girls as soon as they start to menstruate? How much longer will we deny the undeniable: that such theology is highly likely to create the barbarous cultures that prey upon young girls? Instead, we are edging ever closer to Islamophobia laws.

Our establishment will not do so because that would mean confronting not just the dangerous fundamentalism within one faith but the dangerous fundamentalism of its own new mantra – that ‘diversity is our strength’.

No, it isn’t. In all sorts of ways, diversity is shown to be a source of great weakness. It isn’t just the grooming gang scandals. The explosion of knife crime throughout the UK has its roots in two ‘diversity’ shibboleths: the desirability of importing cultures, however violent and incompatible, and the ‘lifestyle diversity’ of family formation. It is well known that gang culture takes root amongst boys where fathers are absent, and the great increase in gang culture in recent years is a result. The immigration of young men from brutalised African cultures ready to resort to extreme violence created competition for indigenous gangs who felt compelled to ‘tool up’ in response.

Such violence, and the fear of it, is just the most extreme manifestation of our shift from a high-trust to a low-trust society, with catastrophic social consequences. The liberal American sociologist Robert Putnam was dismayed to find that, after a certain point, diversity rapidly decreases social capital in society and leads to people becoming lonelier and more isolated as voluntary networks and association disappeared. This has a devastating and demoralising effect, particularly on working-class communities that have always relied on community solidarity, and was one of the prime movers behind the result of the Brexit vote.

These days few would deny, I hope, that some diversity can be genuinely enriching for society, or that a multiracial society has largely proved a British success story, with high levels of integration and mixed marriage between many ethnic groups. However, look at multiculturalism and a decidedly more mixed and often dark picture emerges.

The elites still lack the moral courage even to begin to learn these lessons. They refuse to discuss Islam, blame superficial issues such as ‘drill music’ for knife crime, and condemn Brexit as a racist vote that has brought down the curtain on a great and enlightened liberal era. The reality, of course, is very different. In the following decades we will view this period of liberal ascendancy, far from being a tolerant utopia, as a time of the most appalling prejudice and hate, a time when young girls were, in a quite literal sense, thrown to the wolves by their social betters for the crime of being born in the wrong class, and as one of the most shameful episodes in our domestic history.

Nominated by Simmy Javelle

There was a lot of discussion about this one, it is factual but seems to cover too many pegs for a direct cunting but we let it go, Carry on cunting.