Banning the Big Ben bong

There’s some miserable fuckers out there and no less so than the cunts who aren’t going to allow Big Ben to ring out at 11 o’clock tonight as the Uk finally escapes the straight jacket of the Evil Empire.

Surely to Christ it doesn’t take massive amounts of ingenuity to work out a way around the problem of ongoing maintenance on the clock tower preventing the bell from ringing? So they can’t ring the bell. Well then, get a tape recorder and a fucking great amplifier. I’m sure our old mate Chas would lend them his 200 watt HiWatt stack and his iPod for the night…

And what about the £272,000 that was crowd funded after the first excuse that it was too expensive to ring that bell? Well, some good will come off that as it’s going to charity.

Might I suggest that the Royal British Legion would be a suitable recipient? After all, they’re representing the people that gave their lives the last time we fought to escape the clutches of Europe – although the French seem to conveniently forget that.

So at 11 tonight let’s hang the washing on the Siegfried line, remind Varouka that it’s a long way to Tipperary, cry God for Harry (well, maybe not the current Harry), England and St George and remind them they ain’t getting our fish.

As Winston once said, it might not be the end of the beginning or even the beginning of the end, but at least it looks like it could be the end of the beginning…

Fuck ’em. Let’ em eat cake!

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30 thoughts on “Banning the Big Ben bong

  1. To be honest something about the whole campaign kind of rubbed me the wrong way. Like it was just throwing more money into the London-centric bubble. Nobody outside of Westminster would hear it anyway and even if they played an old recording of the chimes to fool people not there, they wouldn’t be any the wiser.

    My idea, bring back out the town criers instead, have them take to the streets and cry out Britain’s sovereignty for all to hear.

    • It’s the symbolism of Big Ben chiming that is important, not how many cunts outside Wetminster can hear it.

      Big Ben is a national symbol, it chimes on all other important national occasions, like Remembrance Sunday – even last month to ring in the New Year, ffs.

      No. Stopping the bongs was a conscious Remoaner Establishment conspiracy, pure and simple. And recorded bongs will not be the same thing at all. A bit sad in fact.

      • Absolutely, I shan’t argue that it was anything other than the remoaner’s moaning that are the reason we won’t hear it. I just meant more though that one of the biggest driving factors in leaving the EU was our money being thrown against the wall to the line the pockets of the cunts riding the gravy train. Now here we were being asked to pay £500,000 to basically rent the use of a bell for a few seconds.

        Ultimately, is it worth it? Whose pockets will that half a million fall into? Do we want to be forced to pay for such a thing when it ultimately makes no difference to our leaving and the money could ultimately be put to much better use?

        I can only speak for myself I guess when I say that I really couldn’t give a flying fuck if I hear bells along with our leaving or not. Just seeing and hearing the inevitable crying and wailing come at 11:50pm tonight is more than satisfying I would hope.

      • The sound of wailing and gnashing of teeth from London will be audible nationwide for us all to enjoy

  2. That’s why comedy is so piss poor these days, the left simply has no sense of humour and – due to perennial offence – no sense of fun.

    As Depeche Mode would say: “Enjoy the silence!” – cos you still lost and griping about a bell ringing, or a 50p piece isn’t going to change that. LOSERS!!!

    P.S. Is it me or are all of the cunts twisting that it’s the UK Govts fault for not immediately repatriating bat-disease-ridden “nationals” back to Blighty, and, having the neck to want to quarantine them for 14 days (cos what do 66 million other people matter – ME, ME, ME!), all look like bride purchasers? I mean I don’t know how many of the men-folk are out there there are, but they all look like late 40’s/early 50’s cunts with china doll blides in tow + kids in nappies. I wonder how much you have to send back to the motherland family these days in order to guarantee your “ruv you rong time” portion? 😷 Just saying…

  3. At 11pm they should place Lily FUCKING Allen in the stocks.
    They really should do this every day to be honest.

  4. The small mindedness of remoan and the civil service behind them is truly pathetic. They all need to be shown the door. If they think we’re going to just forget their treachery then they have a nasty fucking shock in store. Cunts.

  5. Leo T-shirt is giving it , who’s got the stronger team, we are 480 million you are 60 million…. what a cunt he should think carefully if it all goes wrong he is 5 million and needs the UK more that we need the the fucking Spud growers.

    The bongs of Big Ben are symbolic but the remoaners crying about leaving will be just as sweet!
    Fuck the soft cunts, it’s going to happen bong or no bong!

  6. Breaking news, the cunt Steve Bray is on Victoria D show, sitting with his megaphone next to him!

    • Bet the cunt is gutted that he’ll have to get a proper job now instead of basking in crowd-funding.

      I’d like to bray the cunt!

  7. These little minded shites probably think this is a victory by not having the chimes. We’ll see who has the last laugh.
    Happy Brexit Day everybody.

  8. Fuck me they are soppy twats.
    Boris should have spent the last year having 500 Spitfires built to fly the length of the country today.
    And fly a squadron of Lancasters over Brussels just in case.
    The cunts.

  9. We really should be lighting beacons across the land tonight with effigies of well known remoaners as wicks. “ Buy a dick for a wick, guvnor?”
    I might have said use the real thing but I wouldn’t want to get into trouble.
    We’ll start off with Wee Krankie on top of Edinburgh Castle and Magic Grandad at the Tower of London. Just to show unity with our European neighbours, we’ll set Dominic Grieve up in the Paris area.

  10. If the libertard liberal EU centric cunts get hold of that £272,000 raised for Big Ben it could be winging its way to some foreign relief campaign or some pet project at home.
    Let’s hope there’s no serious backsliding from Johnson obviously there will be some concessions as that’s how negotiations work but he’s got to fuck of the ECJ for starters and be robust , tell them what the UK wants , what’s on offer and not get dragged into a turgid drawn out set of negotiations that the EU seem to relish….
    watching the remoaners tears has been the highlight of the last week and I’m not letting some remain cunts ruin a night I’ve yearned for since that grey man sack of shite major signed the Maastricht treaty.
    I noticed with glee the “ not so” independent has already said Brexit is failing ? Well they certainly didn’t hang around , whilst the guardian made reference to our size “ Tiny island “ I was expecting better from those self important pricks “insignificant speck” would have sufficed.

    Last and by no means least fuck all the Brexit blocking quislings who tried so desperately to thwart both the referendum and election results……

    Happy Brexit day to you all on ISAC and massive thanks to the admin team ……

  11. I’d have been happy with a short clip of Jacob Rees-Mogg doing Emily Thornberry up the shitter Deliverance-style….”Squeal you maliferous Strumpet,squeal”.

  12. Couldn’t give two fucks about this fucking bell. I’d sooner see the money spent on training and employing one single nurse to alleviate pressure in just one hospital ward to make somebody’s life actually better.

    • Try telling the staff in Arrowe Park Hospital that. To add to an already under pressure NHS, they’ve been chosen as the isolation centre for those flown back from Wuhan.
      Why the fuck, when they are arriving in Oxfordshire, are they being bused up to the Wirral?
      There’s a fuckin’ trail of prawn crackers leading all the way up the M6. Is this what Boris means by rewarding the people in the broken red wall? The North has had the Parking Stanley’s, the Booshka Booshkas and now the Quarantinos forced on them.
      Many hospital staff were turned out of their full time accommodation and only heard about the plan in the media. I’m already pissed off with this Tory government and the ink is not even dry yet.

      • The NHS is run at breaking point every single fucking winter. It has no give left in the system. Total fucking mismanagement and unpreparedness. And we know who to blame, £14.6bn cast into the fucking sea by this government, and for what? The fuckers who fritter away billions of pounds of our taxes should be cleaning the toilets in the quarantined wards.

      • And can you imagine how badly those toilets would be cleaned? If at all? Have pity on the NHS, ffs.

  13. I’m going to create my own bongs. I’ll kidnap some vocal remainer cunt, hollow out its head (shouldn’t take long, nothing in it) then at 11pm I shall apply a steel ladle to it at moderate speed in a timed fashion, all the while swigging from a tumbler of Woods rum.

  14. My Dad won’t see us leaving the EU – He died in January 2019.

    Dad was adamant that to leave was and indeed is, in the UK’s best interests.

    I will raise a glass of the Scotch whisky he left behind and toast him and our departure, at 11pm this evening…

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