Terry Christian (3)

A ‘bong! bong!’ Big Ben cunting is surely in order for Remoaning Manc manic Terry Christian.

Many of you may not have heard of this gobby cunt, so let me quote to you from his Wikipedia entry, which delightfully describes him as an ‘unknown English broadcaster, journalist and author’. Older cunters may remember him as the presenter of C4’s ‘yoof culture’ show ‘The Word’ back in the early 90s.

Anyway, on a recent edition of ‘Good Morning Britain’, Christian made an absolute tool of himself, going into full-on ‘Brexit Derangement Syndrome’ rant mode. Included in his arm-waving tirade against Brexit were the now familiar wild Remoaner claims that the country’s ‘absolutely finished’, ‘how do we look to the rest of the world?’, and that Leavers ‘voted for it based on lies’. The buffoon went so far as to label the referendum result as ‘meaningless’, and tried to defend as a joke a tweet in which he stated that Brexiteers were ‘pitiable saps’ who deserved job losses.

During the course of this full-blown meltdown, the loony cunt hardly allowed fellow guest (Tory MP) Mark Francois to get a word in edgeways, and even managed to out-shout host Piers Morgan, no mean feat in itself.

Go on fellow cunters; click onto the link and relish the sight of a semi-coherent, democracy denying Remoaner shitweasel stewing in his own bile;

Terry Christian? Terry Fuckwitt* more like. Suck it up, Fuckwitt. Independence Day is finally here!!!!

Nominated by Ron Knee

* with apologies to ‘Viz’ comic.

137 thoughts on “Terry Christian (3)

  1. What an absolute Manc cunt, smarmy faced wanker still thinks he’s relevant when he never was.
    I wanted to punch him halfway through the video, total deleted bellend who probably still pops a pill and goes out raving with the youngsters…mad fer it…fuck off you cunt.
    What the fuck is that stupid haircut abaaaht also. It proves one of my many sayings…never trust a whitey whose hair doesn’t move, and never trust a blackie who hair does.
    Go fuck yourselves

  2. I’m predicting the first Brexit suicide is reported by tomorrow morning…on the BBC of course.

  3. I’ll tune in if this little plastic manc cunt head explodes….. This little turncoat turd supported City then ‘decided’ to go to United during Fergie’s glory years… He’s a slippery snidey little fuck and no mistake…. So his self important Brexit tantrums are of no surprise to me…. He is arguably more despised here in Manchester than he is anywhere else… We fucking hate him, the rubber faced faced motormouth fairweather little fuck….

  4. Listening to soppy, limp dicked cunts like this is exactly the reason that I stopped watching GMB. I’m from Manchester and am embarrassed at this prick’s attitude and behaviour. Apologies to all cunters on behalf of all us reasonable and “well read” Mancs!

    And Terry – Go fuck yourself you blubbering sack of shit! CUNT!!

  5. It also appears ‘Our Tez’ is lambasting United fans who criticise Paul Pogba…. Rubber Head says they ‘pick on’ Pogba because he is black… Utter fucking bollocks, of course… This nasal pumpkin headed cunt forgets how much we loved Paul McGrath, Remi Moses, Laurie Cunningham (RIP), Andy Cole, Dwight Yorke, Paddy Evra… Just typical leftist gobfuckery from old rubber features… We dislike Pogba becasue he is a lazy, corrosive, self centered, arrogant mercenary cunt….

  6. Project Fear Horror!!!

    ‘Brexit is already falling apart!!!!!!!!!’. Oh. My. Gaaahd!!
    Don’t worry guys, it’s only shithouse arsewipe paper ‘The Independent Remoaner’.
    Fucking hell, we haven’t even actually left yet! These cunts aren’t going away guys!

  7. What an utter gobby cunt.
    Mark Francois should have fucking head butted him and then kicked his kidneys in.

  8. Wither the other anti-British cunts? Coogan Partridge, Damon Blurcunt, Hairy Mulligan, Lily Mong de Spastique, Gary Linekunt, Konnie Fuq, J Kunt Rowling, Dickie Branson, Banana Gob, Patrick Stewart, Steptoe Corbyn, Uncle Tom Stormzy, Andrew ‘Baked Bean Headed Cunt’ Marr, Lily ‘Goldfish Faced Fuck’ Cole, Benderdick Cunteberdinck, Martin Freecunt, Amanda Slagginthon, Jack/John/Paul.George/Rick Monroe and any cunt I’ve left off?…

    Fuck them all… As that French bird Marianne Thingy (sort of) said: Let them eat fucking shit…. And those two Motorway Mick gobfucks, Bonio and Bob Geldaft can fuck off and all…

  9. I wouldn’t apologise to Viz Comic. Full on remainers and snowflake sympathisers the lot of em now.
    How the mighty have fallen…

  10. I have lived fairly happily for 67 years and had not previously encountered this poisonous cunt. He struck me as being like one of those happy little dogs that seeks to make up for a lack of size by using noise. However, in this turd’s case it must have dawned on him that he is way out of his depth as far as brains go. The only question is why does any broadcaster give him air time. Any one of my four cats would be a superior interviewee although I will admit that Grumps is a bit thick but he is very loving to me but vicious to every other living creature.
    Roll on 2300 hrs!

    • I loved it the way Wikipedia described him as an ‘unknown’ broadcaster etc! Just about sums up the useless cunt lol!

  11. Yep, just burn the cunt, I’d happily fan the flames and throw on the odd Michelin Pilot Sport…

  12. I loathed him the moment I ever saw/heard him and my opinion of him hasn’t improved in the intervening years. I could cheerfully sledgehammer grenades into every orifice of this cunt before pulling the pins simultaneously.

    • I would rethink that, Grenades have fly offs (or spoons) so your suggestion is impracticable.
      how about wrap him in barbed wire and connect it to a car battery (old type not the fused ones) and have him glow up.
      Fuck I am a sick puppy,

  13. Shit headed halfwit who should be in an isolation cell because he has been a cunt for nigh on 40 years. As the World is soon to end according to Guru Greta we cannot afford to have cunts like Terry running around scaring people. Lock the cunt up it makes sense.

  14. I went to Manchester Uni and it was full of cunts just like him The sort of person who knows everything and you can tell him nothing
    Terry Christian is a total cunt and loud mouth who needs a good slapping 👍
    Not long now before we are out of the EU Roll on 11pm
    Leave Means Leave Suck it Up 🇬🇧🇬🇧

  15. Cry baby snivelling little spazmatronic cuntoid.

    Fuck off and die of Corona virus.

    • Dreadful news fellow IsAC’ers – my symptoms include dizziness, coughing, sneezing, randomly singing Frank Sinatra songs.

      I think I may have Crooner virus..

      And a huge thanks to those two diseased little rats in York who have been confirmed as having Coronavirus – around twenty miles away from Me – if I die of it please break into my cave and delete my f*cking browser history, for the good of Humanity!

  16. We have noted the amazing similarity between this cunt and Kevin Maguire – another frequent cunt on GMB. Have a look at mogsrus.org

  17. Britain was finished when he and his ilk started helming debased filth like The Word. Mary Whitehouse was right.

  18. Is it me or does this cunt look handover.Reckon he is ill and not just in the head

    • I can honestly see ‘Brexit Derangement Syndrome’ (and ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ come to that) becoming recognised by the medical experts as a genuine clinical condition. Some individuals really seem to have become a bit unhinged over things lately.

      • Aye, and all the starking panleys, chuck spearers and dooshka dooshkas will claim benefits because of it….

      • Just flicking through the MSM remoaner hatefests, sorry I mean “impartial coverage” – Lisa Nandy on AL-BEEB 2 whining for more economic migration and demanding more “exclusivity”
        Shitweasel traitor Miller whining her hateful shite on ITV.
        What the fuck is the disease afflicting my Country?

  19. Gentlemen, prepare to raise your glasses.
    To Independence, and to Sir Nigel Farage, the greatest Briton of the 21st century.


  20. Terry Christian is such a cunt, he and Phillip Schofield have the two must punchable faces on TV.
    I would cum in my pants whilst beating the fucking shit out of those two’s fucking smug faces.
    Fucking Mr Manc, bet he says he was at the Hacienda and saw The Stone Roses & Happy Mondays before they hit the mainstream.
    Not many people I can claim to despise and wish to batter to death with a hammer, but Terry & Phil would be first in line.
    Fucking cunting shit weasels, the pair of them!

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