Sadiq Khan [35]

Can Suckdick get even more cuntish?

Oh yes.

MSN Link.

Pollution and global warming is racist, innit.

”Areas of London with minority ethnic populations of more than 50 per cent are more likely to face the highest climate risk in London, including flooding, exposure to toxic air, heat risk and limited access to green space, analysis from City Hall shows.”

Thus spake the intellectual giant.

Perhaps climate and pollution makes people more stabby as well? That might explain it.

For once, words fucking fail me.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Sadiq Khan [34]

As the Ukraine crisis staggers from bad to worse, it’s good to be able to report some re-assuring news from esteemed London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

According to shortarse Khant, London is ‘well prepared’ should Mad Bad Vlad go full on loony and decide to launch a nuclear strike on the nation’s capital. A spokesparrot for Citizen Khunt trilled ‘London has a resilient system in place to ensure that key agencies work closely and effectively together to keep us all safe’.

‘Keep us all safe?’. Is this really supposed to offer comfort to the populace? This is nothing but mealy-mouthed, empty rhetoric which counts for fuck all, given that there is no meaningful response possible in the event of a hot war armageddon. Nuclear strike? Khunt can’t even deal with a tube strike.

So in the complete absence of any practical advice from bus driver’s son made good Sadiq, here is the simple, Knee three point action plan for every citizen to follow in the event that it all kicks off;

1. locate the nearest table and get under it
2. squat down and push your head as far as possible between your knees
3. kiss your ass goodbye.

Nice one Sadiq old son. You dropped the big one there. Bollock, that is.

Nominated by: Ron Knee

Sadiq khan [32]

Let’s hear it again for that slimy little turd of a London Mayor – 5ft 4 inches of self righteous bile, – your own, your very own (and you can keep him) Sadiq “Concorde Nose” Khan, who has, yet again, attempted to blackmail the government, by pretending he is seriously thinking of closing down one of London’s underground (tube lines) OR axe “100 bus routes”, unless the government give them another (never to be repaid) “loan”:

I apologize to non-London cunters for raising this, but there is always this pattern with this little worm – he makes outrageous threats, gets the money he needs to piss against the wall, never tries to put his projects on a workable budget and then boasts that “he” has secured the funding – if he does, it is only through his constant blackmail.
(I think it’s obvious where the money goes. See header pic – NA)

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

And then there’s this from Sick of it

Another cunting for Suckdick and his Diversity is our strength shithole that is London.

A group of Jewish teenagers on a bus in Oxford St were ‘abused’ by several men, banging on the windows and giving Nazi salutes.
Now you would expect this was a ‘far right’ attack and if it had been them MSM would have had a fucking party with Tommy R hung drawn and quartered.

Sadly from the video footage this group of thugs had a familiar look, their heritage was either Stans or some other Muslim shithole

The link has the footage, and a headline ‘deeply disturbing’, not really it’s what we expect from the religion of peace.

MyLondon News Link


Sadiq Khan [19]

An emergency cunting for everyone’s favorite mayor. Londonistan mayor Suckdiq Khant is really putting himself out there for the cunt of the year awards. This useless cunt has finally perked up about the illegal and dangerous demonstrations/riots in London. Of course, being the cunt that is Khan made a reference to the risk of COVID-19 (Bit fucking late) but then launched a tirade into the “far-right” which from what I have read was a large group of football fans and veterans who wished to counter demonstrate with the primary objective of defending property and preventing anarchy.We used to have a force for that can`t remember the name of it though.

Here are the cunt`s comments:

“However, I’m extremely concerned that further protests in Central London not only risk spreading Covid-19, but could lead to disorder, vandalism and violence.

“Extreme far-right groups who advocate hatred and division are planning counter-protests, which means that the risk of disorder is high.

“Be in no doubt these counter-protests are there to provoke violence, and their only goal is to distract and hijack this important issue.”

He describes the protestors are largely peaceful.Even though over 60 officers injured Horses attacked and criminal damage the cost of which I dread to think. That being said Khan is of course accustomed to his streets looking like war zones.How many black stabbings has he been concerned about on his own turf?

Also Khan seems to think a solution is boxing off Churchill and the Cenotaph memorial to prevent vandalism when he could just ring up Cressida Strapacoctomy and tell her brigade to protect them for thugs which the so-called “far right” wanted to do.Now I hate the far-right with a passion but the definition of far-right used today has been s far expanded that it has become meaningless as it refers to anyone who is to the right of the Corbynista project.

Khunt is a vile Marxist arsehole who defended nutty antisemitic radical preacher Louis Farrakhan when he was banned from the UK but now is along with Strapacoctomy the embodiment of selective regressive censorship that is leading us to a frightening Orwellian Police State where only those deemed to be on the “right side of history” in their crystal ball into the future are allowed freedom.

Nominated by Shaun

Sadiq Khan [9]

Sad Dick Cunt deserves, like his *honourable* friend Anthony Blair, a 24/7 cunting.

The idiotic shit brained little fucker has decided that it is quite in order to insult Donald Trump during his upcoming London visit, in the most childish way possible.

So the fuckwit who *runs* London, who has presided over a ramshackle administration, over more than 80 murders in the first half of this year, who spends more time worrying about Brexit than the shithole with it’s filth and *inclusion* that is London has now got under the barrel and started scraping it, to dig up more right on shit.

This cunt couldn’t run a supermarket let alone a Capital city.

Nominated by W.C.Boggs

Sadiq Khan is on record as saying the the UK should apologise for the Amritsar massacre.

I suggest that we do so – but only after Islam has apologised for the 7/7 London bombings.

Nominated by Pedantic Cunt