Sadiq khan [32]

Let’s hear it again for that slimy little turd of a London Mayor – 5ft 4 inches of self righteous bile, – your own, your very own (and you can keep him) Sadiq “Concorde Nose” Khan, who has, yet again, attempted to blackmail the government, by pretending he is seriously thinking of closing down one of London’s underground (tube lines) OR axe “100 bus routes”, unless the government give them another (never to be repaid) “loan”:

I apologize to non-London cunters for raising this, but there is always this pattern with this little worm – he makes outrageous threats, gets the money he needs to piss against the wall, never tries to put his projects on a workable budget and then boasts that “he” has secured the funding – if he does, it is only through his constant blackmail.
(I think it’s obvious where the money goes. See header pic – NA)

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

And then there’s this from Sick of it

Another cunting for Suckdick and his Diversity is our strength shithole that is London.

A group of Jewish teenagers on a bus in Oxford St were ‘abused’ by several men, banging on the windows and giving Nazi salutes.
Now you would expect this was a ‘far right’ attack and if it had been them MSM would have had a fucking party with Tommy R hung drawn and quartered.

Sadly from the video footage this group of thugs had a familiar look, their heritage was either Stans or some other Muslim shithole

The link has the footage, and a headline ‘deeply disturbing’, not really it’s what we expect from the religion of peace.

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40 thoughts on “Sadiq khan [32]

  1. ‘ Five litre Jag ‘ Khan can fuck off to the land of his father’s, and take the rest of his smelly, murderous ilk with him.
    Then nuke them. 💥
    London has fallen.

  2. To back up Sick Of It;s nomination, read this, and then, following radio silence from Citizen Khan, just imagine if the victims names had been Ahmed and Mohammed the righteous indignation that would have poured forth from Khan’s rubbery lips:

    This arsehole is, as they say, totally unfit for purpose, except running a rip-off back street corner shop

    • Britain has the highest use of cocaine per capita. It was 2.2% of adults using coke in a regular basis. Didn’t people get the memo in the 80s about coke? It ruins society because it brings in bandit-minded cunts. Duh.

      • I reckon it’s waaaay more than 2.2%.

        “You don’t have to put a spoon up your nose to be groovy.”
        – Frank Zappa (in the late 70s)

    • London, shithole of epic proportions, Suckdick and his useless police chief are more concerned with apologising to silly cunts whose feelings have been hurt.

      Armed police raids with shoot to kill orders are required, saves on court time and the fuckers can’t return after deportation.

    • I’ll never forgive the bastard for allowing The Donald balloon to be launched.

      I despise this cunt more than my vocabulary can express.

  3. The Khan Cunt will be in charge of London for as long as he and his henchmen choose. When he leaves another peaceful will replace him.

    ‘Knees up Mother Brown’, ‘Knocked ’em in the Old Kent Road’, ‘Maybe its because I’m a Londoner’, ‘I’ve got a Luvverly Bunch of Coconuts’ ‘Boiled Beef and Carrots’ ‘Have a banana’….brown bread.

  4. Diversity is our weakness. London might as well be in Pakistan. We should move England’s capital back to Winchester.

    • A lot countries have done this – moved their capital. Move it to York. London is a weird, unfriendly, stressful place. You can’t relax there like you can in Paris, Rome, Prague, Budapest, Copenhagen, etc. It just fills you with anxiety at 2pm never mind at night. It’s a business hub, THE business hub. Add Muslims and creepy foreigners to that mix and you have a hellscape, no other way of putting it. And many places in Blighty are becoming like that.

      • I lived in London for 5 years from ’87 and could see the writing on the wall even then. You couldn’t drag me back to that shithole now. I much prefer my hometown shithole, Leicester. But I don’t venture into the city here either and stick to the suburbs.

      • CG@ – York? Every politician would be permanently stuck in traffic on the A19 bottleneck into York and wouldn’t be able to implement any stupid and dangerous policies which will further damage our Country.
        York it is then! 👍
        Actually, maybe not, York is quite close to me, it reminds me more and more of Chinatown as loud aggressive groups of up to 30 tourists at a time walk around like they own the place and use their 5 grand Japanese cameras to photograph everything they casually assume they will own in 20 years.
        A crime ridden dump filled with junkies and poverty where an English accent is the last heard – so nothing like London then! 😃

      • York was the first city that came to my Scottish mind as we sacked it under William Wallace! It’s a great place, lots of amazing historical magic. Make it the cultural capital, no politicians allowed.

  5. No wonder he welcomes immigrants in their droves. It all makes sense why he wins mayoral elections.

    The indigenous London white vote is disappearing quicker than Boris’ 80 seat landslide!

  6. He’s been nominated as a cunt that often, it wouldn’t surprise me if he morphed into an actual cunt, with beef curtains, man in the boat, pubes and smelling of fish occasionally.

  7. Up until 2001 London was just about recognisable as my home town of birth. Not any more. Last two visits hoards of kids (50 or more I kid you not) cycling down park lane and Oxford street spitting at people and causing traffic chaos.
    London is lost and your welcome to it khan.
    Londonstabistan RIP.

  8. Never had a problem with Jews.
    Have Jewish mates, have worked for them to, They keep themselves to themselves. Don’t go round blowing people up or feel they are entitled to carry out any disgusting practice such as cutting off female genitals.
    Western Governments have only themselves to blame for allowing this intolerant medieval creed to fester.
    We should have followed Poland’s example and other Eastern European nations and never allowed the fucking cunts in, not even to work .

    • Quite agree FF

      We’ll soon learn that by allowing Islam into this country plus the building of hundreds upon hundreds of mosques, that it was the single most catastrophic decision ever made.
      By our political betters I must add and not the general public.
      We were never asked remember.

  9. He will probably insist that the makers of the board game, Monopoly, update street names, Community Chest and Chance cards, along with the pieces for a more diverse capital.

    Expect to see the following.

    The Dog – now a vegetable
    The Hat – Turban
    The Boot – Nike Trainers (nicked)
    Thimble – Molotov cocktail
    The Iron – Placard of Greta Thunderbirds
    The Car – bike with Lycra cunt on board with no lights
    The Boat – 9 year old schoolgirl in revealing uniform

    Old Kent Road – Abdul Street
    The four train stations – all boarded up, no money for TfL
    Euston Road – Greta Avenue
    Whitehall – Bin Laden Mosque
    The Strand – Ganga Street
    Fleet Street – Woke Muse
    Trafalgar Square – George Floyd Memorial
    Regent Street – Somali Stabberama
    Oxford Street – Owen Jones Alley
    Mayfair – Transfair

    Chance Card – “You have said a hurty words. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect 2000 bitcoins”

    Chance Card – “You have been stabbed by a white working class radical right winger. Collect £5m compo”

    Community Chest – “Congratulations. You have a date with Gina Miller!”

    Community Chest – “Sadiq has offered you £500 to you and your 12 family members (even though the census says just 3 people) if you “look after” these postal vote slips in the enclosed brown envelope. Vote for him. You know it makes sense”

  10. The more of this shite I see the more I feel like moving to Scotland to support the Krankies bid for independence. As loathsome as she is she’s a country mile better than this cunt. As for London, it can disappear up it’s own arsehole for me. I will never go there again.

  11. Evil little cunt.
    Perfect for modern Britain.
    Not far off running the show now.
    Oily little goblins.

  12. I used to love living in London, but had to leave 20 years ago, more through necessity rather than choice at the time.
    Best thing I ever did though. I could never live there again. A once great capital city, now an absolute toilet.

  13. Suckdick and that lezza fake copper have, between the pair of them, turned parts of Stabistan into an unrecognisable foreign shithole. At the moment Citizen Khunt is in the process of pissing away millions changing street names to reflect our wonderfully diverse society and watch out for his multi million pound New Years Eve firework display advertising the EU, poofery and the racist, Marxist BLM.
    🎶Let’s go down the Strand. Have a banana!🎶
    You lucky people!

  14. Last time I did a contract in London it was full of Eastern Euro Pavels and their spouses shoplifting from the local Sainsburys.

  15. I recently went on to the TfL journey planner for a trip into London. The first option was of cycling and walking despite the fact I want to travel from Essex to North London. If TfL is so short of cash , why are they promoting options that don’t earn them money? What cockwombles

  16. Northerners having a pop is a bit rich… You cunts have a rat problem of epidemic proportions..
    What are you doing about it?

  17. I still want to know what the odious little gnome ‘promised’ them in return for their vote.

    Go on Suckdick, tell us what special privileges you promised the goat raping, child mutilating fucktards in return for their vote?

    They seem very vocal about it.

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