Elvis Costello [2] – Watching out for the Detectives

A nomination for Elvis Costello, who has now (42 years later), asked radio stations not to play Oliver’s Army due to the lyrics including the word n*gger.

Agreed that it’s an unpleasant term, but he was quite happy to earn royalties from it since 1979.

It would be even better if he asked radio stations to cease playing his stuff full stop, especially that dreadful dirge ‘a good year for the roses’. They must have used the rest of his shit songs as compost for that bountiful crop.


I never bought in to his nerdy image with his plain glass NHS specs, I just regarded him as a cunt, even then.

Nominated by: mystic maven

OVO Energy

OVO Energy are a cunt, advice on keeping warm without turning the heating up.

Comedy gold from some smartarse fuckwit at OVO who gave some recommendations on a blog on keeping warm without winding up the heating

Classics like leaving the oven door open after finishing cooking (I assume they men after it has been turned off), visions of families huddled around a oven ffs.

Cuddling your pets, poor little things being abused by freezing humans, I hope my cat will understand when I shove him under the duvet.

There are others in the link

OVO have apologised and are updating advice 😂

What is wrong with these people, don’t they understand that ordinary people know how to keep warm. I get boiled piss everytime the labour twats come out with the ‘heating or eating’ choice, it’s fucking eating, in the good old days the peasants had coal, made a fire in one room and that was it, the rest of the house was a fucking fridge 😂


Nominated by: Sick of it



God, these people are annoying aren’t they? The sheer arrogance and complete inability to admit that they might be wrong about something, the citing of obscure Shitchute videos as irrefutable ‘proof’, the smug, self-satisfied ‘always right’ demeanor, the complete hostility and condescending smugness towards anyone who tries to claim they’re wrong… my mum’s one of these people and although I love her she unfortunately embodies a fair few of these characteristics, to the point that trying to debate Covid with her is like talking to cotton wool.

These people give those of us who have perfectly reasonable concerns about the direction of travel insofar as Covid is concerned a bad name.

Nominated by: OpinionatedCunt


Play nice please – DA

All White Arsenal [3]

Today (9th Jan) Arsenal FC are playing an FA Cup tie at Nottingham Forest (hope they lose, the bastards) (they did 1-0 – NA) and have made a big media deal about wearing an all white kit.

Apparently this is part of the “lose the red” campaign to prevent architects stabbing the shit out of each other. Yes, it’s a rather tenuous link and has to be carefully explained so dumb cunts like us get the wokie message. Give it a rest for fucks sake you fake cunts. Firstly, shouldn’t it be all black instead of all white, for obvious reasons?

Secondly, what are you going to do when the yoot move on to guns instead of knives? The name ARSENAL suggests a collection of firearms. Surely you must change your name to be properly woke? You’ve opened up a whole can of worms here haven’t you, you poseur cunts?

Far be it for me to suggest your new name……I can’t think of anything appropriate. Honest!

(I’ll provide a link then shall I? – NA)

Nominated by: Freddie the Frog

A New World Order

I hail from the free range prison known by the name ‘Australia’. It is truly the season of the Cunt’s but, as always, there are stand out performers who redefine the boundaries and challenge or abilities to reconcile or even conceive of the very existence of such beings and their behaviours, attitudes and plans.

I believe Klaus Schwab’s current subterfuge and bullshit skills are quickly placing him in the ranks of Francisco Franco, Mussolini and, the great meth head himself Hitler all be it with a much more low key faux sanguine sales pitch aimed at collectivising assets with his rich cadre of Cunts the ‘World Economic Forum’, and generally telling every human being on the planet when and how to wipe their butt holes and when and which products they can use, they basically are installing Commercial Communism 2.0 and militarised health care whilst blow torching and choking civil rights with alarming efficiency.


(Link helpfully provided by lord of the manor, Dick Foxchaser-Fiddler – NA)

Nominated by: Charles Eider