Awaab Ishak’s Parents

Right- this is NOT a cunting for this young lad.

It is a cunting for his parents, who have not come across mould and the causes of it due to them being just another couple of immigrants…this time from Somalia, where presumably fucking mud huts and a warm climate don’t contribute to mould. Neither does having to worry about your hut having an indoor shower/bath, flushing toilet and water on tap. No sir……mould is alien to them. Until of course they come to the land of plenty where they are given a nice free property with all those water fed luxuries, which of course also can cause mould if you don’t ventilate the property correctly. I have always found it peculiar that when you read a news story about someone complaining about mould, you just know it’s going to be a council place. Why is it only council houses that suffer from mould? Or could it be the residents are in it all day doing fuck all with the heating cranked up, windows shut, with the washer/dryer going and some munter having her weekly shower?

What really pisses me off though, is the comments from the father (interpreted by the way, as they cunt can’t even speak English) whereby he calls the council racist (didn’t take him long to employ the narrative did it?) and basically doing nothing to help his family.

Ungrateful cunt..fuck off back to Somalia where mould is a luxurious dream.

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To add to Chuff’s comments.

”Awaab Ishak: Mould in Rochdale flat caused boy’s death, coroner rules”

Sad but:-

Mould can be dealt with.
Ventilation, not having wet clothes hanging about.
Opening windows.
A cheap spray which kills the spores and growth.
But no. They did fuck all.

These cunts were smothered in social workers etc who identified the problem, did fuck all to rectify it themselves. (Its the council’s/housing association’s problem) and now, undoubtedly with the help of some white woke cunt cry racism. In fucking Rochdale which is 50% Parking Stanley.

This child’s death is 100% due to the stupid, non English speaking family. No doubt Somalia would have sorted it if they fucked off back there.

Dreadful Treatment of Migrants

I know we are often light hearted on here but the following harrowing tale puts things in perspective. (Go on, we’re listening – NA)

‘Staying here is intolerable’: the truth about asylum seeker hotels”

This concerns the dreadful treatment of Ali, who has fled religious persecution (??) in Iran, desperately crossed 8 or 9 countries to reach our shores.
He is banged up in a Berkshire hotel where:-

”The food is repetitive, his fellow guests never leave, the streets of Reading rarely change. “There is nothing to do. Nothing happens”

Yes, the racist bastards of Reading never change the streets for him.
He has been banged up here for 489 days with only complete freedom, food and a money allowance to cling to.

We should be ashamed of ourselves and can thank the Guardian for bringing this to our attention. If you open the attached make sure you have hankies at the ready.

MSN Link.

Another MSN Link. (Additional link provided by Jeezum Priest)

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William Hickson

WILLIAM HICKSON is a dozy Geordie cunt.

Hickson was arrested in Newcastle with 41 £20 notes stuffed into his sock. Now I know that Geordie slang for ‘pounds’ is ‘poonds’ but as far as I’m aware Newcastle has yet to issue its own currency – so notes with a value of 20 poonds on them would seems to be a bit obviously suspect.

Amazingly they had to call an expert in to verify that they were forgeries.

Words fucking fail me…

Daily Fail Link.

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The Alphabet Community & Their Values

Qatar is a shithole.

The world cup was awarded through rampant corruption.
Thousands of poor 3rd world labourers died constructing the stadiums.
Migrant workers are virtual slaves, wages and passports withheld, working and living in inhumane conditions.
Women in Qatar have no rights and are treated as possessions.

All truly Islamic.

But what upsets the assortment of preverts and degenerates?
The fact that they cant carry on with their shirt lifting and gobbling and fuck knows what else if they go there.

We know that the tranny brigade regard their rights to be above women’s rights but this really shows this collection of deviants for the me me me cunts that they are.
Pathetic cunts like Southgate are part of this hypocrisy.

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D.C. Thompson and Their Beano Comic

D.C Thompson and their Beano comic are cunts.

Another British institution that is now riddled with the woke disease.

Dennis The Menace is now just known as Dennis. In case the word ‘Menace’ implies that he is some sort of sex pest, and it ‘offends’ the Me Too Femstapo psychos.

Walter The Softy has also been jettisoned. In case he offends the ever sensitive LGBTQ ‘community’. Mind you, what doesn’t offend the cunts?

And, it gets worse. The iconic Bash Street Kids have also been woke bombed. Old favorites, Fatty, Wilfred and Spotty have all been axed. And there are now three new characters: two are female, one is peaceful, and all are black.

It is also now ‘mandatory’ to have a black character on the cover of every issue. Even Marcus Rashord now has his own story in it. And, naturally, the Guardian has an orgasm about it. I am just glad I am old enough to remember old style comics like Whizzer and Chips, The Dandy, and a time when this vile woke crap didn’t exist…

Grauniad Link.

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