Wimminz As Victims

An all girls together cunting please for all the poor victimized wimminz who have crawled out of the woodwork since P.C. Couzins was sentenced last week. It started out with lots of them saying how scared they were of male police officers, how they would either run or scream if one of them dare say hello, hello, hello to her/them.

Then we had the old trick like when a dog bites a child, we read for days after how the family Chihuahua dangerously savaged somebody else’s brat or the postman, that every copper who has ever sinned gets his name dragged through the press.

No woman has ever suffered like the current snowflakes though – women as vile and ugly as AnalEase Dodds all claim that they have been assaulted or insulted each tome they put their hooters outside the door – now we have a victim of bottom slapping. Enough already:

Link to bottom slapping story. Go on – click.

Anybody can be a victim if they choose to be. How much easier it would be for the wimminz if all the men were Philip Schofield or Gaylord Mandelson.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs

And on a similar note, here’s another from W.C. Boggs

“DAME” (As in Pantomime) LOUISE CASEY:

Listen up all you rapist coppers – your time is up. All those poor quaking old wimminz like Dame Keir and AnalEase Dodds who fear get taken into the bushes at no notice in broad daylight, and have your knickers pulled down, while a P.C. pushes his truncheon into your quim, and then having racist, homophobic and transphobic sweet nothings whispered in your ear – Louise is on the case.

News Link

Boris has done a Blair and employed “Dame” Louise Casey to look into the police, after the rape and murder to investigate their alleged misogyny. That is the young woman (in her twenties at the time), who between cream buns and many missed visits to WeightWatchers investigated, first homelessness (“Blair’s homelessness zsar”), then she investigated “manners” – “Blair’s Respect Zsar”(and upset senior police officers by getting drunk at a dinner and swearing at them) – I am sure she will go down well. It annoys me that every government has these tame yes men and women (Matthew Taylor, probable quare, is another old favourite) who they call on to hold forth about things they know fuck all about.

I imagine the only contact Casey has had with the police is when they have arrested her. There used to be a Wireless 4 series called Frank Muir Goes Into…… “and investigates the humour of the subject with the help of Alfred Marks” , I am just surprise they don’t do something similar with A Case For Casey. It would probably be just as funny. She will be giving Radio 4s Today programme many pompous lady interviews in the months ahead.

Old fatarse has been given so many commissions at fantastic rates of pay, which she always waddles away from months later – her overweening “can-do” attitude yet again defeated – homelessness zsar – there are still numerous homeless people, often army veterans overlooked in favour of homes for the rubber boat invaders. The “Respect” zsar gig – there are still pig ignorant yobs and their tattooed tarts roaming the streets. So it goes on. Cant-do more like, but Khan will be creaming his Tenaladies

No doubt this time next year, after a few high profile meetings – police chiefs to barrage balloon, she will be off again having trousered another large cheque for doing fuck all, apart from looking “important” to celebrate with yet more jelly and cakes and whipped cream by the bucketful.

I doubt she will start her “high profile” enquiry till a couple of really hard-hitting interviews from the Guardian and the Lesbian Labour Ladies Action Committee, so AnalEase, Jess Phillips and Angie Rayner, this might be your last opportunity to get out into London’s parks and commons and get lucky, that one of the Met’s very, very few sex pests might have a go at you, and give you a mouthful – amongst other things. A girl can dream……

Diana – The Musical

I can’t believe it! It’s here, it’s really here at last!
Yes, after what seems like an eternity of waiting, the 21st century’s answer to ‘Evita’ has finally exploded onto our screens…
… and hurled shit in every direction.
Lloyd Webber and Rice might have been able to make something out of the ‘Queen of Hearts’ story in musical terms; it does, after all, have a number of parallels to that of Eva Peron.
But here we have embarrassingly lacklustre tunes and hilariously bad lyrics from David Bryan and Joe DiPietro; no, me neither, but here’s a little sample of their Cole Porter-like genius with words. Get this;

*(paparazzi chase Di through streets) ‘better than Guiness, better than a wank, take some pics, it’s money in the bank!’
*(Di croons to baby Harry) ‘my ginger-haired son, you’ll always be second to none’

Fuck my hat, I’d like to believe that this is meant to be in ironic bad taste, but I see no evidence to suggest that the insight, wit or clever intent is there for that. What might yet prove to be ironic however is that being so gloriously naff, this shithouse effort could actually acquire a cult following and become a real life ‘Springtime for Hitler’. Stranger things have happened.
For myself, all I can say is, where are the Gershwins and Frank Loesser when you need them?

Nominated by: Ron Knee

Expensive To Be Poor

Just recently, I’ve heard this phrase and I did wonder what it meant. After a phone in on BBC radio I now understand. What this actually refers to is that if you’re skint, it’s more expensive to live…pre-payment meters, pre-pay phones, expensive lending and poor quality of food you can buy.

Well, the reason pre-pay things are more expensive is that you are a less desirable customer and have at some point in the past been shall we say….”unreliable with your money”. I think companies have the right to charge more if they are continually chasing you for money because you tend to waste it on crap. Any company making obscene profits from these folk need closing down and the owners jailing.

Expensive lending? Well, if you’re on benefits the last thing you should be thinking of is borrowing money, you have no income FFS. A woman called the show who was on the skank complaining that she couldn’t go on holiday abroad or buy little Tommy that Nintendo Switch for Christmas unless she borrowed from loan sharks….Jesus wept.

You have to eat poor quality food if you are less well-off. This is complete BOLLOCKS as I have proved. I ate a sea bass, new spuds and fresh broccoli for less than the price of a McDonalds breakfast…stop buying takeaway food you mongers and get down the supermarket.

I remember a photo recently of a queue for a food bank and they pointed out the Apple phones, trainers, football tops and other junk people have wasted their money on before thinking of feeding themselves or their kids. Makes me sick.

Expensive to be poor my anus.

Nominated by: Spanky Mc Spank

Yet Another Black History Month [3]

(Why not call it a year instead! Only a matter of time. – Day Admin)


The month denoted to socialists, globalists, and the over-compassionate, subservient indigenous folk, to pay their respects to the history of the black community.

Waitrose, John Lewis, and M&S promote this unnecessary propaganda, and it subsequently causes division. It would take a magnus opus of a cunting to even begin to explain why the remaining 11 months of the year should be celebrated in other ways.

Spasticus was 20 years old in 1990, and this crap didn’t exist back then. In my experience, quite the opposite. During the 2 years that I lived in SW London I was verbally abused several times, ‘White bastard’ etc. I’d done no wrong, just a hippy wandering down the street minding my own business.

So when I saw a BHM poster in their entrance yesterday, I complained to the local M&S via social media. Told them I didn’t appreciate being brainwashed.

Maybe take a leaf out of the cancel culture book. Gang up, and pin the cunts to the wall using their own techniques.

Nominated by: Marcus Maximus Spasticus

And to add insult to injury, there’s this from mystic maven

Black History Month Tube Map

I’ve seen it all now, every station on the London Underground map has been renamed after a black person.

It’s real – click here.

Only black people, mind, not Asians, Orientals etc.

Not much diversity there then.

Probably just a matter of time until they decide to make it permanent.

Strangely enough, I couldn’t find Stab Central though.

Nominated by: mystic maven

Natural Selection Dodgers

Fuckwits who deserve to get sorted out by natural selection, but live to be a fuckwit another day.

Link to story.

This is for all those fuckwits who can’t even cross a road without help, you know the cockwombles I’m talking about:

– retards who ride across the road infront of you on lecky scooters when you luckily slowing for a junction;
– fuckmonkeys who walk into the traffic oblivious of the danger because they are up dating their facebook page…lol;
– dick heads who fling car doors open without checking mirrors, or just pull into already moving traffic;
– retarded inbred Swansea fuckwits who should have just been flushed down the bog at birth.

See this gormless slapper who in my opinion must have already cheated natural selection too many times, luckily for the bus company a driver with dashcam footage handed the film in to the bus company, or that knuckle dragging cabbage from the shallow end of the gene pool would have sued their arses and therefore cost every fucker more money.

This is even worse in Londonisbad, still im sure she wont do it again, but then again, she,s from Swansea so who the knows, natural selection awaits…..

Nominated by: Fuglyucker