The Ivy in the Lanes

A nomination for the most pretentious pile of wank ive seen in some time, “The Ivy in the Lanes”, in Brighton.

The chef Jason Atherton once called The Ivy (in London) a ‘chip shop for luvvies’ as it was frequented by panto dames and theatre folk, as well as washed-up celebrities.

Now Brighton, the South coast’s London receptacle, has it’s own Ivy-affiliate, the Ivy in the Lanes.

If you’ve been to Brighton, you’ll know the Lanes is a district selling tat , sushi and bagels to chin-stroking hipsters. It seems very apt that the Ivy might open up a spin-off there, given how unwittingly establishment most of the cunts who live there actually are.

Sorry mate, i don’t care about your band that uses funny time signatures. You’re as alternative as Dame Judy Dench.


(Link provided by the rugged and handsome Night Admin – NA)

Nominated by: Cuntamus Prime

The Tavistock Clinic

The Tavistock Clinic.

This temple to the disfigurement of children has been deemed ‘Inadequate’ by the health watchdog. Concerning yes, but when you look at some figures a picture emerges of trendy dogma above science, biology or logic.

‘The number of children and young people referred to the service grew from 97 in 2009-10 to 697 in 2014-15.
Since it opened its doors in 1989, around 75% of GIDS’ patients had been boys – natal males to use the language of the service at the time, now referred to as assigned male at birth.
In 2011, girls equalled boys in number for the first time. And by 2015 there had been a reversal in the sex ratio, with girls now outnumbering boys two to one.’

What is going on? Has their been a seismic shift in biology and genetics? After all, this is an alledgedly scientific institute.
Or has there been an increase in:
Social media which in turn has led to –
Pressure from tranny groups (that brooks no argument) to assert all mental and sexual ambiguity has to be down to being in the wrong body.

Anyone suggesting the latter is of course some sort of phobe.

Nominated by: Cuntstable Cuntbubble

Carefully Curated

I would like to nominate the use of that annoying and totally redundant phrase “carefully curated”. I see this phrase more and more and every time it makes me want to punch a hole in my computer screen.

This is a phrase used by cunts trying to sell useless shit. In the business of selling garden gnomes? Then why not enhance the perceived value by describing them as a “carefully curated collection of garden gnomes”. A restaurant specialising in cunt food recently described its menu as “carefully curated”. I see this phrase everywhere, being used to persuade gullible fools into buying garbage by creating an idea of exclusivity.

Firstly, these twats are not curators. The job of a curator is to preserve valuable cultural artefacts. These people are just cunts trying to flog useless shit.

Secondly, the phrase “carefully curated “ is a tautology. It suggests there is such a thing as ‘sloppily curating’, which is a contradiction in terms.

So be a good curator Admin, and add this noxious phrase and it’s users to your carefully curated collection of CUNTS.

Nominated by: Marvellous Mechanical Cunting Machine

Racist Plasters

Raaaay-sist Plasters

There’s a clip circulating on Soshul Meeja where some Yank bird, claiming to be a teacher, starts crying about the fact that plasters ( band-aids they call them in Yankland ) are white. They’re obviously not but let’s not have a row about shades of whiteyness because they are all bad, end of story.
She holds up a couple of plasters and says “ every time I put these on a brown child I am literally adding insult to injury.”
Fucking hell, I bet she thought that was a very clever thing to say not realising that she had just made a complete cunt of herself. ? Are you sure you are a teacher darling? I reckon the black kid who has just been stung by a cunting wasp doesn’t give a flying fuck about the “insult” of the off white plaster. Talk about finding raaaay-sism where it doesn’t exist……they should sign this bitch up to the Labour Party.

Sorry Admin, links are way above my technical ability. You’ll have to do it yourself or bin the fucker.

(Well, you caught me in a forgiving mood, Freddie. I found a link to the story. – NA)

Nominated by: Freddie the Frog

Verphy Kudi

A diversity-is-our strength cunting please for this 19 year old savage, who, in order to celebrate her 18th birthday went on a six day bender. The brainless whore left her baby daughter alone the entire time, with the result that the child died of dehydration and influenza:

Link to story.

She has, to her credit, pleaded guilty. She will be sentenced later. Her defence council have been given access to all her social service papers, no doubt to concoct a suitable sob story to get her a minimal sentence. That sentence should surely include sterilization, so she an never produce offspring to abuse again.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs