Hunter Biden’s “art”

This spawn of a cunt is a case study of a pathetic, fucked up, spoiled politikid who has refused to become a man.

With daddy covering his sorry ass his whole life, he has had no incentive to grow up and take any adult responsibility. His daddy is obviously as good a dad as he is president.

Now Hunter is a pawn for funnelling money to his daddy Joe “Big Guy” Biden. Turns out he paints artwork that admittedly is worthy of a decent hotel room wall. However, art that would normally cost about the same as the frame and glass is being sold for up to $500,000.00!

Any idiot will instantly see what is going on here. The content of his laptop he neglected might be worth that but not his artwork. This tactic is just like Hillary Clinton filtering her pay offs through her family foundation (allegedly – NA). Those payments dried up the day after the 2016 election for some reason.

The list of reasons Hunter is a chrome plated cunt is quite long but this proves he is unrepentant in his choice to be a tool of alleged corruption under his daddy’s protection. A sad piece of human garbage. That whole family is nothing but losers with old Joe setting the tone for that legacy to continue unchanged for generations to come.

In opinion most of his art looks like something growing in a petri dish.

Hunter’s art raises ethical concerns

(Additional link provided by Night Admin because he hates the Biden clan too – NA)

Nominated by: Meat Curtains

Darwin Award Nominees

A cunting for muppets and how the fuck they have survived so long without help, natural selection is real and its coming for cunts like this fuck monkey and lots like him:

Man confuses stun gun for shaver

You know the dicks I mean, handstanding selfie takers on the edge of cliffs or leccy scooter surfers or even muppets who modify their cars but don’t know what they’re doing. Like the bell ends that dress up as a pantomime zebra and wander around the Serengeti looking for lions…… The clock is ticking for these stupid fuckers……

Nominated by: Fuglyucker

Seconded with links-a-plenty by Hard Brexit Cunt:

I’ll second this nomination but it still doesn’t beat the Polish cunt who chopped off his own head with a chainsaw during a drinking game with his mates.

Darwin Awards

Link to amputation stories…yes really.

Lyse Doucet

An off-the-scale global power cunting please for the BBC world correspondent, Lyse Doucet.

I’d just came in from an early day shift, tired and crabbit, turned on the idiot’s lantern and, after switching over from very briefly watching the tennis, was met with this indecipherable, garbled audiovisual shitfest from some French Canadian nail reporting on the (British) news from fucking Afghanistan. Fuck me! Ms Doucet’s (no surprises she isn’t married — has a face like a fucking welder’s bench) voice can only be described as a cross between a young bleating sheep and a robotic fucking rain man. If I could’ve reached into the the screen, I would’ve, and slapped the bitch with great force. A no talent empty vessel if ever there was one. Get to fuck, Lyse fucking Doucet!

(Here she explaining her cunting voice – NA)

Nominated by: Heather Mills’ stump

Ignorant Motorists

The absolute worst cunts on the roads around my locality is the “grochel motorist”, a species only seen between Easter and Autumn,

They seem to enjoy a sort of “supremacy” of back roads with their poor driving skills and ignorant attitude,

The other day I reversed for one of these cunts for nearly 600 yards to a passing place to save the cunts the attempt of reversing 2 car lengths on a country lane near me, and you know what the cunt couldn’t even acknowledge me, just looked straight ahead, and scooted past like a pearly king,

Now I don’t know whether these cunts get their licenses from Lucky dips at the local post office or they must bribe the examiner to pass them, if you can’t reverse, stick to the main roads where you can travel unimpeded and think your some kind of fucking “god”,

Really I just wanted to drag said cunt out of his fucking Range Rover and kick him in the bollocks to ensure he doesn’t breed another generation of entitled cunts!!!

Learn to drive properly you do späzmô cunts!!!!

Nominated by: Captain Quimson

Radio 4 [4]


As the BBC were boiling Paul’s piss with Steve Wright, my bete noir is as always Wireless 4 and the various interviewee’s catchphrases:

Virtually every cunt, male or female, young or old, rich or poor, will start to answer every question with a “so”

You can be sure wimminz and younger men will. in stentorian tones throw in an “absolutely” after a comment/question from the interviewer.

Most men and women, will never regard anything as big, or a major problem, but it is always “Huge!”

and important middle aged ladies of the political cass, of both genders will never say “in the future”, it always has to be “going forward”

So….. I am getting fucking sick of hearing these hackneyed words every day.

Nominated by: W. C. Boggs