Baroness Mone

Former saucy pants Czarina and walking facelift and booblift influencer (don’t have them ladies) Michelle Mone (now Baroness Mone OBE ‘for services to the Lingerie Industry” I kid you not due to enoblement at the suggestion of David Cameron) has been caught up in the PPE scandal re supply of dodgy and unuseable medical gowns at extortionate prices during the Covid Emergency.

My Lady has taken “a leave of absence from The Lords” due to certain embarrassments resulting from allegations of stuffing her crotchless knickers and those of her family with non legit moolah at a time of crisis for the nation. She is an astute business woman so what better time to rip off the nation than at a time of crisis….Surely not another Tory Spiv?

Falls into a theme of a golden pathway of Fast Track Contracts provided by HMG for those with close connections to the Tory Government to the exclusion of experienced and efficient suppliers. Pigs in a private trough funded by the taxpayer sort of thing.

Medpro is the company in question and the Honorable Lady denies any connection to wrongdoing. Very large sums of moolah (£200 mill+) are at the centre of the allegations.

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91 thoughts on “Baroness Mone

  1. I’d give her a good old porking, bet she’s a right dirty little tartlet in the sack and she can wear that gown too!

  2. Baroness maybe, but she’s not from a good family so probably wasn’t taught to wipe her arse probably. It’s a no from me I’m afraid.

    • Snouts in the trough? So what’s new? Is she a Tory? Of course she is. Move along, nothing to see here.

  3. Politician on the make!! shock horror, and some in the press are crowing that labour would win an election if held now. Whats the point all the assorted cunts have done is the same bloody thing over and over. Nothing to choose between either main party..
    Fuck the lot of them.

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