Sir Keir Starmer [20]

Good ol’ Sir Kweer, he’s always good for a laugh, and he’s at it again, getting into a muddle once more on the trans issue.

A while ago, he was telling us that ‘it’s not right’ to say that only a woman can have a cervix. Now I’m no anatomical expert but as I understand it, the cervix is the lower end of the uterus which forms a channel to the vagina. Well I don’t know about you Sir Knobhead, but it seems to me that being female is an essential quality for possessing those bits of kit.

Now to clarify matters further for us, he’s declared that ‘of course 99.9% of women don’t have penises’. Well, the female population of Great Britain in 2023 is a little over 35,000,000, which according to Stormin’ Starmer, means that 35,000 women in the country DO have a penis in their pants.

And there was me, naively thinking that 100% of women in Britain were dickless. I’m sure that you’ll all join me in thanking the Labour leader for clearing that misunderstanding up for us.

To coin a phrase; what a cock.

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53 thoughts on “Sir Keir Starmer [20]

  1. Is Kweer a transbender himself?. He certainaly seems sim[atico with the likes of Eddie Izzard, the chick with a dick (or rather old man), his shadow cabinet is full of mincers and benders. Kweer looks like he wears very glossy makeup and I can picture him at home going therough the wife’s wardrobe – sexy French knickers, and off-the-shoulder, dress, stilleto heels – he will wear a diamond in each ear, nylon stockings ever so sheer.

    That’s nowt so kweer as Labourites.

    • How dare ye cast such vile aspersions on the Kweerdo….that’s his wardrobe you’re describing, not the beardies…he wouldnt be seen dead wearing her tasteless rags…

  2. 99.9 percent chance that this cunt is going to be the Prime Minister come the next GE.

    • Horrifying thought – or at least he will be the puppet and Blair and Mandy will pull the strings and tell him what to say.

    • Not sure about that hj, they were doing so well just keeping quiet. Now they are opening their stupid ill-informed mouths.

      And everyone is remembering what a shower they are.

    • Good Morning

      Don’t be so certain, there is a long way to go, the polls are beginning to narrow and the PM is seen as a safe pair of hands.

      • Morning fellas.

        I hope you’re right in one way but at the same time I can’t help thinking that it’s also preferable to at least be stabbed in the front by Labour than to be stabbed in the back by the so called Conservatives.

      • And I can’t help but think that the cunts ought to be the recipients of the stabbing, front or back.

      • True…’s really is a case of who is least worse.

        Politics has changed alarmingly in this country over the last 20 odd years.

        I have been a long time tory member, but even I now think they are all a bunch of useless, bent, pandering cunts who need to grow some bollocks to tell the sensitive liberal left how it is and this is how it’s going to be……fuck your cuntish doogoodering.

        They think if they did that it will cost votes…like fuck will it.

  3. I wish hed blow his nose the cunt.
    He talks like a advert for Tunes®

    I heard he admitted to historically being a lawyer?!


  4. He might be on to something..

    He looks a bit like a bloke but he’s a massive cunt.

  5. It’s not the UK, but that person who won that women’s swimming race in America last year had a cock. Lia Thomas climbed into a pool of women and won. The winner then went into their changing room, undressed, exposed the crown jewels, presumably helicoptered their schlong to gloat, then took their gold medal home.

  6. Maybe Kweer mixes to two up due to amount of time the cunt spends trawling tranny porn. Jess Phillips must confuse the fuck out of him

  7. I sometimes think we’d be better off if Putin stood for Parliament

  8. It would appear that he is not only a tit, but also a dick and a cunt. So he ticks all the boxes really.

    • True. He’s a shoe-in to get the support of the 0.000001% of the population whose votes will really matter come the election.

      • General erection?

        Wasn’t their some kind of wimminz movement last year where candidates would be asked “what is a woman?” and if they fluffed their lines they wouldn’t vote for them? Given the state of the Tories they may well get in anyway.

        What a country.

      • LL, I wish people would add to the fun in interviews by starting to ask ‘what is a man?’.

        Why is always about wimminz?

      • Very true Ron, maybe start with Suzy Eddie Izzard because he doesn’t.

        Equality innit.

      • Not just joking about this LL. If any candidate gets asked this, I think it poses a real dilemma for them. If they hum and ha and look awkward, it merely adds to the embarrassment that the likes of Starmer make for themselves. If they answer ‘adult human male’, the immediate comeback is ‘ ok so what’s a woman then?’.

        Would be fascinating to see.

  9. We’ll soon have a PM who thinks women have cocks and men have fannies.

    What a time to be alive.

    • ‘Men in frocks claiming to have periods and thinking they’re women. Women with moustaches thinking they’re men. Cunts with purple hair and bones through their noses who haven’t got a fucking clue what they are. Twats who think they’re an owl and want their pronouns to be “hoot” and “hoot”. The world’s gone fucking mad’.

      Ethyl Cringe, Tunbridge Wells.

      Morning Cunty. Enjoyed your comments about Emery and the Villa by the way.

  10. He is a two faced fucking lawyer, defend or prosecute the same person regardless and he brings that ethos to his politics.
    Women (biological) should have safe spaces but trans women are real women, he wants to stop the channel migrants but wants more ‘safe and legal’ routes, says he will be responsible with the countries finances but seems to promising to spend on everything by abolishing non Dom.

    I wouldn’t trust the cunt to make me a cup of tea.

    Kweer, it’s not difficult….. Woman = Adult Human Female not Woman = Adult human female + blokes in dresses.


  11. Useless fucking dullard, the wanker gets chewed up by The Suntan Kid every week at PMQs. They’d be better off putting Open Legs Angie in there. Of course there’s always a danger that our Ange might lose her rag and call him a rich Pa*i cunt. That would be a great fucking laugh but probably wouldn’t go down well with the purest denizens of the left.

  12. Love the header pics Admin.

    ‘Now you grab a pair of titties like this. And a hard dick sticks up like this. It’s easy to tell women from men…’.

    Oh dear.

    Morning all.

  13. I probably could have been a highly paid lawyer.
    I’m clearly much sharper than Mr Starmer,
    Knowing from a young age the difference between male and female.

    I don’t see why everyone is so confused about it?
    It must of made dating hard?

    Are these the same people who have to be told not to fuck their brothers and sisters?

    I’ve never been confused about people’s genitals and kept inter family sexual activity to a bare minimum.

  14. Keir wants us to believe that despite the biology men have boobs and women have dicks.

    I believe that despite the biology one thing Keir doesn’t have is a brain.

    • To be fair General, there are some cunts about with right moobies on them. Wouldn’t need implants if they decided to ‘transition’. Any I’ve seen are definitely blokes though, not acting as women.

      • As usual you are correct Ron. There is an entire subgroup of fat men with “man boobs” who have no self respect and know no shame.

        But at least they aren’t cross dressers, lady boys, or trannies. They’re just fat slobs.

  15. A politician, would dig his dead granny up and shag her up the arse if it would keep him in favour. For a person who technically could end up with his finger on the nuclear button this sort of cuntery is totally wrong. How many times do the cunts have to be told “A woman does not have a dick”:that simple no dick on a chick.. women normally don’t shave their face every day. Tommy the truck looks a total spaz in one of his dresses because few companies manufacture size 13 heels and he does not suit the flats he favours. As graceful as a blind wombat Fucking Worlds gone totally fuckwit.

  16. Sir Kweer may have sent too long in Bangkok and now he’s confused.

    Jellies on both sides of the house.

  17. If 99.9% of women don’t have a penis, what percentage of male MPs have one?
    Because they seem to lack a set of balls!

    Just fucking stop it. There’s men and there’s women.
    And if Malcolm put on a frock and calls himself Mary of a Saturday night, that’s his business.
    Not mine, yours, MPs or any other twatting cunts.

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