Fashion Victim Meghan Markle [16]

Meghan Markle’s Dress Sense.

I think it’s a recognised fact that when women turn on each other there’s no quarter given. In full-on bitchfest mode, they go right for the jugular. Take this Sunday morning for example. I’m sat with my laptop, happily drinking coffee and watching the highlights of Villa’s win at Chelsea, when the wife starts up.

‘Tcch! Look at the state of that Markle woman. She must have really pissed off every designer she’s ever been to!’.

‘Sorry dear, what’s that?’ says I distractedly, felling my dick start to twitch as Ollie Watkins delightfully chips the Chelsea keeper for Villa’s first. Next thing I know, the wife’s iPad’s an inch from my nose, and I’m confronted by the unwelcome sight of Migraine Meg on Hairpiece Harry’s arm, and she’s clad in what can only be described as a lurid red fashion nightmare. Before I know it, the wife’s switched to a picture of the gruesome twosome on Commonwealth Day. ‘Just look at that’ says she. ‘She looks like a giant pea pod’.

‘Of course, a lot of it’s her own fault’ she grinds on remorslessly, as I desperately try to focus as John McGinn sends a screamer into the Chelsea net. ‘I mean, seen front on, she’s goes straight up and down like an ironing board. No waistline. Tits like a couple of walnut whips, arse like a barrage balloon. She will wear most things a size too small. And those chicken legs…’.

So I was forced to put my laptop aside to give the wife my undivided attention as she droned on, sticking the knife in. ‘She’s got all the elegance of Shrek. She’s not only as charmless as a sack of spuds, she looks like like one’ she finally concluded, delivering the coup de grace.

After a few moments of reflection however, I could only conclude that she is indeed correct. The wife says Markle has all the elegance of Shrek, and I’m not going to argue. She’s right. Come to think of it she’s alway’s right, but that’s another story. Link.

YouTube Link.

Nominated by : Ron Knee

Twisting the knife is General Cuntster with this:

I would like to second this nomination and in particular I’d like to praise Mrs. Knee’s astute and brilliant observations and comments.

I’d also like to add a bit and say the American Media is turning on Peghim faster than you can say Jessie Smolett.

The Duke and Duchess of Montecito are now absolutely toxic to the Phonywood elite. The conventional wisdom is they can’t be trusted.

This link explains how they have now come to be viewed by what was a left leaning and largely sympathetic (bordering on fawning) Media:

NY Post Link.

112 thoughts on “Fashion Victim Meghan Markle [16]

      • Wouldn’t go near it. She’s a fucking viper. Hazbeen’s stuck with her until she kicks him off.

    • True KC.

      I’d give her one.

      If they did a program on ‘is her cunt smellier than a bag lady’s?’, I might watch it.

      Scratch ‘n’ sniff. I’m on to a winner here.

  1. Fuck me, your missus would have a field day with me Ron.
    Fuckin penny for a guy better dressed than me!

    If I smartened up I’d be a scarecrow.

    Dark jeans, rigger boots,
    T shirt with slogan.
    For every occasion.

    But then I’m not part of the royal family.
    No, I’m English.

    • Miserable the wife is a staunch admirer of yours!

      She’s reading over my shoulder right now and regularly follows this esteemed site, and sends regards to everyone. She just leaves the commenting to me!

      And she despises Migraine with a passion, as you’ve probably guessed!

      • Thats what i said to Dirty Harriet in the end, have her own verbal lashing account….

  2. Where in the states is Meg from?
    Lucky she’s not wearing fuckin cowboy boots or a baseball cap.

    Camouflage, or something.

  3. Funny as ever, Ron. And what a turnaround for the Villa, eh?

    The fact that this creature is not going to the coronation will hopefully be the beginning of the end for this lying, shit stirring, narcissistic race baiting parasite. Has Henery Hawk of Hewitt finally twigged and got sick of the cunt? I reckon the divorce countdown starts here….

    • Yes Norman.

      Unai Emery has definitely brought the Villa back from the dead.

      I’m wondering if he’ll invest in some new blood in the summer.

      • ‘Luis Suarez, your teeth are offside!’

        You can bet your house on the Villa owners giving Unai anything and everything he wants.

        Unai’s a builder and shaper who imo won’t go bananas. He’ll want to get rid of as much of the dead wood as he can of course, but I can see him bringing in just a couple (perhaps three) new ‘Unai type’ players to give the squad more depth, without disrupting the amazing dynamic he’s building. Then he’s got an amazing crop of youngsters to cast a long look over as well…

        Biggest problem he could have is fighting off possible attention for the likes of Watkins.

        It’s a great position to be in, considering where we were twelve games in with that cunt Slippy G in charge. Fucking fraud.

      • Who gave Saka, Smith Rowe and Nketia their debuts at Arsenal, promoting them from the youth team? Emery.

        Emery also signed Martinelli and their best defender (currently injured) Saliba.

        Arteta has done a great job this session, but you must not underestimate the input Emery has had on the current squad at Arsenal.

        If you’re a villa fan I’d say trust him with youth players and signing young players you’d never heard of. He’s not so great when spending big money (Pepe).

      • @ Cunty

        For the first time in Gawd knows how long, I’m currently utterly at ease in my mind about who a Villa manager chooses to bring in in terms of transfers.

        In a few short months, Unai has this Villa team playing like clockwork, and I truly believe it will only get better. I think he’ll bring in two or three in the summer, but I really don’t care who they are. Don’t care if they cost £50 mill or come in on a free. This guy has forgotten more about the game than I’ll ever know.

    • No Mr Twatt-although there is an “element” trying to turn it into “The Guardian”.

  4. Ooohhh!!! That mask with that cap!

    Saucer of milk please.

    I still would… Sorry

    • My god, yes HJ.
      I’d brutalise her with such force that we’d both be in tears.
      I’d have more rape-rage than the time I sneaked into Sasha Johnson’s room, fucked her head hole, shot my load directly onto what remained of her brain, my salty DNA increasing her IQ by an instant 74 points.

      • Jolly good show.

        I wonder why the hospital haven’t tried taking her canoe shaped brain out and replacing it with a coconut?

        Anyhow,I assume they keep her alive despite being a vegetable because of The Blackness.

        A normal person would have had their life support switched off months back.


  5. Bullets and machetes are soooo on trend at the moment…
    And now, back to topless caning from Penny Mordaunt’s cuntstituency.

  6. That’s what happens when a bleckie tries to be a whitey.

    Give her a bucket of chicken and she would have looked the part.

  7. She is a champion of the poor and oppressed yet wears clothes worth more than some minimum wage slave will earn in a year. The cost of one of her handbags could feed the M’tembe family for three years.

    If Mrs Knee says she is a badly dressed cunt, that’s good enough for me.

    Kate would still look better wearing a Oxfam donation bag.

    • Christ knows what this woman has spent on clothes over the last two or three years, and she still manages to look woeful Fucking supermodel my arse.

      Now Princess Kate by contrast has a poise and elegance about her which with all the money in the world, Ma Markle couldn’t buy. Class trumps crass ass every which way.

  8. Behind every good cunter there is a woman.

    While I always find Ron to be eloquent and on point, after reading this I am of the opinion that Mrs. Knee is the brains of the partnership. (How much of his prose has been inspired by his better half we certainly never know.) I encourage her to open her own IsaC account.

    Besides. with all the testosterone in the air this place could use a bit of estrogen.

    Oh…and I hate the fucking Markles!

    • The other half thanks you kindly General, but declines the offer, as apparently cunting is my job!

      • Genius is its own reward. That’s why true geniuses are always so modest and unobtrusive.

  9. Back when my parents announced that they were going to get married they experienced some of the same prejudices that befell Harry and Meghan.
    My mum was a good 800m runner whereas my dad was a sprinter.
    A lot of people objected to mixed race marriages back then….

  10. It isn’t what she wears, it’s who she is. A conniving cunting yank. We wouldn’t have known she existed if thick rusty bollocks hadn’t married her.

    • And there again, I wouldn’t have had to put up with the likes of rusty bollocks either if it wasn’t for isac. One has to take the rough with the smooth for all our sins.

    • Ditto CM.

      Mrs Knee would be a welcome addition to the IsaC Brotherhood*…which would have to be the IsaC Siblinghood if she favors us with her contributions.

      But I take exception to your plea for Ron to sign her up. I suspect she is more than capable of signing herself up.

      *No disrespect intended to the few Lady cunters we have here. Some of us would like to hear more from you too.

    • Sorry guys, she thanks you but declines, choosing instead to chip in occasionally via yours truly.

      As I said above, she regards me as the cunter in the family.

      Leastways I think she said ‘cunter’…

  11. Damn it all!

    When I saw the nomination I assumed shed been strangled when her designer silk scarf had go caught round a mangle.

    Oh well,good shout Mrs Knee.

    • Like Isadora Duncan? We can but hope. Or the trusty Fiat is being MOT’d as we speak.

      I wonder if the half wit prince and megraine avoid road tunnels?

    • Laugh, we nearly shat… Haven’t laughed so much since Aunty Megan got her left tit stuck in the mangle.

  12. I’ve got an elderly relative in a care home who was a fashion designer and seamstress when she was younger. Over the years she’s slowly withdrawn from life and no longer talks but bizarrely is able to communicate through her embroidery.
    Sew to speak….

  13. I was thinking that she may be able to redeem herself by continuing with Diana’s legacy – perhaps by walking naked through a minefield?

  14. Fashion sense is subjective anyway.

    In my opinion you can’t go wrong with wellies.

    Or anything sheepskin.
    Like the lumberjack shirt.

    I’d like to see monkey boots come back in style and the donkey jacket reappear on the cat walk.

    An these millennials like the 80s, rara skirts leg warmers for the girls,
    And golf jumpers and Fred Perry flicked hair for the lads.
    Take up glue sniffing if you want to be period correct or get AIDS.

    I hated the 80s.
    They were rubbish.

  15. I’m of a certain age where fashion sense focuses on comfort first.
    I’m married so why try to dress for getting laid?
    My teenage daughter won’t approve of even my best attempt to be fashion forward (whatever that is).
    Fashion for men is all faggotry anyway.
    I’m old, straight, invisible to women and girls, and out of touch and what I wear says exactly that.

      • @Ron

        After seeing that picture of you I’m reassessing my view of your wife as a behind the scenes genius.

        With her sense of fashion, surely, she doesn’t let you out of the house looking like that? And if she does I bet she wouldn’t be caught dead within miles of you wearing that atrocity.

        Then again…whatever floats her boat…

      • @ General

        That’s my more conservative ‘up the town’ look General.

        Outfit No 1’s more my sort of ‘let it all hang out around the house’ look, esp. if we’ve got people coming over.

        I like to look my best at all times.

      • @Ron

        I guess I have no room to talk. I wear the same thing every day…a uniform if you will. And from my picture you might well imagine that I get some funny looks when I’m out and about.

    • Nowt more comfy than fresh socks after a hard day’s graft.
      Nearest I get to a orgasm outside the bedroom.

      A ‘roomy’ undercrackers.
      Let the bald fellas breathe.

      Not long now and I’ll start going for velcro shoes😆

      • Sensible trousers as well. Something to keep all my stuff in too, like a bum bag but nothing too special needs looking otherwise I may as just start wearing a propeller cap.

      • Them pants that button up just under your nipples would be good LL.

        I struggle with a severe case of ‘ builders arse’

        People think they can jauntily comment on it😡

        “Oi! Pull your pants up!”

        Go fuck yourself.

        ” Somewhere to park my bike!”

        I hope you end up in the morgue you cheeky cunt.

      • Do you mean dungarees? They are for poofs, strictly for the bottom inspectors.
        Don’t ever go to Brighton wearing those, you’ll end up with more than a builders bum, trust me.

      • Naw, not dungarees.
        Those ‘ old man pants’ that have a high waist.
        Get your money’s worth wearing them.

        Dungarees are for childrens TV presenters and moonshiners.

      • No I’m the blonde bint in the middle. I was a tranny long before it became fashionable. Fuck you fucking fascists.

      • Man I’m missing something here! When did Freddie the Frog* become Terry (or is it Terri) the Trans?

        (*The old Freddie was one of my favorite cunters.)

  16. As my preference is for joggers/fleece jumper/tee-shirt, depending on the weather, I consulted Elder and the Lass as to the whining bitches fashion choices.

    Sack of shit, tied in the middle – Elder
    Where the fuck does she buy her shoes from, RentaCanoe? – the Lass.

  17. I must say I’m surprised that Gingerbollocks is coming to the coronation on his own. I never thought she’d allow him to do that. I assumed they’d either both show up or neither of them. Maybe they’ve had a big row about it? The next thing I want to see is him and Baldybollocks having a massive ruck in the middle of Westminster Abbey. Wouldn’t that be a fucking treat?

    • That decision is all over the American Press and speculation as to why Sparry is attending without Peghim.

      I’d love to see the theoretical brawl you mentioned. I don’t know who would prevail but I’d put my money on the Prince of Hair over the Duke of Dysfunction.

    • Well the last time the bitch sent her ring back through the post so why not? It couldn’t have been very valuable or it would have ended up in a pawn shop.

  18. This narc cunt told HMTQ to DROP DEAD during a conference call. I don’t need any other shred of info to firmly cuntify her craven image to the darkest wall in my cuntified dungeon.

    • Bloody hell is that right? Her manners match her ugly arse by the sound of it.

      No wonder Her Maj wanted fuck all to do with her.

      Have you got a link for this by any chance Johannes?

      • Ron, I seem to recall it was recount on The Royal Grift on youtube, but don’t quote me. What I remember is it was a conference call when markle wanted to be half in half out. HMTQ said no, and markle told her to drop dead. Do you remember markle was one step away from the Sussex Royal website wh. was going to sell hoodies and pencils for inflated prices? Then markle told HMTQ that she didn’t own the word ‘royal.’

  19. I see the “Just Stop Oil” cunts have made a nuisance of themselves at the world snooker championship in Sheffield.

    Some Tarquin type cunt poured orange dye on the table in protest.

    Not too much in the way of criticism at this blatant act of vandalism from the Beeb either. Naturally.

    Imagine if it had been somebody waving a Patriotic Alternative flag.

    • Just Stop Oil = the definition of controlled opposition.

      And the very definition of cunts and all.

  20. My apologies.

    Just read Laughing Gravy’s nom on this very display of extremist cuntishness

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