Miles Routledge [2]

I have found ‘Cunt of the Year’. Step forward Miles Routledge, who according to the BBC News Website is one of three men being held by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

What makes the brainless twat so outstanding is that he had to be rescued by the British Army two years ago whilst in Afghanistan.
This ex Loughborough University student is apparently addicted to going to ‘dark and dangerous places’. He would appear to be oblivious of the cost to HMG of getting him out of these self inflicted bits of bother.

I am ,as ever, indebted to my fellow cunters for providing the link.

The Sun Link. (Link provided by Ron Knee)

Nominated by : Guzziguy

Seconded by Sam Beau with these fascinating stats:

Miles Routledge has 150,000 followers on Twitter and a further 59,000 subscribers on YouTube. I must say — I wholeheartedly support this nom! When they [Taliban? – I make no distinction] ceremoniously remove his head from his body (uploaded on YouTube, hopefully) I assume some of the 150,000 `followers` might then stop following him. Or, let`s hope, they follow in his footsteps — and remove themselves from the gene pool. Whatever; this cunt evidently has a death wish & is slowly, but surely, going to achieve it.

52 thoughts on “Miles Routledge [2]

  1. The trouble is 100% of his ‘150,000’ followers are completely unaware of the cunt. They just think that as he’s going against ‘the establishment’ then he’s OK. This is what ultra-left and woke cunts think and NOTHING can detract from their view. Even if this twat WAS decapitated, it wouldn’t make any difference to the cunts that ‘follow’.

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